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The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile
(FADEIN: CS Enterprises, Greensboro NC. Fifteenth Floor, the TV studio. A middle – aged man was reading a magazine at the master control panel with Bach playing in the background.

The clock ticked, and he watched it, but otherwise seemed unconcerned.

What made his attention leap was the ding of the elevator, as Ivy McGinnis and Rudy Seitzerexited. Rudy held a gleaming disc in his hand.)

SEITZER: : With minutes to spare, Marvin.

(The man at the master control panel – former head of everything electronics – related in the CSWA, Marvin Parsons, deftly took the disc and inserted it in the appropriate slot.)

PARSONS: All edited and ready to go?

McGINNIS: So says Rudy.

SEITZER: : Hey, those two needed me to go over them with a fine toothed comb. Next time, Ivy, it’s all yours.

McGINNIS: You’re being dramatic, Rudy, how bad could they be?

PARSONS: We’re about to find out.

(CUTTO: One of the monitors, labeled as ‘BROADCAST FEED’ as it counted down three… two… one…)

(FADEIN: Television studio. A large ULTRATITLE banner hangs behind them. The color schemed to a dark and light blue.

Sitting behind a news desk were two announcers that hadn’t been seen in quite some time. Long time broadcast partners of professional wrestling; they had lately been calling the baseball action for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.

Their credentials, however, matched against virtually any team currently broadcasting: from the FWL to the IWO, to the legendary Squared Circle. On the left, now grey – haired, was Greg Parker, conservatively dressed in a simple black suit, and on the right was a behemoth of an announcer, wearing a faded white ULTRATITLE 2012 T-shirt, two sizes too small and somehow full of holes. A tattered straw hat sat lopsided on his head, most likely covering extremely thinning hair. This was JT, and we can only hope he’ll change his clothes before the broadcast ends.)

POWERS: Welcome everyone, to Round One, Bracket Two, of the ULTRATITLE! We have sixteen matches to highlight this evening, four each from four separate locations that took place earlier tonight. They’ve been recorded, transcoded, uploaded, and now downloaded for your viewing pleasure, and what a round it was!

JT: I’d like to thank our sponsors, fleshlig-

POWERS: Really? Not even a hello, first?

JT: You can’t exactly say that at a minor league baseball game.

POWERS: You shouldn’t say it here either! For those of you who remember us from the Internet Wrestling Organization, or the Squared Circle, it’s good to be back! For those of you who don’t know us, my name is Greg Parker, and this is my penance to bear, the irreplaceable JT!

JT: Thank you for that.

POWERS: Believe me, I’ve tried.


(Parker frowns.)

POWERS: That’s out of your system now, yes?

JT: Yes.

POWERS: Good. Tonight, we’re going to go to Philadelphia, PA, with four great matches from the Trocadero! We’ve got talent, young and old, stars will be made, dreams will be shattered, and you may very well get to see JT get shoved in front of a bus by Tarrasque!

JT: Too soon, Greg.

POWERS: We’ll see. First up, newcomer Gideon debuts against “Suite” Pete Whealdon, star of Defiance Wrestling. Whealdon looks like he’d fit right at home in our old IWO: crazy, off the wall, hangs around with a guy named Satan.

JT: Now with MORE Evil! He’s my pick!

POWERS: Gideon is…

JT: A retarded Dustin Hoffman. This ain’t the Oscars.

POWERS: I have a son who has Asperger’s--

(JT opens his mouth for a rebuttal.)

POWERS: --They’re geniuses who devote themselves, heart body and soul, into one field. Gideon has chosen wrestling. I wouldn’t call him a slouch, yet alone what you said.

(There’s a small pause.)

POWERS: I also expected you to say something like ass burgers.

JT: You just kept talking.

POWERS: Regardless, Gideon is making quite the professional debut in the Ultratitle; can you imagine the kind of lift he’d get if he wins?

JT: Which he won’t.

POWERS: We’ll see, JT. Moving on, storied veteran and current Empire Pro Wrestling Television champion Larry Tact is set to take on, well, a man whom I think shouldn’t be in the ring.

JT: Why not?

POWERS: Derek Martin isn’t trying to win. He’s trying to HURT people!

JT: Yeah, but it’s BETTER if you hurt someone. You’re more likely to win! You wanna see two guys be friends and hug? I say rookie boy Hoffman has less right to be in there than Steve Martin.

POWERS: … Did you even read the run sheet?

JT: Of course I did. After Tact and Steve, we’re going to see Max Hopper versus Howard the Duck.

POWERS: That’s Chris Hopper versus Howard King.

JT: *smugly* Now who didn’t do his research?

POWERS: Chris is the current All-Star Championship Wrestling Gateway champion. He’s made a habit of taking guys out in under ten minutes. Let’s see if he can translate that to this seven round tournament

JT: Y’know, I heard Howard is Mayor of the 100 people Family Feud always polls.

POWERS: You thought he’s was a duck!

JT: THE duck.

POWERS: Complaints can be sent to JT directly, care of Lehigh Valley –

JT: Hey!

POWERS: And finally, in OUR main event, the fresh faced and hungry Jason Murray makes his debut against one of the most decorated legends this sport has to offer, Triple X Sean Stevens. CSWA, FWO, EPW, NFW… Stevens has done it all and more.

JT: Tough draw, kid. Even I know Stevens, and I don’t know WHO starts second for the baseball team I ANNOUNCE.

POWERS: Who’s on first.

JT: Don’t even start with that, Parker.

(Parker’s eyes go WIDE. Dear in headlights.)

JT: Seriously.

POWERS: Jason Murray is going to have to bring his ‘A’ game to give Stevens a challenge. This is Trip’s match for the taking.

JT: Unless Trip trips over himself.

POWERS: That’s the cleverest thing you’ve ever said.

JT: *confused* Thank you?

POWERS: That’s not a compliment. Folks, let’s take you to our first match of the evening, newcomer Gideon takes on Defiance’s “Suite” Pete Whealdon.


Gideon made his debut by walking straight down the middle of the entranceway, making sure to stay out of arm’s reach of the front row. By his side, his sister and confidant, Nadia, kept him focused and did her best to screen out the other people and the noise of the arena.

“Suite” Pete Whealdon gyrated his way toward ringside surrounded by the muscle bound Damien DeSett and the delightfully devilish Kevin/Satan (now with more Evil!). Whealdon immediately sought out Nadia, stroking his mustache as he stared her down. Gideon was preoccupied letting the referee check him for weapons, a feat far more difficult for Gideon than originally expected. Whealdon however, had no reservations. Then again, there were very few hiding places for Whealdon.

Whealdon and Gideon started with back – and – for the chain wrestling, with Gideon countering Whealdon at every turn. Gideon turned to Nadia for her approval but she told him to focus on the ring. Frustrated, Whealdon SAVATE kicked the distracted Gideon square in the temple. Whealdon blew a kiss to Nadia, wasting precious time as he managed only a two count on Gideon. From there, Whealdon took the offrensive, in more ways than one: vertical suplex, kiss to Nadia, battering ram, kiss to Nadia, abdominal stretch… you get the idea. He kissed once too often, however, as Gideon reversed an irish whip with a hip toss! Back body drop, Whealdon in a daze, spin around and a palm head claw! No effect! Gideon with a spinebuster, and a float-over with the legs hooked gets a two count! Whealdon sat up in a daze and climbed to his feet just in time for Gideon to race off the other side with a shoulder charge, getting a two!

That’s when Kevin/Satan climbed onto the apron, distracting the referee and Gideon. Nadia right there, and she yanked him down to the floor! While the referee was distracted, however, Damien slid in and caught a surprised Gideon with a massive forearm to the jaw!

While this was happening, Whealdon slid outside and helped a reluctant Naida to her feet, which drew a reluctant smile from the young girl. Whealdon, of course, responded with a wink and a hip gyration.

While this was happening and the referee continued his count, Gideon managed to slide behind Whealdon on the outside without notice! Toss back into the ring! Gideon followed, and a boot to the gut of “Suite” Pete!

The Syndrome! No! Whealdon with a reverse bear hug to block the ¾ face cutter. Pete Whealdon gyrated his hips a little too close for comfort, grinding on Gideon, whose eyes are wide in shock! Whealdon took the opportunity to spin him around, grabbed him and hoisted him over his shoulder, and a SANDUSKY SPECIAL! At that point, the three count was sadly academic.

WINNER: “SUITE” PETE WHEALDON via Sandusky Special (pinfall 12:47)

(CUTTO: Greg Parker and JT in the Ultratitle studio, JT stares like a deer caught in headlights.)

JT: … I’m blind.

POWERS: “Suite” Pete Whealdon, showing as much as he can on basic cable, defeats his young opponent. Gideon. It seems to me, what made Gideon unique in this tournament may have been his undoing.

JT: I feel like I just saw myself twenty years ago.

POWERS: In your dreams.

JT: Yeah! Dream me was awesome!

POWERS: Gideon’s efforts undoubtedly brought some attention toward him, and I think he’ll be looking at his pick of offers after the tournament is over, while Pete Whealdon shows the world exactly why DEFIANCE Wrestling has been the talk of the town for the past few months! Up next, Chris Hopper takes on Howard King in another first round matchup!

JT: Tell me something, Greg?


JT: Which one of these guys was the duck again?


Howard King entered the ULTRATITLE with all the pomp and circumstance of elected royalty. He walked to ringside with his head held high, shaking hands with as many people as he could see, but specifically ignoring anyone not of voting age: in particular, a lone child with a homemade T-shirt reading “HOWARD IS MY KING” across the front. King faked like he was going to shake the kid’s hand, but instead, waved at a couple that looked like they could contribute to his campaign. Of course, the boos began to fly when the child started crying.

On the other hand, “Too Cool” Chris Hopper walked out from the entrance ramp and specifically paid attention to every fan who reached for him. He sported black sunglasses and a “TOO COOL” ring jacket, and even stopped to give the crying child his sunglasses, which led to a “HOP-PER!” chant from the general public, and a look of boredom on Howard King’s face. Hopper ignored him, climbing to the top turnbuckle with the ACW Gateway Championship title in his hands.

The bell rang, and we started with a collar and elbow lockup. Hopper with a headlock, using his size to his advantage, while King tries unsuccessfully to shove him off. After several long seconds of having his head ground into itself, King manages to pull Hopper to the ropes where he shoves him off with an Irish Whip, but a shoulderblock by “Too Cool” puts the King back to the mat! Hopper rebounds, and another shoulderblock puts Howard King down for the second time! Hopper tries to make the third time the charm, but King reverses into a Japanes armdrag, and a clothesline puts both men over the top rope! King landed mostly on his feet, and he slid back under the bottom rope before the referee counted to two. He didn’t wait, however, as he hit the mat running and landed a picture – perfect springboard shooting star to his opponent outside the ring!

King slid back into the ring and waited for Hopper this time: it took until the six for his opponent to reenter the ring. As he slid in, King bounced off the ropes and caught Hopper from behind with a Cobra Clutch. Using his momentum, he turned it into a bulldog and a quick cover that netted a two count.

Irish whip to the corner – Hopper reversed it and followed through – King stopped himself at the last moment and sensed where Hopper was – drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle! Anklelock – Hopper hooked the bottom rope!


Hopper wins the collar and elbow by segueing into a swinging neckbreaker. Chokeslam for another two count. King ducks a spinning heel kick only to take a Memphis style piledriver. Hopper dusts his hands as he covers for yet another two. Frustrated, Hopper scoops King and sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip – which backfired when King came back with a cross body – which backfired when Hopper caught him and held onto after a brief struggle. Hopper walked him around the ring to a huge ovation for a lap before he put him over his back with a fallaway slam! King to the outside!

Hopper slid right out after his opponent, and both men brawled on the floor! Hopper with the adcantage, he tossed King into the guardrail! He hooked him again – THUMB TO THE EYES BY KING! Hopper whipped into the post, shoulder first! King stayed on Hopper’s arm and dropped down on his back, yanking his arm out the socket!

Hopper broke away and slid back into the ring, clutching his shoulder. King climbs to the top from the floor, and lands a flashy split – legged moonsault! Cover, and a two count! Hopper rolled to his knees away from his opponent, pain etched across his face as he kept his shoulder immobile.

At this point, Howard King was sizing his opponent up for the most effective way to lop off his head and move on in the Ultratitle, and he moved in at the right moment to hook Hopper’s arms in a cross around his neck with the Law and Order—ICEBREAKER! ¾ cutter out of nowhere! Chris Hopper hooks the leg with his good arm, and the one… two… three! Chris Hopper advances!

Winner: CHRIS HOPPER via Icebreaker (Pinfall 13:23)

POWERS: The ACW Gateway champion moves on in the ULTRATITLE over one half of IWF’s tag champions, the mayor of New Shoreham Howard King. I think he was playing possum at the end.

JT: I refrain to comment on a match that I thought would have a giant duck, when it had no giant duck.

POWERS: You’ve got to expect the unexpected in ULTRATITLE! Dan Ryan loses to Cobra. Zero defeats NFW mainstay Blaine Hollywood. But you also need to keep yourself grounded in reality, JT, and there would never be a giant duck in the ULTRATITLE.

JT: There’s an undead Latino umpire in ULTRATITLE.

POWERS: Yeah, but—

JT: I mean, we’ve all seen Ken War, but for all that nonsense I don’t think he was a zombie

(GP stares at him for a moment, speechless.)

POWERS: Howard King with an impressive showing here in ULTRATITLE. I see bright things for him in the IWF. We could be looking at a future heavyweight champion.

JT: The mayor of New Shoreham, the Heavyweight Champion, 2017 ULTRATITLE champion.

(JT leans in and covers the microphone, whispering to Greg Parker.)

JT: Unless the world ends in 2012 with an undead Latino umpire duck as a World Champion.

(Once again, speechless.)

POWERS: Moving on, the Empire Pro Wrestling TV Champion, Larry Tact, took on the International Wrestling Federation’s Derrick Martin.


Larry Tact made his entrance, proudly displaying the EPW Television Championship to the roaring fans. He made a special stop at the front row where teenage Daunte proudly wore Tact’s old “Showtime” t-shirt. Derek Martin entered next, calm and collected, staring his opponent down. A fan in the back held up a “Please don’t hurt me Martin!” sign that caught his attention for a brief moment before he climbed inside the ring.

Martin sucker punched Tact to start, catching a stunned Tact in a snapmare takeover. Instead of a headlock, Martin wrapped his hand around Tact’s throat until the referee counted to four. He released, and repeated. This time, he waited the full five to release. Martin smiled to the official as he lifted Tact up and caught him with a snap suplex for two.

Martin kept control by keeping Tact on the ground, breaking up his four – second choke hold swith knee and legdrops across the Empire TV Champion’s throat. After another five count choke, referee Ben Worthington actually tried to pull Martin off his opponent. Martin stepped away, yelling at the official enough to back him up, but Worthington was an experienced referee and threatened disqualification. Martin did not look the slightest bit intimidated, however, the confrontation allowed Tact to catch a rolling takedown on Martin for a two count. Belly to belly suplex! Martin popped up, holding his back, and stepped right into a spinebuster! Martin rolled outside!

Angry and frustrated, Martin paced the outside before stopping by the timekeeper, and tossed an empty chair into the ring! The referee kicked it out, but in the meantime, two more flew inside! With a third in his grip, Martin reentered the ring and charged Tact, who stood in a defensive pose before the referee grabbed the chair and gave Martin his final warning. Martin reluctantly let the chair go and waited for the official to turn his back before he and Tact moved in to lock up again – and Martin threw some kind of white powder in his eyes! Hot shot on the top rope! Scoop, and a snake eyes on the turnbuckle! Martin maneuvered behind Tact for his go – to, The End, but Tact shoved him off with a lucky grab! Martin rebounded into the ropes and came off with a hard clothesline that would surely send Tact tumbling to the floor – TACT WITH A BACKDROP! Martin flew over the top rope and landed right in front of Daunte. Tact – his vision presumably clear – slid out of the ring and hooked Martin, who responded with a quick low blow! Hook of the tights, and Tact is sent face first into the guardrail! Martin with a hook and sent his opponent back into the ring, and a hook of the legs! Two count only!

Martin stays on him with a vertical suplex – blocked! He hammered Tact in the back of the neck with a forearm and tried it again, but it’s still blocked! Another forearm – Tact with a knee to the stomach! Right hand! Another! Clothesline by Martin – Ducked! Tact off the ropes, and he fires one of his own that Martin ducked under! Off the other side – DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!

Ben Worthington started the standing ten count, and the first one to stir is Derek Martin, who rolled through to his knees on the seven. He staggered to his opponent and pulled him up – The End! NO! Tact spun out of it, and a kick to the gut, hook of the legs, and a STARBREAKER! Tact hooked both legs, and the ONE… TWO… THREE! Flashbulbs went off like crazy as the bell rang, and Tact rose to his feet with a sudden surge of energy as soon as his title belt was placed back in his hands.

He slid under the bottom rope and high – fived Daunte in the crowd as the fans cheered him – which quickly turned to boos when Derek Martin blasted him in the back of the head with a steel chair! He fired again! And again! The bell sounded like a fire alarm as more referees and security pulled Martin off him.

Tact was still down: winner of the battle, but the war looked far from over.

WINNER: LARRY TACT via Starbreaker (pinfall : 14:50)

(CUTTO: ESEN studios, with Greg Parker and JT.)

POWERS: Empire Pro Wrestling Television Champion Larry Tact advances, but at what a price? At least Derek Martin will not be able to harm any other wrestler in this tournament. This is no place for a psychopath, JT.

JT: Really? Have you checked who’s all in this thing?

POWERS: Not to discount the skills of Martin, but Derek wasn’t looking for the victory. Tact was, and ultimately, that’s what led to Martin's downfall. We’ve got a number of matches to go tonight, fans, and at this time we’d like to show you some of the more one – sided contests that took place earlier tonight!

JT: You can say it, this is where all the losers wrestled.

POWERS: I wouldn’t say it like that.

JT: That’s because you’re afraid of Space God.


The man formerly known as Seymour Almasy, the former multi-time PTC Global Champion, the former ACW World Champion, stalked his way to the ring, face paint further obscuring his features. Inside the ring, the bizarre man known as Space God stood staring up at the Auditorium roof, his hands raised above his head and his bizarre headdress.

Space God didn’t even look at his opponent Orphan entered the ring and the referee signaled for the bell. Waving his hands in some strange pantomime, it wasn’t clear whether Space God was doing some ritual to help himself win the match, or trying to “phone home.” It really didn’t matter much…

Spinning backfist.

MERCILESS JUDGMENT (punt to the temple).

WINNER: Orphan (Merciless Judgement, 1:22)


The old-timers sitting in the front row Section D stood up and clapped as Carl Brigsby made his way to the ring. No one else seemed to even remember the 50-year old former CSWA jobber. Thankfully the ring announcer got the message to announce his opponent as “Deadkid” Spooky Doom… rather than “Lil’ Grim Reaper-like thingy” Spooky Doom.

Giving up a few inches and a couple score pounds to Brigsby didn’t seem to affect Spooky as he quickly took Brigsby’s collar-and-elbow tie-up, backed into the ropes and got whipped across… just like he wanted. Coming off the ropes, he nailed Brigsby with a Spooker Kick (jumping calf kick) and got a two-count that would’ve given him the fastest win in the ULTRATITLE this year. Instead he had to settle for one of the fastest, as he quickly took Brigsby down with a dropkick off the ropes, then headed to the top to hit a Wheel of Doom 450 splash for the win.

WINNER: Spooky Doom (Wheel of Doom, 2:31)


This match resembled more of a track meet than a wrestling match. KC Colossus absolutely refused to lock up, and spent more time hiding behind the referee and sticking his head under the top rope.

Believe it or not, we actually got a wave to go around the arena. Twice.

Was it sound strategy by Colossus? Probably. Because the moment Keller got his hands on him, there were four points of impact.

Punch. Punch. Punch. PainKILLA.

Keller got a standing ovation when he left. Colossus got a face full of leftover concessions and drinks. All was right in the garden.

WINNER: Khristain Keller (PainKILLA, 0:58)


Jaguar was already in the ring as Castor made his entrance, holding the NFW World Championship high. Castor was extremely confident and calm as he entered the ring. Jaguar wasn’t sure what to make of him.

As the bell rang, Castor shouted “Holy ****! It’s an actual Jaguar!” pointing directly behind Jaguar. Jaguar frown. “I’m not going to fall—“ Kick to the gut. Directors Cut. Three count.

WINNER: Castor V. Strife (Director’s Cut – 0:23)


Sammy Brown made his entrance first, slapping the fans hand as he did. Cyanide Harvey came out next, wearing 300 authentic Sparta helmet and cape. He took both off before he entered the ring.

The two put on a mat wrestling clinic for the first five minutes, each man gaining the advantage at times over the other do to size, strength, speed and experience. Sammy Brown seemed winded, and Cyanide began to clobber and pound Brown down. Cyanide ducks down and shoulders Brown in the gut, lifting him off the mat and sending him to the corner. Brown put his feet on the middle turnbuckle and spun around, hitting the LUCKIEST “Dumb Luck”(tornado ddt) of his life before getting the surprising three count.

WINNER: Sammy Brown (Dumb Luck : 7:11)


Chris Walker entered first, his nose turned up to the crowd like he was better than them. And, I'm sure he believed it.

BUT... he had no shot against Eddie Whisky in the attitude department.

Eddie entered the arena wearing a World War I Pith helmet and a size - too - small shirt reading "BEWARE THE LEOPARD" on the front.

Ten out of ten for chutzpah, at least.

It was still a mystery, whether Eddie Whisky was legitimately crazy, or putting it on to throw his opponent off balance, but if it wasn't for real, he wasn't letting any cracks in the facade. Either way, Chris Walker never really got started, hesitant in even the most simple of lock - ups, and Eddie was both fearless and unrelenting. He dismantled Chris Walker in just under eight minutes, finishing things off with his signature Seated Crucifix Piledriver, called the Sour Mash.

After the three, Eddie joined a group of fans in the front row and started buying rounds for all of them. I'm sure that won't come back to haunt him.

WINNER: Eddie Whiskey (Sour Mash, 4:09)


"Sail" by AWOLNATION brought IWF's Derrick Allen out from behind the curtain. Sliding in under the bottom rope and Allen quickly snaps to his feet and readies himself for the opening bell. The Cancer of TWOStars, Christopher Ryan Eagles, entered moments later and the referee signaled for the bell. This first round match up would find Allen as the pace maker for its duration. Eagle's mounted several table turning attempts yet each time he was met with a maneuver to stop it. The beginning of the end came in the form of a text book Northern Light Suplex; that even the commentators remarked 'may be the end of Eagles.'Post suplex, Christopher Ryan Eagles slowly drug himself to his feet as Allen set up for the standing side kick. Poised and ready, his body hunched over and his hands on knees, he measures at just the right moment let loose the footed fury. Eagles' chin would ring louder than the closing bell that would follow it. Allen took to the top rope and put an end to his round one competition with the Fremont Plunge.

WINNER: Derrick Allen (Freemont Plunge, 11:14)


Anarky stomped to the ring to the driving audible lawlessness of White Zombie's "More Human Than Human" in his torn blue jeans and black boots. Ignoring fans and staring a hole in his opponent; His onslaught would begin before the referee could call for the opening bell. Several fist would fly in the opening minutes and would leave the Terminator on the losing end of the brawl. Anarky's impeccable timing and unrelenting attack led to a Implant DDT. Dragging his first round opponent to his feet on limp legs, Anarky set the Terminator up and executed the Two-Armed Reverse Neck breaker known as the Chaos Breaker and pinned his opponent.

WINNER: Anarky (Chaos Breaker, 2:02)


This match started off somewhat slow, with each man sizing up the other. A test of strength culminated with Mateo winning, but that was one of the only things he won as Eric Mateo was clearly not drunk enough to be thinking clearly tonight. Dr. Silver was always one step ahead of the country boy. No matter what Erik did he could not get any momentum going. In the end, Dr. Silver was able to pull out the win with an off school boy maneuver. 

WINNER: Doc Silver (Schoolboy, When He Grows Up.)


This match started off hot and heavy. Both men reaching down and giving all that they have. Neither could get the upper hand. Every arm bar was reversed. Every kick was caught. Things started to change when the two each went for a cross body and collided with each other. The fans were into this one, trying to see who would get the upper hand. Gemini was the first to stir and went for a pin. 1...2...NO! The Sergeant kicked out. The opponents went blow for blow each connecting with powerful strikes. The Sergeant slipped behind Gemini and locked it in...CORRECTIVE TRAINING!!! Gemini tried to fight it as best he could but in the end he fell victim the maneuver.

WINNER: The Sergeant (Corrective Training, 13:51)


Johnny Niles entered first to a decent ovation as the newest member of the IWF paused for a moment at the top of the entranceway. A good number of fans had their arms crossed at the wrists above their heads to signify their support of his straight edge attitude, and he gave a respectful nod to them. The rest, he simply ignored.

‘Classy’ Mike C had a similar entrance, except that he A: ignored the fans cheering for him and B: didn’t have any fans cheering for him. The Philadelphia crowd was letting him know exactly what that thought of his attitude toward them, though it had no effect on him whatsoever.

In the ring, the two men put on a clinic, showing exactly why they belonged in the Ultratitle. Mike C was able to keep something of an edge with his weight advantage, but Johnny Niles had the ring awareness to counter most of his hardest hitting attacks.

The finish of the match came, not from a superior technique from one or the other, but from the unexpected. Johnny Niles had the match well in control when he whipped Classy Mike from one corner to the other and followed up with what would surely be a Hornet Splash in the corner, except that Mike stepped out and hooked his opponent around the waist, sending him up and over, missing the top turnbuckle completely and crashing his head into the steel ring post.

Blood immediately flowed from Niles’ forehead, and Mike C initially showed concern for his fallen opponent, before unloading on him with a series of kicks to a chorus of boos, and locking in the Classyleaf – a move he insisted was called a Birmingham Cloverleaf as opposed to the Texas variant. Johnny Niles was in no position to submit or tap out, but the ever – controversial referee, Manny Juarez, was there to raise Niles’ arm. When it dropped the third time, he called for the bell, and for the break.

Mike C walked up the ramp with his arms raised in victory, but the Philadelphia crowd let him know very clearly how ‘classy’ they found him.

WINNER: ‘Classy’ Mike C (Classyleaf, 13:58)


This match was highly anticipated by every fan in the crowd that considered themselves to be fans of high flying wrestling action. From the get – go, neither man slowed down once as they pulled out every cruiserweight trick in the book.

LeBlanc held the advantage with his martial arts kicks and high impact splashes, while De Ocho fired back with a barrage of splashes and suicide dives.

Neither man was willing to give an inch – and to their immense credit, neither man was willing to take a shortcut to earn a victory. This was easily the match of the night so far, with the fans on their feet, counting out every near fall and exploding in a wave of cheers for every kickout.

The determining factor ended up being as simple as an elbow.

Leyenda de Ocho was down, seemingly finished, on the mat, as the Canadian Wolf stood behind him, measuring him for the Adava Kedarva, his stiff superkick that had earned him the victory over countless opponents. He fired the kick forward, but de Ocho ducked underneath, spun, and caught LeBlanc on the chin with a stiff elbow! De Ocho fell into the ropes: obviously his elbow was a reflex action.

His vision cleared, de Ocho saw that he caught LeBlanc with a much harder shot than he thought, and while the Canadian Wolf was still trying to clear his own head, Leyenda threw everything he had into one final offensive.




The arena erupted in cheers for the underdog, Leyenda de Ocho, who was barely in it enough to allow the referee to raise his arm. He raised his own fist in victory after the referee did to offer his thanks to the fans for their cheers, and as the Canadian Wolf pulled himself up, he also led them in a cheer for his valiant opponent.

It was probably the most honest display of sportsmanship displayed thus far in the ULTRATITLE.

WINNER: Leyenda de Ocho (Actualizer, 21:22)

(CUTTO: The ESEN Studios, where Powers and JT still sit.)

JT: I hate good sportsmanship.

POWERS: I’m not surprised.

JT: To me, it’s not a victory unless you use a chair and hook the tights.

POWERS: Well, up next folks is Philadelphia’s main event, as newcomer Jason Murray takes on Empire Pro legend, Triple X Sean Stevens!

JT: I hope Murray kicks Stevens’ ass. I asked that guy for a light once backstage, he threw a damn lamp at me.


Jason Murray made his entrance first. Most of the crowd was unaware of Murray before seeing him here, but their cheers grew in support as they could see the enthusiasm in the rookie’s face. Bronte was by his side, cheering him on like no tomorrow.

Then it happened.

“KING” by Iron Solomon.

Standing ovation, and a chant of “TRI-PLE-X!”

The man who calls himself the KING, whom more than a few fans refer to as the EMPEROR due to his status inside Empire Pro Wrestling, entered the arena like a conquering hero, and made his way to the ring just the same. He climbed to the top rope and raised his arm in victory, all the while his opponent never took his eyes off him.

The bell rang as the two locked up. The upstart rookie got Trip into a hammerlock, but his enthusiasm got the better of him and Stevens countered with a headlock into a takedown. Murray used his legs to lock in a headscissors, which Stevens promptly powered out of as the two faced off again.

Collar and elbow tie up, and this time, Stevens with a headlock. Murray tried to shove him off but Stevens has none of it, locking the hold in tighter. Side takeover by Stevens leads into a flurry of two counts. Finally, Murray countered with a crucifix for a one count, which breaks the hold completely. Stevens climbed back to his feet and hit the rookie with a running shoulderblock for a two count. Off the ropes again, and a surprise small package by Murray gets a two! Murray with a clothesline! Ducked! Stevens with a German Suplex and bridge for two!

It seemed clear to everyone in the crowd that Stevens had the clear advantage: he was going to win this match on experience alone; the only thing that was in question was how long it would take. Stevens with a belly to back release suplex, a running forearm, and a leaping spike piledriver put Murray down again for what seemed like the three, but the enthusiastic rookie kicked out at the last possible moment!

Trip determined this to be the moment to put his young challenger away, so he backed off and measured for the X-Factor… every fan in the arena was cheering for the former EPW World Champion’s go-to and eventual victory. Bronte, outside the ring, was pounding on the mat for all she could muster to get Murray back into this match.

Slowly, Murray climbed to his feet, and turned around, dazed… X-FACT—BLOCKED! He got his hands up to catch Stevens’ foot in what could only be a defensive move borne out of sheer instinct, and he swept Trip’s vulnerable leg, and the veteran went down! Trip with a nip – up, and he was met by a dropkick that put him back down, harder! Murray off the ropes, and an ASAI MOONSAULT! Cover, ONE… TWO… KICKOUT!

The momentum had subtly but definitively shifted toward Jason Murray. He scooped the veteran, and hit a sharp DDT that laid Triple X out! Murray was starting to get cheers of his own as he climbed to the top rope, held on tightly as he nearly lost his balance, and flew from the corner with a flying elbow drop!

A flying elbow from the top was perhaps the last hurrah for Murray, and when Stevens rolled out of its way it seemed that the rookie had run out of miracles. Nip up by Stevens, and he measured Murray again… X FACTOR! Murray fell backwards and tied himself up in the ropes – a vulnerable place to be, but it meant that Stevens needed to waste precious seconds freeing him before he could go for a pinfall! Finally, he was pulled free – SMALL PACKAGE! ONE… TWO… THREE!

The arena was in stunned silence as the referee…

…raised JASON MURRAY’S hand in victory.

He fell out of the ring into Bronte’s arms and the two newcomers remained on the floor for a full minute, soaking up a respectful applause from a crowd that never gave him a chance, while Sean Stevens argued with referee Patrick Young. It was unclear what the argument was about until the replay rolled on the video screen, and Triple X’s foot was – ever so slightly – grazing the middle rope.

The referee argued that there was no way the foot on the ropes was any kind of leverage, but a healthy portion of the fans began a fairly obscene chant that needs no repetition here. Triple X exited the ring, stopped in front of Jason Murray, and offered his own applause: he was obviously not angered at the quality of his opponent’s talents.

Still, Triple X walked out, angry and shouting to anyone who would listen that the referee was blind – but his decision remained upheld.

Winner: JASON MURRAY via small package (pin: 16:23)

(CUTTO: ESEN studios, as Greg Parker and JT sit behind the announce booth. JT is, very professionally, eating a sandwich.)

JT: *muffled* What? Thought we were done.

(GP groans.)

POWERS: Jason Murray with an impressive and unexpected win over Sean Stevens. Two ULTRATITLE rounds, two HUGE upsets. Rookies and newbies to the sport defeating some of the most defining legends of this circuit. Sean Stevens is out. Dan Ryan is out. This tournament is anyone's for the taking!

(JT raises his hand.)

POWERS: No you cannot take it.

(Sadly, JT lowers his hand and continues eating.)

POWERS: Thanks to ESEN, thanks to the ULTRATITLE and we thank you, the fans, more than anyone. We couldn't do this without you. For JT, I'm Greg Parker, signing off!

(FADE OUT to the tournament brackets how they currently stand.)

(CUTTO: CS Enterprises studios, where Ivy McGinnis, Rudy SEITZER: , and Marvin Parsons have finished watching the broadcast in full along with the rest of the world.)

PARSONS: Are you sure we can broadcast that?

SEITZER: : Trust me, I edited down all of their more obscene commentary. JT is worse than Sammy on his best day.

McGINNIS: Really? I liked him.

(Rudy and Marvin both looked at her.)

SEITZER: : You feeling alright, Ivy?

McGINNIS: Fine, Rudy. I dunno… he’s sassy. Let’s keep him around.

PARSONS: Now I know you’re crazy. And the fans are going to raise a stink over Trip.

McGINNIS: Let me worry about that. You just get the broadcast up and running.

(She walked toward the elevator, which dinged open when she was five steps away.)

McGINNIS: Buck up, boys… we’re halfway through the first round. I think that makes us in it for the long haul, yes?

(The doors closed, and Rudy and Marvin looked at each other.

Yes, they were in it for the long haul. To whatever end.)

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