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UNLEASHED 2013: NO DQ - "Triple X" Sean Stevens v. Cameron Cruise


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
A Fresh Start

"Sean, Sean, Sean...SEAN...."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of an Empire Pro Wrestling Unleashed backdrop., dressed in a black sports coat with a blue undershirt., his hair slicked back and wearing matching Anarchy-style shades.)

CRUISE: At this point in your career, Stevens, most people would consider it an honor to be in the ring with you, no less on a PPV in one of the biggest, if not the biggest sports entertainment companies in the world. But, excuse my French, it don’t mean shit to me right now, not when we've started where we started from.

You’re not the man I want.

You’re not the opponent I deserve at "EPW's Unleashed", yet I’m stuck with you like a birth defect. I have to look into the camera, smile and sell.

Sell, Sell, Sell like you and I are pieces of fucking real estate we’re desperate to unload.

Cameron Cruise vs. Sean Stevens NO...Disqualification.

We have unsettled business, that's for sure, so I can make it work. I will take you to a level you haven’t reached in YEARS, if not EVER, but if you think I’m going to be happy about it. If you think I WANT to be dancing the Tango with Triple X, well…

I’ve got some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

The reality is, Stevens I’ve already beaten you...but whether or not you can see it, you just don’t know it yet.

The second I collapsed Impulse’s world and made everything he stands for a lie, I took your swagger. And without a bunch of huff and puff and bullshit, you’re nothing. You’re a former EPW World Heavyweight Champion...a 2-time Champion even, the things you've done makes you an icon in this business.

You could walk away TODAY and still be a Hall of Famer for the things you've done, but none of this matters to me, Stevens.


Because like a Pharaoh driven from ancient Egypt by the next slave master, this kingdom…EPW, is mine now.

So what if people laugh at me for the efforts I've made or the things I've done, whether or not it's been in the Project or Anthology, I don't care.

I’m crazy.

I’m full of shit.

Go ahead and say it, but here’s what I know. This is what I’m doubling down on.


For ten minutes this company was mine and Cameron Cruise was finally a World heavyweight champion.

I’m sorry, not “a” champion....I've been one of those multiple times before, no...

....THE champion.

You have men like IMPULSE who live by a code but don’t mind showing you Rose’s scrapbook of his big title win in another land. I hear he wants his own parking space now. If he wins, if he beats The First, we can only imagine how insufferable he’ll be. I mean, I don't hate the man, but should he defeat The First they may have to start selling ad space on his head and flying it above EPW arenas.

I was THE champion in this business.

Maybe I’m supposed to whine and carry on about how it was taken away....but last I checked, Knox is doing enough of that for me already.

Ten Minutes.

So much can happen in ten minutes.

Lives are born and lost.

Fortunes gained and life alternating mistakes made.

But for me?

What happened in ten minutes?


Not from my peers or the business as a whole because I’m already thankful to have been a success.

Multiple-World Tag Champion, Multiple IC champion, I’ve headlined PPvs and made a small fortune in this business.

I’ve even had the luxury of seeing Joey Melton’s true face in the morning, something he wouldn’t even let Lindsay Troy see, not even on Skype.

(Cruise shudders.)

No, I finally gained validation from MYSELF. Because if I’m honest, and we should all be at some point in our lives, I really didn’t think I could do it. I was confident against the First, but I don’t think I really believed I could win not after the eight years I spent here, I don’t ever saw myself as a World champion, fronting the company I love.

Then it happened.

I wasn’t able to defeat the bastard again and hold the title, take it home and show it to my family. But in those ten minutes I saw my career flash in front of me and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt one day I’ll win the title again and this time, wake up the next morning as the World Champion.

Not just a day dream.

I should be in the Main Event with a chance to make that dream come true, but instead we’re all treated to The First and Impulse show.

Lifetime Movies Of The Week should be so thrilling, as here we are subjected to the two of them bickering about when Impulse should have taken the belt off Anarky and whether or not a code of honor makes you a pussy.

I find both of them a chore to listen to, and I've already got things to do.

I tainted your code Knox, but it doesn’t amount to much. What would a fan admire more? A wrestler who doesn’t cheat, or a man who doesn’t

eye a beautiful woman the minute his girlfriend is out of the room. Say no to brass knuckles if you want, but we’re all gonna laugh at you one day son when you’re doing exactly what Magic Johnson did twenty years ago. Face the cameras you’re so found of speaking in front of and admit you’ve contracted HIV from a group of pigmies.

And First.

(Cruise looks up at nothing in particular for a second)

Oh, First…


You think the little show you create makes you strong, shows a desire to live.

It’s smoke and mirrors and desperation.

The fact is that no one gave a shit when you lost the Tag Team titles, no one cared while you were gone, and nobody gave a shit about you until they thought you were Lindsay Troy returning.

People were actually HAPPY though, that you were willing to put your career on the line, because at least people could finally be rid of you and not have to hear anything about what you think you know and wonder if you're going to continue having tea parties and dress up as fairy tail characters at thirty-plus years old...it's pathetic.

Fact is, First, she made the mask look better, I have to admit it.

Sorry Joey.

One day, and it’ll be soon,…all the kings horses and all the kings men won’t be able to put the First back together again and when you’ve run out of cards to play, when you reach into your utility belt and come out with nothing, when you see that nothing is beating me that day, I’m going to stand over you, smile, and knock you the fuck out.

And THAT is a REALITY CHECK you just....won’t like.

As for you Sean, this is Year Zero for Cameron Cruise.

The year my career resets and I rewrite a bit of history nobody saw coming.

Year Zero in EPW is here.

You can’t stop it.

Impulse can't stop it.

And The First DEFINITELY can't stop it....but please, you’re more than welcome to try.

Let’s make it a good show, the Cruise Nation deserves as such.

Remember what your Mommy, Ivy and Rose told you.

Smile....and then Sell, sell, sell.

It's my land now, my world to create as I see fit.



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Re: A Fresh Start

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise dressed in a dark blue sports coat and slacks with a white undershirt and matching Anarchy-style shades, outside front of the Ballpark in Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers and more importantly the site of EPW's pay-per-view, "Unleashed".)

CRUISE: You know...I have to say that it's nothing nobody doesn't already knows, but I was pretty livid at Aggression.

I did what I did out of frustration, but moreso because you DESERVED IT, Sean.

Now I'm just disappointed in you, Sean, for someone who thinks he's better, you're sure quiet.

Neither one of you deserve a shot at the title, but the fact that Impulse hasn't competed for it before...at least HERE...and not brag about it...gives him about as fair a shot as anyone else in this company. Not that I'm rooting for him mind you, I've got PLENTY of unfinished business with The First, but I told you before Sean....you're a glorified hypocrite...hell, all three of you are.

The only difference is that Impulse was HANDED his title shot, he didn't EARN it.

And that about drops a pile of shit on everything he preaches before then and now, and even HE knows it.


Facing you at Unleashed is going to finish off something that we both know has been coming for a LONG time, like I said before...given where we met in this business until now.

From someone who proclaimed becoming a King of the Cage, Tag Team Champion AND number one contender...you sure look quite the image of a man with empty pockets, don't you?? You're not the King anymore, Sean, which means you're just as liable as anyone else to an ass-whipping than anyone else; this isn't about a belt, this isn't about anything that I can put on my mantle or even be proud of after I call it a career.

This is about me SHUTTING YOU UP.

I told you before, you're not the man I want, you're not the man I should be facing in that squared circle, beating the hell out of for what he has around his waist....you’re not the man I want.

Make no mistake about it, you're the next step to it.

Cameron Cruise vs. Sean Stevens

Like I said, this is something that's Cruise Nation has wanted for a LONG time. From kicking out of X-Factors at Aggression 50 all the way to King of the Cage and Aggression last week...you just can't do it...

(Cruise makes a 'Safe' sign, with his arms out)

Not alone....not by yourself.

And here I thought for a second that you were nothing like The First...mark it down, folks.

I was WRONG.

The First couldn't do it alone either...maybe you should've tagged with him in the tournament instead of Knox?

Remember, Dan's gotta get ratings...and anyone knows that if it's not me and him on the same side of the ring, the next best thing is First/Trips, at least maybe you might have a better chance at beating him to the punch at being a coward.

Keyword in that sentence: MIGHT.

Nickel and dimes, Sean.

As much as you berate me over the years, as much as you don't give me the credit I've been due....that's how much pain I'm going to beat into you.

We step into that ring behind me Trips, you're no longer Sean Stevens, former 2-time World Champion and Hypocritical-Unoriginal bastard; I told you before...you're not who I want.

But you do have a bunch of makeup on with a top hat, holding a cup of Earl Grey Tea.

And there's not going to be any need to wipe your face, when we're through...

That chore belongs to Bertha the Nurse over in hospital bed I put you in.

Then maybe you'll decide on whether or not you want another shot at the title or if you choose Side-show events on Cruise Liners fit better.

(Cruise looks up at the sky and smiles)

If you need time to think about it...take all you need, it's a beautiful day out.

(Cruise stops smiling)

You better enjoy it while you can, Sean....

Because a STORM is coming....and it's a REALITY CHECK that you just...won't like.



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Re: A Fresh Start

"Almost everyone I knows says that it's impossible."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise, dressed in a black sports coat and a white undershirt, sans his normal matching Anarchy-style shades, sitting in a chair at the bottom of the ramp, set up for the upcoming EPW pay-per-view, "Unleashed".)

CRUISE: 'He's too much for you Cam', they say. 'He's the 'King' for a reason, Cam', they say. 'You can't beat him, Cam, it's just not in the cards.'

Yet, here I sit. Only a short time away from trying to prove the world wrong.


Ever since he's been in Empire Pro, Sean Stevens has been at the top of the world at just about everything he's done, even snagging the World Heavyweight Championship on two separate occasions in the process...the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in Empire Pro history.

Then he loses to the First and takes time off, coming back to lay claim to the fact that he's not about to be the center of attention again, not this time...not when he's a "different person".

The problem with that is that only Sean Stevens can know what that means, with Impulse as the only real witness to vouch for it.

And even then...that goes so far, since Randall Knox is all about Codes of Honor and skipping out on short cuts and handouts...but he wasn't above my GIVING him a title shot at The First in the same amount of time I have to prepare for Trips.

You could've gotten on the mic and demanded that Dan Ryan restart the match, Randall, but you didn't.

You could've waved off the decision and demanded that the fall be stricken from the record and that you EARN your victory, EARN your shot at the pay-per-view.


And much like The First, that makes you a HYPOCRITE.

So much for that honor thing, right??

The fact is that I EARN everything I get, boys.

Whether it's a school-boy attempt at beating the new kid now facing 'Nark for the Television title or pinning The First in the imfamous "Backslide of Death" at Black Dawn, I earn everything I shoot for in this business.

That's why Anthology was as big as it was...before Trips threw a temper tantrum.

That's why despite my being overshadowed by you being the World Champion, I've been part of the greatest merchandise-selling commodity on not just one-but-TWO occasions.

Partaking in the Ultratitle tournament and coming as close as I did winning it, does nothing but make the proverbial cash register ring for Dan, and he knows it.


You were there too...and you not only competed once, but you even got a SECOND CHANCE to redeem yourself...and you not only failed, but you put a black mark on the face of Empire Pro as a representative of this company, but the only thing saving it was the fact that myself and Joey did so much better than you, and that's given the fact that only ONE of us was going to compete in the Final Four.

Cha-ching...Dan Ryan wins again.

And any profit is better than NO profit for Dan Ryan, Sean, you know that. Which is why Dan has a Cheshire-Cat smile on his face at this match taking place in Texas, instead of hiding in his office, ashamed.

Because this is IT, Sean.

You and me, No Disqualification.

No excuses.

Aggression 50 I came back and proved that I can stand up to the Tyranny you caused.

The Second Round of the King of the Cage Tournament, my 'partner' disappeared to leave me against you and Knox, and it was only because of the SUPER KICK OF DOOM from you and Randall that I wasn't competing in the Finals of the tournament, a 2nd year in a row.

Then at Aggression 72....the only way you could be rid of me was to literally KEEP ME OUT of the ring, so we could watch "Sudden Impact" explode, watch you and Knox go at it for a shot at a man that doesn't even DESERVE to wear the title around his waist to defend it.

But all that goes away at Unleashed, Sean.

All that is yesterdays news, just like your self-proclaimed title of being "The King of Empire Pro". You're not the King anymore Sean, not when you've failed as much as you have, recently.

Time and time again, you let fly things like "When you come at the King, you best not miss.", and other things that sound as impressive. But the fact is that I HAVEN'T missed.

I've hit right on target, but come Unleashed....I finish the job.

I put you DOWN, and I either make you say the words 'I quit' or pin you for three seconds.

Because that's all I'm going to need to make sure the world knows....I'm BETTER than you.

It's just a REALITY CHECK that you just...won't like.

But you'll damn sure earn it.


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