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UCW's Way Late Revolution!


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Jun 9, 2004
The UCW-tron comes to life, as does the crowd while the UCW logo illuminates the Ultra-tron. Marilyn Manson’s “Fight Song” hits and the roars of the crowd become deafening. The camera zips around the arena, catching fans of all shapes and sizes going absolutely nuts as the UCW is bringing them more great action again this week. Rich Cruise, Rob Bitterman, and “The Doctor” Doug Ross welcome the fans in the arena and around the world to the venue.

RC: Hello again everyone! And welcome to UCW Revolution! We’re coming to you LIVE from the Nassau Coliseum in New York, and what a night we have in store for you!

DR: Indeed we do, Rich! Big matches that will tell a lot of stories going down here tonight, as well as a little rehashing from Scars and Stripes!

RC: What a pay-per-view it was, and it is certainly good to be back and giving all these UCW fans just what they want.

RB: The action really never stops here, and don’t look for it to do that tonight.

RC: I hope everyone is ready for that action because our first match is bound to get violent, very violent. It's MCW's "The Wolf" Chris McMillan taking on UCW's former US champion Adam Benjamin.

RB: Violent? This match is going to be more like a funeral service, especially after Mr. Incapacitated...

RC: Uhh.. don't you mean Mr. Incredible.

RB: Don't interrupt me Cruise while I'm on a rant, and no, I mean Mr. Incoherent, who after costing Adam Benjamin's title, caused the former US champion to go ballistic. And tonight, he's going to do exactly that to "The Chihuahua" Chris McMillan.

DR: I wouldn't talk so soon Bitterman, McMillan is a great competitor. He's not going to be an easy one to just push around. Yes Adam Benjamin has shown some violent outtakes lately, but just how focused is Benjamin on tonight's match rather than Mr. Incredible. If he doesn't watch it, McMillan could walk away with a huge win and Benjamin could be on a losing streak.

RC: I agree. It seems Benjamin is really letting Mr. Incredible get underneath his skin, and to tell you the truth it's his own damn fault.

RB: How you figure?

RC: Easy. Benjamin's a dick, enough said.

RB: I hope he heard you.

(The arena's lights drop quickly followed by small rapid fire white pyros exploding on the stage, creating a similar machine-gun effect. Over the PA you hear the sounds of marching, and orders being barked over small-arms fire that quickly goes right into the intro of Pink Floyd's "Dogs of War")

DR: And here we go!!! Seems "The Wolf" is the first to come out.

(The music continues to play, but Chris McMillan is no where to be seen)

RC: Where the hell is he?

RB: Seems like he over heard who he was facing tonight and decided to call it quits.

RC: Rubbish!


(The Ultra-tron lights up and we're taken backstage where Chris McMillan and Adam Benjamin are brawling it out)

RC: Looks like Benjamin tried to get a jump on McMillan before the match.

(Benjamin throws a punch, but McMillan blocks it and irish whips Benji through his lockerroom door which bursts open)

DR: Ouch!

RB: I like to think of Benjamin as the "Early bird that catches the worm".

RC: Pfft.. Where I come from Bitterman we call that cheating.

RB: "Opportunist" is more like it.

DR: Shut up you two and concentrate on commentating this match!

RB: What match? This is a street fight, look at them.

(Suddenly Benjamin whips McMillan out of the locker room and onto a nearby table. Benji is slow coming out of the locker room, he grabs McMillan's hair and slams his face straight into the table, repeatedly)

DR: Someone get them into the ring.

(Benjamin throwing elbows into McMillan's forehead, begins choking McMillan with his forearm. A referree comes in and breaks up Benji, telling him to take it to the ring)

RC: Finally!!

(Benjamin raises his hand to the referree arguing what he's doing is perfectly legal)

DR: HOLY CRAP!! While Benjamin was distracted by the referree, McMillan just threw a hot cup of coffee into Benjamin's eyes!

RB: Oh come on ref, disqualify him, he's not allowed to do that!

RC: And I guess it's completely legal to jump an opponent from behind?

RB: Only if his name is Adamn Benjamin.

RC: You're unbelievable.

(McMillan grabs Benjamin by the hair and starts making his way out to the ring)

DR: We actually might see this get taken to the ring.

(Benjamin suddenly starts throwing some elbows into McMillan's side, breaking the Wolf from his hold and quickly gets behind him for a devestating back suplex onto the ramp way)

RB: Did you see McMillan's head bounce off the ramp way.

RC: Yeah I bet that was legal too huh Bitterman.

RB: You're just jealous of Benjamin's talents.

(Benjamin playing to the crowd's boos picks up McMillan and slings the Wolf's arm over his head)

DR: Looks like Benjamin might be looking for a suplex here.

RC: Where's the damn referee? Shouldn't he be trying to get order here?

(Benjamin goes to pick up McMillan, but the Wolf blocks it. Benjamin goes for another attempt, but the Wolf blocks him again. Benjamin gets annoyed and throws a few punches to McMillan's side and again goes for the suplex)

DR: Mother Mary! McMillan tried to block it but Benjamin got it off. Both of their bodies bounced off that ramp like rubber.

(Referee finally comes over and checks on both wrestlers. Benjamin is first to his feet. The ref ordering Benjamin to get into the ring, if not he'll count them out. Benjamin arguing a bit but quickly grabs McMillan by the hair and drags him to the ring)

RC: Wait!! McMillan is fighting back!

RB: Why won't he just quit seriously.

(McMillan is throwing fists back and forth with the former US champion)

DR: McMillan throws a strong lariet and takes himself and Benjamin over the railing.

(McMillan picks up Benjamin into a suplex of his own and..)

RC: The Wolf just suplexed Benjamin's crotch right on the railing!

(The crowd goes "OOOOHHHHHHHH")

RC: Now that had to hurt. Benjamin's eyes are wide open, his body is just dangling on the railing.

DR: Look at McMillan, he's picking up a chair.

RB: No he just didn't!!!


RC: And Benjamin is busted open!!

DR: Someone has to call this, it's gotten to far out of hand.

(The referee just took the chair from McMillan and has warned him if he does it again he's calling the match)

RC: The ref is starting to count out the wrestlers.




(McMillan drags Benjamin over the railing and toward the ring)




(McMillan rolls Benjamin into the ring)



(The Wolf finally rolls himself into the ring)


RC: And that's the start of the match! About time if you ask me.

DR: Now the Wolf is stalking his prey! Looks like he's going for something here.

RC: Benjamin is dizzy, he's slow to his feet..

(Benjamin slowly gets up and turns around to McMillan who does a super kick)


RB: Playing possum, that's the genious of a real wrestler!

DR: Low BLOW!! Benjamin just gave McMillan a low blow.

RC: Oh ring the damn bell ref.

RB: Honestly Cruise, if he didn't ring the bell with the chair shot he's not going to ring the bell for a low blow.

DR: Benjamin isn't waisting time he's jumped on McMillan's back and starts pounding his head with vicious blows.

RC: McMillan can't do anything, he's just covering up the back of his head.

RB: Benjamin just locked on a rear naked choke!

DR: McMillan doesn't have anywhere to go.

RC: He's tapping!! McMillan is tapping!!

(The ref rings the bell)


DR: Benjamin isn't letting go though.. Look at his face! It's covered in blood and he's smiling!! That's just sick!

RC: He said anyone who got in his way he would make their life a living hell. And now I'm starting to believe it.

RB: I told you he was going ballistic on McMillan! Ewww.. Look he's headbutting McMillan with his bloody forehead. Is that necessary?

(Tons of refs come into the ring and try to break Benjamin's hold but he just won't let go)

DR: I think he's trying to hurt McMillan.

RB: No, Doc, Benjamin is sending a message to Mr. Incredible.

(Benjamin finally lets go of McMillan. He looks down at McMillan's unconcious body just before coming over to the camera)

BENJAMIN: Do you see what you've made me do Mr. Incredible? This is all your fault! And tonight was just the beginning!!

RC: There you have it. Benjamin is blaming Mr. Incredible for his outbursts of rage. What will Mr. Incredible do? How will this be resolved?

DR: Later tonight those answers will hopefully be answered. Stay tuned!!!

RB: I bloody love it!!


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Jun 9, 2004
Frankie Scott is seen walking in the back, making his way to the ring for his match against John Doe. Suddenly, he is attacked from behind.

RC: Who the hell is that?

DR: That’s the former World Heavyweight Champion, Irishred!

RB: And he’s beating the hell out of Frankie Scott with a lead pipe!

RC: What’s this all about?

Scott goes limp on the ground as Red continues the beatdown.

RC: We need some help out here!

Red finally stops and drops the pipe to the side. He then leans in and mutters in Scott’s ear.

IR: No one and I repeat no one is going to stand in my way of getting back to what is rightfully mine. Not Frankie Scott, not The First, not anyone.

And I’m willing to go to the extreme to show anyone that. Unfortunately for you, Frankie, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, I’m going to give you a chance to exact some revenge next week when I take you on in a hardcore rules match. Anything goes. Bring whatever you want to the ring, because you can bet that Irishred is going to be toting a few toys of his own.

Red gets up and walks away as the camera fades out with a close-up of Frankie’s fallen body.

RC: Taking it to the extreme? Has Irishred gone mad?

DR: I don’t know, but it doesn’t look like Frankie Scott is going to be making it to his match here tonight.

RC: Folks, we’ve got to take a commercial break. Don’t go anywhere!

-----Commercial Break-----


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Jun 9, 2004
(FADEIN: The broadcast booth.)

RC: "Fans we will have more action for you as up next..."

(CUEUP: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day, as the crowd pops big! THE FIRST, wearing his Mad Hatter Jacket and Top Hat stands in the entranceway. The UCW World Title strapped around his shoulder. THE FIRST walks towards the ring with a goofy smile on his face, stopping to high five fans. He enters the ring with mic in hand.)

RC: "The new UCW World Champion is here!"

DR: "Two Time UCW World Champion that is..."

RB: "Just shut up the both of you..."

THE FIRST: "Hello everyone! Now folks...Everyone talked a lot about what they were going to do in the Chamber...Everyone made a lot of promises...But in the end...I backed it up...In the end there could be only one man leaving that ring with the title...And it was me...(Smiles)...Dan Ryan...Irishred...They both told everyone how that night would be theirs...But it didn't work out that way, did it guys?...

And then we had Joey Melton...That so called legend who stumbled into my neck of the woods and thought he was going to run this place...(shakes head) No dice..."

(The crowd reacts as CAMERON CRUISE walks into the entraceway, looking angry.)

CRUISE: "Wait wait wait...Just shut up for a second! (Boos) You're talking about everyone in that match...But me...The biggest threat in that match...The man who SHOULD be champion right now...The man who wanted that title so baddly, that when Dan Ryan hit me with the Humility bomb...That most CRUSHING of finishers, when anyone else in this company...Including you...Would have been left laying...But when I got hit with it...I KICKED OUT! None of you, not one of those of you left in that cage, did anything to try to help me...You all feared what I was capable of...So you LET Ryan hit me with ANOTHER one, you all hoped against hope it would be enough...And lucky for all of you, it was...First, you may be the champion, you're not a MAN...I won't have ANY respect for you until you face me ONE on ONE for that title..."

FIRST: "Easy...Easy there killer...Let's make a few points...First of all...That match was everyone for themselves...So if Dan Ryan is beating your ass, that's your problem...Second, what have you ever done here? Honestly Cammy..."

CRUISE: "What have I done? Well I'm about to give you a reality check you stupid little freak!"

(CRUISE charges down the ramp and dives into the ring, both men begin trading punches!)

RC: "The First and Cruise are brawling! Both men trading shots, officals are now flooding the ring trying to pull the two men apart!"

RB: "Get him Cruise!"

RC: "The two men being pulled apart, Cruise pulled to the outside of the ring, and he has the UCW World Title Belt in his hands!"

RB: "Where it belongs!"


DR:"The First showing absolutely no fear what so ever!"

RC: "The two men still fighting and now have been pulled apart again...Cruise continuing to scream at The First that he's nothing! This is crazy...We have to go to commerical, hopefully we'll have order restored by then!"

-----Commercial Break-----


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Jun 9, 2004
RC: One of the most talked about things at Scars and Stripes was Bryan Storms’ defection to Ultimate Championship Wrestling from the group of upstarts in MCW. He was MCW’s main man. He was their heavyweight champ. Now, he’s with UCW. He’s matched up against Rob Franklin, who admittedly seems to have no worries about the defection. He’s more concerned with this FTO belt of his and what kind of money he’ll be making.

RB: Franklin is all about himself and he’ll be the first to admit it. On the other hand, Storms chose the brighter lights and the bigger money over whatever the hell it is that MCW stands for. While people might want to hype this as a big match between UCW and MCW, it seems that these two are really just in it for themselves.

RC: I wouldn’t say that. Franklin and the woman in his corner for tonight’s match, Nakita Dahaka, are pretty upset that they were all torpedoed by Storms at the pay-per-view. It might have become more about his defection to UCW than what appears on the surface.

(The broadcast team is interrupted by “Fuel” by Metallica. The arena gets very dark, as if the power went out in the building. A lone spotlight slowly moves up the ramp as the music erupts from the speakers and Rob Franklin appears with a smirk on his face. Usually, he is followed closely by the huge pervert, Pieske. This time, he has Nakita Dahaka in tow. Rob uses his hands like guns and shoots the stage all up and flames erupt every time. Rob slowly moves to the ring.)

RB: Nakita definitely won’t be bowing at Rob’s feet like Pieske normally does!

RC: Nope. At the supercard that was supposed to be MCW’s swan song, Nakita Dahaka and Rob Franklin fought each other in a match to determine who would be working for who. As it turns out, Dahaka defeated Franklin.

RB: Does that mean that Dahaka is now the FTO champ?

RC: Bitterman, there is no such thing as the FTO championship.

RB: Oh really? What do you call the belt that Franklin has draped over his shoulder, then?

(The arena lights dim and flashing red lights strobe throughout. “Pressure Point” by the Zutons begins playing over the stereo system. The crowd has a slightly mixed reaction, but as a whole the majority of the fans are cheering for MCW Heavyweight and UCW U.S. Champ Bryan Storms as he makes his appearance at the entrance.)

RC: With the exception of a few MCW fans, and don’t get me wrong they are a very vocal bunch, the vast majority of people are showing there support for the new UCW talent.

RB: What’s to say that he won’t double cross us? He’s prone to flip flop who he’s working for at a moments notice.

RC: We can never really be certain of anything in UCW! I guess only time will tell...


... and there is the start of our match. Remember folks, this is a non-title match.

RB: Yeah, so the FTO belt can’t change hands.

RC: Uh... I’ve said it before that there is no such thing as the FTO belt. It’s the U.S. title that can’t change hands.

RB: What about the MCW Heavyweight title?

RC: It’s now defunct so it isn’t a valid title anymore... just shut up and watch the match, ok!?

(Both men lock up. Bryan Storms easily works Rob Franklin into the corner. The referee calls for the brak and begins counting...)

RC: Bryan Storms has a leverage and weight advantage against the young Franklin and effortlessly moves him into the corner.

(Storms makes the clean break. Franklin warily stands upright and then without warning fires an open handed slap with his right hand across the face of Storms. Nakita Dahaka is on the outside shouting her approval.)

RB: Say whatever you want to about MCW, but with Storms defection and the lack of a serious threat from the rebels, I’m really starting to like Rob Franklin!

(Storms looks calmly at Franklin before his eyes get wide and he shoves Franklin back into the corner again. Lefts and rights rain down on Franklin, which causes Dahaka to jump up on the apron and draw a little attention from Storms. Storms takes a step toward Dahaka and Franklin bounces right back up and on the attack from behind.)

RC: BACKCRACKER! Storms is writhing in pain on the mat. What a despicable ploy by Team MCW! Dahaka has dropped back down off of the apron onto the outside and Franklin is stomping on Storms! We really need somebody from UCW at ringside to even the odds!

RB: I don’t know. A convincing when from Mister Storms might send a string message to Team MCW that their goals of taking over are more than just a little far fetched.

RC: From the looks of things, that message is not about to be sent anytime soon.

(Franklin settles Storms into a dragon sleeper.)

RB: I wouldn’t count the best wrestler in MCW out just yet. He’s not their Heavyweight Champion for nothing, you know?

(Storms struggles to escape the dragon sleeper, but to no avail.)

RC: It’s looking bleak for Storms.

(The crowd starts rallying behind him.)

RB: These UCW fans might be the help that you were just saying Storms needs!

(Storms fights his way up slowly from the dragon sleeper, rolling into a kneeling position which resembles him being in a headlock. He gets to his feet, with Franklin fighting him every step of the way. He lifts Franklin off of the ground...)

RC: Atomic drop!

(Franklin stumbles forward, and as he turns around is caught by a powerful clothesline that sends him crashing to the canvas.)

RC: Franklin is down and the fans are on their feet!

RB: Nakita Dahaka is beside herself! All of that momentum looks to be down the tubes!

(Storms helps Franklin to his feet...)

RC: Bryan Storms with a Samoan Drop!

RB: Dahaka is jumping up on the apron!

RC: Dahaka goes crashing to the ground from the apron! Storms sent her flying with an elbow.

(Franklin staggers to his feet. Storms meets him and hooks him in a fisherman’s suplex.)

RC: The ref moves into position...




RB: It didn’t look like Storms had him completely hooked when he executed.

RC: No it didn’t, but Storms is not deterred. On the other hand, Dahaka is looking more pissed than ever...

RB: ... and she’s intense enough as it is!

RC: That’s what I’m saying!

(Storms helps Franklin to his feet once again and whips him into the corner. He runs full speed ahead and attempts a Stinger Splash.)

RC: Oooooh! He missed! Franklin moved out of the way just in time. Storms staggers backwards and is caught by Franklin in a rollup attempt.



Nope. Kickout at two.

RB: Franklin’s trying to steal this one and get out of there. I think Storms is proving to be too much for the little bastard.

(Storms and Franklin both get up quickly and meet each other. Storms leaps froma standing position into the air...)

RC: Hurricanrana! What an excellent transition into from standing straight into a hurricanrana! The crowd is going crazy!

RB: Storms is wasting no time. He’s looking to put this one away!

RC: Right you are! Storms is going up top!

RB: Watch out for Dahaka!

(Nakita Dahaka comes running around from the other side of the ring and knocks Storms’ feet out from under him, causing him to rack himself on the top turnbuckle.)

RC: What a terribly underhanded thing to do by Team MCW! The ref saw the whole thing and is calling for the bell.

The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification... Bryan Storms!

RC: This MCW-UCW rivalry is not going to end anytime soon!

RB: The aftermatch of this disqualification isn’t ending soon, either. Franklin is up on his feet and just super DDT’d Storms off of the top.

RC: Dahaka follows it up with a springboard legdrop! Both MCW competitors are taking the boots to Bryan Storms...

RB: This is just ridiculous! Isn’t there an entire locker room full of UCW guys that can come to the rescue?

RC: I really think this is a matter where the UCW guys are apprehensive of coming to Storms aid. I mean, he only recently jumped ship. What’s to say he can’t do it again and effectively torpedo UCW?

(Dahaka and Franklin pose to the crowd to the tune of a chorus of boos. They exit the ring and head up the ramp. Just as they get to the top of the ramp, the UCWtron at the entrance cuts to black and then to a familiar face. It’s Jalen Latham, owner of Major Championship Wrestling. He’s wearing his typical black-with-white-pinstripe suit. His look is serious)

Jalen: Bryan Storms. My man. The man I had chosen to lead a new generation of wrestlers into the future. You disappoint me, Storms. I sent you over here with my MCW boys to show the wrestling world that there was more out there than the big names would like you to believe.

Instead, you sink my operation. You tell the world that you are upset with me because I destroyed a company and told you all to “invade” the larger ones.

You talk like I haven’t been paying you to do just that. You’re a moron. With the MCW roster backing this invasion, you could have had a crack at the UCW World Title and showed the world that you were a world-class athlete. Instead, you have caused MCW talent to fall by the wayside with a select few still fighting, but for personal profit rather than the group advancing mentality I originally sent you over there with.

You’re ungrateful. I would love to punish you more than I am about to, but really I think all of the punishment you’ve suffered at the hands of Nakita and Rob and the punishment you are receiving as a second-tier wrestler in UCW are enough. That being said, as of today I am stripping you of the Major Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Championship!

(The crowd boos in disapproval.)

RC: Did you just hear that? Jalen Latham has stripped Storms of his belt!

Jalen: AT MCW Finale, I told the world that MCW would continue to conduct big wrestling events. My original plan was to have you defend the title against the best of the best from around the world. You’ll now never have that chance. You doubted me. Something tells me that won’t be the last mistake you ever make.

So, enjoy the UCW US Title for as long as you can hang on to it. You are MCW Heavyweight Champ no more!

(Storms is leaning forward to hold himself up in the corner. The crowd is still booing as he yells something unintelligible at the UCWtron.)

RC: What does this announcement from Jalen Latham mean for MCW? Does this mean that Team MCW will be disbanding or are they consolidating the group for another assault on UCW?

RB: It’s a good move by Latham if you ask me. If you are leading an attack on a rival organization and the man carrying your flag takes it over to the other side and joins them, you’ve got a problem. It looks to me as if Jalen Latham is working a little damage control.

RC: MCW without a Heavyweight Champion! We’ll be back right after this! Don’t go away!

-----Commercial Break-----


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Jun 9, 2004
(The American Flag illuminates upon the Ultra-tron causing the arena to burst into cheers as Jimi Hendrix’s version of “the Star Spangled Banner” hits over the PA. The roars from the crowd become deafening as they cheer their hearts out)

ROB BITTERMAN: Oh crap! I was so hoping that after Benjamin knocked him silly last week at Scars and Stripes that maybe this guy would get a clue and stay home.

RICH CRUISE: Think again Bitterman, Mr. Incredible said last week that he would be debuting his new show “Incredible Knows Best” tonight on Revolution, and it seems he doesn’t mean to disappoint.

“THE DOCTOR” DOUG ROSS: And here he is!!! Mr. Incredible!!

RB: Wonderful. Someone wake me up after Mr. Incompetent’s nauseous ranting has finally ended for the night.

(Mr. I comes out sporting a blue suit and an “American Flag” tie, along with his signature mask. He looks over the crowd, and gives a quick thumbs up which signals for an entire row of red, white, and blue fireworks to go off behind him.)

RC: Talk about an entrance!

RB: Entrance? More like baiting the crowd.

RC: Come on Bitterman, the only reason you don’t like Mr. Incredible is simply because everyone else does. So get off your high horse.

RB: No, the reason I don’t like the guy is because I see through his act. Seriously, nobody knows who Mr. Incredible really is? He came out of no where, calls himself the protector of America, and then pretends to be retired so he can mess with Adam Benjamin’s head? Who does he think he is?

DR: He’s Mr. Incredible! And he’s not messing around with Benjamin’s head, Benjamin is a dirty you know what. You saw what happened at the end of Scars and Stripes. Benjamin beat him down with the ring bell. How fair is that?

RC: It doesn’t matter who is behind the mask of Incredible, because it’s a symbol that represents something much more. Something like standing up for what you believe in, and fighting for what is right.

RB: More like a symbol for butting in other people’s business. The only righteousness that Mr. Incredible deserves is for someone who knows how to really wrestle to step up and kick his ass out of UCW, someone like Adam Benjamin.

(Mr. I stands in the ring, which is filled with all kinds of props. There are red, white, and blue balloons hanging off the turnbuckles, followed by a carpet with the American Flag design draping over top of the wrestling mat. Incredible grabs a microphone and begins taking off his jacket.)

MR. INCREDIBLE: First off I want to thank each and every one of you for that spectacular ovation. My, what a wonderful crowd we have for tonight’s Revolution. Tonight is indeed a special night, because right here, right now, you are witnessing the debut of the “Incredible Knows Best” show!

(The crowd erupts with cheers, as they listen intuitively to Mr. Incredible speak. Mr. I hangs his jacket over top one of the turnbuckles, while he begins to roll up his sleeves as if getting ready for something)

MR. I: And what better way to get things started than introducing my very first guest. I must admit it was a hard decision.

(Mr. I comes back to the center of the ring and stands next to two chairs (obviously intended for him and his guest). He looks over the crowd very calmly, taking his time with making the introduction of his guest.)

MR. I: But when it boils right down to it, I couldn’t think of a better candidate to be my very first guest on the show.

He's a man who needs no introduction. You know him well. So let’s get this party started and bring out my guest for tonight’s show!

(It seems like forever as the crowd waits patiently while watching the back entrance and then suddenly it happens)

DR: Sweet mother mary!!! It’s ADAM BENJAMIN!!!

(Adam Benjamin, who’s carrying a red looking towel in his hand, steps out from behind the backstage curtain and instead of posing for the crowd like he normally does, he marches straight to the ring)

RC: WOW! Benjamin is on a mission! He hasn’t taken his eyes off Mr. Incredible yet. Wait, what’s that in his hands?

RB: Whatever it is, hopefully he’ll use it to choke out that fairy Mr. Incredible! Come on Benjamin, get in that ring and kick his ass!!

(Benjamin quickly rolls into the ring and approaches Mr. I, who continues to show his composure. The two athletes lock eye contact and you can just feel the tension between them growing at a rapid rate)

MR. I: Now before you decide to duke it out with me right here right now, which I know you're dying to do… I wanted to address your challenge, not just to you, but to the fans.

I mean that is what you want right? An answer?

RB: Screw that!! Just deck him Benjamin. Knock that ugly mask off his face!

(Adam Benjamin reaches out and quickly grabs Mr. Incredible’s microphone)

ADAM BENJAMIN: I can't think of one damn good reason why I shouldn’t just knock your head clean off your shoulders. This towel I'm holding is proof of the blood I've made you've spilled. It's very stains upon it that I carry with me is a representation of what you've created, of the monster you've unleashed. You've opened up the doors to pandora's box, and now you must pay.

RB: Here it comes!!

BENJAMIN: Because I already know that you’re going to back out of my challenge and retort with some bloody lame excuse, yet curiosity as it seems, has gotten the best of me.

So… Mr. Whatever. Amuse me. What’s your answer.

RB: Oh rubbish. I wanted to see a fight.

RC: Don’t get your panties in a bundle Bitterman, whatever lack of violence you may think your witnessing, this is still good, because now we get our answers! We get to hear what Incredible has to say about Benjamin's challenge.

RB: Pish Posh, who cares.

(Incredible shoots a quick smile as he backs up (still not taking his eyes off Benjamin and grabs another microphone)

MR. I: Maybe you should take a seat?

(Mr. I kicks a chair over to Benjamin, who quickly kicks it away)

BENJAMIN: I prefer to stand. It gives me a better opportunity to chase you down once you’re finished explaining your cowardice.

MR. I: If you say so, brotha. Before I get to answering your challenge, I want to address something that you’re probably having a hard time dealing with right now.

That something has to deal with your previous match at Scars and Stripes, and more importantly, that little something is you losing your U.S. Title.

(A fiery sparkle of rage flickers in Benjamin’s eye)

MR. I: I know what you're thinking. You think it was my fault that you lost your title.

RB: You bet it’s your fault!

RC: Pipe down Bitterman, let the man speak.

MR. I: I know that it was my elbow that knocked you down and gave Bryan Storms the opportunity to get the easy 3 count.

MR. I: I know all of this Mr. Benjamin, and yet, do I regret any of it?

(Mr. Incredible turns his head and looks at the fans, and then turns back facing Benjamin)

MR. I: Not one little bit!! Ever since Civil War Mr. Benjamin, you have disrespected me, you have disrespected my country, and you have disrespected these American Fans.

You’re little charade of being Champion was a disgrace to the UCW United States Championship title.

And I couldn’t sit back and let someone like you disrespect such a highly treasured belt. So something had to be done, something drastic, something I wasn’t accustomed into doing, but alas it had to be done.

RC: What exactly is he saying? I don’t understand?

RB: Oh I understand, because I’ve been saying it all along…

(Mr. Incredible looks at Benjamin in the eye and doesn’t blink when he says the next set of words)

MR. I: I intentionally hit you with that elbow.

(Benjamin’s eyes are now exploding with a burning rage)

MR. I: I did it not for me, but for these people. Because they need someone who will represent them not disrespect them.

Now about your Challenge.

You can bet your ass I accept your challenge!! Mr. Incredible never backs down from a challenge, not from anyone.

DR: Oh YEAH!! Looks like we have our first match coming up for the next Payperview!

RC: Don't look now but I think we won't have to wait to the Payperview to see this match!

(Benjamin looks as if he's going to explode right onto Mr. Incredible)

MR. I: And I assume you don't want to wait that long to get a piece of me, I don't blame you, not one bit.. but wait you haven't heard my request.

RB: Request? Come on Benjamin just knock him out and get it over with. This fairy is stalling.

RC: Shut up Bitterman!

BENJAMIN: You got 5 seconds.

MR. I: I know you want a street fight. No rules, no DQ's. And I'm all for that. Hell I've participated in some of the most brutal matches that anyone has ever known. So since this is just a "one time" match, I wanted to raise the stakes.

(Benjamin doesn't say anything he's still focused more than ever onto Mr. Incredible)

MR. I: These fans want to see us put on one of the greatest matches ever. They don't want just blood spilt, they want an epic battle of gladiator vs. gladiator. They want, no wait, they deserve a match of such high quality everyone will be talking about it for years to come.

In this match there needs to be a definite winner. No rematches. No draws. No time limit. No rope break. Hell we can take the match to the parking lot for all I care.

So my request is that we make this an official UCW Survivor Match!

(The crowd just erupts)

RC: I can't believe it. Mr. Incredible just challenged Benjamin to a Survivor Match!

RB: What the hell is that?

RC: Shhhh.. Wait I think he's explaining it.

MR. I: I'm taking this straight from the books of the MBE Federation pages. This match defines the true meaning of what it takes to be a champion. You want brutality, you want to unleash your rage upon me? Then this is the match for the job!

There are two ways you can win. Either by knocking out your opponent for a count of 10 seconds, or making your opponent tap out.

So what do you say Mr. Benjamin, you want to make this match legit? All it takes is for you to shake my hand. This is what you wanted, a one shot deal to take me out and now it's just a handshake away from being official.

(Mr. Incredible spits in his hand to seal the deal as he offers it out in the open for Benjamin to shake)

RC: Look, Benjamin doesn't know what to do. He can't decide if he wants to deck Mr. Incredible or shake his hand.

RB: Deck him! Deck him!!

DR: He's going to shake his hand!!

(Benjamin takes out his hand and is about to spit in it to seal the deal and then...)

RC: Benjamin just spit into Mr. Incredible's face! He just spit into the face of the American Hero!!

(The crowd boos Benjamin's reaction)

BENJAMIN: There's my answer!

((Benjamin drops his microphone and walks off))

(Mr. I looks infuriated as you can see the saliva from the former US Champ dripping off of Mr. Incredible's mask)

RB: I love it!! I simply love it! Look at that moron's reaction. It's priceless!!

(As Benjamin makes his way backwards up the ramp he fails to notice though someone at the top is waiting for him)

DR: IT'S BRYAN STORMS!! He's standing at the top of the ramp, and Benjamin doesn't see him.

RB: This is Mr. Incredible's doing! It's his head games again. He's just toying with Benjamin.

(Benjamin turns around and to his surprise Storms is there starring at him. His surprised reaction quickly turns into a cocky smirk as he gestures that the U.S. title that Storms has in his possession is really his, but Benjamin is distracted and forgets about one little small thing coming from behind him)

RC: Look!! Mr. Incredible just turned around Benjamin and he's going to town on him!!

DR: He's taken down the former US Champ and it looks like he's taking him back to the ring.

RC: Benjamin doesn't know what's going on, he's so out of it.

RB: Look at that Bryan Storms, he's not even offering to help Benjamin. He's just standing there watching.

RC: Maybe he wants to see how his competition measures up to Mr. Incredible.

DR: I would say not very good because look in the ring! Mr. Incredible is calling for the "Incredible Dream"!!!

RC: Benjamin is slow to getting up on one knee and yes, Mr. Incredible comes up from behind and locks in the hold!

RB: Fight it Benjamin! Fight it!!

RC: It's too late! Mr. Incredible has turned his body over and Benjamin is helplessly on his back. He's tapping out!!

DR: But Mr. Incredible isn't letting go. This isn't a match. Mr. I wants to prove to Benjamin just what exactly he's gotten himself into.

RC: Oh no! Benjamin looks to be passed out. He has, Benjamin has passed out from the hold.

(Incredible gets up and leaves the unconscious body of Adam Benjamin on the mat as he walks over grabs the microphone. He slowly leans over Benjamin's body and say something)

MR. I: So I'll take that as a yes. See you at the payperview brotha.

(Incredible drops the microphone onto Benjamin's limp body, while starring up at Bryan Storms, who just stares back at him)

RC: I can't believe all that's happened. Adam Benjamin vs. Mr. Incredible at the next payperview in a UCW Survivor Match! What a night!


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
We open to a shot of the inside of a home. Nothing seems to stir as we find ourselves locked on a door. Suddenly, the door knob turns and someone walks in. Once the large figure enters the door, we see that it is the currently suspended BG Bruce. He looks back to the door in an odd way before shutting it and continuing into the house.

Bruce: Estaban? Are you here?

Bruce steps through the house as he tries to find his life partner in their rather expansive home. He walks down the hallway and piers his head into several rooms before finally coming to the bedroom. He gets a smile on his face as he opens the door.

Bruce: Okay, you can stop hiding…

Bruce peeks his head into the door and looks down to the ground, where he sees Estaban laid out on the carpet. He quickly ducks down to check on him.

Bruce: Estaban? Are you okay?

Estaban doesn’t move as Bruce quickly gets up and storms around the room, looking for the assailant. He checks the closet, but nothing happens. Suddenly, the TV that had been roaring with static lights up. On the screen pops up UCW beloved commissioner.

KC: Hello there, Bruce.

I believe that you received my message.

You see, after what transpired at Scars and Stripes, I had some thinking to do. And after I had finished contemplating, I realized that I had some good news and some bad news for you. I assume that you already know what the bad news is.

Bruce becomes enraged and almost puts his hand through the television, but the commissioner’s voice stops him, as if on cue.

KC: Now, before you do anything crazy, you might want to hear my good news.

Upon this contemplating, I’ve decided that I am going to lift your suspension from UCW. And to make things even better, I have a match for you next week on Revolution.

I just got off the phone with several of our doctors back at our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania headquarters. They have received word of the clearance for two of our wrestlers that were unable to compete this week. And you’re going to be in the ring with them.

Next week, right here on Revolution, it’s going to be “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan and “The Sexual All-American” Joey Melton teaming together to take on BG Bruce and his tag team partner… Estaban!

Good luck fellas.

Cloverleaf lets out a laugh as the TV goes back to static. Bruce rages and throws something through the TV as camera fades out.

RC: BG Bruce and Estaban against Joey Melton and Dan Ryan? But Estaban is laid out in his bedroom! Folks, don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back!


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Jun 9, 2004
(Jerry Jenkins is standing by backstage with the Phenom, Shawn Jessica Hart.)

JJ: It's your boy Jay-Jay here, and standing to me right is the man who brutally attacked 'Gentleman' Jonathan Marx at Scars and Stripes, leaving him unable to compete in the Elimination Chamber match for the UCW heavyweight title. Shawn, the question on everybody's mind here in UCW is why... why did you do it?"

(Hart shakes his head in disgust, yanks the microphone from Jerry's hand, and steps in close to the camera.)

SJH: Tell you what, Jerry JERK-OFF, why don't you leave the interview to the world's ONLIEST certifiable microphone magician!!

JJ: Well, OK... but....

SJH: But... BUT?! Why does everybody always have a BIG BUT?!

(Jenkins takes a quick visual survey of his backside.)

SJH: Here's the deal, bub... the steak n' eggs of the situation!! At NEW BattleBRAWL, I'm competing in the BattleBRAWL Rumble for a shot at Mr. Marx's NEW title. But if he thinks the buck stops there, he's got another thing comin'! You see, this is a FULL-SCALE assault on the Harvard hack job or the Princeton p(FCC)ssy or whatever school he went to. Everywhere he goes, EVERY ring he wrestles in... the Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister will be there to rain on his parade!! NE-dub, UC-dub, you name it!!! In every fed across the land, I'm gonna beat this guy like Hollywood starlets beat my meat on a nightly basis! Call it an outrage, call it a MOCKERY, my Magic 8-ball calls it the TRUTH!! And clairvoyant toys from the 70's don't lie! Is THAT a good enough answer for you?!

(He sticks the microphone into Jay-Jay's chest. After catching his breath, Jenkins takes the mic. and responds.)

JJ: I... think that will do it.

SJH: RIGHTEOUS! The Phenom has left the building!!

(SJH shakes his pelvis like Elvis, then storms off screen.)


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
RC: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope none of you turned off your televisions, because our next match is ready to begin.

RB: That’s right Richie! Our next match is not one to be missed, because it’s our CSWA Unified Championship match with none other than the Professor Tremendous w/ Team Tremendous!

RC: I must say that we at UCW are honored to have the Professor here tonight on his CSWA Unified Championship tour. He is without a doubt a great competitor, but you do know that the Professor isn’t the “real” CSWA Unified Champion.


DR: Well it doesn’t matter if Professor Tremendous is the “real” CSWA Unified Champion or not, because his competition, The Cowboy Jimmy Donovan and Erik Mateo, are already in the ring, and it seems we’re about to get started as the Professor is now making his way out from the back.

(“She Blinded me with Science” hits the PA which slowly melds into “Rockafeller Skank” as Team Tremendous comes out from the back)

RB: Look there’s Tyrone the Tidy Giant, and The Olympic Silver Metalist All-World. Oh look there’s Angelhoic Anonymous! There’s Tuss the FATSEXY Mark! And there’s TEAMT Midget riding what seems to be.. uhh… hmmm…

DR: I believe the word you’re looking for is goat.

RB: I know what a goat is Doc.

RC: Holy crap! Is this the Ringling Brothers Circus? I thought this was just the Professor wrestling.

RB: Well Cruisey.. ever hear the saying “Strength in Numbers”? Besides if you knew anything about history you’d know that this is the Professor’s posse, TEAM TREMENDOUS!

DR: Look there’s the Professor now!

(Professor Tremendos walks out from the back, in one hand he’s holding his CSWA Unified Championship belt and in the other he’s holding what appears to be a chicken salad sandwich. Jimmy Donovan and Mateo look on as TeamTremendous makes their way to the ring)

RC: He seems a little over confident don’t’ you think Doc?

DR: Well Rich, I can only tell you that the Professor is no idiot. He’s a veteran, and he knows exactly what he’s doing.

(Team Tremendous surrounds the ring, while the Professor & T-Midget stand in the corner)

RB: The Professor is making T-midget tie his hand behind his back.

RC: I can’t believe he’s actually doing this!

RB: Believe it Cruise! He’s going to show these Las Vegas boys how to really wrestle.
DR: The Referee holds up the CSWA Unified Title to show everyone.

RC: Even the belt looks fake.

RB: Trust me, that’s the real deal.

DR: And there’s the bell!!

Mateo is the first to act as he charges at the Professor, who’s still eating his chicken salad sandwich in his only free hand.

RC: Did you see that?! The Professor just dodged out of the way and Mateo went charging right into the turnbuckle.

RB: You should always think before you act.

RC: Yes it seems Mateo thought he could get the upper hand on what appeared to be a defenseless Professor, but again the Professor proved him wrong.

DR: It seems Mateo had his breath knocked out of him so he’s taking a while to get up.

The Professor is celebrating on his genius maneuver to the crowd but fails to recognize his other opponent, the LVW World Champion Jimmy Donovan, who takes a big swing at the Professor. But the Professor, being all knowing, notices the surprise attack and quickly blocks the punch.


RC: Seems the Professor forgot he only has one free hand and is unable to follow up with a counter!

DR: The Cowboy Jimmy Donovan is going to town LVW style onto the Professor, rights and lefts, look at him go!

The crowds’ cheers suddenly shift to boos as The Professor smashes the chicken salad sandwich into Jimmy Donovan’s face.

RB: Anyone else would have crumpled underneath that attack but not the Professor.

RC: Anyway, it looks like the Professor has the upperhand.

DR: Not yet, Mateo is getting to his feet and is about to attack the Professor from behind.


RB: Mateo tripped and slams face first into the mat!

RC: Come on Bitterman, you know that one of the Team Tremendous lackey’s tripped him on purpose.

RB: Did the ref see it?

RC: No.

RB: Then it didn’t happen. (smiles)

DR: Mateo’s holding his face, and is having a hard time getting up again.

The Professor hooks Donovan’s arm around his neck and Northern Light’s suplex!

RB: There’s the pin!

…Kick out

RC: Not even a 1 count. Did he really think he could pin the LVW champion after one move?

RB: Hey it could happen.

Donovan is quick to his feet but he’s met with …


RC: The Professor is laying on the spinning heel kicks onto Donovan.

One.. two… three.. four… five… siii..

DR: NO! Donovan dodges the sixth one and catches the Professor with a drop kick in mid-air.

RB: Ouch!! That definitely couldn’t have felt good.

While Donovan is quick to grab the Professor, Mateo on the other side of the ring attempts to get up again, but another one of the Team Tremendous’ lackey’s tries to trip him up again, but the referee catches it.

RC: The referee is sending Team Tremendous back to the locker room!

RB: No he can’t do that! Then who’s going to cheer on the Professor?

RC: You’re doing a great job of it already Bitterman.

With the referee distracted, as Donovan gets ready to setup the Professor for a suplex, the Professor gives him a swift low blow.

RB: Now that’s a smart move!

The Professor, proud of himself for getting out of that predicament takes a few seconds to look over and see his cheering posse, but instead sees them leaving the ring. The Professor starts yelling at them to come back to the ring, but to the Professor’s dismay he forgets about one little factor.





RC: Holy guacamole!! For someone that has been on the flat of his back and or stomach for ¾ of the match, almost walked away with the victory. What an upset that would have been.

Mateo is quick to irish whip the Professor into the ropes but instead of bouncing off the ropes, the professor unexpectedly runs straight into the arms of Jimmy Donovan..


RC: There’s the pin..



DR: Mateo breaks up the count!

RC: Donovan had the match won..

Mateo grabs Donovan but Donovan is quick to counter into a straight jacket suplex.

RC: The Professor is back to his feet and look, he’s untied his other arm.


DR: Donovan turns around right into a running ENZIGURI KICK!

The Professor picks up Donovan and puts him into a head scissors hold.

RC: What’s the Professor going for?

The Professor tries to lift Donovan but Donovan counters it and back body drops the Professor out of the ring and to the outside.

RC: That’s a big time counter.

The referee is starting to count out The Professor.


The Professor holding his head is walking back up the ramp way.


Donovan is calling out to The Professor to get his ass back into the ring, and is about to go after him..


But the Cowboy turns around and sees Mateo rising to his feet with his back turned to him.


Donovan waits for him to turn around and grabs him.




The Professor turns around and finally see’s what’s happening and rushes back to the ring.


RC: There’s the pin!! Donovan is pinning Mateo! For god sakes turn around ref and count!!!!

The ref turns around and sees the pin!


The Professor stumbling to the ground as he rushes to the ring..


The Professor gets up and quickly tries to slide into the ring to break up the count…

RC: This is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Professor slides in at the last second.


RB: I can’t believe what I just witnessed. This can’t be happening.

RC: The ref is about to hand over the title to James Donovan!.

THE PROFESSOR: Now just wait one minute. Hold your horses cowboy, you seem to forget something.

The Professor walks over and snatches the belt from the referee’s hands.

RC: What’s going on here? He won fair and square.

PROF: This here is a title match. And you obviously have no clue how title matches work, so let me take you back to wrestling 101. A class you obviously skipped out on. A title can’t switch hands on a count out.

RC: A count out?


PROF: That’s right. I was counted out. Though I must applaud your good wholesome boy effort, and you did win the match, I’m just afraid that the title stays with me.

RC: I can’t believe it.

RB: Believe it Cruise, and you can’t argue with him because the ref most certainly counted him out for 10 seconds.

PROF: So if you would please Mr. ref announce the winner again.

REF: But..

PROF: Do it!!

REF: ahem.. The winner of this match by count out is James Donovan, but STILL CSWA Unified champion is Professor Tremendous.

RC: You have to give it up for Donovan though what a debut he’s had. I’m sure this isn’t the last we see of him.

DR: I hope you’re right. Don’t go away folks we have more action when we return.


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Jun 9, 2004
We see Commissioner Cloverleaf on the phone in his office. The camera gets closer so that we may hear at least one end of the conversation.

KC: You’re kidding me!

Since when is he coming back?

Are you sure?

You know how I feel.

But you think he’s worth our time?

Alright. I’ll see what I can do. But if we get scrapped, this was your idea, Dallas.

Okay. I’m on it.

Cloverleaf hangs up the phone as the camera fades out.

RC: What the hell was that about? Is Ken Cloverleaf trying to make a new signing?

-----Commercial Break-----


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Jun 9, 2004
(“We Right Here” by DMX blares as the fans erupt.)

RC: The Sergeant is making his way down to the ring. He seems to be in a good mood. I wonder what he’s got in store for the fans in this match?

RB: He really needs to focus on Dakota Smith tonight. Hopefully, he’s not looking past Smith to his first singles title shot. He does that and it’s game over for him. Dakota is not a preliminary wrestler. This guy is the real deal.

(The Sergeant makes his way out, slapping the hands of a few fans on the way down to the ring. He slides into the ring, but instead of his usual stretching to gear up for the match he opts to call for the microphone. The announcer at ringside obliges by handing him the mic between the bottom and middle ropes.)

RC: Sarge looks like he’s going to say a few words before the match.

RB: This is not the time. He’s got an MCW rebel on his way to the ring shortly. He needs to be worrying about the match. I knew there was a reason why I hated The Sergeant.

(The cheering from the fans slowly because quieter...)

Sergeant: Before I get out here and exact a little revenge on MCW’s main man, I need to get a few things off of my chest. Now if all of you in the crowd will take a little time to think about the card, you’ll realize that one man is conspicuously absent. You all know him well. He just got finished losing the UCW World Heavyweight Title at Scars and Stripes. Irishred.

(A low chorus of boos trickles through the crowd.)

Sergeant: I don’t want everyone to think I am overlooking the task at hand because that just isn’t the case. However, I’d be stupid not to take the time to address one of the most delusional men in Professional Wrestling after he received one of the best reality checks he could have possibly got.

This man has done nothing for months but call the best of the best to UCW, saying over and over again how there was no talent here and that he couldn’t be the best unless he brought the best here to defeat them. He mentions The Sergeant... little old rookie me... in the same breath as people such as Joey Melton. Then when I show up to answer the challenge, Melton is thrown into a huge title match. Meanwhile, ‘Red uses his pull as champion to relegate me to fighting an MCW. He kept me as far away from him as humanly possibly.

Maybe it’s because he didn’t want to lose the belt to a rookie. Maybe it’s because he realized he made a mistake by bringing me here right after I took everything he had to offer in our only match elsewhere and still pulled off the upset. I don’t know what it was, but he made it perfectly clear that since I was new here and was still regarded as a rookie, I wasn’t getting him in the ring.

(Short pause.)

Sergeant: I think it’s time that we rectify that situation, don’t you?

(Crowd pops!)

Sergeant: I think it’s time that we see Irishred versus The Sergeant on the marquee of a UCW Card, don’t you?

(A HUGE pop from the crowd!)

RC: Did you hear that? With Dakota Smith coming out shortly and the possibility of Bryan Storms and the US title in the near future, The Sergeant has focused a little of that attention on the former World Champion, Irishred!

RB: Big mistake from the rookie. He might hate being referred to as a rookie, but with the rookie mistake he’s making it is not difficult to see that he is one!

(Back in the ring...)

Sergeant: You don’t have the belt to hide behind anymore, ‘Red. Go ahead and sit home. Rest and recover. Do whatever it is that you have to in order to prepare for this fight. When Night of Legends 2 comes around, I want you in the ring. It’ll just be a simple wrestling match between the two of us. You versus Mr. Combat Tested and Mother Approved, himself. Don’t be surprised if I’m the one with a championship belt on my waist when we settle the score, pal.

Now bring Dakota out so I can settle a few issues with him as well!

RC: This kid has no fear!

RB: No brains, either...

RC: Ladies and gentlemen, The Sergeant versus Dakota Smith. A grudge match that is months in the making, with a US Title shot hanging in the balance!


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
(CUEUP: “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica as Datoka Smith storms to the ring with an angry power walk. Nakita Dahaka follows behind him with a smug look on her face.)

RC: “Well fans, we got a fight in the truest sense of the word upcoming as UCW star The Sarge will be fighting one of the MCW invaders in what will clearly be a battle where no quarter will be asked for or given.”

RB: “Well about all that’s stopped MCW to this point is the defection of Bryan Storms, hopefully this company can for once have it’s talent win on it’s merits!”

BELL: “The following contest is set for one fall, on his way to the ring…Representing MCW…DAKOTA…SMITH!!!”

(The crowd boos as Smith sneers and then smiles a cocky grin…)

BELL: “And his opponent, representing UCW…THE SARGE!!”

(Bell quickly gets out of the ring as Dakota enters the ring and he and Sarge start trading punches right away, the bell rings while they trade blows!)

RC: “These two men are after each other from the bell! Hell, even before it! Smith rocked with a right hand and another…Sarge backs Smith into a corner and now hammers him with a series of shoulderblocks…Sarge whips Smith into the corner! Smith hits hard and staggers into a BIG BACKBODY DROP!”

DR: “Sarge is clearly on his game tonight and is looking to send a message to everyone that he’s for real!”

RC: “Smith staggers to his feet and gets BLASTED by a clothesline! The cover!”



RC: “No! Smith kicks out…Sarge pulls him up and drills him with a right hand and now scoops him up and a BIG SLAM…Sarge off the ropes…Drops a leg! He covers!”



RC: “No! Smith kicks out at two again!”

RB: “That move hasn’t pinned anyone since fire was discovered!”

RC: “Sarge picks up Smith again and a snap suplex! Smith rolls to the floor to get his wits about him!”

RB: “Why is the ref holding Sarge back from going to the floor? This is an invasion, it’s time to be bias, let us cheat dammit!”

RC: “Dahaka giving static to Sarge now as Smith is trying to get his wits about him…Now she’s on the apron trying to get into the ring! The ref is holding her back…SMITH WITH A CHOPBLOCK FROM BEHIND!”

RB: “Dammit! They always outsmart our lunkhead wrestlers!”

RC: “Or…They cheat…Smith now stomping away on Sarge’s leg…Driving a knee into it! Sarge trying to fight the pain as Smith now gets him up…KNEEBREAKER! The cover!”



RC: “NO! Sarge kicks out! Smith pulls him up and now puts him in the corner…BIG CHOP! ANOTHER! Smith turning The Sarge’s chest red with those knife edges! Smith now pulls him out of the corner with a HIPTOSS! No it’s blocked by Sarge…HUGE SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! He nearly BEHEADED SMITH!”




RC: “NO! NO! Dahaka put Smith’s leg on the bottom rope just before the count of three!”

RB: “We need instant replay in UCW and we need it now!”

RC: “Sarge now yelling at Dahaka…But wait! Here’s Bryan Storms! Now the sides are evened up!”

DR: “Storms turned his back on his MCW allies last week, and this week he’s not standing up for their underhanded tactics!”

RC: “Storms and Dahaka getting into a shouting match…Sarge now whips Smith into the ropes…POWERSLAM! He covers!”



RC: “NO! Smith kicked out! Sarge can’t believe it…Wait! Now Dakaha has got a chair and she’s trying to get it into the ring…The ref is stopping her…Now Storms has entered the ring!”

RB: “Finally these bastards get a taste of their own medicine…”


RB: “I’m going to throw up.”

RC: “This…I…I don’t know what to say…Smith crawling over, he covers!”




(Bell rings, crowd booing as Storms walks away from the ring.)

BELL: “Here is your winner…DAKOTA SMITH!”

RC: “What was that? Last week, Bryan Storms said he was UCW, and this week, he just gave MCW a victory! I don’t understand it.”

RB: “Oh this world just does whatever it can to hurt me…It’s how things work…”

RC: “Fans we're out of time! Tune in next week, because it seems as though things are going to be even more volatile then!"

Fade to UCW logo.

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