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UCW's Scars and Stripes!!!


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Jun 9, 2004
(Backstage we have UCW's newest Intern, Jerry Jenkins, who looks a bit stressed as he's about to be giving his very FIRST interview here on UCW)

JERRY JENKINS: Welcome everyone to SCARS AND STRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPES! I'm Jerry Jenkins but everyone calls me Jay-Jay.

Let me tell you that tonight is without a doubt the greatest night of my life. Here I am standing in front of a camera.. doing something that any die hard fan would only dream about.. I still can't get over how awesome this is. Like all of you I've been a fan of wrestling since the Era of Hogan and Andre.. I watched and cheered the likes of Sting to take down the NWO... My palms were sweating as I waited and watched on as Shawn Michaels took Brett Hart to the limit in the Iron Man match ...

And again tonight.. I get to do something that everyone single one of you here tonight has been waiting for.. for a very ... very long time.

I get to interview Mr. Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!

(You can hear the screams and cheers from the audience inside the venue as they watch the American Hero, Mr. Incredible, appear upon UCW-tron. Decked out in his referee uniform, Mr. Incredible with a huge smile on his face, places his hand on JJ's shoulder, while looking at the youngster)

JJ: Mr. Incredible let me say that it is an honor to be standing here next to..

(Mr. Incredible politely interrupts the young JJ)

MR. INCREDIBLE: No need for formalities brotha JJ. And let me tell you, the honor is all mine! To stand here next to a fan knowing you're about to be interviewed by someone who respects what you do is just as *incredible* as getting in that ring, and hearing the chanting of the crowd, the lights flashing, knowing that they came here to watch you.

JJ: Indeed they have Mr. Incredible! A record attendance of 12,000 people came here tonight for the Pay-per-view. The biggest UCW attendance to date.

Most would say they came for the Elimination Chamber match, which we know will be nothing but .. excuse my pun... INCREDIBLE!!

However there are some that say that the match that you'll be refereeing tonight is going to be nothing less than that.

(Mr. Incredible gets a smile on his face as he nods his head in agreement)

JJ: Now Mr. Incredible, we all know that you have hung up your boots, but it seems tonight you get to revisit that life from your past one more time.

Can you tell the fans what's going through your mind right now?

MR. I: Well you see these arms JJ... Deep down in the very veins that run through these arms flows the blood of a competitor. The heart that pumps that blood will never ever stop beating the love that I have for this sport. That brotha will never ever change.. no matter if I'm retired or not.

And I have to tell you JJ.. I'm loving this feeling .. this high that I get to step foot into that ring one more time.. even if it is to referee. I love this sport with every ounce of my blood and soul. If you would take a knife and cut me right now brotha.. I would literally bleed UCW!!

(The crowd in the venue erupt with cheers!!!)

MR. I: That's what I'm feeling JJ. I'm feeling the life force of wrestling flowing through my body stronger than it ever has. And you wanna know something brotha?

JJ: What's that Mr. Incredible?

MR. I: Because of this feeling. Because of my involvement with UCW since Civil War. I've been thinking...

(The crowd erupts again.. because they think they know what's coming)

JJ: These fans think they know what's coming, and I hope I do too.. because you coming back to wrestling wouldn't be anything less.. than .. than...

MR. I: Incredible, JJ? Is that the word you were looking for?

JJ: Yes!!! That's EXACTLY the word I was looking for!!

MR. I: Well I have been thinking about coming back to wrestling, but...

Not as a wrestler. That part of my life is over. I am still staying retired.

But don't fret JJ, because I just finished signing a deal with Cloverleaf himself.. Him and I, even through our differences, have come to an agreement on something "special" for UCW and myself.

JJ: Ooooo.. and what would that be?

MR. I: My very own show on UCW! That's what! It's called "Incredible Knows Best".

JJ: Wait isn't that already a ...

MR. I: No, no, no.. wrong wrestler. You see JJ, this show will be premiering at UCW's REVOLUTION!!

JJ: Wow that's fantastic!! Ok Mr. Incredible one more question before I let you go.

MR. I: Give it to me JJ.

JJ: Tonight's matchup, Adam Benjamin vs. Bryan Storms. What are your plans for calling the match.

MR. I: Well if you know me JJ, I'm going to call it right down the middle. I play favorites to no one.

JJ: But it's Adam Benjamin. He's the biggest ...

MR. I: Ahhh.. ahhhh.. now JJ, we all know how big of a prick Benjamin is, but that doesn't mean that we should stoop to his level. No I plan on calling this match as fair as possible. Even if that entails as Benjamin winning.

Now if Benjamin thinks he can pull a fast one on good ol' Mr. Incredible then he has another thing coming.

Hell I'll disqualify both men if I have to.

JJ: Hahahaha.

MR. I: But I hope that doesn't happen, because everyone came here to see these two get it on, and from all the heat that was said last week, I'm sure they'll put on one hell of a show.

JJ: Amen Mr. Incredible! Amen!

MR. I: Well time to finish last preparations.

JJ: Good luck tonight Mr. Incredible!

MR. I: Thanks JJ. And again thanks for the Interview, I hope it won't be the last time we get to do it.

(Mr. Incredible exits and we're back to just JJ)

JJ: You've heard it here folks. Bryan Storms vs. Adam Benjamin for the United States Championship! w/ Mr. Incredible as the special guest referree!

I'm JJ, and this is UC-Freakin-W!!! Don't Miss it!!!!!

(The UCW logo fades onto the screen, followed by the Scars and Stripes banner.)
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Jun 9, 2004
RC: Hello everyone! And welcome to UCW’s Scars and Stripes! We’ve got a packed show for you here tonight, and we don’t even get to start with a run-down!

RB: Because our first match is for the UCW US Title and it’s ready to get started! Our Champion Adam Benjamin has taken on any and all challengers to his title with, frankly, a class that this federation has long been missing.

RC: How can you possibly defend this man? He has done nothing but insult the federation, fans and country since his debut? I’m not arguing his talent…but his attitude certainly needs an adjustment.

RB: Should we instead root for this interloper he is facing this week? Storms is nothing more then a hack begging for a shot at the big time.

RC: Let’s go to our in ring announcer for the introductions.

TB: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is for the UCW United States Title. First introducing the special referee for this match. This man is a true American legend. Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr. Incredible!!!

(The crowd pop is deafening as Jimi Hendrix’s version of the Star Spangled Banner plays over the PA system and Mr. Incredible steps through the curtain. He takes in the cheers of the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.)

RB: I know this chump is going to screw over Adam. He has had a vendetta against our US Champion from the get go.

DR: I know Mr. Incredible to be nothing more then a very fair man. I expect him to call this match right down the middle.

TB: Introducing first the challenger, he is the MCW World Heavyweight Champion, he stands six foot two inches tall and weighs in at 230 pounds he is Bryan Storms!!!

(The house lights dim and red light flashes throughout the arena. Pressure Point by the Zutons begins to play over the PA system and Bryan Storms takes the ramp way to a smattering of cheers over powered by the jeers of the UCW faithful.)

TB: His opponent is the reigning UCW US Champion. He is “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin!!!

(God Save the Queen plays over the intercom as Adam Benjamin takes the top of the ramp. He very slowly walks to the ring staring up at the two men awaiting him. Once he enters the ring he turns his back to Mr. Incredible and makes him remove his US title belt.)

RC: Nice little bit of psychological warfare there by the champ.

DR: He’s not facing Mr. Incredible though. He has to worry about the man standing face to face with him. Bryan Storms is more then capable of taking this match and walking out with two belts.

RB: Two? Oh you’re actually recognizing the MCW title. Cute.

RC: Mr. Incredible has checked both wrestlers and has called for the bell. We are underway!

(The two wrestlers circle one another warily. Eventually they lock up in the center of the ring with Benjamin taking control with a side headlock. He sends Storms off the far rope, leapfrogs the charging Storms and turns to take control but is met with a Gorilla Press Slam, followed by three consecutive Running Clotheslines. )

RC: What an explosion of offense by Storms. I don’t think that Benjamin was expecting this at all.

(Adam stumbles back into the corner slumping against the ropes. Storms follows into the corner.)

RC: Benjamin with lefts and rights to the MCW Heavyweight champion. Benjamin getting the upper hand but Storms with a beautiful Monkey flip on Adam sending him out of the corner. Benjamin lands on his feet and as Storms spins he is met with an atomic drop by the UCW US Champ!

DR: Adam pulls the challenger to his feet and he locks in a deep Side Headlock and takes Storms back down to the mat. Twice Storms fights back to his feet, and both times Benjamin slams him back to the mat and keeps the Headlock applied.

RC: Storms is complaining of hair pulls to Mr. Incredible. Mr. I asks the US champ and he denies the cheating. Mr. I turns to the crowd and it’s split down the middle on cheating or not!

(The crowd has gotten into the match. The back and forth chants of “Let’s go Adam!” and “Let’s go Bryan!” fill the arena.)

RC: The MCW Heavyweight Champion begins to Pump-Up with adrenaline, with sheer force of will drives Benjamin into the corner, landing Broncobuster-style on an empty turnbuckle.

DR: Both men are down! These two wrestlers are so evenly matched. I really have no idea how this will play out. The heart and desire certainly seem to be in the corner of the challenger while the overall wrestling skill seems to fall in the corner of Benjamin.

RC: Storms hits an atomic drop as Benjamin comes out of the corner…oh no, he’s working the crotch!

(Mr. Incredible tries to step in and break up the blatant cheating of Bryan Storms. Taking advantage of the situation Benjamin pokes Storms in the eye and spins him into the corner setting up for the ten-punch count along.)

RC: The crowd is counting along with each punch…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…

DR: As Mr. Incredible tries to break up the punches Storms lands another low blow on Benjamin behind the back of the referee! Benjamin falls to the mat. Storms crawls to the second rope and drops a knee to the forehead of Adam.

RB: It looks to me like Mr. Incredible has lost control of this match.

RC: What do you mean? Because things aren’t going Benjamin’s way? Why blame the ref? Why not blame Benjamin for not being prepared?

DR: Storms pulls Benjamin up and sends him off the far rope. Off the rebound Storms hits a huge Clothesline onto Benjamin followed by a Huricanrana into a cover…



NO! Benjamin kicks out.

RB: Awfully fast count by Incredible wasn’t it?

RC: Stop making excuses!

DR: Storms lets Benjamin rise up and looks to be trying to set up for a Shining Wizard…but Benjamin slides under and rises up with a thunderous Inverted DDT into a cover of his own!



Storms gets a foot on the ropes.

(Benjamin thinks he has won this match and is demanding that Mr. Incredible raise his hand in victory. Mr. Incredible keeps forcing the hand back down and is trying to explain to the US Champion that the challenger got his foot on the rope.)

RC: Storms has risen up behind Benjamin and spins the champ around. The two wrestlers are exchanging lefts and rights. The sound of the shots ring out in the arena. The crowd is absolutely rabid as the two stand toe to toe beating each other.

DR: Storms gets the advantage with a combination of punches and kicks causing Benjamin to bail out of the ring. Benjamin walks to the timers table and grabs his belt and begins to walk up the ramp way. Mr. Incredible begins the 10 count on the US Champion.




(The crowd is chanting “Benjamin’s a *****! Benjamin’s a *****!”)

RB: They can’t say that on the air!





RC: Storms is up on the ropes leading the chant!



DR: Benjamin slides back into the ring with the US Title belt. He threatens to use the belt on Storms but Mr. Incredible is right there and pulls the belt out of his hands.

RC: The momentum of Incredible yanking away the belt spins Benjamin towards Storms. The MCW Champion comes off the ropes taking Adam down with a Huricanrana!

(Benjamin pops back up and one Clothesline and Dropkick later, and Benjamin once again retreats to the outside. This time he is yelling that he absolutely won’t come back into the ring.)

RC: Storms is getting increasingly frustrated he knows he can’t win the match on a count out. Incredible begins to count Benjamin out, but here comes Storm over the top with a Suicide Dive!

(The crowd goes wild with “Holy ****!” chants as the two wrestler’s crash and burn at ringside. Both men are back up and they brawl goes all over ringside, with Adam eventually taking control with a Back Body Drop on the ringside mats.)

(He slides Storms back into the ring, and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Storms shakes the top rope however, causing Benjamin to fall crotching himself.)

RC: That’s gonna leave a mark!

DR: Storms climbs the turnbuckles and positions him for a Superplex. Adam shoves him off, and then leaps from the top with a Big Leg drop…into a cover…



two and a half and Storms kicks out!

(Benjamin chokes Storm over the middle rope and lays the badmouth on him. Incredible is there to break the two men off the ropes.)

RC: Benjamin very arrogantly pulls Storms up and sends him into the opposite ropes. Benjamin hits a sweet Spine buster. He follows up with an attempted Lionsault, but he misses the first jump and had to settle for a standing Springboard Moonsault.

DR: The Champ with a cover!



Two and seven-eighths. I mean, Storms kicked-out at absolutely the last possible moment…I really started to think that they were going to end the match on a botched move!

RC: Benjamin is completely frustrated here and is in Incredible’s face complaining of a slow count.

(Storm starts to get fired up after Benjamin misses a Big Standing Elbow Drop.)

RC: Storms drags Benjamin up and it’s an Irish whip that sends Yours Truly into the ropes, where (you guessed it) he collides with Mr. Incredible. Incredible instinctively responds with a back elbow that connects directly with Adam’s temple. The champ is down and out cold!!

RB: This isn’t fair! Mr. Incredible has been against the Champion from the start. I can’t believe this.

DR: Mr. Incredible is holding his head in dismay. Storms with the cover and he is demanding that Mr. Incredible drop to count.




That’s it. Bryan Storms is the new UCW US Champion!!!

(Several members of the MCW roster come out to celebrate with YOUR new UCW US Champion, Bryan Storms! This is a sad day indeed for UCW. The invasion has just gained a huge advantage with this win.)

RC: Wait! What is Benjamin up to?

(As Mr. Incredible leaves the ring Benjamin charges from behind and nails Incredible in the back of the head with the ring bell. Incredible slumps to the ramp and Benjamin is just clobbering the Incredible one with bell shots to the back of the head. He is just brutal. Incredible’s mask is broken open and blood is gushing form the bell shots.)

DR: Here comes security. Benjamin drops the ring bell and starts to walk up the ramp with his arms raised in mocking victory.

RC: What a tragic end to a great match!


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Jun 9, 2004
(A long, black limo pulls into the garage area of the arena. It comes to a stop and the driver gets out and quickly races around the passenger side door. He opens it and out steps none other than “Gentleman” Jonathan Marx. Marx is nicely attired in a finely tailored suit that he buttons as he exits the vehicle. Brandon Jacobs appears and quickly follows.)

BJ: Tonight is your night.

Tonight, you finally gain the UCW Title.

Tonight, you get what you were cheated out of before.

(Marx turns to look at Jacobs, but he is suddenly blindsided by someone who comes flying from completely off-camera.)

RC: Who the hell is that?

(The assailant continues the beat down as he drops a lead pipe to the ground. He then punches Brandon Jacobs off of him before putting the boots to Marx. The camera then pans up to show his face.)

DR: Oh my God! That’s Shawn Hart! What the hell is The Phenom doing here in UCW?

RB: Looks like he’s beating the hell out of Jonathan Marx!

RC: And greatly hindering the main event for tonight! Marx is out cold!

(Hart stops the beat down and then stands over the fallen Marx. He waits for a moment before turning and walking away.)

RC: What the hell was the meaning of that? One of our combatants for tonight’s main event is out cold before he can even get to his locker room! What does this mean for the main event?


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Jun 9, 2004
(From an obstructed angle, we see Commissioner Ken Cloverleaf talking with a man in his backstage office. The conversation is extremely animated from Cloverleaf’s side, and we can hear some of what the other, unseen man is saying.)

KC: You’re really sure about this?

MAN: I told you already, yes!

KC: Alright, it’s your funeral. Just don’t do anything that’s going to cost me my job.

MAN: Don’t worry, I’ve got everything under control.

(The man walks quickly out of the office, and all the camera can pick up is a glimpse of an MCW t-shirt and a partially open duffel bag as he goes running from the scene. The camera pans back to the Commissioner, who wears a half worried, half excited look.)

KC: Well. This should be interesting.


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Jun 9, 2004
RC: Guys, what does this attack do to our Elimination Chamber match later tonight?

DR: I don’t know, Rich. But it certainly can’t be good. We can only wait to hear about the status of Jonathan Marx in due time.

("Hypocritical" By Methods of Mayhem plays and John Doe emerges from the back.)

RC: Last week, at Commissioner Cloverleaf’s insistence, John Doe almost destroyed The Midnight Rider and Big Gay Bruce’s good friend Estaban inside a steel cage.

DR: Why do you insist on referring to The Rider and Bruce as two different people when they very clearly are the same big fat fag.

RC: Be that as it may, both of them have reason to seek revenge on Doe and Cloverleaf this week at Scars and Stripes.

(As Doe heads down the ramp a roar from a motorcycle is hear from in back and suddenly a large hog bearing the Midnight Rider shots from the back as if ired from a canon.)

(Hearing the noise, Doe wheels around just in time to catch a nasty 40 mph lariat from his mysterious masked foe.)

DR: Oh my God, he’s trying to kill him.

RB: Or maybe just send a message to Cloverleaf

(The Rider lays his Hog down at ringside and charges up the ramp right at Doe, spearing him the gut just as he begins to rise. Rider then drags Doe back down the ramp before hurling him headfirst into the steel ring steps with a loud CLANG!)

RC: Ow! This is brutal.

(The Rider lays a couple boots into Does gut before heft him up into the air and slamming him back down on the Spanglish Announce Table. From there he climbs up onto the ring apron and prepares to leap off with a double ax-handle.)

DR: I can’t believe it. This big kook thinks he can fly?

(But as The Rider leaps, Doe manages to get a boot up just in time to catch his foe full in the face. The Rider goes down hard.)

(It takes a moment or so longer for Doe to catch his wind. But when he does he quickly pulls the Rider up and tosses him into the ring and the ref calls for the bell to officially start the match.)

(Once in the ring, both men are quickly back to their feet. The Midnight Rider rushes at Doe and they exchange stiff right hands. The Rider wins the punch out and tosses Doe to the ropes burying a knee into his foes midsection.)

(The Midnight Rider then pulls Doe to his feet and applies a tight Headlock.
The ref asks Doe if his gives, but the offer is quickly and definitively shaken off. Slowly Doe starts to work his way out of the headlock; but The Midnight Rider switches things up by driving his knee into Doe’s gut before scooping him up for a Big Body Slam.)

RB: Now that shook the ring.

RC: Ring nothing, R; that shook the entire room.

(The Midnight Rider rolls off of Doe before the ref starts his count and then quickly reapplies the headlock. He shouts something toward the top of the ramp about Ken Cloverleaf and cowardice as he cinches in the hold even tighter. But Doe manages to shift his body just enough to drape one boot over the bottom rope, forcing the ref to call for the break.)

(Doe drags himself to his feet on the ropes as The Midnight Rider continues to call for Cloverleaf to step out from the back. The, when he turns to Doe, he is suddenly met with a nasty Super Kick to the jaw.)

DR: That’s what you get for taking your eye off you foe, Bruce. Cloverleaf has more pressing matters than you.

RC: Don’t you mean Midnight Rider?

DR: I said what I meant.

(The Midnight Rider quickly rises but goes back to the mat just as quickly by way of a standing Drop Kick.)

(The Midnight Rider rises again, only to be felled again by another dropkick.)

RB: John Doe can get some serious air.

(Doe Irish Whips The Midnight Rider into the far corner and then charges right after. But The Rider manages to spin out of the way and Doe ends up with nothing more that a chest full of turnbuckle.)

(Doe staggers out of the corner and The Midnight Rider drops him with a sidewalk slam and the cover.)



RB: This could be...

Kick out!

(The Midnight Rider pulls Doe to his feet and whips him to the ropes. But Doe ducks under a Wicked Lariat on the rebound and comes off the ropes with Flying Forearm that just about introduces the masked man’s eye teeth to his molars.)

(The Midnight Rider staggers back to his feet only to fall victim to a Jumping Bulldog.)

(The Rider is back up once more only to go back down to a Running DDT.)

RC: Looks like John Doe has turned the tide of this match.

(Slowly The Midnight Rider rises once more. He sees Doe coming after him and manages to duck out of the way. Doe rebounds off the ropes and right into The Midnight Riders arms.)

(The Rider scoops him up and runs across the Ring before planting Doe into the canvas with....)

DR: The Gayvalanche!!!!

RC: Actually, I believe the Midnight Rider calls it the Texas Avalanche.

DR: I don’t care what he calls it, we all know what it is.

(The ref drops into position and starts his count.)




(The Rider suddenly rolls off of the fallen John Doe and slides out of the ring.)

(The shot quickly cuts to Commissioner Cloverleaf’s office. He slams his hand down on his desk.)

KC: Son of a *****!

(Ken gets up and exits his chair before turning around to run into…)


KC: What the hell? But you’re…

BGB: At the ring? Think again, Kenny…

(Bruce quickly lays into Cloverleaf, taking him out with several right hands.)


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Jun 9, 2004
[Cutting back from a promotional spot for the new First T-shirt, we're back on the broadcast team.]

DR: Well, after that match between Midnight Rider and John Doe, I think we're going to be in for a pretty big night of action here on UCW pay-per-view.

RC: I'm almost certain we will, I mean, the Elimination Chamber alone, those names in there, Dan Ryan, Joey Melton, IrishRed, some of the top names in the business today.

DR: Well, it's funny you should mention outsiders and gold, Bitterman, because on my program, it looks like we're about to be graced by the former LVW Champion.

[Cue up "The Beast and the Harlot," Avenged Sevenfold. The crowd is a little unsure at first at the theme song, but they explode once they see the figure coming out from the back.

Cowboy. Jimmy. Donovan.

Replete with the LVW World Heavyweight Championship slung around his shoulder, the Cowboy comes out to rampant cheers and panties thrown in his direction.]

RB: Oh man, this guy? Can't he just melt from all the STDs he's collected over the years?

RC: Bitterman, he passed his physical and is free and clear of any harmful, bloodborne pathogens. As any good patron of the whores knows, you gotta wrap your hot dog up before you stick it in the buns.

RB: Too much info, Captain Technical. Way to make sex seem so friggin' analytical.

DR: I don't know what you guys are yammering about. I don't care about the hookers, I'm just glad to see another World class wrestler sign with UCW. I mean, there was a bidding war over this guy.

RB: What, did we win out because Cloverleaf offered him the most bus money to Tijiuana and the name of a good lawyer?

RC: Much like you, Bitterman, I'm not privy to contract negotiations.

[Donovan grabs the mic from the ring announcer and taps it.]

JD: Well howdy there, Boston!

[Massive cheap pop!]

JD: Y'know, it's done been awhile since I been here. Hell, it's done been awhile since I been anywhere instead'a Vegas. I remember a time when it woulda violated my parole if I came here. But that was five years ago, an' now, I stand before you as the rootinest, tootinest, only Las Vegas Wrestlin' Champion ever!

Speakin' of which, I done been hearin' people talk about me gettin' here an' bein' the FORMER LVW Champion. That makes me crazier than a Mexican hooker. When did I done become a former Champion now?

RB: When LVW closed, you oversexed redneck!

JD: When did I ever lose this here title belt that I gots slung 'round my shoulder? The answer to that question is NEVER! As far as I'mma concerned, I'm STILL the LVW World Champion. Ain't no one pinned my shoulders to the mat... well, not in the rasslin' ring. In the bedroom, of course, but I done heard this programmin' was a little more family oriented, so I'll stop there.

DR: I guess he's got a point.

JD: But I ain't never lost this title, so as far as I'm concerned, I still is the LVW Champion. Now, Commissioner Cloverleaf may not be interested in sanctionin' no more defenses of this title. That's fine, because I didn't come here to disrespect Mr. Dones an' all the other folks who gave me a seventh chance! I didn't think they gave out no more chances, especially after that last time when I was booked on double counts of solicitin' an' beastiality.

RB: What the hell! This guy is sick.

RC: Hey, but the fans love him.

RB: Yeah, and several "fans" in Italy loved Mussolini at some point.

RC: Are you comparing a simple Southern wrestler who happens to like prostitutes to a brutal Italian fascist?

RB: Yes.

JD: So I ain't got nothin' but respect for them. I ain't gonna smear the legacy of LVW by bein' some rogue Champion. What I am gonna do though... well, let's just say I didn't come to UCW for the scenery. An' I sure as hell didn't come because I like Mr. Cloverleaf's company. There's only one thing that would make me leave my home in Vegas and travel on the road, where the hookers ain't so legal and I run the risk of gettin' carted off again. Y'all know what that is?

I came here to UNIFY the LVW and UCW World Championships!

[Massive pop!]

JD: An' that's what I'm gonna do! I ain't gonna lie. It ain't gonna be easy. Not with the six men who are in that new-fangled, fancy-schmancy Elimination Chamber. I mean, you gots Cameron Cruise...

[Lukewarm reaction, mostly face.]

JD: Jonathan Marx...

[Massive heel heat.]

JD: Danny Ryan...

[Heavy mixed reactions... you either love him or hate him.]

JD: Joey Melton...

[Same as Ryan.]

JD: The First...

[Massive face reaction.]

JD: ...or that IrishRed feller...

[Mostly heel heat for the Champion.]

JD: I'm comin' t'getcha, whoever it is comes out of that cage. I'm gonna do everything I can, even if I have to do the unthinkable and... *gulp* abstain from payin' ladies for sex. Dang it, I'll do it! You just watch! The Cowboy is comin' home on the range, and UCW ain't never gonna be the same!

[The fans pop huge again.]

RC: Wow! I can't believe it! Jimmy Donovan is finally here, and he's thrown the gauntlet down.

RB: No whores? Dammit, now how's he going to get carted off?

RC: Probably never, Cowboy Jimmy Dononvan is in UCW and he's here to stay! And we've got another huge UCW vs. MCW match coming up too, this one is going to be a six-person tag! Man, what a night!


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Jun 9, 2004
[The camera fades in on the backstage hallway, where Chris McMillan, Dakota Smith and Nakita Dahaka, a.k.a. Team MCW, is walking towards the entrance ramp. Collectively, they stop when they here shouting from behind them.]

VOICE: Guys, stop, wait up!

[The three turn around to see MCW Champion Bryan Storms, wearing an MCW t-shirt over his wrestling tights.]

CM: Yeah?

BS: Just wanted to wish you guys luck tonight. Go out there and bring this one home for MCW.

DS: Luck, like we need it!

ND: Exactly, these chumps won’t know what hit them.

BS: Just want you to know I’ve got your back. I’ve got my eyes on this one. Go get ‘em.

[Storms pats each one on the shoulder and hurries back to his locker room. The MCW trio turns around and heads back towards the main arena floor.]


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Jun 9, 2004
[CUEUP: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica as Team MCW make there way to the ring. SMITH, MCMILLIAN and DAHAKA wearing their standard ring outfits, only with sleeveless MCW T-Shirts on as well. The crowd boos the trio, except for the MCW fans in attendance.)

BELL: "The following contest is set for one fall and is a six person tag match...Introducing first...Representing MCW...The team of DAKOTA SMITH..."The Wolf" CHRIS MCMILLAN...And "the Dark Phenom" NAKITA DAHAKA!"

[More booing from the crowd as Team MCW enters the ring.]

RC: "And Team MCW is in the ring, we await the entrance of the defenders of UCW..."

DR: "Hopefully they will do better then we did in the US Title match as MCW has already claimed it's first gold in UCW."

[CUEUP: "We Right Here" by DMX as THE SERGEANT, KIN HIROSHI and FRANKIE SCOTT head to the ring, the crowd loudly cheering for them as walk quickly towards the ring.]

BELL: "And their opponents...Representing UCW! Here are THE SERGEANT! KIN HIROSHI!...And FRANKIE SCOTT!!" (Crowd cheers loudly as Team UCW enters the ring. Ref TIM HATHCOCK trying his best to keep the two teams apart.)

RC: "These two teams are ready to go here...(Bell rings) and we're getting started! It's McMillan Vs Scott to start and the two men lock up...Scott with a right hand to The Wolf, and another...He whips McMillan into the ropes...Clothesline ducked by The Wolf who comes back with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE of his own! Scott hits the mat hard!"

RB: "An excellent start for team UCW, is it to soon to surrender to our MCW overlords?"

RC: "Oh brother...McMillan pulls Scott to his feet and now whips him into the corner and charges into a BIG FOOT from Scott that staggers The Wolf...Scott tags in Hiroshi who now DRILLS McMillan with a couple of chops...The Wolf staggers back and gets to his corner and tags in Smith who locks up with Hiroshi...He pushes Hiroshi to a corner and now pops him with a right hand! Another one! Hiroshi HIPTOSSED violently out of the corner and he's trying to get up, and he gets BLASTED by a dropkick from Smith!"

RB: "We're all frauds! Total frauds I tell you...MCW has exposed this company for the sham it is...It's over!"

RC: "Will you calm down?!"

RB: "I will when this company quits sucking and starts beating these guys!"

RC: "Smith now throws Hiroshi into the MCW corner and tags in Dahaka who hammers away on Hiroshi with a series of stomps and now bashes his head into the turnbuckle...She whips Hiroshi into the ropes and OH WOW! Dahaka just DECKS Hiroshi with a spinning back fist!"

RB: "Even their women are beating our men, please MCW call off the attack, we surrender!"

DR: "Dahaka is a highly regarded wrestler no matter if she's fighting men or women Bitterman, she's no someone to take lightly!"

RC: "Dahaka now pulls Hiroshi back to the MCW corner and tags in McMillan...McMillan with a knee to Hiroshi's gut and another...He's got him locked in a front headlock...Hiroshi fighting to his feet and now trying to get to his corner to make the tag...The crowd cheering him on...and he's tagged in Sarge! Wait the ref said he didn't see it!"

RB: "Bah! Now the ref's on MCW's side! This is an outrage!"

RC: "Sarge is having none of it and he's unloading on The Wolf! Sarge with a series of rights and a SHORT-ARM CLOTHESLINE DECKS THE WOLF! Now Scott's in the ring and it's breaking down!"

RB: "Finally UCW showing a little fight!"

RC: "Scott and Dahaka spill to the floor trading shots...The Sarge catches The Wolf with a POWERSLAM...He's yelling at Hiroshi to make the cover!"



RC: "NO! The Wolf kicks out...Hiroshi getting back up, and gets BULLDOGGED to the mat by Smith! The Sarge now with a running clothesline on Smith and both men spill to the floor!"

DR: "The ref has clearly let a lot go here as he knows the fans want to see a winner here!"

RC: "The Wolf and Hiroshi getting up...Hiroshi with a superkick...Sidestepped by The Wolf who DRILLS Hiroshi with one of his own! He scoops him up quickly...THE KILL!! HE NAILED THAT SIT OUT TOMBSTONE!! The cover!"




RC: "He got him! The Wolf has won this one for MCW"

DR: "MCW now successful in both matches they've fought tonight!"

RB: "This is how it felt to watch Rome fall..."

BELL: "Here is your winners, Chris McMillan, Dakota Smith and Nakita Dahaka...TEAM MCW!!!"

(Crowd boos, except for a the MCW fans who are cheering.)

RC: "MCW's team has done it...And now look at this...The new UCW US champion Bryan Storms is out here...He's calling for a beatdown on the already battered Team UCW!"

RB: "They have no mercy! They are relentless, I remember the days when UCW was young and hungry, but now we're being torn apart by a leaner, more determined opponent!"

RC: "Will you STOP?! The Sarge and Scott have just been beaten with chairs...And now Hiroshi is picked up by Dahaka...Storms now holding up the US title...Oh what an insult he's about to use our company's own gold as a weapon against us."

RB: "I pledge full loyality to our MCW overlords!"

RC: "WAIT! NO! He just BLASTED Dahaka with that belt...And now a belt shot on Smith! And now one for the Wolf...Storms running team MCW out of the ring, what is he doing?!"

RB: "He just grabbed a mic, hopefully he'll explain himself."

[Storms, cheers rained down upon him by the UCW faithful, scattered with boos from the pro-MCW crowd, requests a microphone. He takes a hold of it roughly, and leans against the far ropes, facing the camera.]

STORMS: Do you three like how that felt?

Did you like how that felt, Jalen? Well, I sure hope so. Because I’ve felt the same damn thing every single day since you decided too take the money, close down MCW, and go into your little hole while using us as pawns in your pointless little “war” with UCW.

Let me tell you a little story, Jalen. A year ago, I was completely burnt out. Hooked on drugs, out partying every night, blowing every bit of my father’s money I could get my hands on by buying stupid, frivolous things that did nothing but leave me flat broke, my career gone, my life basically destroyed. That’s the world I was in twelve months ago. But, I improved myself. I got clean, I got back into shape, and I made a solemn promise to myself that I would not go into that downward spiral again.

I swore that I would do whatever was necessary to bring myself back and to keep myself clean and sober. So, I threw myself into wrestling like never before. It became my life, and I got an opportunity, a great opportunity with MCW. I dedicated myself to help make MCW one of the top wrestling promotions on the planet, and along with men like Chris McMillan, I helped build something pretty damn special.

[Storms pauses for a moment as the MCW contingent in the crowd continues to boo.]

BS: Hell, I even won myself a World Championship, something twelve months ago not one man on the planet would have told you was a remote possibility.

But then, when I had reached my highest point, when I was right on top of the world, you betrayed me. You betrayed all of us, Jalen. You took the money, you ran away. It was you Jalen, you and nobody else who destroyed what the men who worked for you had built. Because it wasn’t your hard work that made MCW, Jalen. It was ours. I didn’t see you fighting in that ring every night, putting your body and soul on the line. No, you just signed the checks, smiled for the camera, and took home a whole boatload of cash, while we gave our blood, sweat and tears to earn you that money.

And you left us, Jalen, left us with nothing but a directive to come here, to UCW, and “take over”.

How is that supposed to make us feel, Jalen? I know how I felt, how I still feel.

Betrayed. Which is exactly how I hope you felt when you saw what I did to the three people who are still your good little MCW soldiers. Because I’m not one of them anymore. I’m done being your corporate puppet, your poster boy. I’m still the MCW World Champion and I’ll carry that accomplish proudly, but after that, there’s no more.

I’m not Jalen Latham’s toy anymore. I’m not his PR stunt. I’m Bryan Storms, and I’m my own f***ing man now. I’m the MCW World Champion, but as of this moment, I can call a brand new company my home.

Bryan Storms is…OFFICIALLY… U….C….W.

[UCW crowd explodes with cheers.]

BS: As of tonight, the invasion is officially over, and the Bryan Storms era in Ultimate Championship Wrestling has begun.

So who’s the puppet now, Jalen?

[CUE UP: “Pressure Point” by The Zutons as Storms tosses the mic to the floor and leaves the ring, soaking in the fans cheers.]


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
(The cameras suddenly shoot to a shot of a bar sign in the middle of downtown.)

(“The Blue Oyster” reads the sign.)

(Suddenly, the camera cuts to inside the bar. We see Commissioner Cloverleaf with his head lying on the bar. His eyes open and he quickly tries to figure out where he’s at. He quickly turns to the man next to him and taps him on the shoulder.)

KC: What am I doing here?

(The man simply looks at him with a grin on his face. He then turns back around without answering Commissioner Cloverleaf. Cloverleaf then screams out.)

KC: Where the hell has this queer taken me?

(Suddenly, everyone in the bar turns to look at Commissioner Cloverleaf. Ken looks around before noticing that everyone in the bar is a male. Suddenly, they all close in on him and Ken curls up.)

KC: What? What did I say?

(The biggest man of all finally leans in with a very savage look on his face. Cloverleaf cringes as the man gets right up in his face. The man stares at him for a minute before finally…kissing him on the cheek.)

(Cloverleaf jumps up and makes a beeline for the door.)

KC: That son of a *****!


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
(Slow, methodic music plays. Flash bulbs emanate from all around the arena. The fans’ cheers rage throughout the Fleet Center as the Elimination Chamber slowly makes its way down from the rafters and securely fitting around the ring. Once fully in position, the ring crew quickly slides into place as they finish securing the structure to the steel ring posts.)

RC: Ladies and gentlemen, coming up next is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. For weeks, we’ve been awaiting the presence of this Elimination Chamber that Ken Cloverleaf has decided to put his employees inside of. And now, the moment has finally arrived.

DR: However, Ken Cloverleaf’s six original combatants will not be able to participate, thanks to the very rude introduction of “The Phenom” Shawn Hart earlier here tonight!

RC: You are very correct, Doctor. Shawn Hart came from out of nowhere and brutally attacked “Gentleman” Jonathan Marx, leaving him in horrible shape and unable to compete.

RB: And let’s not forget the guy was already delirious. I mean, he predicted the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl this year!

RC: Folks, it appears as though we won’t have an update on Marx’s condition here tonight, but we will do our very best to get you that word as soon as the next Revolution goes on the air. But, as our ring crew continues to lock down this daunting structure of steel and wire, what are your predictions for this match guys?

DR: This is quite possibly the hardest match I’ve ever had to judge. Five absolutely amazing athletes are stepping into that ring, which is surrounded by pure steel. On one hand, you have Joey Melton, whose experience has to help him out.

RC: But Dan Ryan’s size has to play into effect here. He’s way bigger than any of these men in this match and if he gets a good enough draw, he could very easily stay fresh and keep himself from absorbing major blows into that steel.

DR: Excellent point, Rich. But the illusiveness of a guy like The First could also play into his favor. If guys like Dan Ryan can’t catch him, The First will be able to stay fresh simply by staying away from everyone else.

RC: Rob? What’s your take?

RB: Dan Ryan.

RC: Any analysis to that pick?

RB: He’s the best in the match? No one else comes close to his physicality? What do you want from me, Cruise?

RC: My apologies, Rob. Folks, it appears as though the Elimination Chamber is secure. We’re about to blow the roof off the Fleet Center!

(“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day hits as the crowd pops HUGE. The First, wearing his same Mad Hatter outfit as before, strolls down the walkway. The First gets on the apron and throws his hair back and raises his arms, getting another big pop from the crowd!)

RC: Guys, what are the former champion’s chances here tonight?

RB: Absolutely great. You could tell that he has been psyched up for this match all week. He’s itching for a chance to prove that he should have never lost this title in the first place, and I think he’s planning on proving that here tonight.

(The First makes his way over to a holding cell, where the ref secures him into place.)

("I Need A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler brings a chorus of boos over the crowd. Joey Melton makes his way from behind the curtain, leading to an overwhelming sound of distaste.)

RC: Well, these fans certainly aren’t behind Joey Melton.

RB: Because they’re idiots. Joey Melton is the best thing to happen to this company.

RC: Yeah, just ask him.

(Melton makes his way down the walkway and to the Chamber. He shoots a stare at The First before giving him a smile. The referee then leads him to a holding cell and secures him into place.)

DR: This Joey Melton is content with himself, isn’t he?

RC: I don’t believe there are many more that are.

RB: Because he’s a legend, you ‘tards. There’s a reason he thinks he’s one of the best. He is!

(Bad Company’s “Bad Company” blares throughout the arena, leaving some of the boos in the arena to turn into cheers. As the music starts, red and green pinpoint spots crisscross the arena and track Irishred as he walks down the walkway, UCW Title over his shoulder. Green cloverleaf spots on the center of the ring as Irishred enters the Chamber. He stands with his head back and closed fists touching each other in front of his chest. When he spreads his arms wide the cloverleaf turns to red. The "Red-Heads" of course goes crazy at this point.)

RC: Folks, what you are about to witness is one of the most grueling and treacherous matches you will ever see in the sport of professional wrestling.

DR: Absolutely right, Rich. And once Irishred finishes handing over that UCW Title, we will be that much closer to beginning this hell on earth match-up.

(Red slowly pulls the belt off his shoulder as he hands it over to the referee. He holds onto it until the last of his fingertips brush the gold. The ref then makes his way to the Elimination Chamber door and hands the belt over to the timekeeper. He, too, makes his way to a cell before allowing the ref to lock him in.)

("Fire It Up" by Black Label Society hits over the PA and the crowd rises to their feet. Cameron Cruise makes his way from behind the curtain, playing to the crowd as they continue to get louder while he walks down the walkway.)

RC: Here comes Cameron Cruise now. Is it just me, or was he more vocal this week?

DR: You are indeed right, Rich. We heard a lot from Cameron Cruise this week, and I would have to say that the shot at the World Title is enough to get anyone amped up for their match.

RB: Amped or not, Cameron Cruise will be lucky to walk out of this match, period. Let alone with the UCW Title.

("Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins blares throughout the arena.)

(Thunderous crowd pop)

(CUT TO: 'Ego Buster' flashes across the screen in rapid contrasting black and white. CUT TO: Dan Ryan gorrilla presses Kevin Powers from inside the ring to the floor below. CUT TO: The word "YOU" flashes on the screen. CUT TO: Dan Ryan throws 'Living Legend' Mark Windham from the second level of Key Arena down to the first level. CUT TO: the word "ARE". CUT TO: Dan Ryan clotheslines 'Cocky' Craig Miles, nearly taking his head off. CUT TO: the word "BUSTED" CUT TO: rapid shots of Dan Ryan pulverizing opponents with the Humility Bomb, a last ride power bomb landing high angle on the neck.)

(Ryan walks down to ringside as pyro erupts along the walkway beside him. He rattles the Elimination Chamber to check its stability. He then climbs in and through the ropes and climbs a corner turnbuckle and simply glares through the sunglasses into the crowd.)

RB: Can anyone say “champion”?

RC: I certainly can, but I can’t call Dan Ryan that just yet. He still has four other men to go through before we can say that.

RB: Four men that stand no chance. Except, maybe, Joey Melton. But I doubt that even Melton can slow down Dan Ryan when the UCW Title is on the line.

(Referee Tim Hathcock makes his way to center ring as he stands between Ryan and Cruise. He holds his arms out toward each of them before bringing them to his chest and calling for the match to officially begin!)

RC: Here we go folks! Strap on your seatbelts! It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

(Dan Ryan looks across the ring to Cruise. He gives a smirk to him as he mouths a few words.)

DR: Well, there is no love lost between these two. That is for certain. They have more than their fair share of history here and it’s quite ironic that this match is going to start with just them in the ring together for five minutes.

RB: And it’s also a shame, because Dan Ryan is going to have to rip off Cameron Cruise’s face to get this match started!

RC: Here we go! There’s a collar and elbow tie-up! Ryan quickly gets the advantage and nails Cruise with a knee to the midsection. There’s an Irish whip across the ring…

DR: Big clothesline by Ryan! He damn near took Cruise’s head off with that shot!

RB: Like I said he was going to do!

RC: Ryan bounces off the ropes and now drops a leg across Cruise’s throat! Nice legdrop there! Pin by Ryan…



DR: And a kickout! Ryan already getting a near-fall here in the early going.

RC: Ryan reaches down and pulls Cruise back up to his feet. Several stiff right hands by Ryan as he backs Cruise into the corner. Ryan reaches back…

DR: Knife-edge chop! That one stung all the way down here!

RC: And another! The fans are loving it as they “Whoo!” along with the chops!

DR: And now Ryan backs out of the corner. Cruise stumbles his way to the middle of the ring…

RC: Nice hip toss by Ryan!

DR: Dan Ryan is really taking it to Cruise here in the early going.

RB: As everyone out there could have already told you he would, Ross.

RC: Cruise is slowly trying to get to his feet, but Ryan is going to help him out with that. He pulls Cruise up once more and now drills him with a stiff forearm shot to the jaw! And there’s another as Ryan backs Cruise up into the ropes for yet another shot with that devastating forearm! Ryan now locks Cruise in a waistlock…

DR: Big belly-to-belly suplex there by Ryan!

RC: And now Ryan is walking over to Red’s chamber and mocking him with that motion of the belt going around his waist!

RB: Come on Dan! There’ll be plenty of time to do that after you defeat Red at the end of the night! Get rid of this pantywaist Cruise now!

RC: Well, it looks like Ryan is going to follow your instructions here, Rob. He makes his way over and pulls Cruise up one more time.

DR: No! Cruise with a fist to the midsection! And another! Ryan is doubled over!

RC: Big European uppercut there by Cruise! He bounces off the ropes…

DR: Oh my! Big sidewalk slam by Ryan as he reverses the move on Cruise! And now Cameron Cruise is right back to square one.

RC: Ryan gets to his feet. And now he drops an elbow across Cruise’s chest! And another! He goes for a pin…



But Cruise kicks out!

DR: Well, it looks like there might be a little bit of frustration on Dan Ryan’s part. But he’s going to try and keep his cool. He pulls Cruise up one more time.

RC: And now he nails him with a kick to the midsection! And now he pulls him into a standing headscissors…

(Suddenly, the lights begin to strobe. Each of the three chambers illuminate one by one. Irishred, The First, Joey Melton… The question continues to loom as the lights begin to slow down. Finally, we see the final three ticks of light…)


(The First…)


(The lights come back up and Melton’s chamber door opens. Melton simply steps out of the chamber and looks across the ring at Ryan, who still has Cruise in the standing headscissors. He quickly pushes Cruise to the side as he and Melton step to the middle of the ring.)

RC: Ladies and gentlemen, we may have to secure down the roof. I’m not sure if that ring, or this building for that matter, is big enough to hold these two egos as they step face to face in the middle of that ring!

DR: The war of words has begun, Rich! These two are no strangers to the ring, and they are damn certain of what each other is capable of. Based on experience alone, you have to think the road to the UCW Title runs right through one of these two men here tonight!

RC: Look out Doc! The fists are flying now! Rights and lefts are coming from all over the middle of that ring as Dan Ryan and Joey Melton are absolutely obliterating one another for a shot at the biggest prize in this company!

DR: Ryan gains the advantage as he backs Melton up and into the corner. Another right hand assures Ryan that Melton is out of it for the moment as he gives him an Irish whip across the ring…

RC: But Melton reverses! Ryan goes crashing into the corner!

DR: And now Melton follows in with a big clothesline! Ryan stumbles out of the corner…

RC: And a bulldog by Melton! Big momentum shift for Dan Ryan here!

DR: Cruise is now back up and making his way to Melton. There’s a right by Cruise…

RC: But Melton blocks it! Melton lays into Cruise with rights of his own! He backs Cruise into the ropes. There’s an Irish whip…

DR: Big back body drop by Melton as Cruise goes flying through the air! Joey Melton has been in this match for a little over a minute and he’s already tearing up the competition!

RB: He’s fresh, Ross. Just let him get as worn down as Dan Ryan is. Then, we’ll see a burial.

RC: Melton makes his way over to the fallen Cruise and pulls him to his feet. And there’s a big knife-edge chop by Melton!

DR: Oh my! Melton just grabbed Cruise by the back of the head and drove his face right into that chamber that The First is currently occupying!

RB: That’s going to mess up his dental records.

RC: Melton better watch out here. Dan Ryan is slowly coming up behind him.

DR: Inverted atomic drop! Melton turned around just in time and really caught Ryan with that move out of nowhere!

RC: Melton quickly stays on the attack as he bounces off the far ropes…

DR: Big clothesline and down goes Ryan!

RC: And now Melton is heading toward the outside portion of this elimination chamber where Cameron Cruise is trying to regain his bearings.

DR: Cruise has really taken a lot of punishment so far in this match, and I’m not sure if he’ll be able to last that much longer.

RC: Well, Melton reaches down and picks him up. He now places his hand behind Cruise’s head…

DR: And again he rams Cruise head-first into an object! This time, it was that steel that is shrouding the ring for this match!

RC: And don’t look now, but Cruise is busted open. Parents, now may be the time to put the children to bed.

DR: Cruise is busted wide open here and this can’t bode well for him. The more blood he loses, the less capable he is going to be of staying in this match.

RC: And Melton is trying to make sure that he loses a lot of it as he locks him in a front face lock here.

DR: DDT onto the steel! Cameron Cruise was just planted there! He is not making a lot of movement as Melton looks up with a sinister look on his face!

RC: Melton makes his way back into the ring now, where Dan Ryan is once again making his way to his feet, albeit with help from the ropes. Melton quickly approaches and nails Ryan with several stiff rights as The Ego Buster tries to regain his bearings.

DR: But Joey Melton continues to stick those rights into Ryan’s head! He is looking absolutely relentless here tonight!

RC: Melton drives those fists. Here’s a big drawback…

DR: But Ryan ducks it! Back body drop over the top rope and to the steel on the outside of the ring!

RB: The fatigue could be setting in! Now is Dan Ryan’s time to shine!

RC: Ryan takes a minute as he pulls himself back up to a complete vertical base. He now exits the ring and grabs hold of Melton.

DR: And he drives Melton face-first into that steel! And again!

RC: Melton collapses to the steel as Ryan continues to try and take out one of the most decorated men this sport has ever seen.

DR: Nice scoop slam there by Ryan as he continues to use this steel structure to his advantage! Joey Melton might be wishing that he would have stayed on the other side of the ring with Cameron Cruise right about now.

RB: I’m wishing that too because he’s wasting valuable energy that Dan Ryan could be using to celebrate his victory after this match!

RC: Well, Ryan is certainly not going to even attempt to show any signs of fatigue here as he pulls Melton to his feet and now gives him a hard whip into one of those empty chambers! Melton bounces off holding his head…

DR: Spinebuster! NO!

RC: Oh my! Dan Ryan lifted Joey Melton up for that spinebuster, but Melton almost instinctively seeing what was happening grabbed hold of Ryan and brought him to the canvas with him for a DDT onto the steel! Both men are down here!

DR: Well, there are no count-outs in this match. Only pinfalls and submissions will get you eliminated from this world title match. However, pinfalls and submissions seem far from happening here as two of the current competitors are down and the other is barely pulling himself to his feet on the other side of the ring!

RC: All eyes are on these three men now as they engage in this foot race back to a vertical base. The man that manages that could very well be the first to eliminate an opponent from this match!

DR: And even that isn’t for certain, because it looks like Cameron Cruise is to his feet, but he still has a long way to travel given all the punishment he has endured so far in this match!

RC: But, Ryan and Melton are slowly using those ropes to get back up here. The tension in this building is amazing right now! You could cut it with a knife! Melton is up! Ryan is almost there…

DR: Look out! Cameron Cruise just came from out of nowhere and dove over the top rope right into both Melton and Ryan! All three men crashed right into the steel structure as they went flying!

RC: And now we’re stuck at the standstill again! Who is going to get up first?

(Suddenly, the lights begin to strobe again and the fans roar with anticipation. Each of the two chambers illuminate one by one. Irishred, The First … The question continues to loom as the lights begin to slow down. Finally, we see the final ticks of light…)


(The First…)



(The lights come back up and The First’s chamber door opens. He quickly flings it open and looks to take advantage of the situation.)

RC: The First is the next man in this match! And he is wasting no time as he quickly springs out of that chamber!

DR: But what the hell is he doing, Rich? He’s not heading over to the heap of fallen competitors!

RC: I’m not sure, Doc. Instead, he has run right over to Irishred’s chamber, which is right BESIDE of the other competitors. I can’t fathom what he’s going to do now.

DR: Well, he’s mocking Irishred. Look out! He’s climbing up the side of the chamber! He’s up on top of it! He’s looking down at Irishred!

RC: What the hell is going to do?

DR: A HUGE senton bomb right onto the three men who were already laid out on the outside of the ring! The First has just come in, and quite possibly, eliminated three of the other men in this competition!

RC: I don’t believe what I’ve just seen here! The First has been locked inside that cell for damn near fifteen minutes and yet, he comes in like he’s been feeling this match the whole time and simply obliterates all three of the other men in this match!

RB: This man is a freak! I don’t know what the hell drives him, but he has been in this match for less than 30 seconds and he’s already trying to kill everybody… including himself!

DR: Well guys, The First is obviously not that hurt. He is easily the first man back to his feet here, albeit a little slow. He reaches down and pulls a competitor out of the pile.

RC: And it’s Joey Melton! First throws Melton into the ring. Several nice knife-edge chops by The First as he backs Melton into the ropes. There’s an Irish whip. First hits the opposite ropes…

DR: Big time flying forearm smash by The First!

RC: And now he’s already back up! He grabs Melton in a double leg wishbone…

DR: And the double leg drop to the groin! It’s all legal here in the Elimination Chamber!

RC: First is still refusing to stop on Melton here! He quickly bounces off the ropes again…

DR: But Melton reverses with a drop toe hold! The First just smashed his face right into the canvas there!

RC: Melton is slowly pulling himself to his feet here as he is doing his damndest to stop this offense by The First! Melton settles into the ropes. But here comes The First…

DR: Backbreaker by Melton! That took a lot out of him, but The First is down in the middle of the ring! Can Melton capitalize?

RC: He slowly moves to the fallen First. He grabs a leg…

RB: Wrap it up for The First here! This one is as good as done once Melton gets this locked in!

RC: Melton steps over for that figure four leglock…

DR: But The First kicks him off! Melton bounces into the ropes…

RC: First is back up! Kick to the midsection! Front facelock…

DR: Twist of Fate! Beautiful corkscrew cutter there by The First! He makes the pin…




TB: Ladies and gentlemen… Joey Melton has been eliminated from this match!

DR: I don’t believe it! We have our first elimination of the night, and it’s Joey Melton! The First really came in attacking in this match, and he’s already managed to eliminate one of the four men in his way of that UCW Title.

RC: And if he’s lucky, Dan Ryan is going to proceed with what he’s just got started on the outside of the ring! He is rubbing Cameron Cruise’s already bloody face all over that steel structure!

DR: Dan Ryan is certainly looking to reestablish himself after that brutal attack by The First, and unfortunately for Cameron Cruise, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

RC: Ryan pulls Cruise away from the steel and now locks him in a rear waistlock…

DR: Oh my God! Cameron Cruise just went flying over Dan Ryan’s head and right THROUGH one of the plexiglass chambers! Cruise is in a heap inside that chamber and Dan Ryan is absolutely loving the carnage he’s just inflicted!

RC: Look at Ryan just smiling as he stares at the dissipated Cruise!

RB: Dan Ryan impresses even himself sometimes.

RC: Well, we might need some help out here for Cameron Cruise. He is absolutely motionless inside that cell and Ryan can’t do anything but laugh!

DR: Look out! The First just came from out of nowhere, hopped onto the top rope and nailed Ryan with a flying clothesline! Both men go spilling to the steel on the outside!

RC: And now the only man standing is the UCW Champion, Irishred and that’s only because he hasn’t entered the match yet!

DR: This match has done exactly what it was designed to do, beat and bloody whoever enters. Cruise is a bloody heap. Ryan is still trickling blood after that DDT from Melton. The First is just crazy and sure to break a bone or something before this match is over. Irishred might win because the other three can no longer compete!

RC: But that UCW Title means too much to the man who was the first to ever hold it. The First is now pulling himself to his feet!

RB: Can we kick this guy out of the match? He’s going to really hurt the soon-to-be champion, Dan Ryan!

RC: That’s what it’s all about, Rob. Make sure no one is able to walk out of there but you. The First has already gotten rid of one man, three more to go in his mind.

DR: Absolutely right, Rich. And The First is getting ready to continue that now.

RC: He pulls Ryan up and to his feet. There’s a right hand by The First! And another!

DR: Ryan throws a right…

RC: But The First ducks it! Big back body drop by The First that sends Ryan up and over the top rope! The First quickly pulls himself to the top rope…

DR: 450 Splash!

RC: But Ryan gets the legs up! The First just came crashing down right onto Ryan’s legs and now both men are down as we once again see a standstill!

(Suddenly, the lights begin to strobe again and the fans roar with anticipation. Each of the four chambers illuminate one by one. The question no longer looms as the lights begin to slow down. Finally, we see the final ticks of light…)


(The champion’s door opens and Irishred makes his way from behind the plexiglass. He looks over to Cruise, who is barely moving. He then looks to The First, who is clutching his torso. He lastly looks to Ryan, who is clutching the ropes as he makes his way to a knee. Red then charges.)

RC: Look out! The flame between Red and Ryan has done nothing but absolutely ignite since they both signed UCW contracts! Ryan has always seemed to be one step ahead of the champ, but now Red has his cleanest shot at Ryan since they’ve been in UCW! Red is absolutely pounding on Ryan here!

DR: And Ryan is defenseless! He can’t even catch up to all these blows from Irishred!

RC: Rights and lefts fly from all directions as Irishred is REALLY laying into Dan Ryan here!

DR: Red backs Ryan into the corner. There’s an Irish whip. Running knee smash into Ryan’s midsection!

RC: And Ryan is reeling here. He stumbles out of the corner and Red steps in behind him…

DR: Bad Company! Irishred sneaks in and nails Ryan with that fallaway pumphandle slam! Red goes for the cover…



Kickout by Ryan!

RC: Wow! Hard to believe that Dan Ryan was able to kick out there!

RB: Are you kidding? Irishred couldn’t knock out Ryan if Roy Jones helped him throw the punch!

RC: Well, Irishred isn’t happy, but he’s going to stay on the attack here…

DR: Look out! The First comes flying from off the screen and nails Red in the back with a forearm! The champ curls to his knees!

RC: And now The First is taking the offense on the champ. He pulls Red back up to his feet.

DR: Big Russian leg sweep by The First! And now he takes it into a roll-up!



Kickout by Red!

RC: Close call there! We could have already known that we were going to have a new champion there!

RB: We already know that, Cruise. It’s just a matter of time before Dan Ryan takes out these other morons.

RC: Well, Dan Ryan is just now getting back to his feet, so I can’t really think that’s a good assumption right now, Rob.

RB: It will be Cruise. And then you’ll be cleaning my car for weeks.

RC: Why would I do that?

RB: Because you lost the bet.

RC: What bet?

RB: Oh, so now you’re just going to back out?

RC: I don’t remember any bet!

RB: Whatever. We’ll take that as your way of saying that you know Dan Ryan is going to win this match.

RC: Folks, back to the action. The First has decided to make his way to the top rope again and I can’t help but wonder where he’s going to go with this.

DR: Apparently nowhere! Dan Ryan has sniffed him out!

RC: But The First quickly leaps up onto one of the empty cells!

RB: That’s not going to stop The Ego Buster!

RC: Ryan climbs the ropes to catch The First…

DR: But The First begins to climb the side of the Elimination Chamber! He’s actually above the cells here!

RC: Well, that looks to be enough for Dan Ryan here. He’s going to make his way back down and to the fallen Cruise, rather than chase The First all over this dome.

DR: But what is The First going to do from that dome?

RB: Who cares? He can’t jump from there. Let’s get back to the important stuff like Dan Ryan demolishing these other idiots.

RC: As you wish, Rob. Ryan pulls Cruise up and now slams him face-first into that steel again! And Cruise isn’t even moving! Can we just get him out of there?

RB: In due time, Cruise. Ryan must first punish him for trying to combat him.

RC: Well, Ryan is certainly doing that as he now tosses Cruise back over the ropes and into the ring. Ryan picks him up. There’s a standing headscissors…

DR: Big snap powerbomb by Ryan! There’s a pin…



Kickout by Cruise!

RC: Wow! How did Cruise kick out of that?

RB: Stupidity?

RC: I might have to agree with you on that one, Rob. I think I would just give up at this point. But Cruise does not, and now Ryan pulls him back up again. There’s a whip across the ring…

DR: Powerslam! Ryan holds for the pin…



And another kickout by Cruise!

RC: Dan Ryan is starting to seem a bit angered now. He gets back to his feet. He now charges the ropes…

DR: Springboard legdrop!

RC: NO! Cruise managed to roll out of the way! Ryan just got a rear full of canvas!

DR: And here comes the champ! He rushes into Ryan and nails him with a clothesline! He pulls Ryan up and nails him with several rights as he backs him into the ropes…

RC: And a clothesline over the top rope and to the steel! Red turns back into the ring…

DR: Oh my God! The smack from that superkick echoed throughout the entire arena! Guys in the shower heard Irishred’s face meet Cameron Cruise’s boot right there! The champ could be out cold!

RC: Cruise seems to have new life here! He reaches down and grabs the champ. Knife-edge chops back him into the ropes. There’s an Irish whip…

DR: HUGE dropkick by Cruise! Red stumbles back into the ropes again. He bounces back…

RC: Belly-to-belly suplex by Cruise! He is on fire here!

RB: Get back in there and stop him Dan! None of these other numbskulls can do anything!

RC: Cruise quickly heads to the outside here. He pulls himself to the top rope. He’s waiting on Red to get back up…

DR: Missile dropkick by Cruise! The champ is reeling and Cameron Cruise is in control here!

RC: Cruise perches again. What could he be waiting on now?

DR: Red is very slow to his feet, but Cruise is obviously setting up for something big.

RC: Red is almost up…yes! He steps towards Cruise…

DR: Reality Check! Cameron Cruise just nailed Irishred with the Reality Check! There’s a pin…




RC: NO! What the hell is going on? Dan Ryan just broke up a pin that would have put him one man closer to the UCW Championship! Irishred is still alive here!

RB: Ryan is not going to let ANYONE but himself defeat Irishred here tonight. He has a point to prove, and he’s certainly not going to let Cameron Cruise be the one that eliminates the champ!

RC: It would have been a three man match if Ryan would have just let the pin stand, but we’re still at four here!

DR: But now Cruise is laying into Dan Ryan with rights! He backs The Ego Buster into the ropes.

RC: Cruise is not going to slow down! He whips Ryan across the ring. He goes for a leap frog…

DR: But Ryan catches him in mid-air! HUGE spinebuster as “The Crippler” goes down hard!

RC: Cruise bounces around holding that back. Ryan back to his feet. He makes his way over to Cruise. Kick to the midsection…

DR: The Humility Bomb! Dan Ryan just planted Cameron Cruise with that Humility Bomb!

RB: Good night, Cammy!




RC: NO! Cruise kicked out! I don’t believe this! Has ANYONE ever kicked out of the Humility Bomb?

RB: No one with brains! This only means that Dan Ryan must inflict more pain!

RC: Ryan back up and he quickly pulls Cruise right back into that standing headscissors. He lifts…

DR: And down goes Cruise again to another Humility Bomb! There’s the pin…




TB: Ladies and gentlemen, Cameron Cruise has been eliminated from this match!

RC: Folks, I don’t believe what I just saw. Great showing from Cameron Cruise here and now we’re…

DR: Mafioso Perfecto! Irishred just came out of nowhere and nailed the slowly rising Dan Ryan with that move that we haven’t seen in quite some time! HUGE fireman’s carry into a fisherman’s suplex!

RC: But Red might have knocked his head! He can’t hold for the pin…


(Crowd chants: HOL-Y ****! HOL-Y ****!)


RC: How the hell did he even get up there? Let alone turn into that leg drop!

DR: He must have been climbing and perched since Ryan chased him up the side of the dome! The First has broken not only himself but also Dan Ryan! Irishred is the only man in the ring that is even moving and he’s barely doing so after hitting his head on that Mafioso Perfecto!

(As the three men lie on the mat, the replay airs, showing The First dangling by his arms from the top of the dome. He then curls his body and releases, flipping into that Harlem Hangover. The chants continue from the crowd.)

RC: I cannot believe what that replay just showed us! The First IS crazy!

DR: Don’t look now! Irishred has managed to pull himself to the fallen Ryan…




TB: Ladies and gentlemen, Dan Ryan has been eliminated from this match!

RB: What? NO!

RC: No reason to be upset with Ryan’s performance. He was just completely obliterated with that move! He might be shelved for a while after that one!

DR: But look at the opportunity here, Rich! Red is still slow, but he doesn’t have far to go to get to The First, who still isn’t moving!

RC: Indeed, Doc. In fact, he’s already there! Red throws himself onto The First. There’s the leg hook…




DR: NO! The First kicked out!

RC: How the hell did he do that? He just took a damn near 20 foot fall and he still managed to kick out of pin? Folks, if the microwave just dinged, the popcorn will have to cool because you are about to see the culmination of quite possibly the greatest match we have ever seen here in UCW!

RB: What the hell are these people doing popping popcorn now anyway? They probably already missed that crazy ass The First anyway!

DR: Regardless, we are in store for the most exciting moment we’ve ever had here in UCW. The First. Irishred. Just like so many times before! They’re going to have to go one-on-one to decide the true UCW Champion!

RC: And fortunately for Irishred, he is the one that is up and on his feet. He pulls The First up with him and nails him with several stiff rights as he backs him into the corner. He reaches down and places The First on the top rope…

DR: Whipping Post! Irishred just nailed The First with that piledriver from the top rope! That could very well do it! All Red has to do is make the cover!

RC: But he’s not doing that, Doc! He’s going back up to the top rope!

RB: I can’t watch this anymore…

RC: Red is up and First is down! What the hell is he going to do?

DR: Cold Shot!

RC: NO! The First rolled out of the way! Irishred just got a knee full of canvas! This match is still going on!

DR: Irishred is down and clutching that knee! The First is clutching the ring ropes as he tries to pull himself back up to his feet!

RC: We’ve got another foot race as one can only speculate how this one will continue!

DR: Both men are up!

RC: Red charges at The First. There’s a right…

DR: But The First ducks the blow! Back body drop over the top rope and to the steel!

RC: And now The First is slowly making his way to the outside. He pulls Red up…

DR: But Red swings another right! The First ducks…

RC: Sit-out jawbreaker by The First! Red is down! The First makes his way to the dome again. What’s he going to do now?

DR: Oh my! The First just connected on a moonsault from that steel dome! He makes the cover…



Kickout! Holy crap! I can’t believe the champ just kicked out of that one!

RC: Well, pinfalls count anywhere inside the chamber, as long as it is a pinfall. The First tried to use that to his advantage there, but Irishred was able to make the kick out.

DR: How much more can these two endure here?

RC: Well, The First is pulling Red up again. Apparently, they still have some fight in them. The First with a kick to the midsection…

DR: But Red catches his foot! The First has nowhere to go!

RC: But The First twists around and manages to catch Irishred right in the chest with that reverse mule kick! Irishred goes tumbling through the ropes!

RB: This is absolutely amazing. I cannot believe these men have taken the punishment they have and are still going.

RC: The First slowly makes his way to the corner. He ascends the ropes again. He rises to his feet…

DR: Guillotine leg drop! Right across the throat of Irishred! That should do it! There’s the pin…




RC: Irishred kicks out! I don’t believe this! Near-falls all over the place as these two go back and forth here! Neither of these men will stop until they are declared champion!

DR: And The First is getting frustrated! He POUNDS that fist into the mat.

RC: This match is going to come down to who makes a mistake, and neither has done so yet.

DR: The First gets back up again. He pulls Red with him.

RC: Knife-edge chops as The First backs Red into the ropes. There’s an Irish whip…

DR: But Red reverses it! The First hits the ropes… HUGE clothesline by Irishred!

RC: Red hits his knees as The First hits his back!

RB: Somebody end this thing!

RC: Wait a second! What is the champion doing?

DR: He’s fumbling around with something. What is that?

RC: It’s a set of brass knuckles! The champion snuck a foreign object in this Elimination Chamber!

RB: But it’s legal in this match, Cruise.

RC: No lie there, Rob. Red can use those as he wishes. He waits for The First to get back to his feet. The First is up! Red draws back…

DR: But The First ducks the blow! The First hits the ropes…

RC: Spinning heel kick! The First dodged a bullet there, but now he must capitalize. And he is slow to his feet…

DR: But he does get up. He pulls Red up also.

RC: But there’s a kick to the midsection! The First doubles over!

DR: And that leaves him wide open for that shot with those knucks! The First has been instantly split open here! There is blood all over the ring already, and now The First is adding to it!

(MASSIVE heat for Irishred.)

RC: And listen to these fans! They are not happy with their champion right now!

RB: But Irishred doesn’t care! Win at all costs and walk away with that belt! Look at him soaking it all in!

RC: Red makes his way to the bloody First. He picks him up in that double leg wishbone…

DR: Freebird! Can he flip it over?

RC: The First is fighting with all his might as Irishred is trying like hell to get this moved flipped over and end this match!

DR: Red twists…

RC: But The First twists also! There was TOO much momentum for Red there and it ended up sending him right to the mat!

DR: And Irishred’s face really connected with the mat there! He’s shaking the cobwebs loose.

RC: But The First is up and hits the ropes!

DR: Inescapable Torment! The First with that Oklahoma Roll…




RC: NO! Irishred kicked out! The champ is still alive!

DR: The First can’t believe it!

RC: But he’s not going to slow down! He knows he has Irishred where he wants him! The First pulls Red back up again.

DR: But there’s a fist to the midsection! And another! Irishred nails The First with a kick to the midsection…

RC: Fisherman’s suplex-NO! The First slipped out! Irishred needs to turn around…

DR: Edge-O-Matic! The First just grabbed Irishred right under the chin and dropped him back with that Edge-O-Matic! The First needs to take advantage!

RB: But he’s going to waste time instead!

RC: Well, The First makes his way up the ropes…

DR: And now to the top of that cell! He sizes up Irishred…

RC: Cut the Threat! The First just nailed that Cut the Threat again! He slowly crawls to fallen Irishred! He throws the arm over…




TB: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner… and NEW UCW CHAMPION… THE FIRST!!!

RC: Oh my God! I do not believe it! The First has taken back the UCW Title! What a match we have just witnessed!

DR: Couldn’t have said it better myself, Rich! All five of these men gave their absolute best in an attempt to do what The First has just done! By far the greatest showing we have seen yet here in the UCW!

RB: I’m speechless. Even I can’t deny how The First pulled through in this match.

RC: Rob Bitterman speechless? I don’t believe that either! Folks, this place is rocking! As the Elimination Chamber slowly rises, these fans continue to shower not only The First, but each of these competitors that we saw here tonight!

DR: What a pay-per-view, Rich! How much more could we have seen here tonight?

RC: We couldn’t have, Doc! Folks, that’s going to do it for us here at Scars and Stripes! We were happy to have you, and we can’t wait until Revolution! Thank you for joining and we hope you enjoyed everything! For Rob Bitterman and “The Doctor” Doug Ross, I’m Rich Cruise signing off! Good night everyone!

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