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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
(CUTTO: The ESEN Logo.)
(CUEUP: “Survivalism” by Nine Inch Nails.)
(CUTTO: The Ultratitle. The camera dollies down a large staircase as it disappears in the distance.)
(CUTTO: Pete Whealdon nailing the Sandusky Special on Gideon.)
(CUTTO: Chris Hopper takes out Howard King with the Ice Breaker.)
(CUTTO: Larry Tact hits the Starbreaker on Derek Martin.)
(CUTTO: Orphan with Merciless Judgment on Space God.)
(CUTTO: Spooky Doom taking out Carl Brisby with the Wheel of Doom.)
(CUTTO: Khristain Keller with a PainKILLA on KC Colossus.)
(CUTTO: Castor Strife nails Jaguar with the Director’s Cut.)
(CUTTO: Sammy Brown hits Dumb Luck on Cyanide Harvey.)
(CUTTO: Eddie Whisky with the Sour Mash on Chris Walker.)
(CUTTO: Derrick Allen takes out Christopher Ryan Eagles with the Freemont Plunge.)
(CUTTO: Anarky defeats the Terminator with a Chaos Breaker.)
(CUTTO: Doc Silver rolls Erik Mateo up in a school boy.)
(CUTTO: The Sergeant locking in his submission, Corrective Training, on Gemini.)
(CUTTO: Johnny Niles tapping to Mike C’s “Birmingham Cloverleaf.”)
(CUTTO: Leyenda de Ocho hitting the Actualizer on Alex LeBlanc.)
(CUTTO: The controversial finish to Murray Stevens, as Murray rolls up Stevens and gets the three, even though Stevens’ foot had grazed the bottom rope.)

(CUTTO: The Challonge bracket for Bracket 2 gives a visual guide for what’s to come.)

(FADEIN: CS Enterprises, Greensboro, North Carolina. The illustrious fifteenth floor, a decked out TV studio. A middle-aged man reads “Entertainment Weekly’s” short blurb about the Ultratitle and its recent ratings success while listening to Chopin.

Tape Op and Master of the Control panel Marvin Parsons looks up at the ticking digital red clock, as the seconds count down to the hour. He flips his magazine.

The elevators open, and a no-name runner rushes out. He’s out of breath as he quickly hands an HDCam tape to the operator.)

PARSONS: Ivy had a look?

RUNNER: They had twenty. Heard the one guy was a bit too raunchy.

PARSONS: They went over the last one with a fine tooth comb. Dunno why they brought ‘em back.

(The runner nods and smiles, before quickly rushing back to the elevator.)

RUNNER: Sorry! Gotta pick up Merritt’s dry cleaning, then his dog, then his mother. Weird order, I know…

(The elevator doors close as Parson places the HDCam into a deck and begins to send the feed to New York.)

(FADEIN: The ULTRATITLE studios, which has a LARGE Ultratitle backdrop. The color scheme is again dark and light blue.

Sitting behind the news desk are the two announcers of bracket two. Greg “Powers” Parker sits in his best three piece suit. A large smile is on his face. To his left is the nameless initial man, JT, his enormous frame sinking in his chair. He wears a faded white ULTRATITLE 2012 t-shirt, perhaps his only attire at this point. He is now wearing a large Abraham Lincoln top hat, and an iguana sits on his shoulders.)

GP: Welcome everyone to round two of the ULTRATITLE! I’m your host, Greg Powers Parker, alongside the inexplicably unrepeatable JT. We’ve already seen 8 men’s dreams die in bracket one, and now, we’re about to see 8 more fall.

JT: This is like the Wall Street collapse all over again! This is like Howard Dean screaming! Eight men will leave the Ultratitle tonight, and I’ll never have to remember all these different names ever again!

GP: That’s not true JT. The Ultratitle committee is planning on bringing back the best of the worst, if you will, on a glorious cross promotional show that will crown the 2012 Ultratitle champion!

JT: And surprisingly, it looks like that WILL happen this year.

GP: Quit it JT. Let’s get right into the action tonight, as a man whose nickname is ANYTHING you are not JT, Classy Mike C, battles the undead offspring of DESTRUCTION, Spooky Doom.

JT: There’s a guy named Destruction? I bet he destroys things.

GP: And Spooky Doom, IWF superstar is looking to destroy Mike C’s chance at becoming a CLASSIC FW competitor. It’s the second round for Bracket two of the Ultratitle, and it begins RIGHT NOW.

(FADEIN: Ringside, as Classy Mike C and Spooky Doom are in the ring, being checked by NFW senior official Greg Herpin.)

Classy Mike C vs. Spooky Doom

The bell tolled and Classy Mike C burst out of the gates like a man possessed, nailing a front flipping spinning heel kick right on the chin of Spooky Doom and the fans rose to their feet as the pinfall got him very close to a three but no cigar. Doom burst up to his feet, staggering around blindly as Mike C lifted him for a vertical suplex but the nuggety little Grim Reaper thingy floated over and caught him with a sleeper slam modification and got his own near two.

Now with momentum on his side, Spooky took control with some snappy kicks and backed Mike C into the corner. He bounced up onto the middle rope, leapt into the air and struck with a roundhouse to the back Mike C’s head that sent him all the way back to the UK. He made the cover but Classy Mike C kicked out on two. Doom pulled him into an armwrench and struck some knees before climbing up the turnbuckle and tight rope walking along the top before Eeriecanrana and a big pop from the fans. Mike C burst up off the canvas and Doom hooked arms with an armdrag. Bounding back to his feet an charging, Spooky attempted another arm drag on Mike who rolled through it and performed a modification of a side Russian legsweep and Doom was left to Classy Mike C’s devices.

Heaving Spooky to his feet, Mike whipped him into the ropes and drove him into the canvas with a spinebuster before climbing and driving a massive top rope elbow drop into Doom. He turned his back to Spooky and motioned to the fans that time was up, it was time for the Classyleaf when he heard the fans pop.

Spooky sat up as if nothing happened at all.

Mike C charged forward, nailing Spooky with a right hand which he no sold. Then a left which got the same reaction. He swung another right and Spooky blocked before clocking him with a headbutt to the sternum that dropped Mike C to his knees gasping for air. One modified hurricanrana later and Mike C was spread eagle, staring up at the stars while Spooky climbed the turnbuckle. Cue Wheel of Doom and the rest was academic.

WINNER: Spooky Doom (Wheel of Doom > Pinfall, 19:01)

(FADE IN: Return to the Ultratitle studios, as Greg Parker and JT watch their monitors.)

GP: Spooky Doom moves on as we bid farewell to the Classy one. Mike C, please come to our studios and teach JT how to be a human.

JT: I know how to be a human. I eat. I sleep. I fu-

GP: --ANYWAY. Spooky Doom will face the winner of our next match. Will it be the 8 bit luchador Leyenda de Ocho spitting FIREBALLS and MEGA BUSTERS, or will it be the legend, the artist formerly known as Seymour Almasy, the current SPIRIT of ACW champion?

JT: How can a man who’s trailed by three beautiful women be called an Orphan? His harem makes me wish I had a split personality.

GP: You do. Douche. And giant douche.

JT: … Didn’t know you had it in you.

(FADEIN: Ringside. Wide shot as Orphan looks somberly on from his corner. Leyenda de Ocho adjusts his mask as the bell rings three times.)

Leyenda de Ocho vs. Orphan

With Orphan seeing his younger self standing across the ring from him it wasn’t a surprise these two would put on a clinic. They traded arm drags in the centre of the ring. They flipped out of armlocks and rolled out of headlocks applying belly-to-back holds which they both rolled out of to find themselves staring across the ring at each other once again. Orphan snickered to himself before striking de Ocho down to the canvas with a spinning back fist.

De Ocho, momentarily blinded, staggered toward Orphan who attempted the Merciless Judgment but Leyenda was able to make out the blurred motion and dropped to the canvas rolling underneath it. Popping up behind Orphan he chop blocked him to the ground before performing a front flip senton to give him the advantage. Pulling Orphan to his feet he applied a double underhook and drove knees into his opponent before driving him into the canvas with a double underhook overhead suplex. He pounced onto the middle rope and hit a moonsault and got a near two count from the referee as Orphan rolled out of the ring to find himself.

Leyenda charged and flew hitting a plancha to the outside that had the fans out of their seats. The pair rose groggily with de Ocho seemingly the worst for wear as Orphan rose to his feet and charged with a big knee to the face to Leyenda as he rose. Outside the ring, as the referee demanded them to get back inside, Orphan introduced de Ocho to the guard rail then the ring step followed by the ring post before rolling him back inside. Pulled him to his feet, pulled his arms apart and connected with a crucifix lungblower that had all the fans in attendance grimacing as he rolled on top for the cover. Leyenda kicked out just before the referee could hit the canvas for a third time.

Orphan, visibly frustrated, pulled de Ocho to his feet but Leyenda managed to slap away his grip. Boot to the belly dropped Orphan to one knee and de Ocho cleared some space, charged almost shattering Orphan’s head with a shining wizard. De Ocho followed through, onto the middle rope for a Lionsault but on rotation found himself landing on Orphan’s knee pulled up to his chest expelling all the air from his lungs. Leyenda struggled to get to his feet, on hands and knees then it was lights out. Orphan didn’t even bother pinning him after the Mercilees Judgment and just knelt beside him as the referee counted him out.

Some of the fans ringside said they thought they could see Orphan weeping.

WINNER: Orphan (Merciless Judgement > Countout, 15:44)

(FADEIN: Back to the Ultratitle studios.)

GP: Leyenda put up a valiant fight but ultimately, it just wasn’t enough to beat the spirit of ACW. You know, superstars from ACW are currently undefeated in this tournament.

JT: That guy’s got nothing to be ashamed of Parks.

GP: Leyenda? Obviously. It looked like Orphan felt shame for what he had to do to the cartridge cruiser. We’ll see if that effects him moving forward.

JT: I’m sure you had some transition you were alluding too that I ruined with my uncharacteristic compliment.

GP: Yes! ACW superstars are currently undefeated. Can Khristain Keller keep up that streak? Or will IWF’s Eddie Whisky put an end to ACW’s dominance?

JT: I got Whisky.

GP: Really? You’re actually making a prediction and say the IWF star will upset the King **** of bad word mountain?

JT: No. I got whisky. Want some?

(JT offers GP a shot glass. GP raises his hand and shakes his head.)

GP: Let’s go back to the action. Khristain Keller vs. Eddie Whisky is NEXT!

(FADEIN: Ringside. Keller and Whisky have already arrived. The referee is checking over Keller as the bell rings.)

Eddie Whisky vs. Khristain Keller

Whisky charges and dives into Keller, assaulting the ACW star with a flurry of rights. Keller gets backed into the corner. Whisky with an irish whip, no reversal and Whisky’s sternum hits the turnbuckle HARD. He bounces out, as Keller charges. Whisky ducks a clothesline and turns. PALM GRASP TO THROAT! Choke-NO! Keller breaks it, and grabs WHISKY by the throat. Whisky fights out with a kick to the nuts, taking Keller down to his knees. Whisky looks to hit a ddt, but Keller returns the favor with his own low blow, sending both men to their knees.

The official shrugs, thinking they’ve both been punished enough. Keller catches Whisky with a headbutt and dives on top for one. Keller catches the recovering Whisky with a clothesline, then follows that up with a scoop slam and an elbow drop for two. Keller locks in a side headlock to slow things down. Whisky fights out after a lengthy time in the hold, slamming elbows to Keller’s gut before lifting Keller up for an overhead belly to belly.

Keller gets up and eats a clothesline, sending him up and over the top rope. Whisky follows outside, as Keller recovers on the outside. Keller grabs Whisky’s tights and pulls him face first into the guardrail. Keller rakes Whisky’s eyes on the guardrail before tossing the larger man inside. Keller follows suit and drops a senton for a cover. Two count as Whisky grabs Keller and rolls him over into a cruicifix for two. Small package by Keller, one count before Whisky rolls it over for his own small package. One count before Keller returns the favor. Whisky breaks free as Keller charges, Whisky hits a samoan drop for two. Whisky drops an elbow to Keller’s chest and then begins to choke him. Official breaks it at four as Whisky lifts Keller and tosses him into the corner. Whisky lifts Keller up to seat him on the top rope, but Keller hooks Whisky’s head and hits a tornado ddt.

Leg drop gets two from Keller. Keller just stomps Whisky’s head before getting reprimanded by the official. Keller ignores him, continuing to stop until he sees Whisky’s hand clutch the bottom rope.

Whisky with a low blow. Keller doubled over, Whisky hooks him in a crucifix. He lifts Keller off his feet for the Sour Mash, but Keller fights out before he can truly hook it in. Whisky whiffs on a lariot, as Keller pokes his eye, blinding him. Whisky swings wildly, Keller easily ducking the blow before Keller catches him with another eye poke, blinding his other eye.

Whisky swings wildly, trying to hit whatever he can. After a complete miss, Keller kicks Whisky in the gut, lifts him up, and hits PainKILLA in the center of the ring for three.

WINNER: Khristain Keller via pinfall (16:45)

(FADEIN: Ultratitle studios. Greg Parker and JT are in a heated argument.)

JT: I think it’s fair!

GP: Neither man was playing by the rules! How is that fair?!

JT: Even playing field?

GP: Regardless, Khristain Keller is able to advance, maintaining ACW’s current undefeated streak in the Ultratitle tournament. Our condolences to Whisky, who will have to refocus his attention on the upcoming IWF show SURGE.

JT: Whereas Keller will be facing the current NFW World Heavyweight Champion!

GP: Only if Castor V. Strife can get past Sammy Brown.

JT: Really? I’m pretty sure a slow moving turtle can out maneuver Sammy Brown.

GP: Castor’s hands may not be full with PTC star Sammy Brown, but he’ll have to make sure not to underestimate him like his first round opponent Jaguar.

JT: I’m told Sammy Brown flew back to his home planet.

GP: He’s not poochy. Let’s head to ringside.

(FADEIN: Ringside, as Sammy Brown stands opposite Castor V. Strife.)

Sammy Brown vs. Castor V. Strife

The bell rang and Castor took control early. German suplex, fisherman suplex for two. Castor put on a wrestling clinic. Castor hit a picture perfect Cult Classic(GTS) but refused the pin. Castor with an irish whip, No Place like Home! Castor again refused the pin. Castor hit the Cliché Killer, smiling as he waited for Brown to get to his feet. Strife sizes up Brown and lunges to attack.


Wait no! Castor fights out. Brown, thinking he’s won, jumps up in celebration, only to eat a DIRECTOR’S CUT. The count is academic.

WINNER: Castor V. Strife via pinfall (2:05)

(FADEIN: Ultratitle studios. JT has a huge smile on his face.)

JT: Castor, he’s my pick to go all the way in this!

GP: Castor is a fine athlete but it doesn’t seem he’s been challenged this entire tournament yet.

JT: Exactly. He has luck, or God, or whatever you believe God is, on his side.

GP: I think the former ACW Heavyweight Champion Keller’s going to give Castor more of a challenge than either Jaguar or Sammy Brown did.

JT: That leads us into our next match, Gateway champion Max Hopper….

GP: Chris. Chris Hopper.

JT: Squares off against Barry Mack.

GP: Larry Tact. Stop introducing matches. You’re not good at it.

JT: That’s not what your mom said last night.

GP: You know my mom’s been dead for five years. Plus that made no sense.

JT: Alright! I’m rusty! I’m getting back in the swing of things here.

GP: Larry Tact, the current EPW Television champion, battles ACW Gateway champion Chris Hopper. This is an interpromotional DREAM match. And it’s ONLY round 2!

(FADEIN: Ringside. Larry Tact and Chris Hopper stare one another down.)

Larry Tact versus “Too Cool” Chris Hopper

As soon as the bell tolled the pair began trading blows in the centre of the ring with Tact taking momentum. He drove Hopper into the corner and whipped him across the ring, chased with a splash before driving him into the canvas with a leg screw takedown. He mounted Hopper’s chest and drove a couple of punches before the ref broke things up.

Tact kept momentum delivering an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall as the fans rose to their feet in surprise. Another rope whip and Tact swung with a clothesline, Hopper ducked and took the momentum on his side with a European uppercut that near knocked Larry out of his boots. He slammed him with a urange backbreaker and got himself a near two count but Tact got the shoulder off the mat.

Hopper maintained control, applying an Achilles tendon ankle lock but Larry managed to drag himself close enough to the ropes to break the hold. Attempting to keep control, Hopper tried to pull Tact to his feet to be rocked with a big elbow to the gut and one swinging neckbreaker later saw Hopper staring at the roof as Tact made his ascent to the top rope.

Flying through the air, Larry nailed nothing but canvas on his Dive to Blue elbow drop as Hopper rolled out of the way. When Tact rose to his feet he staggered into the clutches of Chris Hopper’s boot and was nailed with the Icebreaker, leaving the referee to slap the canvas three times and “Too Cool” Chris Hopper advanced.

WINNER: “Too Cool” Chris Hopper (The Icebreaker > Pin, 17:22)

(FADEIN: Ultratitle Studios.)

GP: And ACW’s undefeated streak CONTINUES. That’s THREE superstars in bracket two that come from ACW. We could see an all ACW finale in this bracket!

JT: Yeah, but that means someone’ll have to get past the conqueror of Sean Stevens, our lucky loser!

GP: You think Jason Murray has this tournament in the bag now that he’s proven he can beat Sean Stevens?

JT: Worked for Cobra, didn’t it?

GP: No. It didn’t.

JT: Oh. Really?

GP: Yeah. Cobra lost to Spike Saunders.

JT: Well then I’ll go with the guy who has MORE EVIL!

GP: JT, you’re actually correct. Defiance’s “Suite” Pete Whealdon faces off against Jason Murray, and it’s next!

JT: But please. Pete. Put some damn clothes on. Seriously.

(FADEIN: Ringside. Pete Whealdon is surrounded by his entourage. Jason Murray gets last minute encouragement from Bronte.)

“Suite” Pete Whealdon vs. Jason Murray

When Whealdon stood before the ULTRATITLE Giant Slayer, Jason Murray, he didn’t seem to concerned but his stance probably changed the second Murray’s dropkick connected on his chin and he got himself a quick two-count that the Suite One kicked out of. Murray, driven by the win over Triple X, took it to Whealdon, forcing him into the corner where he climbed the turnbuckle for a ten-punch.

Collapsing to the canvas, Whealdon lay privy to Murray’s attack who went to the top and delivered a top rope elbow drop that Wheadlon kicked out of on 2.999999999 to Murray’s chagrin. Murray argued with the referee as Bronte slipped into the ring, unbeknownst to the referee and slapped the taste out of the downed Whealdon’s mouth. Pete sat up, grin across his face, grabbed her by the ankle and held her upside down with her kicking and screaming. Murray turned to find Whealdon holding her by the ankle and charged only for Pete to airplane swing her by the ankle into Murray.

Bronte rolled out of the ring and Murray rose, checking in on Bronte ringside as Pete rolled him up only for Murray to kick out on two. Whealdon carried on with his onslaught and pulled him into a side headlock which turned into a bulldog and Pete got another near two.

Whealdon whipped Murray into the ropes and attempted a back drop but Murray landed, almost cat-like, on the apron with a smirk on his face. Shoulder thrust through the ropes double Murray over, Whealdon pulled him through the ropes and the Sandusky Special saw Murray flat on his back and the Suite One hooking the leg to advance through to the next round.

Winner: “Suite” Pete Whealdon (Sandusky Special > Pinfall, 11:11)

(FADEIN: Ultratitle Studio. JT is throwing darts at a dart board.)

JT: I figure this is a more accurate way of predicting the Ultratitle.

GP: You may be right. The man who dethroned tournament favorite Sean Stevens falls in his second round against “Suite” Pete Whealdon. Maybe it was just a lucky roll up last week that allowed Murray to move forward.

JT: And now, the man who beat the lucky loser is out of the tournament before the man he beat!

GP: Kind of makes that career defining upset seem a little less glamorous? We have two more matches here and we’ve got precious little time. Up next, the Sergeant, a veteran of the armed forces, takes arms against IWF superstar Derrick Allen! Any prediction?

(JT throws a dart. He squints to read something in the distance.)

JT: Uh… Jason Murray. Wait, no! Let me try again!

(JT throws another dart. Some SPARKS are heard as the lights flicker.)

JT: Uh-Oh.

(FADEIN: Ringside. Sergeant is getting checked over by our officials. Derrick Allen stares him down.)

Sergeant vs. Derrick Allen

Collar and elbow tie up. Allen uses his size to his advantage. Arm wringer into a hammer lock. Sergeant drops down forces Allen to roll through. Both men back up, collar and elbow but Sergeant wins it this time into his own arm wringer. Allen with a kick to the gut and a quick snap ddt gets two. Allen hits a recovering Sergeant with a running bulldog. Sergeant gets tossed off the ropes and eats a drop toe hold before Allen locks in a single leg boston crab. Near the corner, Sergeant crawls to the ropes and grabs the bottom one.

Sergeant shakes the cobwebs loose. Allen walks over, but double leg takedown by Sergeant. Allen’s back hits the mat with brute force. Sergeant tries to roll him over for an ankle lock but Allen fights and kicks away. Allen off the ropes, Sergeant with a BIG back body drop. Allen back up, ANOTHER from Sergeant. Allen back up only to eat a standing SIDEKICK to the jaw. Two count before Allen gets the shoulder up.

Sergeant tosses Allen into the corner. Knife edge chop flurry from Sergeant before Allen with a reversal. Allen fires away with rights and lefts. Sergeant reverses and catches Allen with a stiff shot. Sergeant climbs on the middle rope and hits nine consecutive blows that the crowd counts alongside. Sergeant goes for number ten only for Allen to hook Sergeant around his waist and DRIVE him into the mat with a spinebuster.

Two count. Allen off the ropes, springboard leg drop gets two. Double underhook powerbomb gets two. Allen climbs up top. FREMONT PRESS!

MISSES IT’S MARK! Allen wobbles around the ring disorientated, and Sergeant catches him from behind. Dragon Sleeper. Allen’s fighting it. He’s reaching out for the top rope. He’s inches away! But Sergeant wraps his legs around Allen’s waist and PULLS him to the mat.

Allen shakes his head no. After a few moments, he falls unresponsive. The referee raises his hand three times, and rings the bell, giving the knock out victory to Sergeant.

Winner: Sergeant via knockout (21:43)

(FADEIN: Ultratitle Studios. Greg Parker shuffles some papers as JT is on the phone.)

JT: Yes. I’d like to order your cheapest escort.

GP: JT! We’re on the air!

(JT’s eyes go wide.)

JT: … I’d like to order your finest escort.

GP: The Sergeant, veteran of both our sport and multiple wars, is able to best IWF superstar Derrick Allen. Remember to check out International Wrestling Federation, based out of Seattle to see guys like Spooky Doom, Mikey C and Derrick Allen!

JT: Why do that when you can check out the undefeated ACW?

GP: Either way, IWF superstars should be proud of what they’ve accomplished here. And Spooky Doom is in the final 32! The Sergeant joins the first 15 men to make it to round three. And now, we have one last match to decide. FWC Mainstays, former EPW World Champion Anarky battles against a former Ultratitle winner, Doc Silver!

JT: I gotta go Doc here.

GP: Doc’s an accomplished athlete.

JT: No, he said he’d break my legs if I didn’t.

GP: Sounds like him. These are two of the more accomplished athletes in bracket 2, and they’ve made their home here on FWrestling. Let’s take it to the ring for our MAIN EVENT!


(FADEIN: Ringside, as Anarky stretches, utilizing the top rope. Doc Silver is checked, and re-checked by the official for shenanigans. His goons LITTER the outside, making this contest feel like a lumberjack match. The official leaves as Silver and Anarky step face to face. The tension is palpable as the bell rings three times.)

Doc Silver spit in the face of Anarky to start. Anarky flew into a barrage of rights and lefts. Doc put up a fight but Anarky’s skill as a brawler outmatched Silver. Off the ropes, shot back, Anarky with a shoulder block taking out Silver. Silver back up, off the ropes, and a stalemated shoulder block. Silver tries again, and this time jumps off his feet, taking Anarky off his. DDT from Silver gets two. Snap suplex, floatover and back to their feet, and Silver with another snap suplex. Silver flips on top and gets a two count.

Silver waits for Anarky to recover and charges. Anarky grabs Silver in a bear hug, swinging him and slamming him into the mat with a side slam. This gets two. Classic Memphis piledriver, and Silver rolls to the ropes and clutches the bottom one.

Anarky starts kicking the prone Silver but gets reprimanded by the official. Silver waits for Anarky to get closer and catches him with an eye poke. Side Russian legsweep by Silver gets two. Doc goes for a sharp shooter, but Anarky fights desperately to reverse. Silver puts one leg through Anarky’s and crosses, as Anarky twists and turns to counter. Small package from Anarky gets two and breaks the hold.

Silver catches the recovering Anarky with a clothesline. Anarky fights back, and Silver hits another clothesline. Anarky back up, and ducks a third clothesline. He’s going for the Chaos Breaker!

Silver slips out, kick to the gut, Aces Fu—NO! Anarky shoves Silver away. The two charge and knock each other out with a double clothesline.

Referee counts them down, and gets to 6 before Silver gets to his feet. Silver slams his foot into the mat, looking for a super kick. He charges, Anarky ducks, and Silver grabs his head and implants him with a ddt for two.

Doc gets back to his feet and charges! Anarky moves, and Silver CLOBBERS the referee. Silver looks like he made an accident but then smiles. He whistles once, and a flood of goons hit the ring. They rush and begin to stomp on the fallen Anarky. Anarky fights back, taking two out before the numbers are too overwhelming.

Doc watches on from the corner and laughs. The official begins to stir and Doc orders his goons out of the ring. They all exit, as Doc dives on top for the cover.

Slow count from the beaten official. One…. Two… Thr-KICKOUT! Anarky gets a shoulder up! Doc can’t believe it. He’s immediately in the face of the official, threatening his family and friends with everything from a shallow grave to concrete shoes to firing squads.

His fury is so blinding he doesn’t notice Anarky sneaking up behind him.

CHAOS BREAKER! Anarky on top, One! Two! And the GOONS hit the ring! A few jump on top of Anarky as the official’s hand lowers for the three count. They brawl with the former EPW champion. The official calls for the bell, as the time keeper rings it. Quickly, the goons of Doc Silver take the official out and help Doc to his feet. Doc’s eyes are wide, he can’t believe his Ultratitle dreams are over.

He grabs a camera and tells the world that he will make this farce PAY. He begins to order his goons around, and a few jump outside the ring. They grab the time keeper and SHOVE him face first into the ring post. A bunch more begin to pull fans from the audience from the front row. Of course, they are plants, but nobody else knows that. Doc Silver takes a chair and CROWNS it over Anarky’s head.

The last image is of Doc Silver laughing.

Anarky d. Doc Silver via Disqualification (29:37)

(FADEIN: Ultratitle offices. Greg Parker’s jaw is agape. JT is busy eating a sandwich.)

GP: Folks. Doc Silver has crossed a line here at Ultratitle.

JT: (Through chewing) Talk about a sore loser.

(Awkward pause.)

JT: (through chewing) I like him.

GP: Fans, surely Doc Silver will be fined for his actions. Hopefully it doesn’t taint Anarky’s third round match with the Sergeant. With two bracket’s down, we are halfway through our second round. Some of the biggest names in this business have tried to win the Ultratitle and so far come up empty. While numerous new faces to the FWrestling circuit continue their march to glory.

JT: (through chewing) You said a mouthful.

GP: For Ultratitle officials, I’m Greg “Powers” Parker, alongside JT. Join us Friday for Bracket 3! I personally can NOT wait to see PTC mainstay Jacob McKail battle with FWrestling icon Eli Flair!

JT: And I can’t wait for my paycheck to cash!

GP: That completes Bracket two, round two, of the Ultratitle tournament! Hope you all had as much fun as we did! Good night everyone!

(Greg Parker waves to the audience as the camera slowly dollies out. JT continues to eat, oblivious to the show ending. As we FADEOUT, JT turns to Greg with a mouthful of food.)

JT: (through chewing) So we’re done, right?

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