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Ultimo Phoenix


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Dec 24, 2018
Handler Information

Name: Phoenix
Email Address: upthefirebird@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: Skype or Forum PM.
eWrestling Experience: A few years in promo feds, 1st time trying angle.
How did you find DEFIANCE? Known about you guys for a long time.
Are you willing to write matches? Yes, but not every show.

Writing Sample

It's not yet showtime at the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, but the ever-keen Christie Zane is standing by at the Interview Stage, ready for her next scoop.

A young-looking chubby luchador in a red mask and singlet passes through, engrossed in the papers he clutches.

Christie usually approaches these guys the same way one approaches the lion enclosure at the zoo, but this kid only poses a danger to cheeseburgers. She tails him, clutching her trusty microphone.

Christie Zane:
Excuse me, are you a new DEFIANT?

The distracted or hard-of-hearing or just-plain-rude luchador keeps on walking ?

Hey, look out!

? And steps right off the stage.


Christie gasps and runs to the edge of the stage. The chubby luchador writhes and groans on the concrete floor below.

Are you okay!?

Chubby Luchador: [getting up gingerly]
Ugh ? I think so.

Christie hops down next to him. Noticing the papers he dropped on the floor, she bends over to pick them up. Spotting the camera, the luchador quickly averts his gaze - his whole body blushing. Christie straightens up and steals a glance of the paperwork before handing it back to him.

Luchador: [rubbing back]
Thank you, ma'am.

Oh, it's Christie.

Thank you, Kirsty.

He goes to leave but Christie persists.

Christie. So, just filling out an application, huh?

Trying to...

I saw your name - Ultimo Phoenix. How'd you choose that?

Ultimo Phoenix: [looking down sheepishly]
It's uh, a tribute to my wrestling idol...

Well, you know what'll really impress management?

Phoenix: [looking up]
What's that?

Show 'em what you're made of! They want to see proof that you have what it takes. If you want a contract, then look into this camera right here and tell them why DEFIANCE needs you.

Phoenix: [nodding]
You're right!

He wets his lips and looks into the aforementioned camera.

Phoenix: [voice cracking]
DEFIANCE ? oh man, that sounded bad.

He clears his throat and puts on his big-boy voice.

DEFIANCE! My name is Ultimo Phoenix, and uh, I'm the newest - no wait, I'm the hottest new star! Yeah. I'm sure that you all know the legendary original Phoenix, and uh, no, I'm not his son. I also wasn't trained by him. I just really, really like him and have done ever since I was a boy. I mean, I still am a boy ? well, a man ?

He glances sideways at Christie, who bites her lip uncertainly.

But you can choose to be whoever you want, it's all cool. Anyway, I thought I would uh, borrow Phoenix's name and c-continue his legacy. All you other DEFIANTS watch out, because I'm gonna throw every ? every move I ? every move I know, I'm ? I've been practicing, I've been trying really hard, and uh... The fire ? this fire burns always. The Phoenix has been reborn!

Phoenix looks at Christie, eager for her approval. Her eyes scream that was a car crash but she feins a smile.

Now that's how you make an impact! They'll have to hire you when they see that!

Wow, thanks! Hopefully I'll see you around, Kirsty!

Reinvigorated, he leaves.

Zane: [frowning]
It's Christie.

She lowers her microphone and signals to the cameraperson to stop recording.

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Ultimo Phoenix
Height: 5'09"
Weight: 201lbs

Hailing From: The Ashes

Alignment: Face

Gimmick: Ultimo has taken it on himself to assume the mantle of the original Phoenix, a revered luchador whose innovative style and iconic look revolutionised pro-wrestling. The only problem is that Ultimo is just a tubby kid who got fleeced out of his money to graduate from a disreputable wrestling school ran by some sleazy never-was. But maybe dreams do still come true? Ultimo is a kind soul who does the right thing. He has has the heart of a lion and will do whatever it takes and endure any beating if it means making his hero proud.

Wrestling Style: Ultimo is kind of the socks-and-sandals of wrestling styles. Owing to his lack of athleticism and his questionable training credentials, he's clunky and uncoordinated. His execution is off on most moves, and sometimes it looks like he hurts himself more than his opponents. His inexperience results in him making bad decisions which can end up costing him or his team the victory. He knows he's not the second coming of Phoenix, but he'll occasionally try to emulate his hero with soaring moves which miss the mark or get countered. He tries to compensate for his lack of flashy offence by running off the ropes to add a little pizazz to moves which really don't benefit from it, like punches or stomps. Perhaps in time he'll be able to further develop his unorthodox brand of offence.

Three Weaknesses:

Green as goose shit - Presumably just about everybody in DEFIANCE will have more experience than Ultimo, and will wrestle circles around him. It'll be luck on the part of Ultimo or his opponent's own hubris which gives him a fighting chance.

Hero worship - Ultimo idolises the original Phoenix and has modelled his entire fledgling career after him. Insulting the legacy of The Firebird is a surefire way to rile Ultimo up.

Easily manipulated - Wrestling is a seedy business filled with unsavoury characters. Ultimo is a good kid who thinks the best of people and may not realise when he's being taken advantage of.

Three Strengths:

Heart - Ultimo feels butterflies and shows fear, but he's not a coward and he can take one hell of an ass-kicking.

Fired Up - Just when Ultimo is on the brink of defeat, he can channel The Firebird and turn the tables on his opponents, blocking all offence just long enough to make a comeback.

The Faithful - Everyone loves an underdog, and a lot of the DEFIANCE fanbase see themselves in Ultimo. They will grow to love him over time, and their belief in him wills him on.


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Arm drag
2) Corner splash
3) Dropkick to kneeling/seated opponent
4) Monkey flip
5) Running cannonball into corner/off apron
6) Running senton
7) Shin kick
8) Slam
9) Snapmare
10) Standing double foot stomp

2-5 trademark moves:

1) Flying forearm (usually used as a comeback move like Shawn Michaels)
2) Small package out of nowhere (can get him flukey wins)

1 Finishing Move:
Into The Fire - Second-rope or running crossbody

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move (Rare Special Occasion Finisher) (Optional)
When Ultimo improves.
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VJ Valentine

Nov 26, 2007
I enjoyed the shit out of this application. It's an original character concept and even with the little sample you provided I get the sense that you're at least a good writer. It almost feels like you're holding something back here? Either way, I dig it. Seems fun and I'm all about fun. It's a big yes for me.


New member
Aug 9, 2018
This seems like a really fun character! I'd like to see more in terms of the writing sample, but I really dug the awkward stammering lucha and I think there are a lot of fun takes on that in DEFIANCE.

Yes from me.


UTA Hall of Famer and All-Around Nice Guy
Staff member
Jan 6, 2005
Los Angeles, CA, formerly PA
That's the requisite amount of in votes for your character! Please contact either myself or Brian or seth and we will get you set up shortly. Please bear with us during the holidays.


Registered User
Dec 24, 2018
Thanks Ford. Brian already hopped on this with a PM to get me started so things are in motion. Thank you for the yeses fellas and I look forward to joining the fun.

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