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Mar 17, 1988
Back In The Saddle

Looking out from the penthouse office of CS Tower, CS Enterprises President Chad Merritt glanced at the rest of the Greensboro skyline. Certainly not the sweeping vista of a major city, but he could see progress – Center City Park, the refurbished Center Pointe building, the Lincoln building – known as the Jefferson Pilot building when he was growing up here. The city could be backwards sometimes, but every once in a while it got things right. Sort of a metaphor for his own life.

He turned his chair back toward his desk. Looking around this office was once an exercise in pride, now it was just ashes. One man had taken it all away – no, two men really; one out of spite, one out of foolishness. Now looking around his office just made him long for home, not his childhood home thirty stories below or even the building named after him next door, but what he now considered his real home in the Cayman Islands. Johanna had no interest in coming here, but she had said she would wait for him. The unspoken “but” was that she wouldn’t wait forever, especially not if his foray back into business sparked the beast inside again. That was the real danger sitting here, that the spark would take hold and become a brushfire, bringing back all the machinations for power and success and control.

The ULTRATITLE Tournament was underway and it had been more successful than most had expected, himself included if he was being honest. The Board had been reluctant to take on what they saw as Merritt’s chance at redemption; luckily he still owned this company even if he didn’t still own the CSWA.

There has been a lot of talk about redemption as part of the tournament. Wrestlers looking for one more run or for their first, looking to redeem themselves from past sins or mistakes. In the end, only one champion would emerge, and only he could say whether he had received redemption, or if he even needed it.

But what do you need, Merritt? 64 matches later, the spark is being fanned. The beast is clawing at his cage. But all the man wants is to go home.

64 matches down. 63 to go.


(CUTTO: The ESEN logo)
(CUEUP: “Survivalism” by Nine Inch Nails)

(CUTTO: Ace Andrews and Jay Connor kneeling outside the ring, hands on the apron, as they are both counted out.)
(CUTTO: “JESTER” CHAD ALLEN hitting a THIRD Merry-Go-Round on Tarrasque.)
(CUTTO: JEFF ANDREWS flying through the air in slo-mo off the top with Doctor Curiosity lying on the mat.)
(CUTTO: A slo-mo vDriver II as JUSTIN VOSS hammers Mark Maverick into the mat.)
(CUTTO: JOEY MELTON wrenching back on the Figure Four leglock as Ethan Archer taps out.)
(CUTTO: “THE DREAM” MARCUS DAVIS catching Kin Hiroshi off the top with a Sudden Stop neckbreaker.)
(CUTTO: The referee’s hand coming down for the third count just before Jared Wells’ right shoulder comes off the mat with SHOWTIME pinning him.)
(CUTTO: JACE GRYPHON with AJ Johnson coming off his shoulders in the Phoenix Rising powerbomb.)
(CUTTO: SYLO sending The Big Sauce Man to the mat with enormous force in the Systematic Shutdown.)
(CUTTO: TROY DOUGLAS and Umpiro standing on the ropes battling back and forth.)
(CUTTO: CAMERON CRUISE hooking in the Cruise Control on Ikan Jobtayoo.)
(CUTTO: KING KRUSHER kicking Jonathan Marx in the stomach and hitting a slingshot brainbuster.)
(CUTTO: EL GORDO GRANDE hitting a thunderous belly-to-belly on Dom Jacobs.)
(CUTTO: The massive SPIKE SAUNDERS coming off the second rope with a huge fist to El Lobo Loco’s head.)
(CUTTO: ZERO floating over Blaine Hollywood as he charges the ropes and hitting the LEVEL ZERO DDT.)
(CUTTO: COBRA’s arm raised in victory as Dan Ryan is on one knee with a look of surprise on his face.)

BILL BUCKLEY: HELLO WRESTLING FANS! Welcome back to ESEN and the 2012 ULTRATITLE Tournament. The field of 128 is down to 64 and the second round begins TONIGHT! The action in Bracket One is the focus of tonight’s show with eight huge matches lined up as each man tries to make the round of 32.

Bracket One has been the talk of the tournament, with the wrestling world shocked as Dan Ryan went down to Cobra. Cobra gets a chance to show that his win wasn’t a fluke as he goes up against a man who is over seven feet tall, NBW and ACW superstar Spike Saunders.

The buzz didn’t stop at Cobra’s win, however. Zero’s return to the ring and his win over NFW star Blaine Hollywood was all over media like I haven’t seen since… I don’t know! Zero meets El Gordo Grande in Round 2 and will have his hands full, literally.

And then there’s the Lucky Loser! “Triple X” Sean Stevens lost his first round match against rookie Jason Murray, but due to our double count-out last week, Stevens finds himself in the luckiest spot of all, still in the tournament. He moves over to Bracket 1 and gets slotted in tonight against “Jester” Chad Allen, who had an impressive victory last week against Tarrasque.

This bracket is beyond stacked. Former two-time ULTRATITLE Champion Joey Melton faces off against “The Dream” Marcus Davis. The man once known as J. Leslie has turned over a new leaf and now Justin Voss faces Jeff Andrews. Showtime and Jace Gryphon go head-to-head, while Troy Douglas has to try and stare down the Superbeast, Sylo. Two veterans meet for the first time in over a decade as King Krusher looks to make Cameron Cruise his round two casualty.

It’s all tonight! Let’s get right into the action down in the Thomas & Mack Center on the campus of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas!


Sean Stevens came to the ring with one goal, to prove his status as the “Lucky Loser” from Round One was a fluke. Chad Allen never stood a chance. It was almost as if Chad Allen did not even show up for the match. Stevens put on a clinic on how to demolish someone, hitting the Jester with suplexes and then turning a vertical suplex into a DDT. The 'Blue Eyed Badass' was relentless and eventually put his round one loss and opponent behind him as he hit the X-Factor and got the pin for the win.

WINNER: “TRIPLE X” SEAN STEVENS (via X-Factor/pinfall)


This match started out hot and heavy and never let up. Here is a clip of the match.

Justin Voss forces Jeff Andrews into the ropes, Andrews ducks a clothesline attempt by Voss, CROSSBODY BLOCK by Andrews takes Justin Voss to the mat! Andrews rolls through and up, but Justin catches him with a school boy! 1..2..no! Andrews was easily able to kick out… Both men up... Andrews rushes Voss but Voss with the go behind. GERMAN SUPLEX! BRIDGE! ONE….. TWO… NO! It’s too early and Andrews is able to kick out. Voss pulls him to his feet, then quickly body slams him to the mat. Voss with a flying elbow and another quick cover! Look at the frustration on Voss's face as Andrews kicks out of another pin attempt! Voss sends him into the ropes… FLYING LEG SCISSORS by Andrews…Voss right back up.. kick to the gut by Andrews POWERBOMB!!!! Cover! ONE….. TWO…..THR—NO!!!

The end came sudden for these two. As Andrews quickly hit the Ultraglide out of no where for the pin.

WINNER: JEFF ANDREWS (via Ultraglide/pinfall)


Showtime took the upper hand from the moment he stepped into the ring, dropping Gryphon with an inverted half nelson into a scoop slam. Gryphon tried to go for a fisherman's suplex, but Showtime blocked it, nailing Gryphon with a twisting bulldog that garnered a two-count. Showtime continued to work over Gryphon with a back-mounted chinlock, then went back to the high-intensity offense, rolling Gryphon over into a fireman's carry ending in a gutbuster drop. One ride into the ropes later, and Showtime caught Gryphon with his big finisher, "Final Curtain" corkscrew moonsault for the one...two....three!

WINNER: SHOWTIME (via Final Curtain/pinfall)


The most controversial star of Round One of the tournament stepped into the ring to wait for the entrance of the pride of Mexico. “La Bamba” hit the PA system and the crowd joined in as El Gordo Grande entered the arena in his trademark green, red and white in honor of his home country. As he stood on the stage, he called for his music to be cut off, only for a mariachi band to march onto stage and begin playing it again as he started down the aisle.

And what a march it was – kissing every baby and hugging every fan he could get his hands on. Once he was down to the ring, he made several laps, first slapping hands, then sharing some nachos, then more hugs. Zero stood in the ring, watching the hoopla with a wry grin on his face. Finally, the Mexican’s Mexican pulled himself up the ring steps and climbed into the ring so we could start the real show.

After a quick collar-and-elbow tie-up, EGG got the advantage from his strength and girth, and send Zero into the ropes, only to catch him with a belly-to-belly!

And once El Gordo Grande hits you with the belly, you don’t…

Zero got up! Kicking out at two, the “reluctant hero” quickly slid out from under El Gordo Grande, no mean feat on its own, and then hooked in STF. The Great One, exhausted from his ring entrance and a belly to belly, had no energy to fight his way to the ropes or break the hold.

WINNER: ZERO (by submission, STF)

BILL BUCKLEY: We're now going to Evansville, Indiana to the UE Arena for the rest of the second round matches. Jim? You out there Jim?

JIM SEARS: Loud and clear. Been a long time since coming to Evansville and even longer since calling a match for ESEN.

LIAM KENNEDY: Not long enough.

JS: Watch it, Liam. It's not 1999 and this isn't the MultiNational Wrestling Corporation. I've had enough time to know that I should've busted your butt like my daddy did me.

LK: "Your Daddy" did a lot more people than you.

JS: I know, brother - starting with your momma.

LK: I'm not your brother. Actually, my family is far from an in-bred Mountain clan.

JS: More like an in-bred wino clan.

LK: No. That would be the Bensons. God rest his soul.

JS: Sammy's not dead.

LK: But Cobra's about to.


BB: Boys, play nice or this will be a one-night stand.

LK: Bet that was your daddy too, Jimbo.

BB: Mute them and show the match's opening.


LK: Here comes Cobra. I hear he beat Dan Ry--

Metallica blared and Cobra made his way to the ring. If he was known before, his fame had grown to hitherto unheard of levels with signs exclaiming "COBRA OVER RYAN!" The man known as Cobra though didn't acknowledge them. His eyes focused on the ring, sliding into the ring and going to his corner. When KISS' remix "Spike it up" played, the crowd responded to the largest man in the tournament - Spike Saunders. When they brought the two to the center of the ring, it seemed Cobra seemed to realize he'd jumped out of the frying pan that was the biggest draw of the tournament and into the fire that was the 7'3" Saunders. But at the same time, Spike was clearly not taking Cobra lightly, studying every movement of the Defiance wrestler.

JS: The match started in earnest with both guys looking for the opening. Cobra, after a shocking opening round defeat of Dan Ryan, seemed more self-assured and ready to take it to the monster Spike Saunders. But Spike had a lot of history using his size to his advantage, something that he continued to use to great effect, getting early control of the match.

(Spike whips Cobra into the buckles and following with a clothesline, grabbing Cobra by the mask and tossing him to the mat before hitting the ropes himself and dropping a heavy legdrop. He popped up, played to the crowd and gave a classic WOOOO followed by a smirk.)

JS: And it continued with heavy slams and great power moves, Spike working him down as expertly as expected of someone of his experience.

LK: Wow, Jim. That many "E" words in one clause is impressive. Did you plan that or did it just come to you?

JS: It comes to me.

LK: Like your daddy and--

JS: Your momma.

(Measuring Cobra, Spike picks him up and draws his fist back for BOOM! HEADSHOT!! He fires the fist and finds Cobra grabbing the forearm and spinning with it, using the momentum to toss Spike to the mat.)

JS: Several minutes into the match, Cobra came alive with a flurry of offense pulling from his lucha roots. I had to wonder how he was going to manage the giant Saunders, but with some tweaking to his repertoire, he seemed fine.

LK: Probably because he beat Dan Ryan.

JS: Probably because he's beaten lots of men and lost to a lot more.

LK: How do you learn to tweak from losing?

JS: You never were an athlete, were you?

LK: I was the dart champion in three bars.

JS: Which ones?

LK: I... don't remember. I don't remember a lot from my college days.

(Cobra continued the offense with top rope moonsault as perfect as any ever delivered and went for the cover, only getting a 2 count.

JS: It was obvious he wanted to go for his finisher, but the Running Tigerbomb on a guy a foot taller and nearly a 100 pounds heavier just wasn't going to happen.

LK: Do you ever wonder what a tigerbomb looks like?

JS: It's a--

LK: No, a real Tiger bomb.

JS: Weren't you a spoiled rich kid who was supposed to add some class to my redneck-ness?

LK: Fine James, here is some class for you. Redneck-ness is not a word.

JS: But Cobra Clutch is.

LK: Let me guess, Cobra put the Cobra Clutch on Spike Saunders.

JS: That he did, and it was leading to some problems for the giant, dropping to his knees and not answering the ref's question. The ref grabbed the arm several times then...

(Saunders' hand shoots back into the air in that classic wrestling way, pulling it from somewhere deep within, using the same energy to pick up and drop Cobra to the mat.)

JS: Both men were down, but not for long. Spike with a right hand. Cobra answers. Spike with another. And another. And a - -

LK: I don't think so! Cobra with a drop through and a stiff kick.

JS: That Spike catches and then with a choke to drop Cobra with a ring-shattering Chokeslam. Spike with the cover to get the 1...2...

LK: NO! Shoulder up in the knick of time.

JS: Saunders can't believe it, but he'd best get his composure before Cobra can recover. He's not waiting, heaving Cobra into the air, press-slam time. It is time for some SPIKED!

LK: You'd think, but Cobra thought so too, meaning it was time for him to slither lose and slid down with a sunset flip styled pin attempt and...

JS: Saunder's not going over. SAUNDERS WITH THE PUNCH TO COBRA'S TEMPLE! That could do it! He puts Cobra back up and THIS TIME, SPIKE SAUNDERS HITS SPIKED (Press slam into an adjusted F5). The count is elementary.

LK: So was your education.


(CUTTO: BILL BUCKLEY in the studio)

BB: In our next match, Cameron Cruise leaves jobber-land to face King Krusher in a battle that held some history for both combatants.


LK: You hired this punk, Cruise, back in the day, didn't you?

JS: Different name. Different time. But the Crippler he was.

LK: Let me guess which side you're going to be on with this match.

JS: Same side I'm on every time - the fans.

LK: Riiiight, Jimbo. I'm guessing that's how JW swindled you out of millions - you were too busy looking at what the fans thought.

JS: Don't talk to me about JW or I'll mention Zieba.

LK: I have made my peace with Erik.

JS: That why you still have his picture attached to your dartboard?

LK: It doesn't even look like his face anymore - too many holes.

JS: From what I hear, it's not the face that has the most holes.

LK: So, I'm a poor shot and everything goes a bit south.

JS: I thought you said you were a darts champion?

LK: Hey, look... the bell just rang.


(Krusher immediately attacked Cruise, laying into him with quick attacks that forced Cruise to back away, trying to regain some semblance of composure. He rolls to the outside but finds no solace. Krusher with a flying clothesline off the apron followed by a devestating gutwrench powerbomb that cause the crowd to explode. He tossed Cruise back into the ring.)

JS: Krusher continued to assault, working over Cameron Cruise's back with a series of slams that stunned everyone. I'd never seen such an assault right out of the gate, but King took it straight to the younger Cruise, trying to finish it early.

LK: He must've seen Cruise working his cardio in that promo. From what I remember about Cruise's charisma, Krusher must've been the only one.

JS: Maybe you forgot, but Cruise did marry Mercedes Devon.

LK: Ah, the grand MWC-days. Oh and maybe you crawled under a rock after Zieba... did what he did, but that marriage ended in divorce. She went on to more charismatic, and certainly more accomplished, wrestlers - Joey Melton.

JS: Maybe she had a thing for older men.

LK: Like Krusher, right?

JS: Strangely enough, I can't argue with you.

LK: You've argued with me?

(Jim nods)

LK: Oh, that's right... you just never won.

(Krusher puts Cruise on the top rope and mounts it, going for a belly to back supersuplex. He heaves and finds an errant elbow to the head. Staggering, he throws several punches to the back of Cameron's head and then goes again, this time taking air and...

JS: Cruise lands on top! We got a cover - 1...2...thr-NO! Cameron can't believe it and neither can this crowd!

LK: Krusher probably can't either as he pulls himself up by the ropes.

JS: Cruise on the attack! Locks in for a Reality Check.

LK: He didn't do that move in the MWC.

JS: Learned it from Mark Maverick who... also wanted a piece of Mercedes.

LK: Maverick's closest reach for class is an 86 Camaro.

JS: Not that there's anything wrong with that.

LK: But Maverick does the Reality Check better - Krusher holding onto the ropes to break the hold.

(Cruise drops down and performs a schoolboy pin getting a 2 count.)

JS: Krusher back up and he lunges at Cameron. Cruise slides under his reach and... REALITY CHECK!

(And this time, the 3 count is a go.)



BB: And still in Evansville, the action didn't stop, moving forward with Sylo vs. Troy Douglas!


JS: Strange thing, Sylo was not even the biggest guy of the night so after a great Spike Saunders match, the crowd was a bit underwhelmed to see Sylo. He could only hope to have as much success.

(Sylo towers over Douglas who doesn't back down, at least until the bell rings and Sylo locks up with him. Douglas has no option but to go backwards - Sylo is just bigger and stronger. In the corner, Sylo shoots a lightning quick elbow.

JS: And that's how it started. Sylo nailed Douglas hard and didn't let up, strike after strike into slam after slam.

LK: You're so eloquent.

(Sylo with an irish whip and big boot that knocks Troy to the ground. He goes for the cover and gets a near fall. He argues with the ref and then turns around to find Troy pulling himself up by the ropes.


(Sylo runs over and Troy drops, pulling the rope down with him, sending Sylo up and over the ropes to land hard on the outside. Douglas climbs the turnbuckle and leaps with a backflip moonsault only to get spiked into next week with a spear that caused the entire crowd to groan as Douglas collapsed on the ground in a heap.)

JS: Taking Sylo outside the ring wasn't the smartest thing in the world to do.

LK: Not like inside the ring was working any better.

JS: Once again, I can't argue with you.

LK: And once again that surprises no one.

JS: Anyone who knows Sylo also knows that Spear is a setup for his finisher.

LK: I'm guessing this was bad news if he did it outside the ring.

JS: The move is similar to Spike Saunders' finisher so in a game of one-upmanship, you would be correct.

(To no surprise, Sylo lifted and performed his F5 similar move, dropping Troy Douglas to the concrete outside the ring and then rising with a sadistic grin on his face. The referee started his count. Sylo went inside the ring and surveyed the destruction that was Troy Douglas.)

JS: This match was going to end with a count out, something no one wanted to see, lest of all any Douglas fans, but as the count neared 8, we started to see life, and when the ref made it to 9, Troy made it to his knees, and by the time it was almost at 10--

LK: Douglas rolled into the ring, directly at Sylo's feet. Not exactly the greatest place to be.

JS: Again, no argument. It didn't take long for Sylo to shake off any shock, if any truly existed. Sylo continued his assault, punishing him in the same way he'd punished his 1st round opponent, and going for an ending in the same way with a triangle choke.

(Douglas is locked in but reaching for the ropes. Even if Sylo is clearly the larger man, Douglas' 6'5" frame isn't exactly unusable in getting out of a submission. Using his long legs, he gets his toe outside the apron and the referee calls for the break.)

JS: THe look on Sylo's face is enough to make you question if he might take out the ref right here, right now but he didn't. He went back to work, slamming Troy Douglas and going for cover after cover, each one leading to near falls or feet on the rope.

LK: Well, at least until Troy Douglas took the ref out.

JS: You know it was an accident.

LK: If you say so.

(Sylo knocks Douglas down with a heavy front elbow and looks around, seeing the referee out of action. A smile crosses his lips and he goes outside, grabbing a chair and returning to the ring, setting it up and grabbing Douglas by the hair. He puts him up and DROPS HIM with a Powerbomb.)

LK: This sadistic man isn't finished!

JS: Another powerbomb! And we know what's next with the three faces of sin - this time aiming for the chair with the CHOKESLAM!

(And it should've been, but Douglas broke the grip nearly 8 feet in the air and dropped down, grabbing Sylo's head on the way down for a chair-shattering DDT.)

JS: It rocked this crowd, stunned Sylo, and as Troy Douglas made the cover, the ref recovering to make the count and end the match.


BB: And here we go with this bracket's featured match, the same bracket that sent the favorite Dan Ryan home in round one. "The Dream" Marcus Davis and the two-time Ultratitle champion, Joey Melton, went to the wire, and beyond, in what can only be described as a classic. The only question was...would another upset happen or would Melton ride the wave to his 3rd title.


LK: You know, Jimbo, going into this final match, I have to tell you how much fun...

JS: Honestly, Liam, me too.

LK: How much fun this could've been, if only "Hurricane" Eddy Love was on the card.

JS: Oh, please God no.

LK: (choking up) But if I'm to mourn the loss of my Eddy, I can at least replace him with Joey Melton.

JS: You do know that Eddy Love sent an ostrich after Melton.

LK: I'm telling Joey you said that.

JS: He SAID it!

LK: He did?

JS: He said it and Eddy did it.

LK: ...like I was saying, if I have to mourn the loss of my Eddy, at least I can replace him with "the Dream" Marcus Davis.

JS: Marcus doesn't even know who you are.

LK: Does to.

JS: How?

LK: I waved to him in the hallway.

JS: Did he wave back?

LK: Almost.

JS: How do you 'almost' wave at someone?

LK: He only used one finger.

JS: Awesome. We best cut to just after the bell rang.

(Melton and Davis locked up as the Evansville crowd buzzed for their main event. They traded arm drags and then picked the pace up, doing a counter into another counter and another and another.)

JS: They went with a series of chain wrestling attempts - the links of the chain getting as long as ol' Scrooge's afterlife, at least before he wished everyone a Merry Christmas. What was clearly a clinic in the beginning divulged into a brawl when they spilled to the outside.

(Melton is on the mats trying to catch his breath as Davis gets to his feet. The youthful Marcus got his bearings and then located Melton, who had his back to him. Marcus dashed forward and leapt, catching Joey and dropping him to the ground with a flying bulldog. Davis got back up and helped Melton into the ring before springboarding himself and hitting a legdrop and a cover and a 2 count. Getting Melton up, he whipped Joey into the turnbuckles running in behind. Joey dropped low and put a stiff boot to Marcus' knee, sending Davis bounding against the ropes and then back for Melton to do a wrap-up and pin attempt - putting the feet on the 2nd rope for added leverage, something the referee caught.)

JS: Joey Melton took over.

LK: Melton sucks!

JS: Maybe so, but he was quick to mount an offense.

(Melton repeatedly kicks Marcus' knee, springing with it to pull the hamstrings, and then back up with a corkscrew drop.)

JS: It was obvious what his plan was - ground the youngster and edge him towards the finish - Figure 4 leglock. When he locked it on, many thought it would be over, but "The Dream" proved to be resilient.

LK: Are you going to talk about intestinal fortitude now?

JS: No--

LK: Thank the LORD!

JS: I think I'll save intestinal fortitude for later. He's only been in the figure 4 for about 3 minutes.

(Melton screams. The fans scream. Davis grimaces, burying the pain, using it as a fulcrum to tip the scales and roll to his stomach putting pressure on Melton.)

JS: He flipped it, but it lasted only a moment before Melton rolled it again.

LK: You sound like this is a Boogie Smallz match.

JS: He's clean now.

LK: Depends on what you call clean. You smelled that guy’s gym bag?

JS: Not recently.

LK: Actually, you smelled the shower after he finished?

JS: I'm sure it's... oh, back to the match.

(Melton holds the move, sitting up on his elbows, and focusing all his efforts on the "Dreams'" knee-joints. Screaming for Marcus to give up, Joey reaches down and throws several punches to the knee, and then pushes to add his arm strength to the hold. Davis screams, not in pain but defiance, shaking his head until the head goes limp followed by the body, Marcus collapsing to the mat for the referee to make the 3 count.)

JS: It seemed over, but Davis got his shoulder up at the last second, the crowd likely offering a sympathy cheer for him.

LK: Or maybe they LOVE him.

JS: Or hate Joey Melton.

LK: Same difference.

JS: Not for Marcus as he took that energy and rolled again, adding a slight angle, and when Melton did his roll back, it put Marcus right in line for grabbing the ropes and forcing the break.

LK: Kid was wise beyond his years.

JS: He was able to sucker Melton into his trap, slipping outside the ring to catch a break.

(Melton follows Marcus Davis outside, grabbing the Dream by the head. Davis grabs Melton's trunks and tosses him into the ringpost.)

LK: That was my boy! Always working the game.

JS: It would buy him some time to slip into the ring and scoot to a corner and try to work some of the pain out of his knee, but when Melton did come in, a bloody Arrogant Joey Melton.

LK: Jimbo! You almost sounded British.

JS: Except I meant it - bloody! Melton rolled in the ring, pushed his hair out of his face, and marshalled toward the corner.

LK: And my boy was waiting!

(Marcus hits double-hand knife edge chops, rocking Melton back from the corner. Melton rebounds into the ropes and comes forward. Davis ducks under, follows Melton and catches him with a stiff clothesline. Melton up again. Marcus throws a kick.)

JS: But Davis' leg was just too hurt. His offensive repetoire was seriously limited and he dropped to the mat. Melton, a bloody grin crossing his face, was quick to capitalize, kicking Marcus while he was down.

LK: Oh but Davis had a trick up his own sleeve...

(Marcus Davis grabs Melton's leg, using his strong leg to trip the other leg, and then wrap up Melton's leg in a grapevine.)

JS: And it would've worked perfectly, had Joey Melton not been near the ropes. It just seemed none of the breaks was going Davis' way tonight. Marcus tried to meet Melton in the center of the ring, but as soon as the ref moved, Melton kicked Davis in the knee several times and then bum-rushed with a shoulderblock. Grabbing the leg, everyone knew Melton was going to finish it with the figure 4.

LK: Including the Dream who expertly did a small package.

(Ref counts 1...2...kickout by Melton who popped up incensed and unleashed a flurry of kicks and while Davis was stunned, grabbed the leg and put the Figure 4 back on.)

JS: Even with so much, Davis continued to fight through the pain. Between his bad wheel and Arrogance's bloody mug, everyone began to wonder if the match was going to be called. Fortunately, this classic had a chance to finish up.

(Melton presses down, increasing the figure 4's pressure. Davis pounds the mat and then turns, getting over. Melton lets the move go. He gets to his feet. Davis grabs him by the trunks and sends him into the turnbuckle. Rising up with help from the ropes, Davis grabs him and drops with a reverse DDT, going for a cover but only getting a 2. He gets up and waits for Melton who, when Joey finally gets to his feet, turns as Davis grabs him -


JS: It should've been, but Melton had that one scouted, kicking down to the knee before the turn could be made to execute the move, and slaps on the Figure 4 yet again to the crowd's total dismay. And again, Davis fights for his life, unwilling to tap and seemingly unable to go.

LK: Yet he did go, for several more minutes.

(Davis is slapping the mat again, pulling both his and Arrogance's weight across the canvas reaching for the ropes. He struggles and fights and...)

LK: He made it!

JS: He did, getting a reprieve to the fans delight, at least until Melton muscled the referee out of the way and pulled "The Dream" back into the center of the ring. He turned to lock the leglock in once again.

(Davis slaps the snot, or blood in this case, out of Melton's mouth. Melton hit the ropes and returned getting a kick to his own thigh. Another kick. Another!)

JS: Melton dropped with a knee across Davis' thigh and SOMEHOW turned it into a figure 4 leglock.

(Davis slaps at his leg, trying to get feeling back into it but can feel nothing. Still, he holds on until he collapses to the mat, getting a 2 count to bounce back up for another minute, and then drops...

JS: To end the match.

LK: Melton still sucks.

JS: Unfortunately for a defiant Marcus Davis, Melton was going to suck all the way to the 3rd round.

LK: Jimbo, sometimes you just sound gross.

JS: Fans, Jimbo and I have had a ball. For us, Bill Buckley and everyone at ESEN, thanks for watching the 2012 ULTRATITLE Tournament. We’re back TOMORROW NIGHT with more Round 2 action!

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Take a look at some old articles that are still relevant regarding what fantasy wrestling is and where it came from.
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