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UCW's November 18th Revolution!


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Jun 9, 2004
(The Ultra-tron lights up as we’re brought back stage with Jerry Jenkins who’s looking awfully excited standing in front of the UCW backdrop)

JERRY JENKINS: Ladies and Gentlemen do we have a show for you tonight here on REEEEEEEVOOOOOOOOLUUUUUUUUUUTION!!

I’m Jay-Jay and standing beside me is none other than the American Hero, Mr. Incredible!

(The arena pops with cheers as the camera man turns and we see Mr. Incredible standing in his signature suit and tie while the American Flag drapes over his shoulder)

JJ: I have to tell you Mr. Incredible, the UCW front office has been getting a lot of messages and fan mail lately in regards to what transpired last week, and I have to ask...

Why did you not only accept Adam Benjamin’s challenge, but initiate one yourself, by challenging Adam Benjamin to a UCW Survivor Match? And is last week’s events just a prelude to what’s to come at the Pay-per-view?

MR. INCREDIBLE: If by events Jay-Jay, you’re referring to that slimey Adam Benjamin’s actions of spitting in my face and then attempting to play head games with me last week as he walked off without giving an answer to my proposal… then hell yes there should be an uproar of messages and mail, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from the UCW fans to be showing the front office just how they feel about it.

And the fact of the matter is Benjamin, when the thought of actually manning up and accepting my challenge crossed your mind, you decided to take the low road and disrespect me yet again on national television when you spit in my face.

(Mr. Incredible looks deep into the camera as he points to the crowd)

MR. I: That mistake you made will cost you dearly, because you didn’t just spit in my face Benjamin, you spit in the face of every hard working man, woman and child that calls America their home. All these people here, all these fans, every single one of them felt it as your saliva dripped down my off my mask, not only that but it was a direct insult to this (Incredible points to the American Flag draped over his shoulder) and everything it stands for… and that brotha I cannot let stand.

(Incredible turns his focus back on Jay Jay)

MR. I: So you see Jay Jay, the people are speaking, their calling their shots, they want –no they demand – that justice be served, and god damn it I’m going to give them just that!

JJ: Good show! But first 2 more questions… who’s on the guest list for tonight’s “Incredible Knows Best” show? And what are your thoughts on Adam Benjamin and his World Title shot against The First tonight LIVE on REVOLUTION!

(Just before Mr. Incredible can give an answer there’s a large pop like a light bulb shattering as Mr. Incredible crumbles to the ground)

JJ: Holy Mother Mary you just broke open Mr. Incredible with a Light Tube! Are you insane?

(Out from corner of the camera Adam Benjamin is seen standing over Mr. Incredible’s body as he snickers. Benjamin grabs the microphone from Jay Jay and pushes him out of the way just as he leans down over top of Mr. Incredible)

ADAM BENJAMIN: I bet you didn’t see that one coming old man. Just like how your feeble mind can’t even comprehend the fact that I’m going to break you in half at our match during the Pay-per-view. I’ll have you begging me to stop the match.

(Benjamin looks irritated as he taps the microphone on the back of Mr. Incredible’s head)

BENJAMIN: I thought I told you my answer last week, I can’t help it if it was in the form of Yours Truly’s saliva. But since you need a direct answer, then here it is.

YES, I accept your challenge and you better believe that this little incident right here is just the frosting off the cake compared to what I’ll do to you.

(Benjamin reaches down and grabs the American Flag as he wipes up the blood that is pouring out from Mr. Incredible’s mask)

BENJAMIN: Do you see this Incredible? Do you see your precious flag and what I’m doing?

(Benjamin pulls back Incredible’s head so he can see Benjamin holding the blood stained flag before him)

BENJAMIN: This is what happens when you cross paths with Adam Benjamin. This is what happens when you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, and now not only will you suffer but the very thing you hold so dear to you must suffer as well

You like to claim that you’re the symbol of this country, that no one can beat you as long as these fans stand behind you…

You know why you act so courageous, because you think you have nothing to lose. Well you’re wrong! You have your pride, and when I’m through with you, I’ll have squeezed the last drop of it from your pathetic patriotic body, even if that means that I have to make the ‘infamous’ Mr. Incredible bleed until the ring canvas is colored red, white and blue. The red being your blood, the white being the spots of dry ring canvas symbolizing your failure, and the blue will be your limp unconscious body lying helpless as I stand victorious over you.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP to win.

(Benjamin slams Incredible’s face down into the broken glass as he walks off carrying the blood stained American Flag with him, leaving Jay Jay to watch over Mr. I.)

JJ: We’ll be right back folks, don’t go anywhere.

(Out of Character) Someone get a paramedic!! I have a wrestler down!!! It’s going to be ok Mr. Incredible, help will be here.

(The crowd goes silent as the look on)

JJ: For Christ sakes, turn off that camera!!!

(Camera fades into the UCW logo)


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Jun 9, 2004
Marilyn Manson’s “Fight Song” brings the already raucous crowd to their feet as UCW comes onto the airwaves. As usual, Rich Cruise, Rob Bitterman, and “The Doctor” Doug Ross welcome everyone to the venue as they prepare everyone for what promises to be a HUGE night for UCW as they continue on the road to Night of the Legends II.

The action gets right underway, as the United States Title is on the line as the new champion, Bryan Storms gets set to take on his former MCW comrade, Dakota Smith. Smith enters the ring with a lot of passion in his eyes as he stares down Storms in hopes of not only winning back the title, but taking back a little respect for MCW.

The two lock up and Storms manages to catch the early momentum, bringing the UCW fans to their feet. He works over Smith with a few amateur holds before he takes things to the next level with a DDT. Storms makes the quick cover and gets a nearfall, but Smith kicks out at two.

Storms pulls his opponent back to a vertical base, laying several shots into him as he tries to keep the intensity high. Storms then whips Smith into the ropes, looking for a hurricanrana, but Smith manages to use his size to his advantage and powerbomb the United States Champion into the mat.

After a small rest spot, the crowd’s intensity begins to drain as Smith picks up the momentum in the match. Smith uses his extra 45 pounds the best way he can, immobilizing the smaller Storms and keeping him in several stall moves, such as a well-executed bear hug and a sleeper hold that almost sees Storms pass out.

However, Storms regains the advantage by pounding his way out of the sleeper hold and nailing Smith with a flying forearm off the ropes. They take another short rest spot before Storms regains the momentum and quickly hits his opponent with a nice Samoan Drop. Storms perches and waits for Smith to wobble back to his feet, only to catch him in a rear waistlock, followed by a German suplex that Storms bridges for a two-count.

Storms’ frustration fills his face as he pulls his opponent up again. He then grabs Smith in a waistlock, looking for a Northern Lights Suplex, but Smith manages to wiggle free and chickenwing Storms into an MP5. Smith quickly pulls Storms up one more time and whips him into the ropes before hitting him with the elbow/clothesline combo that he likes to call Crash. Smith then pulls Storms up into a standing headscissors before making his way to the ropes and nailing him with the 336. Smith then makes the cover and walks away with the victory and the United States Title.

Winner and NEW UCW United States Champion: Dakota Smith


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Jun 9, 2004
(As the smoke from the huge pyrotechnic display begins to clear. We find Jalen Latham standing in the center of the ring wearing his trademark pinstripe suit with a mic in his hand as UCW Revolution is officially on the air. Latham looks all business in the ring but this time he is at least more smiles after what he did to Bryan Storms last week on Revolution as confidence beams off of him like the sun. Lets go down to the ring.)

Latham: "Last week on Revolution, you heard my words on the UCWtron. Bryan Storms was the first, and he won't be the last. The MCW Finale showed me one thing that there are wrestlers within my company that aren't ready for the MCW to die. Last week was the start. I took what I had and basically it was good thing because those two people were more than enough. It won't stop with that. I will not rest until the MCW is flourishing again. I will not rest until it is the UCW that is nothing more than just a faded memory. I am doing everything in my power to reverse what has transpired. It wasn't easy as I had to negotiate for two people I had said just two weeks prior were only in this business for themselves and there was no way they could carry the MCW banner. But after meeting with them I was able to strike up a deal...a partnership if you want to call that to aid me in my cause. What is this cause you might ask? Simple, to make sure that the UCW are the ones that meet their fate. MCW is not ready to die. I am not ready to lay down and die. I will not rest until Revolution holds the ceremonial colors and waves the banner proudly of the MCW high in the air. I will not rest until it is you fans that will be chanting the letters loudly and in one accord week in and week out; eM Cee Dubba...eM Cee Dubba...eM Cee Dubba...eM Cee Dubba! Now allow me to bring to you the very group of elites that will help usher in the new MCW and completely obliterate any memory of the UCW. She is the new dominate face of sports entertainment. She is the Harbenger and incarnate of all that will come to pass. He is the young hottest rising star, the Epitome of Defiance, Rob Franklin, and 'The Dark Phenom' Nakita Dahaka. They are the Fallen Angels Terrorizing Earth or what you will inevitably face alltogether. They are F.A.T.E."

(The main arena lights dim, almost to the point of going completely out. Then the darkness is replaced with deep blood red red very fast seizure causing stroblights that fill the arena. Music queue up: the beginning intro rifts and beats of "Weapons of Mass Distortion" by Crystal Method. A lone spotlight dangles overhead as "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka and "FTO Champion" Rob Franklin steps out from behind the black curtain to a massive chorus of boos and jeers from the crowd. Their managers, Delilah Demonik and Pieske follow behind them. They walk down the aisle as the arena crowd shows their utter distain for them. Nakita just walks focused but like she is enjoying the boos all-to-much rellishing in their hatred. Rob Franklin mouths off and even threatens a few fans along the aisle as he passes by them. They all slide into the ring in their own way. Nakita walks over to the side of the ring and demands for a microphone which they give her one. Franklin and Nakita both shake the hand of Jalen Latham in the center of the ring. The red stroblights shut off as the main lights come back on. Weapons of Mass Distortion fades out.)

RC: "I actually have to ask, I wonder who is the devil here and who signed their life away to the other?"

RB: "Yeah is it Latham or Nakita Dahaka because god she is one scarry...and I'm not completely the rest of this sentense for the sake of the little children watching at home."

Nakita Dahaka: "Thank you Jalen Lathem. You I didn't contridict myself, but at the same time I see the bigger picture way more clearly than all of you could. That's why we have partnered and aligned ourselves with Mr. Lathem. We are not corporate lackies."

RC: That's what you think."

Dahaka: "What Lathem presented us is in the best interest...and in the long run it will benefit us. The rewards that we reap for wiping the UCW off of the face of the earth will be more than great. Considering the UCW as nothing more than just a forgetten memory after we're done with it and you have raised the MCW colors high in the air. You see, if it wasn't for Jalen Lathem, I would still be blackballed in exile floating around from high school gymnasium to bingo hall hoping to make ends meat. It was him that saw me for what I was, what I am now, and what I will be. It is for that I am greatful. It is for that why I felt that I could return the favor. It is for that I will see the UCW burn into a pile of ashes and then I take a squat and piss on what's left of them."

Lathem: "Thank you Nakita, and as a show of my good faith, I have a gift for the both of you...

Lathem: "However, that gift will not be revealed. For I have managed to infiltrate the ranks. These UCW morons have no idea what is about to hit them.

But the key is patience. And then, when the time is right, I will unleash this terror on the UCW. And then, MCW will be free to roam about this place as the superior wrestling brand.

DR: What the hell is he talking about?

RC: I'm not too sure.

Lathem: I also have another signing in the works that Mr. Cloverleaf thinks he may have in his back pocket. However, I tend to think that this "biggest free agent out there" will soon see the light that MCW is showing him.

RC: "This is an huge turn of events and a great shock. But it looks like that F.A.T.E and now with Jalen Latham are unstoppable. What will become of the UCW?"

RB: "Will it suffer the the proclaimed fate as Latham has forecasted. We'll just have to wait and see, but this is one group that has all the power right now."

Latham: "Nakita, Rob just continue what you have been doing and you will get more than what I have done for you right now."

(Nakita turns and faces Latham, they shake hands tightly and firmly in center of the ring. Latham then raises both Nakita and Rob Franklin's hand high in the air as the members of F.A.T.E. and Jalem Latham stand united in the center while everyone boos them.)

RC: "We'll be back with our first match after these messages."

Fade to Commerical


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Jun 9, 2004
This next match is a hardcore rules match. I just don’t see how this bodes well for Frankie Scott. For God’s sake Irishred barely can control his violent streak in a normal match. How the hell can anyone hope to survive when he is allowed to cut loose?

If you would kindly get your lips off Irishred’s ass I think you are severely discounting the talent that Frankie Scott brings to the ring. The young man has competed all over the world for some of the biggest federations and won bigger matches then this. Just because the match is hardcore rules doesn’t mean that Frankie has to wrestle Hardcore.

Listen morons, Irishred will do whatever it takes to get HIS belt back. He has made that abundantly clear. Frankie Scott is just the first in line to be dismantled as Red works his way back to the top. He put this damn federation on the map, he has formed it in his image and now he is going to start enforcing that rule with an iron fist.

Let’s get to the action. Both men are face to face in the middle of the ring trash talking. Oh…big slap by Red followed by an equally big slap by Scott. The two men are forehead to forehead before they lock up and jockey for position around the ring until Red gets a clean break.

Red knocks Scott down with a punch to the throat and gets a quick pinfall attempt that Scott immediately kicks out of before actually taking over with a hip toss and a headlock.

A “Let’s Go Red” chant starts as he gets on top of Frankie and spins around on top of him amateur style…almost too just say “yes, I can wrestle you as well. This will be easy”. Red slaps the back of Frankie’s head and lets him up with a cocky smile on his face.

What arrogance by The former champ.

Frankie gets up and unloads with right hands and Red bails immediately. Frankie comes flying out with a baseball slide and throws the challenger into the steel guard rail a few times. A fan hands Irishred a chair as he slumps over the steel guard rail. Frankie charges forward and is met right between the eyes with a brutal chair shot.

Frankie is cut open folks. It’s a gusher.

As Frankie slumps to the ground Irishred jumps back into the ring chair in hand. Red runs to the opposite ropes…

OH MY GOD!! Irishred just flew over the top rope with the chair in front of him and nailed Frankie Scott just as he was rising. My God that was insane.

Red follows suit and drop toe holds Frankie into the steel steps. Red stoops down and wipes a palm across the bloody forehead of Frankie. He then paints his chest with the blood of his opponent.

That man is sick. For God’s sake that isn’t necessary!

Red goes under the ring and pulls out a table. He sets the table up at ringside as the crowd rises to their feet. Red lays boots and fists into Frankie before he places him on the table and heads onto the 2nd rope, but somehow Frankie gets off the table and goes back into the ring. Red jumps off onto Scott with a double axe handle and follows it up with a clothesline and a knee lift as Scott’s blood flies all over the mat.

A small “Frankie” chant breaks out and Red leans over the ropes and grabs the chair he used earlier. He props the chair open in the ring. Red whips Frankie into the ropes and he gets the drop toe hold into the chair for a cover…



Red pulls Frankie up!

What the hell?

Red is serving notice men. He will not be taken lightly. This man is on a mission. He warned everyone. This is only going to get uglier.

Red drives his knee into Scott’s back repeatedly before putting on a reverse chin lock. Raven starts punching Frankie in his open wound before applying a sleeper hold to try and cut the blood flow even more.

Another “Red” chant starts up by the crowd as Frankie gets to his feet and gets a jawbreaker to get some separation.

Frankie Scott showing a lot of heart here.

Frankie goes for a Diamond Cutter, but Red shoves him off. Frankie rebounds off the ropes and comes back with right hands and a clothesline as he seems to have gotten a second wind!

Frankie makes a huge mistake by playing to the crowd and Red takes advantage and goes for the Bad Company, but Frankie gets an enziguiri. Scott rolls Red up after a catapult in the corner, but Red rolls through to his feet bounces off the ropes and comes back with a superkick!!

After an Irish whip by Scott he hits a Belly to Belly Suplex out of NO WHERE into a cover…


and Red kicks out!

That didn’t elicit much of a reaction by the crowd for some reason.

I’ll tell you the reason you brain dead twit! These people love Irishred. They long for what Irishred gives them. They need Irishred!

Red gets up and connects with Bad Company for the cover…



NO! The crowd sure reacted for that one.

Red and Frankie get up…and Red sends Scott over the top to the floor with a Cactus Clothesline! Red places Scott back on the table at ringside and perches himself on the 2nd turnbuckle.

It’s time for Irishred to fly!

Red comes off the top with an elbow, putting Frankie Scott through the table!

Look at Red. He is standing over his fallen opponent. He is showing up the young man. He is doing all he can to humiliate him. The man has no class.

Red drags Frankie back into the ring and hits Bad Company once again!



NO! Irishred has lifted Scott up again! What a sadistic ass!

Irishred pulls the almost unconscious Frankie Scott to his feet and drags him out onto the apron.

What the hell is he up to now?

Irishred raises Frankie Scott up over his head…he hold him there and then falls backwards. Frankie Scott lands across the steel barrier.

I think Irishred just killed Frankie Scott!

Red throws Scott over his shoulder and climbs the steps. He then takes Frankie up the turnbuckles and to the top rope.

This could be it men. I think…yes…Irishred is setting up Scott for The Whipping Post.

Irishred nails Scott with his piledriver from the top rope. Red nonchalantly covers Scott.




Irishred wins this hardcore match up. What a brutal beating Frankie Scott just took. What an absolute ass whipping!

It was sick is what it was. Red needs to get it through his head that he is NOT going to win the belt by crippling the roster.

He doesn’t care idiot. He is going to prove to everyone that he is the most dangerous man in wrestling. Ken Cloverleaf had best take notice before Red destroys his whole damn roster.

We’ll be right back folks. We need to give the EMT’s a chance to tend to Frankie Scott.


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Jun 9, 2004
(Fade in: Jalen Latham walking the halls backstage with a cell phone in hand.)

Jalen: Of course I saw it last week! I think the whole world saw it. Did we figure out who it is?


Jalen: He contacted us? You’re serious... it’s really him?


Jalen: Well, go check how our finances are doing after MCW Finale and the payout to all of the competitors. We need to put some money on the table and make this all worth his time.


Jalen: You had better sign him, pal. If you don’t, then a lot of momentum could switch into Cloverleaf’s favor in a heartbeat. I’ve got to go catch the match with Nakita and Rob now... catch you later.

(He flips his phone closed. Fade out.)


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Jun 9, 2004
RC: We’re back from commercial break and as you can already plainly see, Shawn Hart is already in the ring and ready for action.

RB: This matchup has got to be the most interesting one of the night.

DR: That’s putting it mildly.

(“Bat Country” by Avenged Sevenhold blares over the sound system. Flashing red strobe lights move from the entrance across the crowd, and out comes “Cowboy” James Donovan.)

RC: Here he comes... the crazy cowboy himself. After all of the trouble he has had in the past, I don’t know why he is outside of the relatively legal confines of Las Vegas, Nevada, but I’m sure he’s got his head in the game and ready for action.

RB: Oh, he’s ready for action... only it’s the type of action you pay for...

RC: ... if you are a wrestling loving fan!

RB: No, I’m talking the receiving of services from a woman-type of action.

RC: God, I hope our time delay is catching all of this....

(Donovan enters the ring and plays to the crowd a little.)

RB: Hart looks remarkably calm through this whole opening sequence. It’s as if he doesn’t perceive Donovan as much of a threat.

DR: I don’t know what else you expected from Hart. The guy is notoriously calm and maybe even a little overconfident in every match.

(Both men are ready and the bell rings.)

RC: Hart and Donovan circling each other as the match begins. They lock up... Donovan sends Hart to the mat with an arm drag!

DR: Shawn Hart is quick to his feet.

RB: And he’s staring calmly back at The Cowboy. I’m telling you, he’s got this one in the bag.

RC: Another lock up.

RB: Hart’s pressing the advantage...

RC: Oh! (laughs) Another arm drag by Donovan. Even though he’s having difficulty, he has a smile on his face! This is really something to watch.

DR: I think he’s just trying to play mind games with Donovan. It doesn’t seem to be working though.

(He gets back up to his feet but this time Donovan presses the attack.)

RC: Irish Whip and Hart goes down with a shoulder block. He’s back up and this time runs the ropes to attempt his own shoulder block but he goes down this time, too.

RB: Come on Shawn, stop playing with the Cowboy. Get your offense going!

DR: I think that’s what he’s been trying to do since the beginning...

(Hart picks himself up off the mat and locks up with Donovan.)

RC: Another lockup and this time it’s Hart with the offense... he sends Donovan into the ropes.

(Hart ducks for an attempted back body drop.)

RC: SUNSET FLIP! Donovan rolls Hart...



(Hart manages to continue the roll into a pinning combination.)

RB: Yes! This is what I’m talking about!



(Hart with a handful of tights, hanging on for dear life...)


Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match by pinfall... SHAWN HART!!!!!

RC: I can’t believe it! The ref is just going to let that one fly?

RB: You can’t fault a wrestler for that which you do not see. He wasn’t caught so technically it’s all legal.

RC: Give me a break!

(Donovan stares up wide-eyed at Hart who is laughing and strutting around the ring.)

DR: Donovan doesn’t even know what to do. He’s in shock.

RB: Not my boy, though. He was confident from the very beginning.

RC: Somebody needs to take care of this...

(There is a commotion in the crowd and out of nowhere someone steps into the ring and lays Shawn Hart out with a chair shot.)

RC: OH! It looks like somebody just did!


(Marx stands over the fallen Hart. Meanwhile, a very amused James Donovan exits the ring with a huge smile on his face.)

RC: Look at Marx kicking Hart while he’s down. He’s thoroughly enjoying a little payback on Hart for what he did to him a few weeks back.

RB: A few weeks back? No way! That was ancient history. I don’t have any idea why in the world Marx would want to bring up the past!

RC: Folks, we have to take a commercial break but when we come back we’ve got more action than anybody can shake a stick at! Don’t go away!
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Jun 9, 2004
(Ken Cloverleaf pops up on the Ultra-tron with a very wide smile on his face. He sits behind his desk as he begins to reveal his message.)

KC: Ladies and gentlemen, UCW fans alike…

I, Ken Cloverleaf, come to you bearing excellent news.

As the greatest authority figure in wrestling history, I have made yet another astonishing acquisition.

This acquisition is going to be one that will absolutely rock the wrestling world and send UCW sky-rocketing into the forefront as the premier wrestling company in the world.

Now, that crackpot Jalen Lathem will try to tell you that he has a stock in this man, but it is official. There will be no debate about it, because this man is very much UCW.

So without further adieu, it gives me great joy to announce my signing of…

(Suddenly, a man pops into the screen. His size is very respectable, but he still runs within the six and a half foot range.)

KC: What the hell are you doing here?

(The figure continues to progress, and we see him donning a pair of boxing gloves with the fingers cut out. We then zoom up to the face to see that it is none other than “His Freshness”, Jogi Fresh!)

JF: I heard you were making an announcement about your latest signing, so I figured I’d stop by to make it official.

KC: Make what official?

JF: My signing.

KC: You’re not my announcement! Who the hell told you about this?

JF: Jalen Lathem. You know, he’s really not as bad as you make him out to be.

KC: Lathem!

JF: Yeah, and he sent you a message. Something about not counting your roosters? Or was it cocks…

KC: Chickens?

JF: Yes!

KC: Jogi…

JF: Yeah, Commish?

KC: Get out.

(Jogi looks puzzled, but turns to the door and makes his way out as Cloverleaf leans on his desk with his head down.)


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Jun 9, 2004
RC: Folks, what a night this has already been here on Revolution!

DR: Absolutely right, Rich. We’ve seen more than our fair share of action here tonight, and I’m sure it’s only going to get better as the UCW Title is on the line in our main event!

RC: Adam Benjamin and The First really went at each other this week on the UCW Network, and I can’t wait to see what they do once they get inside the ring tonight.

(Pyro erupts and B.G. Bruce rides down the ramp on his Hog with his valet/hair dresser/life partner Estaban astride the bike behind him)

RB: Did you guys say that the night was going to get gayer?

RC: I don’t believe we did, but it is certainly about to, Rob.

DR: For those of you who missed the show last week, you are not hallucinating, that IS BG Bruce. Commissioner Cloverleaf reinstated him last week and set him up in this, this…handicap match!

RC: It was a diabolical move by our commissioner, but he has done nothing but show his distaste for BG Bruce over these past few months.

DR: And to make matters even worse, the handicap match is against two legends in this business!

RB: Absolutely right, Ross. I wouldn’t wish Dan Ryan and Joey Melton on my worst enemies. But apparently, Commissioner Cloverleaf would.

RC: Well, Bruce and Estaban are ready. We just need the other half of this match to make their way out here.

(“Zero” by the Smashing Pumpkins hits and the crowd fills with boos. Patiently, they await the arrival of Dan Ryan, but The Ego Buster does not protrude from behind the curtains.)

RC: Where the hell is Dan Ryan, guys?

DR: I don’t know, Rich. “Zero” has always brought Dan Ryan right out to the ring, but for some reason, he isn’t responding right now.

(The Ultra-tron comes to life and we see BOTH Dan Ryan and Joey Melton lying on the concrete in the back.)

RC: What the hell is this? Dan Ryan and Joey Melton have been assaulted in the back of the arena here! And is that a lead pipe?

DR: I believe there is also a crowbar there too, Rich! Someone has maliciously attacked Melton and Ryan here! Who would do this?

(On cue, the camera pans up to show first the feet, then the legs, then the torso. Everything seems to become clear… the former UCW Champion, Irishred.)

RC: What the hell? Why has Irishred attacked Joey Melton and Dan Ryan?

RB: He’s obviously jealous because of what happened in the Elimination Chamber.

RC: But Irishred lasted longer than either of these men! He has no reason to be jealous!

(The camera zooms into Red’s face as he begins to speak.)

IR: What you see here is not a favor to BG Bruce.

Nor is it a shot at our beloved Commissioner.

What you see here is a statement.

A statement that I, as former champion of this company, am making very clear for everyone to hear.

Irishred is no longer playing games here in UCW.

I came here to obtain gold and hold onto that gold.

But since I lost what is rightfully mine, it seems as though everyone wants to throw me to the waste side.

Well, let me tell you what…

Through Frankie Scott the past two weeks and through Mr. Ryan and Mr. Melton here tonight, Irishred is taking matters into his own hands.

Irishred is going to regain UCW gold. And if Commissioner Cloverleaf doesn’t do anything about it, I will…

(Red walks off camera as the camera pans back down to show the fallen Ryan and Melton again.)


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Jun 9, 2004
(Bruce and Estaban are backstage after their “victory”.)

Estaban: So, one and OH as a tag team, not bad for a debut.

BGB: Yeah, but you can be certain that Cloverleaf isn’t going to take this win in stride.

Estaban: What do you think is going to happen?

BGB: I’m not sure, but I’m going to get to him next week before he can get to us.

(Bruce strays off as Estaban looks on intrigued.)


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Jun 9, 2004
RC: Next up, we have a tag team match that is shaping into an intense rivalry. It will be the MCW team of Nakita Dahaka and Rob Franklin squaring off against the duo of Sarge and Cameron Cruise.

DR: It’s always going to be intense when you have UCW and MCW doing battle.

RB: The problem with this match right off the bat is that MCW is taking on a hungry UCW team; A team that is looking to make an example. Before, it seemed that UCW didn’t really think of MCW as a threat. MCW isn’t much of a threat, but then again everybody should know that by now.

RC: I’m not so sure about that. MCW has been gaining momentum for quite some time. We here at UCW would do well to take notice.

(The lights go completely out, only to be replaced with red lighting across the arena and black lighting at the stage entrance. “Gently” by Slipknot cues up over the arena sound system and a video montage of Nakita Dahaka executing numerous high flying moves on various opponents flows in sync with the song.)

(A thick fog rolls in from the stage and down the ramp. A lone spotlight hovers directly over one single spot on the stage floor. A ring of fire surrounds the trapdoor. It opens and raises Nakita Dahaka and Rob Franklin. Pieske and Delilah Demonik appear at the entrance way directly behind them.)

(Nakita cracks as she mentally prepares for the match. Rob pats the FTO belt that is slung over his right shoulder. Both head down the ramp to a chorus of boos. Pieske and Delilah are right behind them.)

RC: Did you see the look that Delilah gave Pieske? It was revulsion in its purest form.

RB (laughing): Did you see the look that Pieske gave Delilah? It was lust in its purest form.

RC: It looks like it’s going to be four-on-two tonight with a distinct MCW advantage.

RB: I still don’t understand why some of our locker room doesn’t just come out here and wipe the mat with MCW. This whole thing could be over with in a couple of seconds.

DR: You know, I thought about that a couple of times, too. But if that was the case, would Cloverleaf really need to be digging into the free agent bag to find some heavy hitter that nobody knows about?

(“We Right Here” by DMX blares over the arena sound system.)

RC: Listen to this reaction! The crowd is on its feet for the combat tested and mother approved rookie!

(The Sergeant appears at the entrance way, but pauses, motioning for his music to stop.)

RB: Is jarhead planning to make another challenge this week? Doesn’t he have enough on his plate with these two, Dakota Smith, Bryan Storms, and last but definitely not least, the former UCW Heavyweight Champ Irishred?

(Sarge doesn’t ask for a microphone. Instead, “Fire It Up” by Black Label Society blares over the arena sound system. Cameron Cruise appears on the entrance ramp and Sarge drops to both knees and points with both hands at Cruise.)

RC: What a class act. According to Cruise earlier this week, he and Sarge have squared off before. He testified to Sarge’s abilities, and it looks like Sarge is taking the opportunity to return the favor.

RB: Oh whatever! Sarge has such a hard time focusing on the task at hand. Sometimes I wish he was MCW just so I could boo his rookie ass.

DR: I don’t know what you’re talking about. The Sergeant is one of the most focused and hard working individuals in wrestling today.

(Both men are on their feet and making their way down to ringside. Once in the ring, they both begin stretching out to get ready for the match.)

RC: Nakita and Rob with the underhanded sneak attack!

(Nakita and Rob come from behind with double axe handle blows to the back of Sarge and Cruise.)

RB: You gotta feel for a group of people who outnumber you four to two and still has to conduct a sneak attack to stay ahead.

DR: I really think that all it boils down to is that they are trying to make a statement. MCW has had a rough month or so. A lot is riding on how well people like Dahaka and Franklin perform.

(The referee separates the group and it will be Sarge and Rob Franklin starting out.)

RC: Franklin is wasting no time. He’s taking it to Sergeant. A couple of stiff lefts and rights and a snap mare. He’s working on Sarge’s neck in that chin lock.

DR: The crowd is showing their disapproval.

RB: At least the crowd and I agree on one thing... MCW sucks.

RC: Amazingly enough, there are a few pro-MCW signs in the audience. Over time, some in the UCW crowd have been won over by the upstarts.

RB: Bah! I think they are all MCW plants. That’s the only logical explanation.

(Franklin transitions into a side headlock and moves over to the corner to make a tag. Dahaka steps into the ring and, with Franklin holding up Sarge’s arm up, gives a stiff kick in Sarge’s ribcage.)

RC: Oh! Sarge is doubled over in pain!

RB: Cruise looks none-to-happy on the sidelines. You know he wants to come in and clean house!

(Dahaka looks over at Cruise and motions for him to step in the ring. Cruise steps through the ropes but is cut off by the referee. Meanwhile, Dahaka rolls Sarge to the outside where Pieske is waiting to inflict some punishment.)

RC: Cruise needs to get over there and help his partner out because that 400-plus pound pervert is about to crush him!

(At that, Pieske comes crashing down on the rookie.)


(The crowd makes an audible sigh.)

RC: Pieske is slow to get up, but the referee seems oblivious.

RB: This is an outrage! I want this ref investigated. He’s got to be on the payroll of Jalen Latham, too.

(Franklin drops down to the floor and rolls Sarge into the ring. The referee reprimands him and he backs away with his hands in the air as if to say that he did nothing wrong.)

RC: Dahaka goes for the cover.




Only a two count.

(Without looking the least bit upset, Dahaka methodically gets to her feet and makes the tag to Franklin. Franklin goes up top as Dahaka holds Sarge’s legs and drags him away from the corner a little bit.)

RC: Franklin with a moonsault! Sarge is in big trouble early.

RB: I don’t like this at all. Dahaka and Franklin are working too well as a tag team.

(Outside of the ring, Pieske steps slowly toward Delilah but she notices and distances herself from him.)

RC: Pieske just doesn’t know how to take no for an answer.

RB: Hey! Pay attention to the match! Sarge is in trouble here!

(Franklin has Sarge in a crossface. Sarge is screaming in pain and reaching toward his corner. Meanwhile, Cruise is up on the second rope in the corner reaching for Sarge’s hand and cheering him on.)

DR: Nakita Dahaka and Rob Franklin have effectively cut this ring in half. I’m very impressed with their showing tonight. The Sergeant said that him and Cruise were going to bring these guys to reality, but I think it’s been the other way around so far tonight.

(The fans continue to encourage The Sergeant. He somehow manages to make his way up to his knees.)

RC: Sarge is not the type to give up easily. He’s fighting his way out of it. One elbow to the midsection... followed by another... and another! Sarge is free and running the ropes. Clothesline! Franklin is down and Sarge staggers forward and crashes to the mat!

(The entire crowd seems to be on their feet encouraging The Sergeant.)

RB: He’s inching closer and closer... MAKE THE TAG, SARGE!

RC: Cruise is going absolutely bananas trying to get the tag.

(Franklin gets to his feet and closes the distance to The Sergeant. At the last second, Sarge dives toward the corner and barely makes the tag to Cruise. Cameron Cruise leaps over the ropes and catches Franklin with a flying forearm.)

RC: Cruise is on fire! Dahaka tries to even the odds but gets sent down for her efforts.

RB: This is what I’ve been saying. Get Cruise in there and it’s a whole different ballgame!

(Cruise continues to send each individual to the ground in succession. Pieske slowly lumbers his way onto the ring apron...)

RC: Sarge cuts off Pieske at the pass! What a DROPKICK!

(The dropkick sends Pieske to the floor barely, as he lands on his feet and stares angrily up at Sarge.)

RC: Cruise just launched Dahaka out of the ring and we’ve got the two legal wrestlers in the ring.

(Franklin turns around just in time to be kicked in the stomach by Cruise and then summarily DDT’d.)

RC: This looks to be it! Cruise motioning that he’s going to finish it off.

RB: On the outside, Sarge looks to be continuing the attack. Maybe he remembers that huge splash he received just minutes earlier.

(The Sergeant hops out of the ring to pursue Pieske. Pieske lumbers toward Sarge, looking to sandwich him between his large frame and the ringpost. Instead, Sarge moves out of the way and Pieske slams into it. The Sergeant reaches into the crowd and pulls out a chair.)

DR: The rulebook is being thrown out the window here.

(In the ring, Cruise attempts the Reality Check but a fully aware Franklin avoids it. Cruise ducks an offensive attempt by Franklin...)

RB: REALITY CHECK! This one is over...

(Delilah has entered the ring and jumps on Cruise’s back. Cruise shrugs her off and turns around to be caught by surprise by Nakita Dahaka.)



RC: Oh! Did you hear that? Sarge just blasted Pieske in the back of the head.

DR: Look at the carnage! Delilah is recovering... Pieske is laid out... Franklin is down... Cruise is down! It’s pure chaos!

(The referee motions to the timekeeper.)


RC: What’s going on? The bell is ringing and both teams are trying to recover from all of the damage they incurred.

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentleman, the referee has called for a stop to this match. The results of this bout have been declared a NO CONTEST!

(The crowd boos for effect. Cruise is slowly rolling out of the ring. Delilah is up and helping Franklin to his feet. Pieske is still hurt on the outside.)

RC: Can you believe this intense match? What could be in store for these two teams as the war between MCW and UCW reaches all new levels?

(Sarge and Cruise walk backwards up the ramp, both obviously in a lot of pain. In the ring, Nakita Dahaka, Rob Franklin, and Delilah all stand in defiance.)

RB: I hate to admit it, but it seems like this war with MCW is just getting started. MCW sent out a message, and if I take notice of it then you’ve got to acknowledge we have all received the message loud and clear.

RC: We’ll be right back, folks!


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
(Stu Brody is seen making his way down the hallway at a very quick pace. Finally, we see his target as he continues in full force.)

SB: Dakota! Dakota! Can I get a word?

(The new United States Champion turns around to see Brody almost collide with him in a dead sprint. Dakota gives a full turn to show off his title, which is slung over his shoulder.)

DS: What’s your business?

SB: Well, uh… Dakota. I was just wanting to get some comments on your title win earlier tonight.

DS: Well, it’s quite simple actually. I went into that ring did just what I said I was going to do. And that was show Bryan Storms that he could not defeat, all the while walking away with his precious title.

SB: So, what are your plans now that you’re holding onto championship gold?

DS: Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it. But now that you mention it, there is something that I would like to do.

Since I came to this company, there’s been one man that’s seemed to try and stick around to become my nemesis. And now that I have a little bit of weight to throw around, I’m going to throw it around in the form of a challenge…

In two weeks, the wrestling world will be rocked by the coming of Night of the Legends II. And what better way to cement my own personal legacy than to take out one of the UCW’s go-to guys.

What I’m saying is this…

At Night of the Legends II, I’m willing to put this title on the line against the thorn in my side known as The Sergeant.

The only question that remains is will he accept?

(Dakota turns and walks away as Stu looks on.)


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
(FADEIN: The ring, where Adam Benjamin stands holding the bloody American flag over his head with one hand, holding the mic in the other.)

BENJAMIN: "I want you all to look at this...(Holds up the flag) and know...I am serious, DEAD SERIOUS about being the World Champion...I didn't come here tonight to have Mr. Incredible or anyone else screw me out what is rightfully mine! Now, The First, get your ass out here and bring MY BELT with you!"

(The lights go out. CUEUP: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day, as the crowd pops big! The more hardcore First fans hold cellphones and lighters in the air in the darkness....A spotlight appears on the entrance way of the ramp as The First stand there, wearing his purple mad hatter jacket, and black gi pants. His face is painted like The Crow only with a racoon stripe across his eyes added. The UCW World Title around his waist. CUTTO: Benjamin in the ring pacing looking intense.)

RC: "And here is the champion! The First having brought this crowd to their feet now making his way to the ring."

RB: "I can't wait till Adam Benjamin shuts all these people up in a few short moments and brings some sanity back to this company and it's title."

RC: "The First now at ring side...BASEBALL SLIDE BY BENJAMIN! OH MY!"

RB: "Yes! Take it to the freak! Screw the rules, this is a fight to the end, win at all costs!"

RC: "Ref Tim Hathcock has called for the bell and we're started with Benjamin now DRIVING The First's head into the steps...He throws The First back into the ring and puts the boots to him...Benjamin ripping The First's jacket off him, and now another kick to the head...Benjamin now ripping the UCW World Title off The First and holding it high above his head!"

RB: "It looks good with him...And it'll look even better once he's done mopping the floor with this bum and it's offical!"

RC: "The First now thrown into the corner and Benjamin continues to punch and kick away at the champion...The First whipped to the corner and Benjamin charges in...NOBODY HOME! The First now firing away with a series of kicks to the gut and a big HIPTOSS send Benjamin to the middle of the ring...Benjamin back up and gets NAILED by a beautiful dropkick by The First!"

DR: "For all his eccentric actions outside the ring, The First is really technically sound inside it!"

RB: "Go back to sleep, nobody needs to hear your endless praise of this loon."

DR: "But they need to hear you run him down at every moment"

RB: "Somebody has to tell the truth around here."

RC: "The First now rocks Benjamin back with a series of right hands and a CLOTHESLINE sends him over the top to the floor...Benjamin trying to get to his feet...OH MY! NO HANDS RUNNING PLANCHA TO THE FLOOR BY THE FIRST!!!"

RB: "This guy is nuts! He could have killed himself, or Benjamin, or both of them!"

RC: "Well both men are alive if beaten up a bit...The First gets to his feet and now throws Benjamin back into the ring...The First on the apron waiting for Benjamin to get back up...The First with a springboard...NO! Benjamin just dropkicked The First right out of mid air!"

DR: "What an excellent counter by the challenger!"

RC: "Benjamin quickly rushes over to The First and hooks him...SNAP SUPLEX, a floatover for the pin!"




RC: "The First kicks out. Benjamin grabs The First and tosses him into the corner...BIG CHOP! And ANOTHER! Benjamin now pulls him to the middle of the ring and hooks him...DDT! The cover!"




RB: "DAMMIT! DAMMIT! come on, get this guy!"

RC: "Benjamin now looking a little annoyed and he's stalking The First, waiting for him to get up...The First is up...CLOTHESLINE BY BENJAMIN! NO! THE FIRST DUCKED AND BENAJMIN JUST BLASTED THE REF!"

RB: "No!! The ref is gonna call this a DQ and screw Benjamin, I know it!"

RC: "There's no ruling on that yet and Benjamin was clearly not trying to do that...The First now hammering Benjamin with right hands, peppering with a flurry...The First off the ropes...INTO A CLOTHESLINE BY BENJAMIN!"

RB: "NOW he hits it! Take him to school!"

RC: "Benjamin looking over the scene and sees the ref is down and he's going to the outside...And now he's grabbing the UCW World Title Belt! Benjamin in the ring...He's going to nail The First with that belt!"

RB: "Get up you painted freak, get up and take the beating you deserve!"

RC: "MR. INCREDIBLE JUST HIT THE RING! He's trying to pull that belt from Benjamin...They are fighting over it...Benjamin kicks Mr. Incredible in the gut and rips the belt away from him and now BLASTS him with the title, Mr. Incredible sent crashing to the floor...Benjamin turns around...SPIN KICK BY THE FIRST! Benjamin brought his hands up to block it and just had the World Title Belt driven into his skull!"

RB: "BAH! What a lucky break! This is like that Eckstein fly ball that the Tiger fell down on, that series cost me 500 bucks you know!"

RC: "The First now rushing to the outside, and he climbs to the top...CUT THE THREAD!! HE NAILED IT! THE REF CRAWLS OVER!"





DR: "Remember when Irishred sent The First to the hospital after his series of chairshots in their Last Man Standing match! This is clearly not good for the champion!"

RB: "But it's great for me, pound on him Cammy!"

RC: "Cruise now picks up the UCW World Title and now just throws it on the limp body of The First...Cruise standing tall in the ring holding that chair over his head...We're out of time, see you next week!"

(FADEOUT as Cruise continues to soak in hatred from the crowd.)

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