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UCW's Night of the Legends II!!!


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Jun 9, 2004
The night started off with a bang as Johnny Nash got set to make his UCW debut against Jonathan Marx and Frankie Scott.

As soon as the ref called for the bell, Nash set out to make a name for himself as he took right to Marx, tackling him with a double leg takedown and completely obliterating him with right hands. Frankie, not wanting to miss out on any action, quickly pulled Nash off and began nailing him with right hands. He forced the new guy into the ropes before whipping him across the ring and taking him down with a well-executed clothesline.

Just as Frankie bent down to pull his adversary back to his feet, Marx managed to sneak up behind him for a quick roll-up that landed him a two-count. Frankie tried to fire back quickly, hitting his feet, but Marx was one step ahead of him and took him down with a drop toe hold. Marx quickly hit the corner, ascending to the second rope. He then leapt off, looking for a diving knee drop, but he was intercepted by a right to the midsection by the revived Nash.

Nash quickly pulled Marx up to his feet and nailed him with a right to the face. He then nailed him with another before backing him into the ropes. Nash then whipped Marx across the ring before Marx rebounded into a huge spinebuster. Nash then went for the cover, but only mustered a two.

Nash then got to his feet, only to be met by Frankie Scott. Nash drove a quick right hand into Scott’s face. Scott then swung back, but Nash ducked the blow and locked Scott in a rear waistlock before hitting a textbook German suplex. Nash tried to bridge the move, but the pin was broken up at two by Marx.

Marx then pulled Nash up to his feet and drove a right into his face. Nash tried to fight back with his own right hand, but Marx side-stepped the move and nailed Nash with a kick to the midsection followed by a DDT. Marx then attempted a pin of his own, but Nash managed to kick out at two.

Frankie then tried to blindside the “Gentleman”, but Marx saw the move coming and quickly locked Scott in a waistlock that resulted in a belly-to-belly suplex. Marx then turned to face the rising Nash, only to hit him with a spinebuster of his own. Marx went for another pin, but again, Nash was able to kick out at two.

Marx then pulled up Nash and pinned him in the corner using some fierce knife-edge chops. Marx then turned to head for the other corner, but he ran right into a superkick from Frankie. Frankie then quickly pulled Marx up and backed him into the ropes with several rights. Frankie then stepped back, only to come right back at Marx with a clothesline that sent him tumbling to the outside!

Frankie then leaned over the ropes, talking a little trash to Marx before turning back to the middle of the ring. However, he turned around right into a small package by Nash that the noob managed to hold onto for the count of three!

Winner via pinfall: Johnny Nash


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Jun 9, 2004
Special Announcement!

RC: Alright folks, I'm being told that Stu Brody is backstage, and he's tracked down Beast! Let's go live to him right now!

[ CUT TO: Backstage area, in a hallway lined with catering tables. The live arena crowd lets out cheers as they see Beast, dressed in a "GORE" t-shirt and jeans. ]

SB: Thanks, Rich. As you said, I'm here with UCW's... or MCW's... latest acquisition, Beast, and Beast, I have to tell you, I, along with the UCW fans, are waiting with baited breath to find out which side of the struggle between UCW and MCW you're going to be joining forces with. This has to be the best kept secret in wrestling today. Can you give us any insight as to what your decision might be?

Beast: You know, I'd love to just come on out and "tell you" which side of the coin my head is on, but come on, Stu, that would be kind of anti-climatic at this point, wouldn't it?

SB: Well, I suppose so, but you have to admit, ever since that Misters Cloverleaf and Latham announced they'd signed one of the industry's most recognized names, and then having you show up last week on Revolution, only to say things would be taken care of tonight has left all our fans, and the men and women in the back on the edge of their seats to see what you're going to do next. Is there nothing that you can say about this at this time?

Beast: Stu, I gotta tell you that leaving Ken Cloverleaf and Jalen Latham with the biggest set of blue balls since Bud Bundy was last on television is a very satisfying thing, but I've always been one of those guys that has let their actions speak far louder than any of my words ever could.

SB: So I guess that means that we're going to have to wait until you show us later tonight what your intentions are? Are you sure there's nothing you can tell us now?

Beast: Well Stu, I gotta admit, you're a persistent little bugger, but I do have a couple announcements I can make right now.

SB: Really?

Beast: Yeah. One... I *have* decided which side of this war between the federations I'm going to be on...

[ Stu gets all jumpy and fidgety in anticipation. ]

Beast: But you're right, Stu. It's going to have to wait until later. When and where, I won't tell you, but I have a second announcement.

SB: And that is?

[ Beast reaches off-camera, and brings his hand back in view to show him clutching an official's jersey. ]

Beast: I'm going to be in the ring after all tonight, Stu.

[ Crowd cheers. ]

Beast: I'll be officiating the US TITLE MATCH between Dakota and Sarge!

[ The crowd pops, and back at ringside, the announce crew is beside themselves. ]

SB: WOW! So I guess we'll find out then!

Beast: Just wait and see, my friend, wait and see.

[ CUT TO: Announce table. ]

RC: There's a blockbuster announcement if I ever heard one, guys! Beast is going to be officiating a match for our number two championship, and what if he's going to make his decision during that match? He has the power to screw either Dakota or Sarge out of the US Title!

RB: What a way to make your intentions known! I don't know if this is a great idea, but it's what we've got, and I, for one, am looking forward to it! Which side is Beast going to choose? Looks like we're going to find out in the US Title match! But now, let's get on with our next match!


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Jun 9, 2004
The French Commandoes vs. F.A.T.E.

RB-This next match pits two up and coming teams against each other as we get closer and closer to UCW naming it’s very first UCW Tag Team Champion.

RC-Quite frankly I think that FATE has the upper hand in not only this match but has to be considered the prevailing favorites to become the first Tag Team Champions.

DR: Are you kidding me? Those two MCW rejects aren’t going to be the champions of anything. I doubt they’ll even beat the king and the queen of France in this match.

The arena speakers are filled with the sounds of Vengabus with the ramblings of the Muppets Swedish Chef over the top. The crowd doesn’t exactly know how to react to the music but once The French Commando’s take the top of the ramp in their skimpy briefs they are met with a mix of laughter and raucous jeers from the crowd.

RB-Could someone please inform these two Frenchies that in America we are a little more modest in our dress.

DR-Oh come off it Bitterman. These two make me want to liberate myself of this ridiculous suit.

RB-Please don’t.

The Commandos make their way to the ring gyrating the whole way. As they enter the ring their obnoxious music is replaced by the Metal sounds of Metallica’s Fuel. The Icebreaker Rob Franklin takes the top of the stage accompanied by Pieske. They pose as they are met with a mixed reaction from the crowd. Fuel is replaced by Gently by Slipknot and Nakita Dahaka is led to the top of the ramp by the beautiful Delilah. Surprisingly Nakita is met with more cheers then jeers. The foursome makes their way to the ring as the Commando’s continue to dance and preen in the ring.

RC-FATE looks to be focused and ready for battle here.

RB-Pieske and Delilah take their spots outside the ring as Nakita and Rob step through the ropes. All four wrestlers meet in the center of the ring as the ref runs down the rules. Nakita and Jean Claude move to their respective corners and we are ready to wrassle!

RC-The bell has rung and we are underway.

Franklin charges across the ring chasing Pierre to the corner where the Frenchman leans through the ropes for protection from the Icebreaker.

DR-Typical French offense shown by Pierre there.

Franklin is pushed away by the ref; but he is having none of it. He forces himself past the ref to be met by a thumb to the eye by Pierre followed by an Acid Drop.

RB-Quick offense by Pierre following the blatant cheat.

DR-what else would they teach in French wrestling schools Bitterman?

RC-Is Pierre giving Franklin a wedgie?

DR-It appears so and Nakita has had enough. She charges into the ring as does Jean Claude. All four wrestlers are trading blows in the center of the ring. Nakita and Rob quickly gain the upper hand and go for stereo Irish Whips out of the opposite corners, but the Commandos reverse it.

Nakita and Rob are able to stop before colliding with one another in the middle of the ring, and when the Commandos charge, the members of FATE duck out of the way, and the French men take each other out.

RC-Perfect team wrestling by the Dark Phenom and The Icebreaker. A pair of big Dropkicks and the Commandos are down.

RB-Nakita and Rob each connect with Moonsaults on Jean Claude and Pierre respectively, and each scores a two-count for his trouble. The ref is just letting this match play out much to the enjoyment of our wonderful fans.

DR-It looks like the Fate members maybe got a little too cocky here though.

Just as FATE seems to have momentum on their side they each get caught attempting Huricanranas, and they each end-up on the wrong end of a Powerbomb from the French Commandos.

The Commandos pick Franklin up, and catch him coming off the ropes with a Double Spinebuster. Jean Claude starts to work Nakita over in the corner with absolutely devastating closed fists dropping The Dark Phenom to the mat. Jean Claude runs to his partner Pierre and he is whipped each into Nakita.

Franklin is up and in the corner and is met with consecutive Splashes.

RC-The Commando’s have completely turned the tide in this match. Pierre lifts Franklin up and onto his shoulders as Jean Claude climbs the ropes. They are going for French Toast here Rob.

RB-Not so fast, Pieske and Delilah are up and push Jean Claude off the ring as Nakita hits Pierre with a low blow from behind.

DR-The ref admonishes the valets and Nakita and finally seems to be gaining some semblance of order in this match. He gets Nakita and Jean Claude to their corners and we are left with Franklin and Pierre in the ring.

Franklin kicks Pierre in the gut and tags in Nakita. They hit a double Russian leg sweep.

RB-Rob hits a dropkick on Pierre and it’s Nakita with the cover, but Jean Claude is quickly there to make the save. The ref forces Jean Claude back to his corner as Pierre again resorts to an eye rake.

RC-Pierre working Nakita over in the corner, cross corner whip and Pierre charges in. Pierre with a back body drop But Nakita just jumps back over and hits a monkey flip. Great athleticism by the Dark Phenom.

DR-Pierre lands on his feet, but a dropkick puts him down quick. Cover…



Kickout by Pierre.

RC-Nakita back up and whipping Pierre off the ropes. The Icebreaker sneaks a tag in as Pierre reverses a whip and hits a clothesline. Franklin in though and he is stomping Pierre down. Franklin with a sidewalk slam into a cover…



Pierre kicks out again!

RB-Tag to Nakita and Franklin holds as she gets a cheap shot in. Nakita slapping Pierre around.

DR-He’s French…he deserves to be slapped for that reason alone.

RB-Pierre is coming back, but Nakita jumps on the top turnbuckle after the whip and gets a boot up, then hits a Moonsault. Nakita just continues to impress with her offensive arsenal.

RC-Tag to Franklin, who comes in with a big kick and a clothesline in the corner. He follows that up with a knee in the corner, then whips Pierre to the opposite side, but runs into a boot. Pierre pumped up and trying for a Tornado DDT, but Franklin just sets him down. But Pierre responds with a shining wizard. Pierre hits the Tornado DDT this time, and now it’s time for the slow crawl by both wrestlers.

DR-Double tag and Nakita comes in at 100 miles per hour, ducking a Jean Claude clothesline, and taking him down with a flying elbow and a clothesline of her own.
RC-Nakita with the sunset flip and pin attempt, but Pierre is there with a boot to her back. As Franklin works on Pierre, Nakita takes on Jean Claude, only to fall prey to a back body drop and a shot with an elbow. Nakita is writhing in pain after that elbow the back of her neck.

The ref forces Rob and Pierre out of the ring. Where Pierre rams Rob Franklin head first into the steel steps. Franklin is busted open as he slumps to the mats outside the ring. Pieske runs over to check on her charge as Pierre climbs to the ring apron.

RC-As Nakita rises she is hit with a missile dropkick by Jean Claude. The Frenchman is going absolutely nuts with the kicks to the neck and head of The Dark Phenom. Jean Claude goes to pull Nakita up to her feet but its Nakita with a small package…she may pull this off…



Pierre into the ring gets a cheap shot in to the back of Nakita’s neck. Pierre lifts Nakita up onto his shoulders as Jean Claude Climbs to the top rope. Jean Claude flies off the top with a huge lariat knocking Nakita to the mat where the back of her head bounces off the canvas. Pierre tackles Delilah as she tries to enter the ring to save her charge.

DR-Jean Claude with the cover…



3!!! The French Commandos have won! Viva la France!!!

RC-The French Commandos have indeed come out on top in this hard fought tag team match. You would have to think that this places them towards the top in the rankings as we near our tag team tournament.

RB-I’m not counting out Fate but this match certainly was a setback.

DR-Look in the ring…what an amazing dance the Commandos are doing. I’m definitely going out on the town with these two tonight. That Pierre looks like a real ladies man.

RB-You keep thinking that way Ross and have a great time tonight. Folks watch this video highlight of our amazing World Champion the First as we prepare for our next match.


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Jun 9, 2004
LVW Title Match!

TB: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is for the LVW World Heavyweight Title. Introducing first the challengers. Standing in the corner to my left he is known world wide as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step in the ring. He is the Ego Buster…he is Dan Ryan!!!

The crowd responds with a mix of cheers and boos as Dan Ryan casually takes off his sunglasses and dropping them outside of the ring.

TB: Standing in the corner to my right is challenger number two. He is from Yankton South Dakota and is a former UCW World Champion…ladies and gentlemen Irishred!!

There is an even bigger mix of jeers and cheers as Irishred climbs the turnbuckles and points out to the crowd before making the universal signal for champion by running his hands across his waist.

TB: Finally I give you standing in the far corner the current LVW World Heavyweight Champion he is “Cowboy” Jimmy Donovan.

Donovan walks to the center of the ring and allows the ref to take the title belt off of him as the crowd meets the hooker addicted Cowboy with cheers. He spins in the ring pointing at both of his competitors.

The ring announcer leaves the ring as the Referee calls for the bell. Irishred kicks things off by running his mouth, so Ryan and Donovan both decide to kick the ever loving crap out of the former champion.

RC: Well that little bit of **** talking paid off well for Irishred.

RB: Just because he’s down don’t count him out. Irishred can take amazing amounts of pain and punishment.

DR: Well he's down now and Donovan and Ryan are playing "Who Can Top This?" with vicious kicks to the back of Red.

Irishred finally is able to get up and screams, "Stop kicking me!" which leads to another kick from both Ryan and Donovan.

DR: Now that’s just great TV right there. You’re not going to see entertainment like that anywhere but UCW.

RC: This crowd is just ready to explode. Ryan tries to roll up Donovan and sneak a quick win, but Donovan locks a crazy ankle submission on Ryan that Irishred has to break up.

Ryan nails Red with an enziguiri and follows it up by trying to punt the Midwesterner out of the ring. Red rebounds off the ropes and ends up hitting a cool combination kick/bulldog that takes both men down.

RB: These guys are working really hard out there and we’re just getting started.

Donovan takes control with a hurricanrana to Ryan and the Angry Man Flying Forearm to Red. Red blocks the Cowboys attempt at the forearm and turns it into an overhead release suplex.

DR: Red just exploded out of nowhere with that suplex. Here comes Ryan though stalking one of his most hated rivals in Irishred.

Ryan goes to face wash Red, but Donavon blocks it by slamming into Ryan, taking the big man out of the ring. Irishred follows up the assault on the Ego Buster with a dropkick through the ropes to the face of Ryan and then a suicide dive to the outside.

RC: Crash and burn by Irishred. That leaves two of the wrestlers in a mess on the outside and it looks like the Cowboy is about to join them.

Donovan tops that by hitting a springboard Shooting Star Press that takes both men out just as they are rising. The crowd goes absolutely nuts screaming Holy **** over and over.

RB: The ref must get control of this match. All three men are working their way back into the ring…its criss-cross fever as all three men run the ropes. This is going to end in a train wreck I can tell.

Donovan hits a flying body press on Red followed by Donovan tossing Ryan into the corner and monkey flipping him out.

DR: LOOK OUT!! Ryan lands on the just rising Irishred and hurricanranas him in a sweet move.

Donovan has had enough of the Dan Ryan Show and backdrops him to the outside in a sick bump.

DR: Ryan hit the steel steps and it looks like he is broken open across the chin. That was just a sick bump Ryan took there.

Donovan attacks Red, but Irishred ends up just slapping the crap out of Jimmy with first chops to the chest and then closed fists to the temple.

RC: I do believe that Irishred has just formally announced that he is sick of all the wrestling going on and that he is ready to fight!

Donovan tries to roll Red up, but Irishred is able to turn it into Freebird.

DR: Red has his submission finisher locked in the Cowboy…we could have a new champion. Wait…here comes Dan Ryan.

RC: Ryan charges across the ring and nails Red with a wicked boot directly to the forehead. Red just hit the mat with a sickening thud. He may be out cold.

RB: Ryan goes for pin on Donovan…



Jimmy kicks out…barely getting his shoulder up.

Ryan rises not seeing Irishred standing behind him dripping blood from his forehead where he took that kick from the Ego Buster.
Red grabs Ryan by the tights and throws the Ego Buster back to the outside. He then turns his attention to Donovan and is able to hit Bad Company on Jimmy, but his Cold Shot attempt is blocked by Dan Ryan from the outside.

RB: Just as Irishred was about to launch himself off the top turnbuckle Dan Ryan grabbed Irishred legs and knocked him off the top. Irishred is now stuck in the Tree of Woe. Donavan murders Ryan with a running knee as the Ego Buster attempts to get back in the ring, and then kills Irishred with a basement dropkick while he's stuck in the ropes.

DR: Donovan scores with another running kick to Irishred just as he is stumbling to his feet. He follows that up with a standing moonsault into a cover…



Irishred gets his legs on the ropes breaking up the count!

RC: Dan Ryan is back up and stuns Donovan, and the crowd, with a Death Valley Driver on the LVW Champion. Here’s Ryan with the cover…



3!!! NO! NO! NO! Irishred broke up the pin attempt by tackling Ryan to the outside.

Red and Ryan trade punches on the outside both of them dripping blood.

RB: Jimmy comes flying over the top rope with a twisting suicide dive that looking more murderous than suicidal. All three men peel themselves off the floor and make it back to the ring as the crowd rises in a rousing cheer chanting UCW! UCW!! UCW!!! Dan Ryan is clutching at his back. He may have been injured in that aerial attack by the Cowboy.

Donovan is able to block another attempt at Bad Company by Irishred with repeated fists and boots to the stomach of the former UCW champion. Jimmy drags Irishred to the top rope climb for a superplex attempt, but Ryan charges across the ring attempting to break it up. As Donovan throws Red he is caught by Ryan and driven into the mat with a Jackhammer.

RB: OH MY GOD!!! The Power by Dan Ryan!!! The crowd is officially insane at this point. Jimmy and Dan are trading shots in the center of the ring as Irishred rolls to the outside. Ryan just hit a nasty release German suplex on Donovan. He stalks over and looks to be setting up The Cowboy for a choke slam.

RC: Irishred tries a sneak attack with the title belt, but Ryan catches him with a power slam. Dan Ryan is signaling for the end here to the crowd. Jimmy Donovan has grabbed the title belt and is charging towards Ryan. Ryan drops Irishred and kicks the title belt into Jimmy’s face. Now Donovan is broken open. All three men are wearing the crimson mask. This is just out of control!!
DR: Ryan and Red are trading blows, with Irishred ending the exchange with a poke into the Ego Busters eyes. A few well placed kicks to the head is followed up with a pin attempt but Jimmy breaks that up with a punt to the ribs.

Jimmy kicks at Red some more, but Irishred grabs a leg and brings Donovan to the mat twisting the LVW Champion into Freebird.

RB: Donovan is in big trouble here folks. It looks like he may tap. Blood is just pouring from his head where he was broken open by that belt.

Ryan is back into the action with a classic DDT on Irishred. Ryan drops to cover Donovan, but Irishred breaks up the pin attempt. Ryan quickly shoves Irishred off of him to the far corner in an amazing display of power and then turns his attention back to Jimmy.

RC: Donovan ends Ryan's little fury with a superplex. Donovan is riled up here and seems to be getting his second wind.

RB: Jimmy power bombs the stumbling Irishred and then follows it up with an STF, but Red is able to reach the ropes. Jimmy rocks Irishred with punches opening the cut on Irishreds forehead even more. Jimmy pulls Irishred to his feet he hooks the shorts for a suplex attempt but Red counters with a knee to the Cowboys family jewels out of nowhere.

DR: Speaking of out of nowhere here comes Ryan again! Dan scores a Torture Rack on Donovan then slams him down for a pin attempt.



Ryan is only able to get another two count thanks to a hammer punch to the back by Irishred.

RC: These guys are exhausted. Irishred pulls Ryan up and slams him onto Jimmy Donovan. Irishred climbs to the top. OH MY GOD!!! Irishred just hit Cold Shot onto both men. Dan Ryan is clutching his back in pain. Irishred sends Ryan to the outside with a drop kick to the big mans injured back.

Donovan is up and is able to rally and hit an implant DDT on Red, but Ryan breaks up the pin attempt reaching in and grabbing the Cowboys feet. The ref is admonishing Ryan while Irishred grabs the LVW title belt.

DR: Donovan turns to face Irishred and is nailed right in the head with the title belt. Irishred throws the belt out of the ring and drops to cover Jimmy D. Dan Ryan is on the top turnbuckle pushing the ref out of the way. Dan Ryan comes off the top with an elbow drop. Irishred has moved out of the way. Ryan just destroyed Jimmy Donovan with that Elbow drop.

Irishred throws Ryan to the outside once again, but misses on a charge at Donovan and ends up getting tossed over the top rope. Irishred crashes to the outside of the ring as well. Ryan gets back in and is trading shots with Donovan. The Ego Buster gets the advantage and goes for the Humility Bomb.

DR: GOOD GOD! Irishred just came flying off the turnbuckles holding the Title belt, nailing Dan Ryan right in the back of the head. He has landed right on top of Jimmy Donovan as Dan Ryan collapses. I think Ryan is out cold. Red has the cover…



3!!! Irishred has won. Irishred is the new LVW Champion!!

RC: I don’t think Irishred is done though. He is kicking Donovan repeatedly in the ribs. Donovan is defenseless here. Irishred grabs the title belt and drives it into the broken open face of The Cowboy. Over and over. Irishred is just sadistic here.

RB: The ref is trying to get Irishred to stop. The Midwestern wrestler nails the ref with the title belt as well. Irishred is standing staring down at the title belt his blood dripping down onto it. What is he up to? He has just walked over to the unconscious Dan Ryan and is rubbing the belt across Ryan’s forehead. The crowd is going nuts here throwing items at Irishred.

DR: Red has called for a mic. Perhaps he will explain his actions.

IR: The LVW Title is dead. You hear me people. LVW is dead. You see this belt. It is covered in the blood of three men…two pathetic losers and me, the now re-crowned champion of UCW. From this day forward this belt will be known as the UCW Blood for Blood Championship. No one is taking this title from my grip. No one can match my capacity for violence. No one!!!

IR: I have said from the beginning that UCW is my federation and tonight I proved it. There is a change coming to UCW people. A bloody coup is about to begin. You can either stand with me or against me. Irishred rules UCW make no doubt about it. I am the new and forever champion of this federation. Like it or hate it it’s the damn reality.

Irishred drops the mic and leaves the ring to a harsh chorus of boos and jeers from the crowd.

RC: The depravity of that man knows no bounds. Irishred has all but declared war on the federation that made him a champion.

RB: He is a man on a mission…I wonder what that mission is though.

DR: Who cares? At least he is a man of his word. He said he would change this federation and he is doing it. Now who’s up next?


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Jun 9, 2004
US Title Match!

(After a short video package recapping the Dakota Smith vs Sergeant feud, we are brought back to ringside and the broadcast booth where Rich Cruise, Rob Bitterman, and “The Doctor” Doug Ross are standing by.)

RC: There has been a tremendous buildup coming into this match, as both men have backed down from the challenge. Dakota Smith is looking to secure his place as one of the UCW elite with a successful title defense, while Sarge is out to crack that glass ceiling and leave his rookie year behind.

RB: You can’t forget the fact that Sarge has proven opportunistic at every turn, Rich. I mean, hitting Dakota in the head with his own belt during the title defense against Frankie Scott? That was just low.

RC: It’s true that Sarge did hit Dakota with the belt, but I’m sure that it was unintentional. He was concerned that Frankie was going to use the belt on Dakota.

RB: What? So he was just going to try to be the first one, and beat Frankie to the punch.

RC: That’s not what I’m saying at all.

DR: Since when does Bitterman care what you are saying?

(There is laughter in the broadcast booth.)

RC: Fair enough. Up next is that big bout for the United States title, as Sarge challenges Dakota Smith. As a special twist to the proceedings we have BEAST as the special guest referee! We’ll see which side he’s leaning toward when the dust settles at the end of tonight. Will he be MCW or UCW? Let’s take it to the ring for the introductions.

(Beast is already in the ring receiving plenty of cheers from the appreciative crowd. “We Right Here” by DMX blasts over the arena sound system, and The Sergeant blasts his way through the curtains to a thunderous applause. He breaks character a little by really hyping the crowd before making his way to the ring.)

RC: Listen to this capacity crowd! Sarge is really setting them on fire.

(The camera shows a sign that says “Support Our Troops”.)

RB: This guy is such a gimmick. I know Dakota is MCW, but I just can’t stomach Sarge anymore. The guy makes me nauseous.

DR: Oh please, Bitterman. This guy is the future of wrestling and a terrific technical wrestler with plenty of submission skill. What’s there not to like.

RB: Just his attitude. It’s too nice.

Announcer: The following contest is for the UCW United States championship. Introducing first, the challenger, standing five-feet-ten-inches tall and tipping the scales at two hundred and one pounds. He is the combat tested, mother approved juggernaut… hailing from Springfield, Missouri…. He is THE SERGEANT!!!!!

(The crowd goes absolutely crazy as Sarge gets into the ring, playing to the crowd and conducting some warm-up stretches. At one point, Beast and Sarge give each other an intense stare down that teases the crowd with a little animosity.)

RC: There is definitely a big time feel to tonight, Night of Legends II. We’ve already seen some great matches up until this point, and I have a feeling that this one could be tonight’s sleeper match. Sarge versus Dakota Smith with beast as the guest referee? It’s going to be huge!

DR: The strengths of these two will make this one very interesting to watch, for sure. Technical versus power. Submission versus brute strength.

RB: With Beast in there to mess things up, of course.

RC: I don’t know why you would think Beast would mess things up. I’m sure he will call everything right down the middle.

(Suddenly, the lights go completely out. Two searchlights begin to search the crowd, getting them fired up. After mere moments, Dakota Smith bursts through the curtains to a chorus of boos and the opening chords of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metalica. Through the boos, amazingly, there are some very vocal cheers thrown into the mix. Dakota is alone, with both of his titles thrown over each shoulder.)

RC: Dakota has a few fans out there in the crowd. His “Take no crap” attitude has no doubt endeared him to a certain segment of the fans. One thing’s for certain, he looks to have a tremendous chip on his shoulder going into this.

Announcer: And the his opponent, the UCW United States and MCW North American Champion… He stands six-feet-six-inches tall and weighs in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds… hailing from South Bronx, New York… he is the son of the legendary Nevada Smith… DAKOTA SMITH!!!!!!!!!!

(Another chorus of boos. Dakota doesn’t look happy about the reference to his father, but continues to get ready for the match, nonetheless. He walks over to Beast from behind and grabs him by the shoulder. He then spins Beast around…)

Dakota Smith: DON’T GET IN MY WAY!

(This gets a big negative reaction from the crowd but Beast just shrugs it off, unaffected. Sarge and Dakota then get up in each others’ face.)

RC: I’ve never noticed it before, but look at how Dakota absolutely dwarfs The Sergeant!

RB: Well of course he dwarfs him! He’s only seventy-four pounds heavier and merely eight inches taller. Really, does Sarge stand a chance?

DR: I wouldn’t count Sarge out if I were either of you. I don’t think he’s aware of the size difference, as he is right up in Dakota’s face here at the start of the match!

RB: Of course, you use the phrase “in his face” loosely. More like “in his neck”.


RC: The bell marks the start of this match and the two men are exchanging lefts and rights!

DR: Sarge with a beautiful double-leg takedown and he’s going for a sharpshooter early.

RC: Dakota kicks free and Sarge back on the attack. He grabs Dakota’s feet again, only this time he’s looking for a figure-four. Again, Dakota works free.

DR: Beast is doing a great job as referee thus far in the match.

RC: Dakota is on his feet and Sarge with a baseball slide between the legs and onto the other side. He kicks Dakota in the back of the legs, taking him down to his knees. He’s going for the Corrective Training!

RB: No way! Dakota shrugs him off easily. I don’t know what this momma’s boy is thinking.

RC: Don’t you mean, “mother approved”.

RB: No, I meant exactly what I said. Momma’s Boy. He should be barely tested momma’s boy, not combat tested and mother approved.

DR: You are such a clever guy, Bitterman.

(Meanwhile, Dakota has Sarge lifted straight up in the air. He holds him there for a long period of time, letting the blood flow to the head before sending him crashing hard down to the canvas.)

RC: Ouch! Almost a textbook vertical suplex by Dakota.

DR: That move reminded me of a legend, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff.

(Beast continues a straight up and down calling of the match. Dakota follows the vertical suplex up with three stiff knee drops to Sarge’s face. Sarge rolls on the mat for a few moments and then gets the boots taken to him by Dakota.)

RC: Dakota isn’t looking to let up, either. Sarge looks to be in tremendous pain, and severely limited in his ability to contain this manimal.

RB: Did you just call Dakota a manimal?

RC: Why, yes I did. He’s a cross between a man and an animal. Just look at how he’s attacking Sarge.

(Dakota helps Sarge to his feet and sends him full speed ahead into the corner. As soon as Sarge’s back hits the turnbuckle, his whole body comes crashing, face-forward, to the canvas. An audible gasp is heard over the crowd.)

DR: He’s throwing Sarge around like a rag doll. This can not be good for the combat veteran.

RC: Doc, I don’t think I could have said it any better. Sarge’s quest for the gold looks to have hit a roadblock of some sort.

RB: Of some sort? Sarge looks to have hit a roadblock by the name of Dakota Smith, don’t you think? I’m glad that Beast isn’t stopping the beating. It’s actually pretty fun to watch.

DR: You sound like you are an MCW fan.

RB: Not really. I’m a UCW fan that is also a fan of a bad ass such as Dakota Smith. This guy is really more of a loner that happened to work for MCW. He is absolutely terrific.

RC: Dakota closes the distance between him and Sarge. He helps Sarge up only to send him into the opposing corner… Dakota in close pursuit… OH! Sarge met him halfway! He tackled Dakota to the canvas and has him in a full mount! Look at Sarge raining those punches down on his sworn enemy. Somebody try to tell me that he doesn’t want this match.

RB: Oh, we all know he wants this match but it’s only a matter of time before Dakota gets him down and finishes him off.

(Dakota manages to roll out from under Sarge, with Sarge pounding on him as Dakota works to get to his feet. Dakota grabs Sarge by the head and suddenly throws him over the top rope and outside the ring into the railing. Beast admonishes Dakota concerning the over-the-top-rope move. The fans approve of the stern words.)

RC: I don’t know if I saw that correctly or not but it sure looked to me like Sarge’s head connected with that steel railing on the outside of the ring. Is it possible to see that again?

(The screen splits in two and on the left side is the instant replay of what just transpired. On the right side of the screen is the present, where Dakota is exiting the ring to continue his assault on The Sergeant.)

RC: Right there! Look at the replay and how Sarge’s head connects squarely with the railing.

RB: I can imagine that he’s not having a good day right now.

(The screen goes back to normal.)

RC: Dakota tries to whip Sarge into the ring apron, but it’s reversed!

RB: Come on Dakota! Snap out of it!

(Sarge uses to steel railing as a springboard. He leaps and connects with a nice flying dropkick.)

RC: Sarge with a rare lucha-style move!

DR: I don’t believe I have ever witnessed Sarge jump through the air that way. He’s pulling all of the stops for this match.

(Sarge helps Dakota back into the ring as the crowd roars in approval.)

Beast: 7… 8… 9…

RC: Sarge rolls Dakota into the ring and breaks the referee’s count.

RB: I don’t like how Sarge used the area outside of the ring as a weapon. He used that steel railing as a springboard, for Christ’s sake.

RC: What are you talking about? All he used it for was a springboard. Moments earlier, Dakota used it as a weapon by throwing Sarge over the top rope and into it.

RB: All I saw was Sarge jumping over the top rope to get out of a bad situation. Is it Dakota’s fault that Sarge is clumsy

DR: Hey guys, Sarge just made a cover.

RC: Right! He only got a two count, though.

DR: Just thought I’d point that out to you two children.

RB: Thanks, jack ass.

DR: Not a problem at all, Bitterman.

(In the ring, Sarge goes to Irish whip Dakota into the corner but it is reversed.)

RC: Dakota sending Sarge into the corner…

RB: Oh! That has got to hurt. Poor baby.

DR: Sarge is bouncing out of the corner in a lot of pain but Dakota isn’t stopping. Good strategy on Dakota’s part.

(Dakota sends a rebounding Sarge into the other corner and follows behind him for a big clothesline in the corner. Unfortunately for Dakota, Sarge was ready and moved out of the way as soon as he hit the corner.)

RC: Dakota might have injured his sternum with that one. Look at him… he’s staggering backward, holding his midsection.

DR: Sarge is right where he needs to be in this situation. He’s in a lot of pain but directly behind Dakota.


RC: YES! Corrective Training! He’s got Dakota in the Corrective Training!

DR: We could have a new UCW United States Heavyweight Champion at any moment!

RB: Break the hold, Beast! Break the hold! Sergeant is using an illegal choke. This is a travesty.

(The crowd is on their feet. Sarge is screaming with every ounce of his being while cranking down hard on his submission finisher. Dakota looks to be in a lot of trouble, as his air has been knocked out of him and now its being choked out of him as well.)

RC: Wait a second! Did you see Dakota reach into his trunks?

RB: No! Nobody saw anything!

RC: He’s reaching back over his shoulder and grabbing at Sarge’s face…

DR: … and he’s rubbing something in Sarge’s eyes because Sarge is screaming in pain as much as Dakota is right now.

RC: I don’t think that Beast caught that. He wasn’t in position to see Dakota reach into his trunks.

RB: That little Army pansy can’t even handle giving somebody his finishing move. I’ve never seen somebody in pain when giving somebody else their finishing maneuver. This is pathetic!

RC: Oh please! It’s obvious that Dakota has a foreign powder in his wrestling trunks and he just used it in Sarge’s eyes.

DR: Speaking of Sarge’s eyes, they are now closed and he has just released the Corrective Training. Both men are down on the canvas and not looking like they’ll be getting up anytime soon.

RC: This is such a travesty. Sarge has worked so long and hard and Dakota does something cheap like this and has to ruin it.

(Beast has no choice but to start administering the ten count.)

Beast: 1…


RB: My man Dakota did what he had to do to put this one away. He has a reputation that can’t be ruined by losing to a loser like The Sergeant.

Beast: 3…




(Dakota rolls to his feet in an obviously large amount of pain. At the same time, Sarge is still clawing at his eyes. Beast still seems oblivious to the illegal tactic from Dakota Smith.)

Beast: 7…


(Dakota is on his feet. The crowd roars in disapproval.)

RC: I think there might be some permanent damage to Sarge’s eyes. I don’t know what Dakota used but Sarge might need to be rushed to the emergency room after this one.

DR: That isn’t stopping Dakota from finishing this.

RB: That’s right! Finish him! Cover him now!

(Dakota staggers over to Sarge who is still writhing on the mat.)

RC: Dakota with the cover.





(Cue up Dakota Smith’s music, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metalica, to a collective thunderous boo from the audience. Beast looks down to Sarge, and now sees his face covered in powder. Beast looks up to Dakota and asks him what is all over Sarge’s face, but Dakota shrugs off the guest referee as if he doesn’t know. Beast then exits the ring and makes his way over to the timekeeper’s table. He whispers something to Tony Bell and then grabs the US Title before entering the ring.)

TB: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner via disqualification… <b>The Sergeant</b>!

RC: What?!?! I believe Beast has reversed his decision here!

RB: He can’t do that!

DR: He sure can, Rob. He obviously realizes the old powder in the trunks bit and has reversed this match here on Dakota

RC: And now Dakota is in his face! He is not happy about this!

RB: He shouldn’t be! He won this match!

DR: These two are exchanging a lot of words here. This is getting very heated!

RC: OH MY! Beast just decked Dakota and sent him right to the mat!

DR: I think we may have our decision, Rich!

RB: I just can’t believe this assault!

RC: Well, it would appear as though Beast is going to be a member of UCW!

DR: Wait a second! It’s The Sergeant! He grabs Beast’s arm and whips him around!

RC: And he is not happy! I don’t think he thought Beast’s physicality was needed!

DR: And now look at Beast! He slowly lowers that belt onto Dakota’s chest!

RC: And look at the smile on his face as he exits the ring! He is still staring down Sarge!

DR: What the hell? What side is this guy on? Just when you think he’s on UCW’s side, he gives Sarge a smile like that as he gives Dakota back his belt!

RC: I don’t know, Doc. Maybe that was just a free pass for Sarge.

DR: We can only hope, for the sake of UCW’s future.

RC: Fans, we’ve got more great action on the way, and maybe we can even get a damned answer from Beast!


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
UCW Title Match!

(FADEIN: The entrance ramp as "Fire it up" by Black Label Society plays. Cameron Cruise steps through the curtain to a chorus of boos from the fans. Stands for a moment at the top of the ramp, hands on hips, listening to the reaction before making his way to the ring.)

RC: "And the challenger Cameron Cruise makes his way to the ring...Cameron has said nothing leading up to this match, which may be the biggest of his career..."

RB: "and for that I thank him, this isn't a debate, this is a fight, and anytime anyone can keep that idoit freak off my TV, I'm all for it...And now Cruise is going to shut him up in the ring and end this nightmare but good."

BELL: "The Following contest is set for ONE FALL and it is for the UCW...WORLD! HEAVYWEIGHT! CHAMPIONSHIP!...Making his way to the ring first from Jacksonville Florida...The Challenger..."The Crippler" CAMERON...CRRRRUUUUUISSSSEEE!!" (Crowd gives another boo to Cruise who enters the ring and looks ready for action.)

RC: "And now we await the arrival of our champion"

(CUTTO: The entrance ramp. CUEUP: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day as the crowd pops big! The lights go out in the arena and a spotlight hits the entranceway as The First walks out. His face chalk white, with heavy black circles around his eyes that lead to crow like streaks under his eyes...Wearing his purple mad hatter jacket, black karate pants, with the UCW World Title strapped around his waist. The first extends his arms, palms upward while tilting his head to the side before making his way to the ring. The more gothcore fans holding cellphones aloft to the music.)

RC: "And here he is! The First has this crowd going crazy!"

RB: "There is no accounting for taste in this world...None..."

BELL: "And his opponent, from Salem Massachusetts...He is the UCW...WORLD! HEAVYWEIGHT! CHAMPION! THE...FFFFIIIIRRRRRRSSSSTTTT!!!!"

RC: "Oh My! Cruise just did a suicide tope out to the floor and just SMASHED The First into the railing! The bell hasn't even rung yet and we're already in a brawl."

RB: "Get the lights up! I want to see this punk beaten!"

RC: "The lights are up as Cruise continues to hammer away on The First...Cruise now whips him HARD into the STEEL steps! Cruise now throws The First into the ring. (Bell rings) and now this match is offically underway!"

RB: "So pin him and end it already!"

RC: "Cruise whips The First into the ropes and a SPINEBUSTER!! Cruise covers!"




DR: "A near fall for Cruise who came so very close to the World Title he so covets!"

RC: "Cruise now going back to hammering away on The First with right hands, he sends The First into the ropes...CLOTHESLINE by Cruise drops the champion! Cruise now scoops him up and a BIG SLAM...Cruise now measures him and DRIVES the knee into the head of The First...He covers!"




RC: "Another kick out by the Champ! Cruise shakes his head and now whips The First into the corner, Cruise charges...NOBODY HOME! The First now hammering away with kicks to the gut of Cruise...And now a series of big right hands to Cruise rocking the challenger back! Cruise whipped into the corner...HAND SPRING ELBOW BY THE FIRST! Cruise staggers into a BULLDOG by The First!"

DR: "The Champion showing his drive in shaking off the early attack by Cruise and now rallying back."

RC: "The First now measuring Cruise and Cruise getting up to his feet...SPINNING HEEL KICK BY THE FIRST! He just about beheaded Cruise!"

RB: "No! Dammit! No!"

RC: "The First now going to the outside...He's up top...CUT THE THREAD!!! HE CRUSHED HIM WITH IT!!!"




RC: "He got him!" (Bell rings)

BELL: "Here is your winner, and STILL UCW World Champion...THE FFIIIRRRRSSSTTT!!!" (Crowd pops!)

RC: "The First has retained the title! An amazing performance here tonight for the champion!"

RB: "Bah"

RC: "The First is leaving with his title, more action coming right up!"


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
BG Bruce vs. Ken Cloverleaf

RC: Ladies and gentlemen, what a night it has already been here on Night of the Legends II!

DR: Absolutely right, Rich! We have already seen both the United States Title and the UCW Title successfully defended here tonight, and now, we have one of the most anticipated matches of the night getting ready to being here!

RC: Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this has been one of the most intense rivalries we have ever seen here in the UCW. This all started months ago when Commissioner Cloverleaf tried to make a match between BG Bruce and Beau Michaels, but Bruce refused to wrestle in the match.

DR: From there, Commissioner Cloverleaf suspended Bruce from all UCW programming and then went on a rampage against Bruce’s valet, Estaban!

RC: But Bruce has managed to battle his way back from suspension and now, it is all going to culminate right here tonight!

RB: And if I must say, I cannot wait for our wonderful Commissioner to walk out of here victorious tonight.

RC: Rob, that is quite a bold statement. The Commissioner probably has a bit of ring rust on him. He hasn’t been in the ring for quite some time.

RB: Ring rust does not affect someone as talented as our perfect, outstanding Commissioner.

RC: I guess that’s something that we’ll have to see, Rob.

(“The Wind Below” by Rage Against the Machine hits over the PA and the crowd fills with boos. Ken Cloverleaf protrudes from behind the curtain with a very large smile on his face. He sticks out his arms and whirls around to showcase himself to the crowd. The boos reign down like no other at this point.)

DR: I must say, the Commissioner certainly hasn’t lost his love for himself and his in-ring abilities.

RC: I wouldn’t expect him to, Doc. Ken Cloverleaf is known the world over as one of the absolute cockiest men in this business.

RB: As he should be. This guy is a former World Heavyweight Champion; his win-loss record speaks for itself.

RC: Well, he’s got a rather tall order here tonight, and I’m very interested in seeing just how well our commissioner is able to fair here against BG Bruce.

(“All the Young Dudes” by Mott the Hopple hits over the PA and all of the boos suddenly turn to cheers. Pyro erupts and B.G. Bruce rides down the ramp on his Hog with his valet/hair dresser/life partner Estaban astride the bike behind him. He circles the ring once before stopping the bike and flipping down the kickstand.)

RC: Well, these fans are not making it a secret who they hope to see come out victorious in this match.

DR: Absolutely not, Rich. These fans have stuck behind Bruce one hundred percent the entire time this charade has been going on, and they certainly have not changed their minds here tonight!

(Bruce enters the ring and stares across at Cloverleaf while Estaban cheers him on from the outside. The referee steps between the two men and holds his arms out until finally pulling them in and signaling to the timekeeper.)

RC: Ladies and gentlemen, there is the bell and this match is now officially underway here at Night of the Legends II!

DR: And look at the tension that these two already have between them. Their eyes are both dancing with fire as neither man can wait to get their hands on one other.

RB: And one, in particular, probably wants it more than the other.

DR: Rob, can we please refrain from the gay comments tonight?

RB: Hey, I’m just saying…

RC: Guys, the action is getting underway here. They step to the middle of the ring and they are now going nose-to-chest as Bruce is absolutely towering over Cloverleaf here!

RB: But this industry is not about size! It is about determination. And Ken Cloverleaf is determined to wipe this business clean of this gay bastard here tonight!

RC: Look out! Cloverleaf strikes first with a shove to Bruce’s chest!

DR: And that may have been the wrong move to start this match with!

RC: Bruce steps back to the middle of the ring now and shoves Cloverleaf! He sends the Commissioner reeling all the way into the ropes!

DR: And now Cloverleaf looks to be reevaluating his game plan here.

RC: Indeed he does, as he steps back to the middle of the ring. The two men size each other up. And now there’s a collar and elbow tie-up. Cloverleaf takes the quick advantage, pulling Bruce into a side headlock.

DR: But Bruce quickly counters as he pushes Cloverleaf off and into the ropes. Cloverleaf rebounds…

RC: Right into a big shoulder block by Bruce! Cloverleaf hits the mat hard as Bruce just stares down at him from almost seven feet away!

RB: I think he’s looking a little too deep into the Commissioner’s eyes here!

DR: I don’t think he’s even looking at the Commissioner here. I think he’s staring a hole through him!

RC: Well, he is not going to slow down this match at all. He wants to dominate Ken Cloverleaf here as he is quickly pulling him back up. There’s a stiff right hand by Bruce. Followed by another! Bruce backs Cloverleaf into the ropes with yet another stiff right and now whips him across the ring. Cloverleaf rebounds…

DR: Big (gay) boot by Bruce! This crowd is electrified as Bruce is really starting off strong here and taking it to the man who makes the matches here in UCW!

RB: Ross, must you continue with the gay references?

DR: Rob, I didn’t- oh crap! You know that’s not what I meant!

RC: Well, Bruce is still refusing to slow up as he pulls Cloverleaf up yet again. Those huge hands of his are driving into Cloverleaf. They’re almost like catcher’s mitts, they’re so large.

DR: And now he’s driving them right into the Commissioner. You can almost feel the air coming out of Cloverleaf with each blow.

RC: Bruce now pulls Cloverleaf to the middle of the ring. He reaches down and nails the Commissioner with a textbook scoop slam. Bruce quickly bounces off the near ropes.

DR: Big elbow drop across the sternum! He goes for the cover…



Kickout by Cloverleaf!

RC: Nice early near-fall there for Bruce. He pulls himself back up to his feet and now reaches down to pull up Cloverleaf as well.

DR: But there’s a right to the midsection by Cloverleaf! And another…

RC: Oh my! A blatant low-blow there by Cloverleaf and Bruce slumps to the mat!

RB: Blatant? I think he was trying for a third blow to the midsection and accidentally missed.

RC: Think what you want, Rob. But it was rather obvious what really went on there.

RB: I know it was. That’s why I was sure to inform the fans of the mishap.

RC: Whatever the case may be, Bruce is down on the mat and Cloverleaf is slowly pulling himself up to his feet here as he tries to assert himself for the first time here in this match.

DR: And, of course, Cloverleaf is going to be the in-ring technician that he is as he heads right for Bruce’s legs.

RC: Always a strategy of Cloverleaf’s. He loves to work those legs and try to weaken them for that Texas Cloverleaf of his. He reaches down and grabs the left leg of Bruce…

DR: And then jams it right into the mat! That knee cap is ultra-sensitive and that ring mat is not very forgiving!

RC: And Cloverleaf obviously knows that as he drives the knee into the mat one more time! I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen Bruce curl up in pain like this before.

RB: I’m sure you haven’t seen it, but it’s probably happened.

RC: I’m not so sure about that. There are few parts of the body that are as fragile as the knee cap.

RB: There’s at least one. And I’m sure Bruce knows what that feels like.

DR: Rob!

RB: What? You don’t think he has?

DR: That’s not what I’m saying.

RC: Back to the action here guys. Bruce has rolled over, but that has just allowed Cloverleaf to grab that leg and drive an elbow down across it! Look at the smile on the face of the commissioner!

DR: There are few things that Ken Cloverleaf likes more than a perfectly technical match. I’m sure that’s where the smile is originating from here.

RC: He’s doing an excellent job of technical wrestling here as he drops yet another elbow across that knee! Bruce might not be able to walk out of here tonight!

RB: Excellent strategy though, Cruise. Chop the tree down and it’s the same size as you.

RC: Something I’m sure Cloverleaf thought through a thousand times coming into this match. He continues to demonstrate just that as he pulls Bruce over to the ropes. He now places that leg on the bottom rope…

DR: And he leaps off that second rope and sends all of his body weight crashing down onto that leg as Bruce screams out in pain! Ken Cloverleaf refuses to let Bruce even see the light of day here!

RC: Absolutely right, Doc. He’s now pulling that leg back up onto the ropes again. The ref is right in his face, but Cloverleaf doesn’t care.

RB: He signs that guy’s check! Of course he doesn’t care!

RC: Cloverleaf shoves the ref to the side. He climbs to the second rope again…

DR: And again comes crashing down! Bruce rolls to the middle of the ring in pain as the referee gets right in Cloverleaf’s face now.

RC: Guys, Bruce is in a world of trouble here.

RB: That’s his fault. He should’ve done his homework and realized that we don’t have a pencil-pushing commissioner like some other companies do.

DR: Absolutely right, Rob. That’s one thing that UCW really has going for them. Their commissioner refuses to back down from much of anything.

RC: As he is showcasing right now in that ring, Doc. He finally pulls Bruce up to his feet here. Bruce hobbles around as Cloverleaf draws back…

DR: Big knife-edge chop by Cloverleaf! And another! Bruce is backed into the ropes now. Cloverleaf grabs him by the arm and now whips him across the ring…

RC: Holy smokes! Cloverleaf just delivered a textbook dropkick right to the knee of the running Gay Man! And now Cloverleaf is just hovering over Bruce as he lies on his face in pain. We may need someone to get in there and stop the Commissioner. He makes his way back to Bruce’s legs again…

DR: And now he locks in the half crab!

RC: Cloverleaf is cranking on that knee now and Bruce is absolutely screaming his lungs out here. He desperately needs to get to the ropes to break up this hold.

RB: But they’re miles away, Cruise! You forget that Cloverleaf is the best technician on the UCW roster.

DR: He’s one of the greatest and he’s shown us that right now as he has Bruce at least three feet away from the ropes in each direction.

RC: And Bruce’s face is filled with pain here. It looks like his head might explode as he takes on all this pain while trying to reach for the ropes.

(Bruce reaches out far, using his other arm to try and pull himself closer to the ropes, but they remain well out of reach.)

RC: Bruce has nowhere to go, and this could very well do in the man who has stood up for so much here against our Commissioner.

RB: Just another example of why you don’t want to mess with Mr. Cloverleaf.

RC: Bruce sits back in pain here. He’s trying to free himself anyway he can, but there’s just nothing he can do…

DR: Wait a second, Rich! I think he’s going to try and power his way out of this!

RB: Moron.

RC: Indeed, Bruce is trying to straighten that very weak leg as Cloverleaf continues to crank on that damaged joint. Bruce lets out a howl…

DR: Oh my! BG Bruce must have just used every ounce of energy he had in his body, as he not only freed himself from that half crab that Cloverleaf had locked in, but he also sent the commissioner sailing through the ropes and to the outside of the ring!

RC: And this is a perfect time for Bruce to rest up as Cloverleaf is trying to figure out where he is right now. Bruce is still down on the mat, clutching that knee, but you have to figure he’s going to do his best to get back to his feet and try to win this match.

RB: Unfortunately for him, our commissioner has seen much more adversity than being thrown out of the ring. Cloverleaf is sure to pull himself back into the ring and finish this match.

RC: Well, it’s currently a foot race that Bruce has the advantage on, as he is the one that is already in the ring.

DR: And both men have finally managed to pull themselves up to a knee, but Cloverleaf still needs to get back in the ring.

RC: Bruce grabs hold of those ropes and pulls himself up slowly. Cloverleaf is still on the outside, trying to use the apron for support. He slowly rises up and slides in under the bottom rope. He pulls himself up to a knee…

DR: But Bruce is there to club down on him with a double axe handle across the back! That is the first bit of offense that BG Bruce has seen in about ten minutes here!

RC: And now a European uppercut that sends Cloverleaf upright and into the ropes. Bruce grabs Cloverleaf by the arm here. He whips him across the ring. Cloverleaf rebounds…

DR: Uh oh! Bruce went for the big boot again, but missed it as Cloverleaf ducked the blow.

RC: Cloverleaf hits the opposite ropes…

DR: And a chop block to the back of the knee before Bruce could get turned around! Just when you thought that Bruce was going to mount some sort of offense, Cloverleaf comes right back with a huge shot like that!

RB: I’ve watched my fair share of wrestling matches. And what seems to always happen in those matches is the smarter guy coming out on top. Ken Cloverleaf is showing right now that he is by far the smarter of the two men in the ring.

RC: He is a ring technician that is for sure. He goes right back to work on that leg again as Bruce grabs at it in pain. Cloverleaf lifts that leg…

DR: And now he locks in a leg grapevine. This is a move usually used by stronger men, but right now, Bruce’s knee is so weak that he really holds any type of advantage over Cloverleaf in this move.

RC: Absolutely right, Doc. Just look at the torque being placed on that leg. There is no way that Bruce can withstand much more of this.

RB: He’s screaming out in pain right now, but what he needs to be doing is screaming “I Quit” so that he can stop this abuse. Cloverleaf is not going to relent on him here.

RC: It certainly doesn’t look that way, even though Cloverleaf is now relinquishing that grapevine. He still has hold of the leg though…

DR: And a big kick that has to send a shockwave through that already soft knee of Bruce’s.

RC: Cloverleaf still has hold of that leg. He now steps over into a twist…

DR: Figure four leglock! If ever there was a move that Bruce didn’t want to see tonight, it was the figure four leglock! Shades of Ric Flair are being sent to millions across the nation right now as they see Cloverleaf lock in that picture-perfect hold!

RC: Bruce’s knee could snap right here! Ken Cloverleaf has pulled out all the stops here tonight as he has that knee absolutely cocked.

RB: Listen to the screams, Cruise! This man has never felt this kind of pain before. And he’s now wondering what he has gotten himself into by challenging our commissioner to this match!

RC: As bad as I hate to say it, you could very well be right, Rob. Bruce is doing everything he can to wiggle out of this hold, but there is nowhere to go. Again, Cloverleaf has done a masterful job of positioning Bruce right in the middle of the ring!

DR: And he’s done an even more masterful job of positioning himself very close to those ropes. Look out, because I think he may be using them very shortly.

RB: I can’t believe that you’d accuse our wonderful commissioner of such a thing.

DR: Accuse? Rob, he’s actually reaching out for them right now!

RB: I think he’s losing his balance.

DR: From his rear end? This guy must have one hell of an ear infection.

RC: I hate to discredit your balance theory, Rob, but Cloverleaf now has not one, but two handfuls of rope right now as Bruce is absolutely writhing in pain!

DR: And the ref isn’t seeing any of it! He’s asking Bruce if he wishes to submit this match to Ken Cloverleaf, but Bruce isn’t doing anything but screaming in pain!

RC: The commissioner has the biggest man in UCW almost in tears here, but this tough SOB is still refusing to give up. Bruce is wiggling back and forth, but he’s slowly wearing down. He can’t let those shoulders hit the mat.

DR: And I’m not sure if he’s going to be able to avoid that, Rich. He’s slowly fading.

RC: There it is! Shoulders down…



But Bruce sits back up.

DR: That took almost all of Bruce’s power right there to sit up.

RC: And unfortunately for him, the ref didn’t turn his head quick enough to see Ken Cloverleaf clutching those ropes.

DR: Well, the ref turns back to Bruce, whose face is about as red as it can possibly be. He somehow manages to refuse to submit though.

RC: But Cloverleaf grabs the rope again! Bruce is bouncing around on the mat like a fish out of water, but he is absolutely stuck!

DR: And now the shoulders hit the mat again! The ref makes the quick check for both down…



And Bruce sits back up again, but that was SO close.

RC: The ref asks Bruce again, but he emphatically shakes his head no. Cloverleaf is going to try and position himself to grab those ropes again…

DR: He’s got hold! Bruce hits the mat instantaneously!

RC: The ref checks the shoulders…




DR: NO! The ref looked up at the last split-second and saw Cloverleaf with two handfuls of rope! He’s calling for the break!

RB: What?!?! The three was counted! This match is over!

RC: Not yet, Rob. Cloverleaf got caught elbow-deep in the cookie jar, and now the ref is making him break the hold. HUGE break there for Bruce.

RB: He probably already has a huge break.

RC: Excellent point, Rob. That knee has been through a tremendous amount of punishment here in this match. I can’t believe he’s still going on.

DR: And I don’t think the commissioner can either. He pulls himself back up to his feet and now does the same to the hobbled Bruce.

RC: Cloverleaf squares him up… big knife-edge chop there! Cloverleaf rears back again… and another chop! Cloverleaf rears back one more time…

DR: Look out! Bruce is standing in the ring wide-eyed as he stares down Cloverleaf! I think that last slap woke him up!

RC: And now look at Cloverleaf! He’s backing away from Bruce like a kid who’s trying to run away from a spanking!

DR: Cloverleaf is trying to find a way out of this…

RB: Oh no! The commissioner tripped! Timeout!

RC: No matter how much Cloverleaf asks for that timeout, Bruce isn’t going to acknowledge it! He closes in on the fallen commissioner…

DR: Oh my! Thumb to the eye by Cloverleaf!

RC: Bruce is stumbling around the ring trying to regain his sight…

DR: And now a swinging neckbreaker takes Bruce to the mat!

RB: And look at the commissioner! As if we didn’t know how smart he was already, he tells us again by using that very nonchalant point to his brain.

RC: Nonchalant? He practically poked a hole through his skull he was pointing so hard.

RB: You over exaggerate, Cruise.

RC: Well, Cloverleaf picks up that leg again. And now he drops an elbow across the knee! He stands back up… and AGAIN he drops the elbow!

DR: And now he adds a little extra torque as he pulls that leg around his body. Tremendous force being applied to that knee here.

RC: And now Cloverleaf relinquishes and makes his way back to his feet. He still has that leg in his hands. He steps over again…

DR: But Bruce presses him off with his good leg! Cloverleaf went for the figure four again, but Bruce countered it!

RC: Cloverleaf hits the ropes. He rebounds and now looks to drop an elbow on Bruce…

DR: But Bruce rolls out of the way! Cloverleaf just dug his funny bone right into the canvas!

RC: Bruce is extremely hobbled here, but he’s doing his damndest to pull himself up to his feet and try to get back to equal footing with the commissioner. He grabs hold of the ropes…

DR: But Cloverleaf quickly nails him with a forearm to the back! He now grabs hold of Bruce and whips him across the ring…

RC: Cloverleaf swings a clothesline… but Bruce ducks it! Bruce hits the opposite ropes…

DR: And a HUGE clothesline of his own! Bruce has a huge opportunity here, as the commissioner is down.

RB: But so is he! He’s got to pull himself up before one of the best does the same.

RC: Bruce is doing his absolute best as he grabs hold of the ropes to stabilize himself.

DR: And Cloverleaf is shaking free the cobwebs from that clothesline! It’s a footrace here for the upper hand!

RC: Bruce grabs hold of the top rope as he goes through the last leg of pulling himself up.

DR: And Cloverleaf is to one knee!

RC: Cloverleaf stands up! He turns to Bruce. He throws a right hand…

DR: But Bruce ducks the blow!

RC: Bruce now positions himself behind Cloverleaf…

DR: Back drop suplex! Bruce has just gained the upper hand here as he is trying to come back against the commissioner here!

RC: He’s still slowed by that knee, but he is pulling himself up much quicker here. He makes his way over to the fallen Cloverleaf. He reaches down and pulls him up to his feet…

DR: And a huge right hand! Followed by another! And another! Bruce has backed the commissioner into the corner here. He grabs him by the arm and whips him across the ring…

RC: Oh my! Bruce just used so much force that Cloverleaf hit the mat as soon as he hit that turnbuckle! Cloverleaf went down face-first into the canvas as he is now clutching at his back.

DR: But Bruce isn’t slowing up at all. He makes his way toward the corner.

RB: Someone get in there and stop this gay bastard!

RC: This is just revenge for Bruce, who suffered one hell of a beating on that knee of his earlier in this match! He makes his way over and now straddles the fallen commissioner.

RB: Good God, Ken! Cover yourself! You don’t know what he’s going to do!

RC: Bruce now turns to the corner. He grabs hold of the top rope for support as he begins to climb! What the hell is he going to do?

DR: I’m not too sure, Rich.

RC: He pulls himself up to the second rope and now begins to bounce on it…

DR: Oh my! Butt drop from the second rope! He might have just smashed some of Cloverleaf’s ribs right there!

RC: He came crashing down right on the back with that one. Cloverleaf might be broken in half!

RB: And look at the smile on this freak’s face! He absolutely loves it!

RC: He should, Rob. This is almost a year’s worth of payback right now. He stands back up and now reaches down to pull the commissioner back up to his feet. He whips the commissioner across the ring and into the ropes. Cloverleaf rebounds right into a gutwrench…

DR: Look out! Bruce kept hold of him and now Cloverleaf is inverted! It could be…

RC: Tombstone! A tombstone piledriver to the commissioner! That’s got to be it! Bruce makes the cover…




DR: Did I just see what I thought I saw?

RC: You did, Doc! BG Bruce just picked Ken Cloverleaf up off the mat!

DR: He wants to inflict more damage!

RB: Get someone in there to stop this! This is absolutely ridiculous!

RC: BG Bruce had this match won, but he just pulled the commissioner up out of the pin. I don’t believe what I just saw. He pulls the commissioner back up to his feet.

DR: This doesn’t look good.

RC: He wraps his hand around Cloverleaf’s throat!

DR: Chokeslam! The commissioner just damn near crashed through the canvas with that blast!

RC: I suspect this is the beginning of the end for the commissioner.

DR: And I’d have to agree, Rich. Bruce has a crazed look in his eyes as he looks out to all of the fans, who are going absolutely nuts here!

RC: Bruce reaches down and picks up the commissioner. He scoops down and pulls him up onto his shoulder. Could it be?

DR: YES! The Gayvalanche! Ken Cloverleaf is laid out! He’s motionless!

RC: And Bruce makes the cover…




DR: Wait!


RC: I don’t believe this! Ken Cloverleaf managed to somehow get his foot up and onto the ropes! This match is still going on!

RB: And now look at your precious little Bruce! He’s panicking as we speak! He has no idea how to put away the commissioner now!

RC: It’s going to be exciting to see what Bruce has up his sleeve here as he pulls the commissioner back up to his feet again.

DR: Look out! Bruce just grabbed Cloverleaf by the back of the head and hurled him over the top rope and right at our feet here!

RB: He’s snapped! Get this guy a straight jacket!

RC: Bruce is now pacing around the ring. He really is at a loss here.

DR: Well, it looks like he’s going to go bring the commissioner back into the ring.

RC: Bruce makes his way over to the ropes and now exits the ring. He pulls Cloverleaf up to his feet…

DR: Oh my! What a right hand by Bruce! That echoed throughout the whole arena!

RC: And now another as Bruce scoops up the commissioner and places him on top of our table! Look out guys!

RB: Where the hell is he going?

RC: I don’t know! Bruce just set up the commissioner on top of our announce table and is now headed back to the ring.

DR: I don’t think he’s staying there though, guys. Look up!

RC: Oh my God! BG Bruce, all 420 pounds of him, is scaling up to the top rope!

RB: I’m getting out of the way before Shamu sprays us all here.

RC: Bruce is up on the top rope! What is he going to do? He stands up! And leaps…

DR: OH MY GOD!!! BG Bruce just went for an elbow drop off that top rope onto the announce table, but Commissioner Cloverleaf managed to roll out of the way!

RC: Bruce is down! Cloverleaf is still down from the beating that he took just a few moments ago! Neither man is moving as the referee gets down to check on them!

RB: These men might be dead, Cruise! I think we need the paramedics!

RC: Well, the commissioner is stirring, but Bruce is completely motionless. The referee has made his way back into the ring and is now beginning his ten count!

DR: I don’t believe this! I think he needs to call for help rather than trying to count these men out! This match cannot possibly go on!

RC: Apparently, the referee doesn’t see it that way. He’s obviously deemed both of these men capable of continuing!


DR: I don’t see how he can do that, though. We barely have any movement out of either of these competitors! I don’t even think Bruce has moved yet!


RC: Apparently the ref saw something that we didn’t, as he continues this count.


RB: Come on Ken! Get up!


RC: It looks like the commissioner might be hearing you, Rob. He’s trying his best to shake his head free of the cobwebs.


DR: But he’s going to have to move a lot faster to break up this count! The referee is halfway there!


RC: But somehow, Bruce still isn’t moving! This guy could have just ended his career, guys.


RB: Just goes to show you that if you weight four hundred pounds that too much blood is pumped to your fat and not your brain.


DR: Guys, the commissioner is up against the ring apron! He’s still got to pull himself up and into the ring to avoid the double count-out here!


RB: Come on, Ken! You can do it!

RC: He’s right on the cusp…


RC: That’s it! This match is over!

DR: The referee makes his way to the timekeeper’s table…

TB: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner via count-out… Ken Cloverleaf!

RC: What?!?!

RB: YES!!!

DR: Apparently, Cloverleaf just got in under the ropes in time for the ten-count!

RC: Absolutely amazing!

RB: That’s Ken Cloverleaf for you.

RC: Ken Cloverleaf has managed to snake out the win here, yet again against BG Bruce!

RB: And this fairy is going to be able to tell his grandchildren that one of the greatest of all-time ended his career, right here tonight!

RC: Things certainly look grim for BG Bruce as his life-partner Estaban now hovers over him as we wait on some medical assistance.

DR: I still can’t believe that Cloverleaf weaseled out of here with the win!

RC: And look at the smile on his face! He knows that he did just that!

DR: That’s horrible.

RC: Folks, we’re going to try and get some help out here for BG Bruce. But don’t worry, our main event is next!


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Jun 9, 2004
Pre-Match dealings

(Cut to the backstage locker room where we see none other than the American Hero, Mr. Incredible in his white robe doing some final warm up exercises as his friend/trainner John Ballew stands beside him)

JOHN BALLEW: It's almost time. I've done all I can from here.

(Mr. Incredible stops his exercise as he turns to his friend)

MR. INCREDIBLE: You're not coming down to the ring with me?

(John's wrinkled face gives a soft smile as he shakes his head no)

JB: Not this time kid. This is something you have to do. Besides you don't want an old man like me getting in the way.

(Mr. Incredible nods his head)

MR. I: I understand John.

(John comes over to Mr. Incredible as he puts his hand on his shoulder and looks into the American Hero's eyes, not just as his trainer but as his friend)

JB: You're in perfect condition. Perfect. Everything I've asked of you, you've done it, and I appreciate that with all my heart. But I'm sorry, but I have to ask one more thing from you.

(Mr. Incredible listens intently to his friend)

MR I: Sure John. Whatever it is you want I'll do it. You've done so much for me over the years, the least I can do is return the favor.

(John pauses and takes a quick moment before continuing)

JB: I... I've always wanted the best for you. But this match goes way beyond what I want, and especially what you want.

(John's eyes glisten as if he's about to shed a tear)

JB: What I'm trying to say is... no matter what happens win or lose, always remember why you're fighting this fight. Benjamin is going out there for him and him alone. I don't care what that punk says, tonight he's going up against the best I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

(Mr. Incredible nods his head in respect as he lays his hand against Johns cheek)

MR. I: Thank you... Thank you John. I promise I'll make you proud as I will all these fans.

(John clears his eyes as he goes back to his old man grumpy attitude)

JB: Alright, alright.. enough of this.. (again he wipes his face) ..now go out there and show him the meaning of resilance. Show him the meaning of heart.

(Mr. Incredible gives John one last smile)

MR. I: My pleasure..

(Mr. Incredible exits the scene as he walks to ramp entrance)

JB: Go get 'em Mr. Incredible...


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Jun 9, 2004
UCW Survivor Match!

RC: And it's time, for one of the moments tonight that we've all been patiently waiting for, I'm talking about the UCW SURVIVOR MATCH, our main event which faces Adam Benjamin, a former United States Champion against America's own champion, or so to speak the people's champion, Mr. Incredible.

DR: This is it!! Only one person can survive tonight, while leaving the other unconscious & possibly in a pool of their own blood. A first time match here in UCW, and I cannot think of any other two competitors that I would want to see participate in it than these two guys. I cannot wait!

RB: First off Doc, you and Cruise are completely off your rocking chairs if you think this match is going to be even close to anything other than quick and dull. As far as I'm concerned, you two have been talking up Mr. I-suck-a-lot ever since he showed his ugly mug in UCW, and for what purpose? He’s a “nobody”!!
DR: Oh no, here we go.
RB: Be quiet Doc, because you both know I'm right. Mr. Incredible is a “has been”, and after this match when Benjamin breaks him inside that ring and in front of all these people, then everyone will finally come to the realization that I've been right about this guy since day one.
RC: Are you done yet Bitterman?
RB: Yep, because that's all I'm going to say, I'll let the results speak the rest..
RC: Personally I think this is going to be a dead lock even match. Though the only question is how will Mr. Incredible be in the ring? Sure we saw him in a little action on the last Revolution, but he really didn't do anything, nor did he look in any type of great condition. So how will his ring presence be? Does he have the stamina? Will Adam Benjamin get his revenge? We'll find out soon enough.

DR: I agree Cruise, but I also believe that by Benjamin having his doubts about the power of these people, he could be in trouble. Though I will admit there are a lot of non-believers out there that think a crowd can’t actually help a wrestler through a match, and that it’s just a bunch of over-rated hype.

RB: Amen to that.

DR: But I really believe that by having these fans behind him, Mr. Incredible has the advantage in this match. You can't really explain the intensity of the energy surge that a wrestler experiences inside that ring when you have a crowd behind you. I'm not saying that the fans will have a huge impact, but they definitely will be a factor tonight, plus Mr. Incredible isn't some slacky, he's a very smart technical wrestler that will make you hurt in places you'd least expect to feel pain.

The crowd immediately starts booing as Adam Benjamin comes out of the entrance. He's carrying the same bloodied American Flag he stole from Mr. Incredible on his shoulder as he makes his way to the ring

RC: And with that we're on!

DR: Wow look at Adam Benjamin. He's in such great shape, and man, does he look determined!

Benjamin walks to the ring and simply ignores the crowd. As he makes his way onto the ring apron in a gentleman fashion, much like how William Regal would, he wipes his feet on the ring mat and climbs through the ropes. Benjamin taking his time, walks over to the far turnbuckle and points to the American Flag on his shoulder while shouting something to the crowd as fireworks explode over top the ring.

RC: Nice entrance.

RB: Did you expect anything less from a top UCW superstar?

RC: Not at all, it's just he never really had an entrance before.

RB: Well tonight is a special night Cruise, give the man some credit, he is English you know.

DR: Oh boy, here go the lights.

Benjamin gets down off the turnbuckle and faces the entrance as he awaits his opponent’s arrival. In the meantime the fans get to their feet, the arena in silence as everyone waits in suspense. Suddenly "Eye of the Tiger" bursts through the PA system.

RC: Oh yeah listen to this crowd erupt!!

Red, white and blue lights begin flickering all over the arena as Mr. Incredible makes his way from the back entrance.

DR: I don't know about you Cruise, but it sounds like there are a million “Incredible fans” in attendance tonight, I literally can't hear a thing!

Fireworks erupt behind Mr. Incredible exploding all over the stage entrance as the lights come back on.

RC: Holy Mary Poppins! Look at Mr. Incredible! He’s… He's in such great shape. Forget what I was talking about earlier. This man went out and came back in better shape than I ever seen him before.

Mr. Incredible stands in his signature patriotic wrestling attire & mask as he looks over the crowd. Mr. I quickly turns his attention to the ring and with a smile he points his finger at Adam Benjamin, who is leaning on the ropes calling out to the American Hero to get in the ring.

Suddenly the crowd turns their attention to the ring to what seems to be a gigantic American Flag unfolding right above Adam Benjamin's head, as it dangles from the rafters.

DR: Now that’s patriotic!!

Benjamin finally notices and is completely taken off guard. Again the crowd erupts!!!

RB: That fairy did that on purpose!

RC: Well whatever Mr. Incredible wanted to accomplish it obviously worked because while Benjamin was distracted, the American Hero is now on the attack! He's wasting no time sliding into the ring and going after Benjamin like an American Bulldog!

DR: There's the BELL!!

Mr. Incredible and Adam Benjamin are going punch for punch! Incredible gets the early advantage as he punches Benjamin back against the ropes.

RC: Irish whip!!

RB: Countered by “Yours Truly” into an irish whip of his own.

RC: Incredible bounces off the ropes and ducks a clothesline by Benjamin, as he bounces off the ropes again and puts his shoulder right into Benjamin's chest.

RC: Down goes Benjamin hard to the mat.

DR: Oh wow, Benjamin is furious, and he's back to his feet.

Benjamin goes back to the ropes and bounces off and throws a shoulder of his own into Mr. Incredible.

RC: Incredible didn't even budge! Look he's shaking his finger at Benjamin!

RB: Oh no, he didn't just do that, did he? Come on Benjamin show Captain America that this isn't 1985.

Benjamin throws a hay maker punch, Incredible blocks it and goes for a punch of his own but Benjamin blocks it and gives the American Hero a poke to the eye.

The crowd boos as Mr. Incredible stumbles a bit trying to regain his senses.

RB: BRILLIANT!! Benjamin is now choking Mr. Incredible with that bloodied American Flag.

RC: Is that legal?

RB: Legal? This is a survivor match. EVERYTHING'S LEGAL!

DR: Benjamin rakes Incredible's eyes one more time for good measure and tosses the flag to the outside.

RC: Incredible tries to regain his senses but receives a European uppercut from Benjamin. The American Hero stumbles back into the nearest turnbuckle. And here comes Benjamin.


RB: Let's go Benjamin!! It’s time to slap that imbecile silly!

RC: Benjamin is unloading loud knife edge chops to Incredibe's chest.

1.. 2… 3...4..5..6..7..8.. the crowd following each one with a signature Flair "WOOOOOOO"! And again Benjamin is quick to revert back to raking the eyes of the Incredible One.

DR: He's playing his game by not allowing Incredible any offense. This is where Benjamin wants to be, in control.

RC: Irish whip, no it's countered by Incredible. NO! Again it's countered by Benjamin.

DR: Oh man Incredible went chest first into the turnbuckle.

RC: Incredible stumbles backwards. Benjamin looks for a german suplex, Incredible blocks it and reverses it into a back suplex of his own.

DR: The American Hero is looking to get some offense going.

RC: Incredible is to his feet and he pulls up Benjamin by the wrist. Oh my, Incredible went for a short arm clothesline, but Benjamin countered it into a german suplex!

DR: Yeah but look Incredible is up to his feet first, that didn’t even stun the man!!

RC: Benjamin thinking he’s got the advantage turns around and gets hit with a running elbow!!

DR: I bet Benjamin remembers exactly what that move feels like.

Incredible points to his elbow, and plays it to the crowd.

RB: Shut up Doc! Mr. Incompetent is toying with the wrong man! He'll regret every bit of that later, you'll see.

RC: Benjamin is slow to get to his feet as Incredible once again goes for the wrist and delivers a short arm clothesline. And he's picking up Benjamin again, as he deleivers another short-arm clothesline, and another and another.

DR: Belly to Belly suplex by the American Hero!

RC: Benjamin quickly rolls out of the ring!

DR: Listen to these fans. They love it!

RC: Yeah Mr. Incredible really hasn't lost a touch as he takes back control of this match.

RB: Think again fellas!

RC: What's Benjamin doing?

RB: While your American boy toy is busy admiring his little moves, Benjamin is using his wits.

DR: Is that a ladder? He's pulling a ladder from underneath the ring!

Incredible slides underneath the ropes and chases after Benjamin who just barely got the ladder out from underneath the ring.


DR: Drop toe hold right onto the ladder!! Incredible's face just bounced right off that ladder. Benjamin’s not wasting anytime as he wraps Mr. Incredible's arm in between the ladder.

RC: What's he doing? Oh no, he's pulling out a chair from underneath the ring.

RB: Paybacks baby!!

RC: Incredible moves his arm out of the way...



DR: OH NO!! Listen to Incredible's screaming!



RC: For god sakes stop this Benjamin!! Mr. Incredible is screaming in pain. He can’t get his arm free!

RB: What’s wrong Cruise, can’t you stomach it?

DR: Again he’s attacking Incredible with that chair!!!






RC: Look at that SONOFA*****! Benjamin’s loving this! And listen to the crowd..., nothing… They can’t believe what they’re seeing. They’re completely silent here.

DR: Sweet Mary Madness! Benjamin is going up the top rope!

RB: That’s it’ Benjamin, break his freaking arm!

RC: Incredible see’s what’s going on, and his struggling to get his arm free. Come on Mr. Incredible get out of there.

Benjamin raises the chair over his head and jumps down onto the ladder.


DR: OH MY GOD!! Incredible at the last minute got his arm free, but Benjamin was able to smash Incredible's right hand against the chair & ladder. And look, Benjamin doesn't look pleased at all, he seriously wanted to break Incredible's arm.

RC: Listen to Incredible screaming in pain. That hand has to be shattered. Incredible is in terrible pain as he tries to make it to his feet, and away from Benjamin, but "Yours Truly" wastes no time and chases after him with the chair.

RB: That's right, run coward!

RC: Incredible is up to his feet and Benjamin goes for a big swing. Incredible makes it around the corner but stumbles.


DR: Nothing but ring post there. Benjamin almost took Incredible's head off if Mr. I didn't fall. That was too close.

RC: Yeah, but Incredible fell right into the guard rail, and look, Benjamin is talking trash as he gears up for another attempt. Running big swing!


It sends "Yours Truly" falling face first into the chair.

RC: Oh wow! How did he manage that?! Benjamin's face just flap jacked right onto that chair.

DR: Incredible seizes the opportunity, as he reaches down and picks up Benjamin. The American Hero throws Benjamin's arm over his neck and goes for a suplex.

RB: Look at that idiot, he can't lift Benjamin, he's too injured.

RC: Benjamin counters it into a stalling suplex of his own. He’s holding Incredible straight up in the air.

DR: OOOWWW!! Mr. Incredible goes back first on top of the guard rail.

Crowd reacts with an "oooooooo" response, as Incredible’s body slips down off the guard rail, aching in pain.

RB: He's going to make Incredible wish he never made this match.

RC: Mr. Incredible is slumped over against the guard rail. Benjamin picks up the chair and wait.. he's propping it against Incredible's face which is laying against the guard rail. He's not doing what I think he is? Is he?

DR: Running front drop kick into the chair!!! He just smashed Incredible's face against the railing. Oh my god and here comes the blood!!

The crowd immediately starts chanting "UCW, UCW, UCW!!"

RC: Sure Mr. Incredible showed off some skill earlier but now Benjamin is really controlling this match. He's dominated for most of it. What can I say, this guy came prepared.

DR: And these fans are in a mixed reaction. Some hate this, seeing their hero Mr. Incredible struggling, and then the rest of them are just loving every bit of the action that this match is dishing out tonight.

RB: And I'm just plain out loving it!!!

Benjamin picks up Incredible and holds him in a fallaway slam position.

RC: Benjamin just smashed the American hero's back against the ring post. He's doing it again!! And again and again.

RB: Listen to that fairy scream in pain. It's music to my ears.

DR: You can tell Benjamin wants Mr. Incredible to give up. He's trying to injure every part of Mr. I's body. He literally wants to break him in half.

RC: But so far Mr. Incredible hasn't really shown any signs of giving up just yet. The question is though, just how much can Mr. Incredible withstand before the pain gets to him.

Benjamin goes and grabs the ladder.

DR: Now what?

RC: Benjamin is laying the ladder on top of the guard rail and the ring apron, sort of like a bridge. Now he's going over to Mr. Incredible who's throwing fists into Adam Benjamin's stomach. He's fighting back.

DR: Another eye rake by Benjamin, and he follows up by irish whipping Incredible towards the ladder.

RC: And Incredible counters into an irish whip of his own!!

RB: Oh yeah!! Benjamin slides underneath the ladder!! Now that's genius!!

RC: "Yours Truly" is pointing to his head as he mouths off Mr. Incredible. He must think he's safe on the other side of that ladder.

DR: Think again!!

RC: Incredible just leaped over that ladder and caught Benjamin with a tornado DDT!!

DR: WOW!! Benjamin's head just bounced right off the floor!

RB: That Mr. Idiot just busted open "Yours Truly".

DR: But wait, Mr. Incredible is taking too much time too recover because of his injured arm and hand. Looks like the pain is starting to take effect.

RC: Mr. Incredible is slow getting to his feet, wait, the American Hero is up!! Benjamin is still on his hands and knees, shaking the cobwebs from that last move. Mr. Incredible looks to the crowd as he picks up the same chair that Benjamin used on him.

DR: The crowd knows what they want to see!!

RC: Incredible is pointing to Benjamin as he raises the chair with his good arm.

DR: The crowd is going nuts! They want Incredible to give it him! And you know what Cruise, I think that's exactly what he's going to do.




DR: THREE HUGE BLOWS to Benjamin’s back! And with that Benjamin is down face first.

RC: Incredible lays the chair on Benjamin's face as he sides into the ring.

RB: What in the world is he doing? Who does he think he is, Rey Mysterio? Come on Benjamin get up!!

RC: He's Mr. Incredible that's who, and no matter if he has an injured arm or not, this guy is going to bring it!

The ref is getting ready to count Benjamin down, but Incredible waves him off.

RB: That idiot can't tell the ref what to do!!

RC: It doesn't matter what he can or can’t do Bitterman, because it's what he's about to do that's important ...


RC: Both competitors are down!

DR: The crowd loves it!! What a move by Mr. Incredible!

RC: Here's the ref!




DR: Incredible is first to his feet, but he’s limping a bit from that high risk move!


RC: And now Benjamin is moving and he's up to one knee, but still shaking the cobwebs.

RB: Now what?

RC: While Benjamin tries to regain himself, Incredible is reaching under the ring and he's ..

DR: Pulling out a Table!!!

RB: Yeah but look, that moron is taking forever to set it up because he has to do it one handed.

DR: Benjamin is up!!! "Your's Truly" comes out of nowhere from behind and takes out Incredible's leg!

RC: If Incredible's leg wasn't injured from that high risk move, it sure is now. God just watching that replay makes me cringe.

DR: Looks as if he twisted it one way and fell the opposite.

RB: I'm glad. God Save the Queen!

RC: What?

RB: Never mind, you wouldn't get it. You're not English.

RC: Whatever. Neither are you.

Benjamin finishes setting up the table and now he's reaching under the ring for something else.

RC: Don't we have enough weapons out here already?

RB: You can never have enough weapons Cruise.

DR: Benjamin has a bag, but a bag of what?

RB: Oh yeah! I know what it is!!

RC: He's dumping it on the table...

DR: TACKS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? OH FOR CHRIST SAKES!! TACKS!??!?!?!?!??!?!?

RC: Incredible is on one knee, but he's having problems standing..


DR: Incredible just got smacked with that chair across his spine! Oh this doesn't look good.

RB: This is it! This is where we see the American Hero crumble!








RC: Incredible has lost soo much blood and yet he's still getting up. The ref didn't even get a chance to make a one count.

DR: Benjamin just kicked Mr. Incredible in the face. Look now, he's taunting Mr. I to get up again!

RC: And sure enough Incredible tries to get up yet again.

DR: Benjamin lays another soccer style kick right into the face of Mr. Incredible!!!

RB: Finish him Benjamin.


RB: Incredible is laid out!

Ref starts counting...





DR: WAIT!! Benjamin is picking up Incredible. Why isn't he letting the ref finish the count?

RB: Because he wants to FINISH the bastard, that's why. Oh yeah! Benji has him in a standing head scissors position.

RC: He's looking to powerbomb him through the table of tacks!

DR: Benjamin goes to pick up Incredible, but Incredible doesn’t budge!!!

RC: Incredible’s not letting Benjamin get him up. He’s blocking it.

DR: Benjamin now is hammering away elbows into Incredible’s rib cage. Benjamin again tries to get Incredible up!! NO!! Incredible back drops Benjamin!

RC: WAIT!! Somehow, some way Benjamin just twisted his body to avoid that table and he's standing right behind Incredible, German Suplex!

DR: Countered again by Mr. Incredible, right into THE INCREDIBLE DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RC: Mr. Incredible can't hold it though. Look he doesn't have it completely locked in.

RB: Modify neckbreaker by Benjamin!

RC: Wow that was intense.

RB: Yeah, but Incredible is just avoiding the inevitable.

RC: And what pray tell would that be Bitterman?

RB: Failure.

DR: Benjamin irishwhips Mr. I into the guard rail.

RC: And here comes Benjamin following up with a high risk maneuver.

RB: He just jumped off the ring steps and did a Stinger Splash right top of Incredible!!

RC: Hold the phones!! Don't dial 1-800 Collect just yet Bitterman... Incredible just caught Benjamin in mid air!!!


RC: That was amazing Doc!! Benjamin must have taken out at least 7 people from the crowd!!!

RB: I can't believe that idiot just did that!! And he calls himself the "people's champion". He just killed half his fan base!

RC: The ref can't see if Benjamin is down or not, so he can't start counting.

DR: Incredible is going through the crowd after Benjamin, and here come the punches. These two are still going at it, back and forth, it’s ridiculous.

RC: Mr. I gets a good left hook in as Benjamin stumbles away from the American Hero. Incredible goes to grab Benjamin, but "Yours Truly" grabs a fan's beer bottle and breaks it over Incredible's head!

RB: That “Bud” was for you Mr. Incapacitated.

RC: You really need to stop with the one-liners Bitterman.

DR: Incredible's mask is completely red. I have no idea how he can even see out of it from the amount of blood pouring out from his head and into his eyes.

RC: Benjamin is now tossing a fan out of their seat so he can grab a chair. Incredible is up. Benjamin goes in for a chair shot!

DR: NO!! Incredible grabs Benjamin's hands just in time..

RC: It's a test of strength!!

DR: Incredible delivers a kick to Benjamin's gut. Incredible has the chair!


DR: What a massive shot right on top of Benjamin’s skull!!

RC: Mr. Incredible knows he has to bring Benjamin back into the ring to stand a better chance of winning this, and that's what he's doing. He's got Benjamin by the hair and he's dragging him back to the ring.

DR: Just as Incredible got to the guard rail, “Yours Truly” is throwing punches into Incredible’s side!

RC: Now it's Benjamin's turn to fight back. And he's punching Incredible furiously in the face..

RC: Incredible breaks his hold.

DR: Mr. Incredible tries to use the chair, but Benjamin is too quick. Drop kick right into the chair!! And Incredible's face bounces off the chair and he goes over the guard rail!

RC: Mr. I. held up the chair in just enough time for Benjamin to drop kick it right into his face and send him flying.

RB: YES!! Incredible is slumped down and the ref comes in for a count!

RC: Wait, Benjamin is picking Mr. Incredible up, but why? He's not letting the ref count.. Either he's not satisfied or he's just plain insane.

DR: He's rolling Incredible into the ring, and with chair in hand he's going over to the ladder that was originally layed across the apron and guard rail, but now it's half on the floor and half on the apron. The ladder must have been knocked down while they were fighting on the outside.

RC: I don’t know Doc, but from what I can see, the top of the ladder is somewhat propped against the second top rope and while the bottom part of the ladder lays on the ground. I have no idea what is Benjamin thinking, hell I don't think anyone knows what Benjamin is thinking..

DR: NO HE DIDN'T?!?!?!??!?!?!??!!

RB: That's right baby!! "Yours Truly" just ran up the ladder and did a flying elbow drop with that chair right into Incredible's chest!!!!!!!!! OH I LOVE IT!!

RC: Listen to this crowd! They're going absolutely ape **** here!

UCW!!! UCW!!! UCW!!! UCW!!! UCW!!! UCW!!!!!!!!!!!

RC: Now the ref begins the count..




RC: Still no movement by Mr. Incredible..


DR: Benjamin is standing ready with chair in hand. And you're right Cruise, there’s still no movement by Mr. Incredible.



RC: WAIT!!! Incredible is moving!!

RB: He's not moving, you're just seeing things..


RC: The crowd is cheering as Mr. Incredible gets up, but here comes Benjamin again with that chair!!


DR: Incredible is down!


RC: Benjamin doesn't care anymore he's going ballistic on Incredible’s body!!





RC: I think Benjamin has lost it. He's finally gone over the deep end. He’s just thrown the chair down onto Incredible's head and exits the ring.


RC: The ref's going in for the count, but Benjamin just tosses the ref aside! What's he doing??













RC: He's crushing Mr. Incredible's skull !! This is insane! No human being could survive this!

RB: That's why he's doing it Cruise. So he's the SOLE SURVIVOR.

DR: I can't believe I just witnessed this. It can't end like this? Can it????

RC: Incredible's body isn't moving at all. How sick is this. Here comes the ref to count, I can't watch this.


DR: Benjamin is raising the chair into the air, congratulating himself.. He knows NO ONE could have survived that.




RB: Why even count, this is ridiculous. Just award that man, Mr. Adam Benjamin with the victory. No-one could possibly get up from that.

RC: Listen to this crowd though Bitterman, you'd think after all this they would be silent but no... listen..


RC: They're actually chanting Incredible's name, hoping he'll get up.

RB: They should all just shut up, and swallow their pride because it’s over.

DR: Look at Benjamin he's looking over the crowd shaking his head “no”. And he’s smiling, because Adam Benjamin knows Mr. Incredible isn't getting up.



RC: Still no movement, I can't believe this is how it's going to end.

RB: Believe it Cruise! Benjamin is just the better man!!


DR: Wait did I see a leg move?

RC: Yes Mr. Incredible is moving!!!! I can't believe this!! How can he even be able to move after all that?!??! This crowd is chanting his name even louder now.

RB: Oh who cares, it's his nerves... he's just a fish out of water now. Hurry up and finish counting ref.


Mr. Incredible moves the chairs from his face as he looks up and stares Benjamin in the eyes.

DR: Oh my god I think he's honestly going to try and beat the count!!!!

RC: Listen to this crowd! I can't even hear myself think. They are absolutely out of control, and look at Benjamin's face, even he can't believe it.

RB: No one can get up from that many chair shots to the head. NO ONE!!



RC: By some act of God, Mr. Incredible is up! But he's barely able to stand on his own two feet. He's using the ropes to help support himself, that can’t be a good sign.

RB: This idiot has a death wish, that's all it is.

RC: I believe it's called "the undying will to never surrender", Bitterman. Something your cowardly-self wouldn't understand.

DR: Can you feel this electricity Cruise? Both competitors are starring each other down. Benjamin looks so irritated. He still can't believe Incredible got up from that. Hell neither can I !

RC: Look Incredible is stepping away from the ropes and he's .. yes he's telling Benjamin to "BRING IT"!! Oh man I can't believe it, not only is he standing on his own, but he's actually calling Benjamin out!

RB: What a moron!! Because here comes more pain.

RC: Adam Benjamin responds quickly as he runs straight toward Mr. Incredible.

DR: Incredible misses a clothesline. Benjamin ducks and counters with "THE INCREDIBLE DREAM"!!!!!!!!!!!

RC: Benajmin is using Mr. Incredible's signature move!! But wait Mr. Incredible counters out of it before Benjamin has time to lock the move in..



The crowd erupts into a huge UCW chant!! UCW!!! UCW!!!! UCW!!!! UCW!!!! UCW!!! UCW!!!! UCW!!!!

DR: HOLY ****!! I can't believe I just witnessed that! Benjamin is not moving!!!

RC: Neither is Mr. Incredible!! He must have used what seemed to be the last of his strength. Both Competitors are down!!

The ref starts counting..







RC: We can't have a draw can we?

RB: No because Benajmin is going to get up!

DR: I don't think so Cruise, but if neither competitor can compete then I guess it would have to be a draw.


RB: Benjamin is moving!! See I told you!!


RC: Mr. Incredible is moving!! He has his hand on the bottom rope and is trying to pull himself up.


RB: Benjamin is almost up.

DR: And here comes Mr. Incredible, who's struggling to stand up.

RC: Who will make it to their feet first, the ref is about to count to 10.

RB: Come on Benjamin!!


RC: THEY'RE BOTH UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DR: This is insane!! How can both competitors still be in this?!?!

RC: I don't know Doc but this crowd is loving every second of it, and so am I!!

Benjamin is covered in tacks. Every inch of his body has some sort of metal sticking out of it.

Incredible's whole top half of his body is blood red.

DR: Incredible reaches down over top the rope and grabs Benjamin's hair, pulling him up onto the apron.

RB: Benjamin delivers a shoulder to the gut!! And another!!

Incredible breaks his hold and stumbles into the center of the ring.

RC: Benjamin just jumped on the top rope!


RC: NO!! Mr. Incredible caught Benjamin!!


RC: What a move!! Incredible just drove those tacks further into the skin of Adam Benjamin!!! "Yours Truly" is screaming out in pain!

DR: Mr. Incredible isn't wasting any time, he's going for the Incredible Dream!!!

RC: He has it locked in the center of the ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Benjamin has no where to go!!

RB: Fight it Benjamin !! Come on get to those ropes you can do it!!

DR: How is Incredible holding onto Benjamin with that shattered hand? The "Incredible Dream" should be impossible to do in his condition.

RC: Benjamin isn't tapping he's still fighting. Look he's crawling to the ropes.

RB: Almost there Benjamin! Just a few more inches..

DR: Incredible just pulled Benjamin back into the center of the RING!!!

RC: The ref is checking on Benjamin, but he's not tapping still. I don't know how much longer Incredible can keep the hold on.

DR: Benjamin is attempting to get up!! He's on one knee!

RB: Break it Benjamin ! Come on!

RC: Benjamin is on both knees now!! All Incredible has to do is wrap his legs and fall on his back and this puppy is over!!

DR: He's up!! And not only that but Benjamin is carrying Incredible on his back.. oh this isn't going to last long.

RC: He's getting tired, he's about to slip.

RB: Get that fairy off your back Benjamin! You can't lose, I have money on this match!!!

RC: Benjamin takes one more step and he's falling backwards!!!!!!!


DR: OH MAN! Benjamin broke the hold!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just dropped Incredible onto a chair, forcing Incredible to break his hold.

RC: Talk about a lucky break!

RB: He planned that, no luck needed.

DR: Again both competitors are down, and here comes the ref to count.





RB: Benjamin just leaped onto Mr. Incredible's back and locked in the Rear Naked Choke!!

DR: He has Incredible in the center of the ring!!

RC: Incredible is crawling to the ropes. He's not giving up yet.

The fans are getting behind Mr. Incredible again. And here comes the American Hero.

DR: He's almost there, just a few more inches.

RC: Incredible is reaching out, his fingertips just barely missing the ropes.


RC: Now Incredible has no where to go!!

RB: Come on fairy tap!!!!

RC: He's still fighting! Look he's trying to flip back over!!

DR: The more he fights though the more oxygen he uses, this doesn't look good for Mr. Incredible.

The ref is checking in on Mr. Incredible who's eyes are going in the back of his head.

RC: The ref is looking to raise the arm..

ONE... (and it drops)

RC: Listen to the crowd they're still chanting Incredible's name. Praying, hoping that some how, someway the American Hero can pull through this.

DR: The ref is going in again for the arm raise.

TWO... (and it drops)

RB: This is it!!

RC: The ref goes in for the third arm raise.

THREEEEEE!!!! (arm drops)

DR: That's it!!! Mr. Incredible is passed out!!


RC: Mr. Incredible gave it all he had, and then some. He shouldn't be ashamed of this match. He literally redefined the meaning of heart.

DR: I can't even begin to explain how much I was on the edge of my seat watching this one Cruise. Adam Benjamin brought his A game. I know he hasn't been on my favorite wrestler's list as of late, but tonight, he definitely deserves this win.

RB: I only have one thing to say.

RC: And what's that Bitterman?

RB: I TOLD YOU SO!! hahahahaha

DR: Real mature Bitterman.

RC: Look inside the ring, Mr. Incredible is coming to.

DR: Oh no, he's just now realizing what happened.

RC: Benjamin is celebrating over on the far side of the ring and he sees Mr. Incredible getting help from the referees coming in to assist.

DR: Wait, what's Benjamin doing. He's already won the match now what?

RC: He's walking over to Mr. Incredible. The referees are backing away.

A very bloody Mr. Incredible is still on one knee, shaking his head in disbelief on what happened, as he quickly looks up and sees Adam Benjamin starring down at him.

RC: The crowd is silent they don't know what's going on.

DR: Benjamin is offering his hand to Mr. Incredible.

RC: Seems Incredible is hesitant at first, but look, he's reaching up and grabbing Benjamin's hand.

DR: Adam Benjamin is helping Mr. Incredible stand up. He's shaking his hand!! Adam Benjamin is showing respect to the American Hero.

The entire arena begins cheering and clapping their hands.

RC: Listen to this ovation these people are giving to these guys.

Adam Benjamin raises Mr. Incredible's hand and the crowd erupts.

RC: Benjamin knows this was Incredible's last match, and it's not until you actually fight someone in a match like this that you begin to understand a person.

DR: I think Adam Benjamin finally understands Mr. Incredible, his character, his determination..

RC: It seems that Adam Benjamin and Mr. Incredible have more in common than they both would like to admit Doc.

Benjamin is now exiting the ring and he motions to Mr. Incredible that this is his time, so he leaves the American Hero inside the ring, for one last time, with his fans. Mr. Incredible asks for a microphone from one of the refs..

RC: Looks like we're going to get a speech?

RB: He better make it short.. I have a hot date tonight.

MR. INCREDIBLE: As you all know tonight was my last match, ever. I always wanted to go out on top, and tonight eventhough I didn't win, I still feel like I did go out on top. Adam Benjamin is a hell of a competitor. Sure he can be an ass, but he has the drive to be the best here in UCW. I'm glad my last match was with such a competitor.

And I wanted to shout out a special thank you to all of you. You are the reason I got into this buisness, and you are the reason why I came back for this one last match. If it wasn't for you fans, wrestling would not still be going strong as it is today. I feel that UCW can be a place where greatness can happen if given the chance.

So again, thank you UCW, thank you Adam Benjamin, and thank you, everyone..

Incredible tosses the microphone to the referee, as "Eye of the Tiger" plays over the PA system.

RC: The crowd is still going nutz as Incredible makes his way up the ramp.


DR: A standing ovation for a great competitor. Mr. Incredible has definitely left his mark here on UCW.

RC: I can't wait till next week!!! Night of Legends II will go down in the history books there is no doubt about that!!


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
We're not done yet...

The fans try to settle down after all the great action that they’ve just seen. It appears that all of the action is over, but then…

(“The Wind Below” by Rage Against the Machine hits over the PA and Commissioner Cloverleaf makes his way out from behind the curtain. His hair is wet from obviously a post-match shower and he is spruced up in street clothes rather than his usual suit. In his right hand, he wields a clipboard with a paper on it.)

RC: I guess the night isn’t quite over yet, guys!

RB: I wonder what we owe to this presence.

DR: Probably not as much as the commissioner would like you to believe you do.

RC: Well, he’s climbing into the ring and asking for a microphone. It appears as though we’re going to get our answers quick.

KC: Now, I know that all of you are wondering just what the hell I’m doing out here when it would appear as though all the festivities are done here. But hey, this isn’t the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year for no reason. The action is not over by far, and I’m going to explain that to you right now.

In my left hand here, you will notice a clipboard. And on this clipboard, there are some papers. These papers contain words that combine themselves together to form what we in the business world know as a contract. And this particular contract…

Is in need of a signing.

So, because I have some rather important plans, I’m going to get right to the point and ask my newest member of the UCW roster to please make his way down here and make things official.

V/O: Hold on just a minute there…

(The camera pans to the top of the stage where Jalen Lathem is making his way down the ramp.)

KC: Lathem, we did this last week. Are you sure you want to risk this much embarrassment here and now?

(Lathem ignores Cloverleaf and just continues until he finally gets into the ring.)

KC: You know, you could-

JL: Mr. Cloverleaf, with all due respect, you might want to shut your mouth before YOU’RE the one that risks embarrassment.

KC: What the hell are you talking about? I’m about to sign the biggest free agent on the market.

JL: Oh really? Did you happen to realize that on my stroll down here that I am not wielding the clipboard that you’re currently waving in my face?

KC: So what? Are you just coming down here to surrender then? No fight?

JL: Oh, to the contrary, my friend. I am not carrying a clipboard like you because someone else, in fact, has it.

RC: What? Who’s he talking about?

DR: I can only hope he doesn’t mean Beast.

KC: Oh really? I’ll believe that when I see it.

(As if on cue, the Ultra-tron comes to life and we see Beast smiling at the camera.)

Beast: Well, hello there, Ken. Long time no see.

KC: Yeah, too bad it couldn’t have been longer. Now, would you just get down here and sign this contract so we can get this over with?

Beast: Ken, I know you were counting on me being there, but there’s something I forgot to tell you before you made it to the ring…

(The camera pans back to show Beast holding a clipboard. The papers on the clipboard clearly have the letters “M-C-W” at the top of them. The camera then continues to pan back, only to show Beast wearing an MCW t-shirt.)

RC: What?!?! NO!

DR: Beast is in MCW?

Beast: Ken, let’s face it. We don’t have that great of a past. Everything that we’ve done together has ended up in a physical explosion.

We really cannot co-exist with both of our egos (yours especially) under the same company name.

And quite frankly, Jalen hit me with an offer that I couldn’t refuse. His green really blew yours out of the water.

KC: If this is about money, I can give you whatever you want.

Beast: But it wasn’t just the money that led me to my decision. As a matter of fact, it was far from it.

The overall feel of my future company is what really enticed me. The feel that what I did there was really going to matter. That I would be able to be at the center of any kind of controversy.

That’s why I have this MCW contract right here with me. Because with this, I will be at the center of controversy.

With that said, let’s go ahead and start some controversy. Shall we?

Quite honestly, I’d like to showcase my feelings for this contract right here on my lap.

(Beast lifts his pen and then puts it to the paper. But before he writes anything, he stands up and the contract falls to the floor. The camera follows the clipboard to the floor. Suddenly, a small stream of liquid begins covering the clipboard. The camera then pans up to show Beast’s backside. The crowd gives a HUGE pop. Beast cocks his head to the side as he speaks to the camera.)

Beast: Hey Lathem, if I were you, I’d be practicing this twist I’m doing right now. You might need to watch your back. And you’ll probably have to do it sooner than you think. The next time you hand someone a contract to sign, maybe you should stick around and not leave yourself and everyone else to watch a clip on the Ultra-tron and wonder if it’s live or Memorex.

(The camera flashes back to the ring, where Lathem slowly turns to look at his backside.)

RC: Beast is sliding into the ring! He just came from out of the crowd!


RB: I don’t believe what I’m seeing!

RC: Beast just rocked the owner of Major Championship Wrestling!

DR: And now Beast is making his way over to Commissioner Cloverleaf!

RC: And he’s grabbing the mic out of Cloverleaf’s hand!

Beast: They say that controversy creates cash…

So let’s make sure my wallet stays fat…

(Beast grabs the clipboard out of Cloverleaf’s hand and signs the bottom of it before pressing it back into Cloverleaf’s chest and exiting the ring.)

RC: I don’t believe it! Beast is in UCW! Beast is on the UCW roster!

RB: This is HUGE! And I don’t even like the guy!

DR: Absolutely wonderful night here for UCW!

RC: Fans, we’re out of time! But I’m not sure what else we could bring you anyway! This is the biggest night in UCW history! Be sure to tune into Revolution and see all the follow-up to tonight’s action! I’m Rich Cruise for Rob Bitterman and “The Doctor” Doug Ross! Good night everyone!

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