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The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
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Sweet Sixteen quick notes
Submitted by Terence McDuff Senior

My son says he will be submitting a more detailed report later on, but in the interest of literacy, here is a quick and painless rundown of the eight matches we saw.

Pete Whealdon vs. Orphan

Orphan wins via pinfall at 17:20

Kendall Codine vs. Kiyomori

Codine wins via pinfall at 15:18

Castor V. Strife vs. Anarky

Castor Strife wins via pincall at 16:11

Eli Flair vs. Sean Edmunds

Eli Flair wins via pinfall at 14:59

Pat Gordon Jr. vs. Jack Harmen

Jack Harmen wins via pinfall at 9:30

Joey Melton vs. Jeff Andrews

Joey Melton wins via submission at 2:04

Cameron Cruise vs. Spike Saunders

Cameron Cruise wins via pinfall at 21:41

Deacon vs. Freddis Sagawa

Freddie Sagawa wins via pinfall at 22:06

After the final bell, the ring announcer called our attention to the video wall, where the four Quarterfinal matches were listed, and they look epic.

BRACKET 1 FINALS: Joey Melton vs. Cameron Cruise

: Orphan vs. Castor V. Strife

BRACKET 3 FINALS: Eli Flair vs. Kendall Codine

BRACKET 4 FINALS: Freddie Sagawa vs. Jack Harmen

I'm sure that my son will have something to say about this if he can tear himself away from band practice for long enough. My lord, they do nothing but make noise.

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