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UCW's July 8th Revolution!!!


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Jun 9, 2004
The UCW-tron comes to life, as does the crowd while the UCW logo illuminates the jumbo screen. Marilyn Manson’s “Fight Song” hits and the roars of the crowd become deafening. The camera zips around the arena, catching fans of all shapes and sizes going absolutely nuts as the UCW is bringing them more great action again this week. Rich Cruise, Rob Bitterman, and “The Doctor” Doug Ross welcome the fans in the arena and around the world to the venue.

RC: Hello again everyone! And welcome to the Alamodome here in San Antonio, Texas! I’m your host Rich Cruise, alongside my colleagues Rob Bitterman and “The Doctor” Doug Ross as we get set to bring you a night chalk full of great Ultimate Championship Wrestling!

DR: You couldn’t be more right, Rich! So much going on tonight, including a main event UCW World Title rematch between The First and Irishred!

RB: But you ladies are forgetting one valuable piece of the puzzle. Joey Freakin Melton is going to make his way down to the UCW ring for his very first match here in this greatest of wrestling promotions!

RC: Great point, Rob.

("Hypocritical" By Methods of Mayhem hits over the PA and the crowd gives a big pop. The UCW-tron flashes between a blurred face and film of a wrestler. Blue pyro fires off at the entrance ramp as the words John Doe flash and shake on the big screen. From behind the curtain, a wrestler walks out on the ramp and John Doe makes his way to the ring.)

RC: And only in the greatest of wrestling promotions do we get the action right underway, as we get set to see some great singles action to open up our program here!

DR: Great singles action is right, Rich. Cameron Cruise has been here since the inception of UCW, and his win column is much more glorified than his loss column. As for Doe, he too has really taken the UCW by storm since arriving just a few weeks ago.

RB: If you ask me, neither of these guys could wrestle themselves out of a wet paper bag, so this should be a good old fashioned drop and roll clinic.

(Black Label Society’s “Fire It Up” hits over the PA and the Alamodome erupts as “The Crippler” makes his way out from behind the curtain to a massive pop.)

RC: These fans are really into both of these competitors here in this match. This could be quite the match for them to get things started tonight.

DR: Well Rich, we’re going to get to find out just that right now, as both men are in the ring and ready to go!


RB: I had quite the evening at the Ramada’s lounge. Why don’t you guys wake me when this beat-fest is over?

RC: Rob, pay attention, as we’re destined to see some great technical wrestling here.

DR: Indeed we are as these two get things started with a collar and elbow tie-up. Cruise gets the advantage, locking Doe in a side headlock. Doe quickly pushes him off and into the ropes…

RC: Big shoulder block by Cruise! He hits the adjacent ropes. And a back elbow this time! Cruise reaches down and pulls Doe to his feet. There’s a front facelock…

DR: Big vertical suplex there by Cruise! He goes for the quick pin…


Kickout by Doe!

RB: What kind of idiot attempts a pin this early?

RC: Well, one who is keeping the momentum of this match as Cruise picks Doe back up again. He fires him into the opposite ropes…

DR: And there’s a big dropkick! Cruise quickly lays the boots to Doe as his foe tries to make his way back to his feet. Doe is back up, but Cruise scoops him up…

RC: And Doe slid out of what was looking to be a shoulder breaker from Cruise! Cruise makes the turn. There’s a kick to the midsection!

DR: And a beautiful arm drag! Cruise quickly tries to rebound…

RC: But there’s a shoulder tackle! And now Doe is pounding the HELL out of Cruise with those right hands! Doe was obviously not happy with the way that Cruise talked this week about their past history!

RB: Cruise was simply calling Doe for what he is. A whipping boy.

DR: He certainly doesn’t look that way now as the ref is having to PRY him off of Cameron Cruise here!

RC: And he’s staying on the attack as he pulls Cruise back up to his feet. Cruise swings a right hand at him…

DR: But Doe ducks the blow! Reverse waistlock!

RC: German suplex! Doe keeps hold! He rolls to his feet… another German!

DR: And he’s still got hold, Rich! He rolls up one more time…and a German with a bridge!



Kickout by Cruise! That was so close!

RC: Doe is certainly not looking like a whipping boy here. He pulls Cruise back up to his feet again. There’s a front facelock…

DR: Nice snap suplex by Doe! Doe quickly hits the ropes…

RC: Rolling thunder by John Doe! But he doesn’t go for the pin, as Cruise was too close to the ropes. Instead, he’s pulling Cruise back up again. There’s an Irish whip…

DR: Cruise ducks a clothesline! He hits the opposite ropes…

RC: Big flying clothesline there! Both men roll across the ring as the ref checks on both of them!

RB: Would someone just end this madness already? There’s real matches and superstars like Joey Melton who are wasting their time in the back watching in the back.

DR: Would you prefer Joey Melton to come down during this match?

RB: Great idea, Ross! Melton would definitely liven this match up! You’ve seen what he did with Cruise before!

RC: Well, back to the action, Cruise is pulling himself up on the ropes as Doe stumbles toward his feet. Cruise makes his way over and nails Doe with a big right hand. And another. Cruise backs Doe into the corner. There’s a whip across the ring. Doe bounces out of the corner as Cruise hits the ropes…

DR: Big bulldog by Cruise! He’s feeling it now as this crowd becomes electric!

RC: Cruise is begging for Doe to get back to his feet here! He is perched like a vulture, waiting as Doe finally gets to his feet…

DR: Big implant DDT by Cruise! He signals to the crowd that he’s ready to finish this one.

RC: Cruise pulls Doe back up to his feet. It could be Reality Check time…

DR: No! Doe held onto the ropes! Cruise couldn’t push him forward! There’s a back elbow by Doe to break up the hold!

RC: There’s a kick to the midsection…

DR: Jumping Tornado DDT by Doe! He makes his way over to the fallen Cruise…

RC: The Muzzle! That crossface/body scissors and Cruise is stuck in the middle of the ring!

DR: And he’s got no choice but to tap out here! What an impressive match from John Doe!

TB: Ladies and gentlemen…here is your winner…JOOOOOHHNNN DOOOOOOOOEEE!

RB: Huh? What? Is it over?

RC: Yes, Rob. John Doe has won the opening match here on Revolution.

RB: Great. Can we get on with the Melton match now?

DR: Well, that’s later to come, along with more great UCW action. Folks, we promise nothing but more great action. Don’t go anywhere!

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Jun 9, 2004
("PHENOMENAL"...Frankie...Scott suddenly fills up the UCW-tron as the crowd suddenly erupts. But as quickly as it appears, it retracts into darkness.)

RC: What the hell was that?

DR: Well, rumors have been circulating about a possible contract signing between "Phenomenal" Frankie Scott and UCW, but I haven't seen any hard evidence. Hopefully we'll get more information shortly.

RC: Well, up next we have L.G. Stevens vs The Muffin Man Kin Horoshi.

DR: L.G. Stevens? Who is L.G. Stevens?

RB: Little Gay Estaban, I'm guessing

RC: That's exactly right. As you might remember last week make-up artist by trade Estaban was force by Mr. Cloverleaf to come down to the ring and face Promo as part of the Commissioner's continued contract battle with suspended UCW Superstar and Estaban's longtime compnaion B.G. Bruce.

DR: And Estaban was getting the sweet bibby beaten out of him until a mysterious masked man dress all in white showed up to take Promo out.

RB: Mysterious nothing. How many 6' 10", 420 pounders have you ever seen move like that.

DR: Well, he did have a certain balletic grace, didn't he?

Mott The Hoople's "All the Young Dudes" starts to play and the 120 lb (soaking wet) Estaban tentitively makes his way out from the back. He looks scared half out of his wits as he heads down the ramp and climbs the ring stairs.

DR: You know, you have to feel a little bit bad for the little guy. He's not a wrestler.

RB: I don't have to feel bad for him at all. That's what he get's for consorting with a ethicless thug like B.G. Bruce.

As soon Estaban climbs through the ring ropes, "Wings of a Butterfly" by H.I.M. hits the sound system.

RC: And here comes the Muffin Man. This could get ugly fast.

But instead of Kin Hiroshi emerging from the curtain, the sound of a large motor cycle engine revving is heard eminating from the back.

RC: What's this?

With a load roar the curtain burst open and out shoots a familiar Harley-Davidson with the Mysterious, All In White, Masked man from last week upon it.

DR: It's that Mysterious, All In White, Masked man from last week.

The Masked Man rides down to ringside. He leaps off his bike and grabs a mic before bounding into the ring. Estaban looks much relieved.

RB: That's no mysterious masked man, that's....

His words are cut off as the Masked Man begins to speak.

MASKED MAN: I regret to inform Mr. Cloverleaf that Kin Hiroshi will not be appearing here tonight.

DR: No way. What did he do to Hiroshi?

RB: Maybe he ate him.

MASKED MAN: It appears that Mr. Hiroshi had an unfortunate and mysterious backstage encounter with a runaway motorcyle a short time ago. So I volunteered to come out here in his place and warn everyone in UCW there seems to be certainly malady going that could quite possibly make any wrestlers scheduled for face this fine (& and teminally adorable) young man Estaban in the ring far more prone to mysterious, backstage pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents than what you might normally expect.

DR: Did you hear that? That masked man gave Hiroshi a disease.

RC: Actually, I think he more "ran him down" with his Hog.

The Masked Man lifts Estaban out of the ring and helps him onto his Harley. He climbs onto the Hog in front of the UCW make-up man and speaks into the mic again.

MASKED MAN: I also wanted to put Mr Cloverleaf on notice that The Midnight Rider does not take nicely with people messing with his friends. And if he has an issue with The Midnight Rider, I suggest he take it up with the Rider himself.

DR: Why would he have an issue with the Midnight Rider? This is only the second time he's ever appeared in UCW.

RB: You tool. The Midnight Rider is ---

But his words are cut off as The Midnight Rider guns the bikes engine and roars back up the ramp and out of the arena.

-----Commercial Break-----


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Jun 9, 2004
RC: Welcome back to UCW Revolution! We’ve already got Damon Blackburn in the ring with Kira Kai at his side. We’re just waiting on his opponent, The Sergeant, to make his way down to ringside.

RB: The Sergeant is looking to make it two-and-oh in UCW, while maintaining his image as a combat hardened and mother approved soldier who’s out for redemption. Am I the only one here that realizes Sarge for what he is? You know, a fake and a phony that is hiding behind the flag and using the blood of American patriots to make a name for himself?

RC: I find that just a little ridiculous. The Sergeant is a real American hero...

RB: ... just like GI Joe.

RC: Yes, just like GI... HEY!

Rob Bitterman gets a good laugh in as “We Right Here” by DMX blares over the stereo system and the crowd erupts. The broadcast team is silent as The Sergeant makes his way down the ramp. He gets halfway to the ring, playing to the crowd the entire way, when he collapses to the ground. Behind him, a large figure stands for a moment with a huge smile on his face and a steel chair in his hand.

RC: Wow! The Sergeant has been attacked from behind and absolutely leveled by a chair shot!

RB: Maybe I’m not the only person here that knows him for what he is.

RC: I don’t think this is an attack from somebody with any real score to settle with The Sergeant. That’s Dakota Smith! He wrestles in a smaller promotion known as Major Championship Wrestling.

RB: How the hell did he manage to get in the backstage area?

RC: I’m not so sure that he came from in the back. He might have made his way over the guard railing to make his attack.

Dakota slams the steel chair into The Sergeant’s back not once, twice, but three more times. The crowd is in an uproar.

RC: Folks, we are witnessing the MCW North American Champion totally and utterly dismantle The Sergeant before our very eyes. We know he’s not competing for UCW, so where is the response from our locker room area?

RB: I don’t think anybody really knows what’s going on!

Damon Blackburn is standing in the center of the ring with Kira Kai, dumbfounded.

RC: I don’t know what is going through Damon Blackburn’s head right now, or whether he had anything to do with this. He seems to be clueless as to what is happening.

There is a stir from the crowd and two new individuals appear from the audience, attempting to hop over the railing at ringside to make their way into the ring. Kira Kai sees this and informs Blackburn in time for him to slide out of the ring as soon as the two individuals make their way into it.

RC: It seems like there is some sort of invasion of MCW wrestlers! That’s Bryan Storms and Chris McMillan.

RB: I’ve heard of these two...

RC: They just got finished a week ago tearing down the house in a very much talked about World Title Match! Bryan Storms is the Champion and Chris McMillan just came short...

RB: Yeah, they called the pay-per-view “Zero Hour”. Well, it looks like it’s Zero Hour for UCW as a who’s who of MCW competitors have just taken over our ring. Look at it... Bryan Storms, Dakota Smith, and Chris McMillan standing in the ring and not showing any signs that they plan on giving it up!

Damon Blackburn and Kira Kai are looking down at The Sergeant, who is laying prone on the concrete, as they make their way to the back. He looks back up at the ring one more time in disbelief before disappearing behind the entrance curtain.

RC: Folks, we’ve just been informed that technically this match has been declared a disqualification in favor of The Sergeant. He’s now officially two wins and zero losses here in UCW, but it wasn’t without a price.

RB: I’ll say. I would be happy right now if I wasn’t a little uncertain as to what was going on.

RC: I promise you that these three individuals had no intentions of helping either one of our UCW competitors out. It looks like Dakota Smith has just grabbed a microphone from ringside and brought it back into the ring. Maybe we’ll hear about what their intentions are.

RB: This should be interesting, to say the least...

With the mic in his hand, Dakota Smith talks to whoever will listen...

Dakota Smith: That was much easier than it should have been. The last I heard, the three of us were from a no-name organization that meant absolutely nothing to the rest of the wrestling world. We have no talent, no money, and no fans.

At least that is what these larger wrestling organizations have been saying for the past few months.

No longer. Tonight, Major Championship Wrestling declares war on the larger wrestling companies. We’re here to show the world that we belong on a level playing field with the rest of the wrestling.

It’s been a long time coming, but after the success of our last Pay-Per-View our boss thought it was time to make a statement. We come in here to issue an open challenge.

Bryan Storms interrupts, asking for the microphone from Dakota.

Bryan Storms: Not so fast, Dakota. You are the North American Champion and I know we’ve had more than our fair share of differences, but let the Major Championship Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION finish this challenge.

You see, for years smaller wrestling companies have had to sit back and watch all of the best talent pass them by for the bigger money that the UCWs of the wrestling world had to offer. Names like Dan Ryan, Joey Melton, and even the current UCW World Champion Irishred.

Then MCW came along, with Jalen Latham funding us. Since then, MCW has grown to new heights... and has done so on the backs of people who were willing to take pay cuts in order to put out a great wrestling product. Sure, we have our fair share of Justin Sanes and Rob Franklins, but at the end of the day our product is twenty times more exciting than almost anything UCW has put out, even with all of that big money.

Tonight, our challenge to UCW is to take us on... head-to-head. Make it a Pay-Per-View. Make it anything you want to make it, but we’re here to face you in head-to-head action for control of both of our organizations.

We will unify the belts. We will consolidate a massive roster of wrestlers. But, we will do it all under the banner of Major Championship Wrestling. Irishred, your days are numbered. MCW is here to stay, and we’re taking over Ultimate Championship Wrestling. Get used to it.

Bryan Storms passes Chris McMillan the microphone as the speech continues...

Chris McMillan: We haven’t said anything about the UCW US Title for one reason... we already own it. Adam Benjamin, we love you like one of our own because you ARE MCW. There is no other way around it. We knew this without a shadow of a doubt when you passed the torch to Bryan Storms at Zero Hour.

Sure, I’d love a crack at the MCW World Heavyweight title... but I guess it will have to wait until after it’s re-christened the MCW UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship. It’s time to get this party started.

MCW already owns three of the four belts at this very moment. All that’s left is that pill-poppin’ and trash talkin’ S.O.B known to everyone as Irishred.

MCW’s got this!

Chris McMillan drops the mic in the center of the ring as all three individuals pose for fan reaction. There is a 9-1 ratio of boos to cheers.

RC: There you have it. Big words from the representatives of the small upstart organization known as MCW. I hope to hear some sort of reaction from Irishred and the rest of the UCW locker room in the near future. Something like this can’t go unanswered.

RB: You’re right. These three have come out here and called us out, and there is no way that UCW will stay silent about it. Expect retaliation. Expect blood. Listen to me; I’m all fired up right now.

RC: And to think, you were just bashing a UCW wrestler mere moments ago.

RB: I don’t know what you are talking about...

The cameras cut to paramedics carrying The Sergeant out on a stretcher. The MCW-three are standing in the ring, laughing.

Security, about twenty of them, suddenly emerges from the curtains to a positive reaction from the fans. All of them move to the ring with the obvious purpose of removing the three MCW wrestlers from the arena.

The MCW wrestlers don’t give anyone that satisfaction. Without so much as a word, all three exit the ring simultaneously and head into the crowd.

RC: What a weird turn of events this last match ended up being. Again, we are to inform the fans that The Sergeant one this one by disqualification...

RB: ... but that proud American hero wasn’t ambushed by Damon Blackburn. Both were set up by a compliment of MCW wrestlers.

RC: Did you just call him a proud American hero after all of the bashing you did at his expense earlier in the night?

RB: I already told you earlier that I have no idea what in the world you are talking about.

RC: We’ll be right back, everyone! Stay tuned!


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Jun 9, 2004
The Midnight Rider is seen with his head in a locker room door.

MR: Just sit tight. I’ll be back with some beer and lube in just a few minutes.

And with that, he turns around, only to find Commissioner Cloverleaf staring right into his chest. The Midnight Rider slowly looks down to come eye to eye with the Commissioner.

KC: Who the hell do you think you are?

MR: In case you weren’t paying attention earlier, I’m The Midnight Rider.

Cloverleaf sneers.

KC: Oh really? Well, for your information, I WAS paying attention earlier.

And if I might add, I’m not too happy about you coming in and sticking your nose in places that it doesn’t belong, namely MY matches.

MR snickers.

MR: Is that so? What exactly are you going to do about it, commish?

Cloverleaf stares a hole into MR.

KC: I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.

I’m going to continue to run MY wrestling promotion the way I see fit. And quite frankly, I don’t care what you have to say about it.

MR closes the gap between him and Cloverleaf.

MR: Well Kenny, I’ve laid down the law with you about how things are going to run. If you want to see all your superstars on the shelf, then I say go for it.

Now Cloverleaf snickers.

KC: Well, I may be daring, but a superstar’s health isn’t something I’m willing to put on the line. I’ll take heed to your warning.

You can sense a smile come across MR’s masked face.

KC: But what I’m not afraid to do is book a match that won’t have those sorts of problems…

You see “Midnight Rider”…

Next week on Revolution, your “good friend” Estaban will be in a match…

He’ll be facing John Doe inside of a steel cage!

RC: What? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Cloverleaf sneers.

KC: And if you bring yourself, or your little bike anywhere near the arena next week, I’ll have security on you like flies on… well, you know.

Cloverleaf turns and walks away as MR just seethes at him while the camera fades to commercial.

-----Commercial Break-----


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Jun 9, 2004
RC: My, oh my folks! What a night this has already proven to be here on Revolution!

DR: I couldn’t agree with you any more, Rich. This action has been amazing on its way toward the World Title match that will culminate our evening here tonight.

RB: But what I want to know is who the hell these MCW guys think they are, coming in here and attacking our UCW superstars.

RC: That’s a very good question, Rob. I’m certain that we’ll hear more about that later down the line. But up now, we’ve got quite the heated battle as employer takes on employee.

DR: Absolutely wonderful match, as these two really didn’t hold anything back from each other this week on the UCW Network.

RC: That they didn’t, Doc. I’m sure we’re going to see some fireworks here.

("Final Countdown" by Europe begins to play as "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin makes his way to the ring with a slow confident walk. As he enters he makes his way over to his corner and waits for his opponent.)

RB: Fireworks? I think the only thing that’s going to explode in this match is Adam Benjamin’s head after Dan Ryan crushes it in his hands.

DR: Dan Ryan does hold the intimidation factor over most of his opponents, but it certainly did not seem that way this week with Benjamin.

RB: You’re right, Ross. Benjamin did manage to do at least a little bit of work in disguising his true feelings heading into this match. But what he couldn’t hide were those knees that were knocking as he made his way down the ramp.

RC: Knocking knees? I beg to differ, Rob.

RB: Go ahead and differ. The only reason you didn’t see it was because yours were knocking too while you were thinking about the beating that Adam Benjamin was about to endure.

(Cue up: "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins.)

(Thunderous crowd pop)

(CUT TO: 'Ego Buster' flashes across the screen in rapid contrasting black and white. CUT TO: Dan Ryan gorilla presses Kevin Powers from inside the ring to the floor below. CUT TO: The word "YOU" flashes on the screen. CUT TO: Dan Ryan throws 'Living Legend' Mark Windham from the second level of Key Arena down to the first level. CUT TO: the word "ARE". CUT TO: Dan Ryan clotheslines 'Cocky' Craig Miles, nearly taking his head off. CUT TO: the word "BUSTED" CUT TO: rapid shots of Dan Ryan pulverizing opponents with the Humility Bomb, a last ride power bomb landing high angle on the neck.)

(Ryan walks down to ringside as pyro erupts along the ramp beside him. He rolls under the bottom rope and climbs a corner turnbuckle and simply glares through the sunglasses into the crowd.)

RC: Intimidation is certainly one thing Dan Ryan brings to the ring with him every time out.

RB: I didn’t quite catch all that, Cruise. Your knees were knocking over the mic.

DR: Guys, knee knockings aside, the ref is between these two men and calling for the bell!


RC: Well, here we go. We’ll now get to see if Mr. Bitterman is right or not about the futility of Benjamin against Dan Ryan right here.

RB: You won’t have to wait long.

RC: Well, it looks like Ryan is going to extend a hand here to his employee before this match gets started.

DR: But Adam Benjamin isn’t exactly jumping the gun to do the same.

RB: What an idiot! This man signs your paycheck!

RC: Well, Benji is going to- Oh God! Adam Benjamin just slapped the taste out of Dan Ryan’s mouth! Benji hits the near ropes…

DR: And my! What a powerslam by Ryan! I don’t think he enjoyed that slap at all!

RB: Of course he didn’t! And he’s showing it now as he hits the ropes…

RC: Big knee to the face there as Ryan quickly goes for a cover here!



Kickout by Benjamin!

RB: Never infuriate the man who not only owns you, but who also owns this business!

RC: Well, Ryan is quickly back on the attack here as he pulls Benji up to his feet. He hits him with a stiff forearm as he backs him into the ropes. There’s a whip across the ring…

DR: Huge spinebuster there that sent Ryan catapulting back up off the mat! Adam Benjamin may have very well made a fatal mistake by slapping his boss at the onset of this match!

RC: And now Ryan is pulling Benji right back up again. He backs him into the corner. And now a HARD whip into the corner. Benjamin bounces back out as Ryan charges into the ropes…

DR: Good God! Dan Ryan just about decapitated Adam Benjamin there with that clothesline! Benjamin folded up on the mat like an accordion!

RC: But Ryan isn’t going for the pin! Instead, he’s going to the outside of the ring! What the hell is he going to do out there?

RB: He’s going to make sure Adam Benjamin never back talks him again!

DR: Oh no! He’s making his way over to the timekeeper’s table! He’s getting a chair!

RC: And now he slides back into the ring! Ryan draws back…


DR: Referee Tim Hathcock just jumped right behind Dan Ryan and grabbed hold of that steel chair! And look at the glare that Ryan is giving him!

RC: Dan Ryan is telling the referee to let go of the chair, but the ref is refusing! Dan Ryan is becoming infuriated here!

RB: Don’t make him angry! You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!

RC: Well, Dan Ryan finally relinquishes the chair, but very reluctantly. At least cooler heads have prevailed.

DR: Oh my! Adam Benjamin just cut Dan Ryan down to size with a chop block to the back of the knee! Ryan is screaming out in pain!

RB: That’s illegal ref! Call for the bell!

RC: Well, it’s worth fifteen yards in the NFL, but it’s perfectly legal here in UCW! Benjamin could be mounting an offense here!

DR: He’s certainly going to try here, as he pulls Ryan back up to his feet. Fierce knife-edge chop sends a shriek through the crowd as he now whips his opponent across the ring…

RC: Big back elbow there by Benjamin as Ryan stumbles back! There’s a kick to the midsection…

DR: DDT! Dan Ryan’s head practically stuck in the canvas there! Benjamin’s going for the pin…



RB: The ropes look at the ropes!

RC: Indeed, referee Tim Hathcock sees Ryan’s foot on the ropes and calls for the break. But that doesn’t affect Benji’s pace here as he quickly stands back up…

DR: Standing shooting star press by Benji! What agility!

RC: And Benji wisely recalls the ring position and does not hold for the pin. He pulls his fallen opponent back to his feet. There’s hard Irish whip into the corner… followed by another back elbow that catches Dan Ryan right in the chops!

DR: And now, Benjamin bears down and gutwrenches his opponent as he places him on the top rope! What’s he going to do up there?

RB: Probably get his neck broken if Dan Ryan has anything to say about it.

RC: Well, Benjamin is now making HIS way to the top to join Ryan. There’s a front facelock…

DR: But Ryan quickly drives a right into the midsection of Benjamin! And another! Benjamin is teetering!

RB: Another right and down goes the champ! Make way for the new US champion!

RC: Rob, it’s non-title.

RB: Not after Commissioner Cloverleaf sees this display of agility.

RC: Well, Ryan is perching himself on the top rope here. Not sure why he’s waiting for Benjamin to get back to a vertical base…

DR: Jumping Tornado DDT from the top rope! Oh my God! Dan Ryan could have very well broken Adam Benjamin’s neck right there!

RB: As I said, Ross! End this now, Ryan!

RC: Well, Ryan is slow as well, but he is certainly pulling himself toward the fallen opponent. There’s the lateral press…



3-NO! Kickout by Benjamin! I don’t believe this!

DR: And neither does Dan Ryan! He is staring a hole through Tim Hathcock! He thought that was it.

RC: Now Ryan is standing back up again. He’s AGAIN going to allow Adam Benjamin to get to his feet here. Not sure why he’s doing this one again.

RB: Because he can, Cruise! Dan Ryan is now going to make an example out of his “champion”. He’s going to show that there is only ONE person in that ring who is bigger than this business, and it is certainly not Adam Benjamin.

DR: Benjamin back up slowly…

RC: What a superkick by Dan Ryan! Shades of Shawn Michaels coming out as Benji has no choice but to stumble backwards into the ropes and beg them to hold him up!

RB: And that doesn’t bode well for the “United States of Whatever” champion.

DR: It certainly doesn’t as Ryan makes his way over and pulls Benjamin toward him. Full Nelson Slam by Dan Ryan! Benjamin is looking more and more like an accordion as this match goes on!

RC: Ryan’s going for the pin!



Kickout by Benjamin! Are you kidding me? I don’t believe it!

RB: I think Dan Ryan is tired of playing now. He’s not waiting for Adam Benjamin to get up now. He’s picking him up!

RC: And now he hurls Benjamin over the top rope and to the floor! And that draws some life from the crowd, who have been very quiet as they have all been on the edge of their seats for this match!

DR: Dan Ryan now follows Benjamin outside the ring and pulls him to his feet. He pulls him up and onto his shoulder…

RC: Oh my! Snake eyes! Right onto the security railing! Benjamin’s trachea could be crushed here!

RB: But does that slow Dan Ryan? No, because Adam Benjamin has forced him into this.

RC: I don’t care what Adam Benjamin has done, none of his actions have warranted this!

DR: Ryan pulls the US champ up again. He pulls him onto his shoulder again…

RC: But Benjamin locks his elbows on that railing! He refuses to let Ryan drop him on that railing again! Ryan is fighting with him. He’s struggling…

DR: And Benjamin slides out! Ryan turns around to find his opponent…

RC: But Benjamin presses him out and face-first into the steel ring post! Both men hit the floor! Ryan is out and Benjamin is exhausted! They better be careful, because the ref is administering his ten-count!



DR: Benjamin is back up and slides into the ring, but only momentarily to break the count! He slides back out and heads over to Dan Ryan!

RC: He now grabs hold of Ryan by the back of the head… and slams him face-first into those steel ring steps! The referee is warning Benji to bring it back into ring.

DR: But Benjamin is now setting up the unconscious Dan Ryan against the ring post. What is he going to do now?

RC: Holy cow! Adam Benjamin just used those dislodged ring steps to propel himself and his foot right into Dan Ryan’s head, which was stuck up against that steel ring post! What a Shining Wizard by Benjamin!

RB: Ring the bell ref! That’s an inappropriate use of foreign objects!

RC: Well, Tim Hathcock is going to let these two continue as Benjamin rolls Ryan back into the ring. I’m finding this hard to believe.

DR: As am I, Rich. Benjamin is going to go for the pin here…



RB: YES! Dan Ryan kicked out! What do you make of that, Cruise? You still want to think that Adam Benjamin has a way out of this match with a victory? He just gave Dan Ryan his best shot, while using a foreign object and The Ego Buster STILL kicked out!

RC: It is absolutely amazing that Dan Ryan kicked out of that. I’m not sure if Benjamin does have a way to win this match. He is very tired and that Shining Wizard could have very well been the last in his tank.

DR: Well, he’s not going to quit, Rich. He’s pulling himself back to his feet. He’s now making his way over to the corner. What the hell’s he doing over there?

RC: He’s untying the turnbuckle! What the hell is he doing?!

RB: He’s trying to cheat again! He’s planning on putting Dan Ryan’s head right into that exposed steel!

RC: Well, Ryan is back up here, as Benji makes his way over. He grabs Ryan by the head and leads him right to that corner. He rears back…

DR: But Ryan gets the boot on the second rope! He blocked the blow! There’s a back elbow to Benjamin’s midsection! Benjamin doubles over. Ryan now grabs him by the head…

RC: But Benjamin slips out! He quickly locks Ryan in a full nelson and charges into the corner…

RB: But Ryan ducked the turnbuckle! He used Adam Benjamin’s own momentum against him and sent him face-first into that exposed steel!

RC: Benjamin is wobbling around the ring! Ryan is slow back to his feet! He makes his way to Benjamin! There’s a kick to the midsection…

DR: Humility Bomb! Dan Ryan just nailed Adam Benjamin with that layout powerbomb! Benjamin is lifeless on the mat with his forehead bleeding! Ryan with the cover…




TB: Ladies and gentlemen…here is your winner… DAAAAAANNNN RYYYYYYYAAAANNNNN!!!!

RB: I told you, Ross! Dan Ryan just showed why he’s the best in the business! He always knows where he’s at in that ring, and he showed the rookie, just what being a ring general is all about!

RC: That’s very true, Rob. But you cannot fault the effort by the United States Champion here. He took Dan Ryan to the absolute limit, but in the end, experience was the key. Pardon Mr. Bitterman’s rookie comment. Adam Benjamin is far from a rookie, but Dan Ryan is a legacy of his own here in this industry.

DR: That is absolutely true, Rich. He’s not a renowned champion across the world for nothing.

RC: Great match between these two here tonight. We’ve got to take a commercial here, but don’t go anywhere! More UCW action is set to come as Joey Melton gets set to take on Jonathan Marx!

-----Commercial Break-----


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
Adam Benjamin is seen making his way through the backstage area, fresh off his match with Dan Ryan. He turns the corner and then enters through a door that says “Yours Truly” on the front. Halfway through the door, he stops and doesn’t move.

AB: What the hell are you doing here?

The camera swings around to show through the door and none other than Mr. Incredible sitting on a chair in Benjamin’s locker room. Mr. I is leaned back in the chair with his legs crossed and hands behind his head. He puts his feet to the floor as he stands and makes his way over to Benjamin.

MI: Well, certainly doesn’t look like US “champ” is quite so unbeatable.

Seems to me that Mr. Ryan just put on a pretty good display of “how-to” beat the US “champ”.

Benjamin’s eyes fill with rage.

MI: You know what though? You still get to hold that belt because you have yet to put it on the line against a formidable opponent…

You have yet to hand that thing over to a referee when a true American is fighting for what he believes to be one of the best things that could ever happen to him…

Instead, you’d rather walk around and spit on it and the legacy that it carries with it.

Do you know how many men have died in order for you to have the ability to say whatever the hell you want about the great country that is dawned on that belt that you possess?

Do you know that jolly old England could be Hitler’s world if the country on that belt didn’t come to their aid?

Mr. I encircles Benjamin as he continues to speak.

MI: But instead of doing what’s actually right and walking around like a glorified champion and putting the title on the line to whomever desires the shot, you cower behind the power that title gives you, the same way Hitler did to avoid imprisonment.

You don’t deserve to hold that title. And once Cloverleaf gets his head out of his ass and puts you in a real title match, you’ll find that out soon enough.

Until then, why don’t you go party with your MCW boys and tell them what life is like when you’re the “champ”.

Mr. I leaves a cold stare on Benjamin for a moment before turning and walking toward the door. Benjamin lowers his head before quickly turning and slamming the door shut on Mr. I’s head! Mr. I hits the ground, without a trace of movement.

RC: What the hell was that?

AB: You wanna talk champ? You couldn’t hold a candle to “Yours Truly”! That’s why you’re retired and on the floor while I stand here champion!


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
RC: Welcome back one and all. This next match pits two savvy ring veterans against one another. A simple exchange on our last Revolution led to this match. Jonathon Marx versus Joey Melton.

RB: Finally we get to see the greatness of Joey Melton in this ring. He’s going to save this federation you know. I mean how many times do we have to watch Irishred fight the First. Joey Melton is going to lead this promotion to the Promised Land.

DR: Joey Melton is a legend in the business Rich; but Marx is no slouch. This man has been a champion in almost every federation he has been in. I for one am not counting out Marx in this match at all.

RB: Marx...he’s a complete nut bag! The dude is seeing things and talking to himself. He’ll be lucky not to be taken out of the arena in a straight jacket.

RC: Speak of the devil...here he comes.

"The Touch" by Stan Bush blares over the intercom speakers as Jonathon Marx takes the top of the ramp. He walks to the ring smiling and waving at the fans and alternately looking over his shoulder and muttering to himself.

RB: Screwball. Plain and simple. The dude is a nut bag.

"I Need A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler replaces Stan Bush on the intercom and the crowd jumps to its feet in a deafening echo of cheers for the Sexual all American.

RB: Right there...that’s the reason people bought tickets to this show. Right there is all you need to know about wrestling. He is the Alpha and the Omega in our business.

DR: The ref has patted down both men...we‘re ready to go. Both men meet and tie-up in the middle of the ring and it’s a quick takedown by Marx, followed by several reversals between the two of them. The action is starting off fast and furious. I expect this one to be a true wrestling clinic.

Marx sent off the ropes, and a Shoulder Tackle by the Gentleman. Melton is quickly back to his feet staring down Marx.

RC: Test of strength right into a Melton Gut wrench into a bridge sequence for a pin count.



NO!!! Marx kicks out.

Joey pulls Marx up and takes over with a kick to the gut and several punches.

RB: Now that is textbook!! Joey Melton just connected with a Belly-to-Back Suplex before going back to the trusted punch. Melton is acting like he could finish this anytime he wants to. I don’t know if that is the soundest strategy.

DR: A Double-Underhook Suplex and Melton starts to showboat, which gives Marx the opening he was looking for. The Gentlemen pulls-out a Northern Lights Suplex into a bridge for a pin attempt...



Melton kicks out with authority and he does not look pleased at all!!!

RB: Well why should he be pleased; he almost got pinned by an inferior wrestler!

DR: I think inferior is a little harsh.

RB: Everyone is inferior to Joey Melton Ross. Jesus...get with the picture.

DR: Back to the match and both men are up. Marx ducks a Discus Punch, then into the ropes, coming off with a BIG Clothesline into another cover!



NO! Melton kicks out and is pounding the mat in frustration. Maybe a little too much time on the Cruise ships?

RB: You can never spend too much time on Cruise ships Ross.

DR: Marx looks like he’s about to take control, but NO! Out of nowhere Melton locks in and executes a Head-and-Arm Suplex into a float over pin attempt...


Marx kicks out!

RC: Both men back up and Marx is sent into the ropes. This time it is Marx that ducks a Discus Punch, and he is able to put Melton in position for a Belly-to-Back Suplex complete with a Half Cradle, and he even adds a bridge to it at the end. Cover...



3... NO! NO! NO!!! Melton got his foot on the ropes. Now it’s Marx showing frustration. Is he talking to himself?

RB: Look at the excellence of Melton as he gets a pair of Snap Suplexes on Marx. That is what they teach you in wrestling school kids. Pay attention and learn something.

DR: Melton with a Boston Crab on Marx. He sits back, but Marx is able to crawl to the ropes and the ref forces Joey to break the hold. Melton is bad mouthing the ref here and Marx sneaks in and takes advantage of the situation.

RC: Marx with a Dragon Sleeper, but he is not able to lock it all the way in and get the submission. Marx is taking over here boys.

BR: Bah! Melton has him right where he wants him.

DR: Marx sends Melton into the ropes and the sexual All-American ducks under a Clothesline and connecting with a Discus Forearm.

RC: Good God the back of Marx’s head hit the canvas HARD!

Melton pulls Marx up and whips him into the corner, but Marx jumps over the ropes onto the apron, and when Melton charges, The Gentleman grabs his head and Hot Shots him on the top rope. Joey sells it like it was the Touch o’ Death.

DR: Marx slingshots over the top rope into a cover...



Melton with the shoulder up.

RC: Marx locks-in a Rear Chin lock, but Melton counteracts with an Arm breaker. Melton then connects with a German Suplex with the bridge for a cover.


Marx he holds on and rolls-through, turning it into the Marxism!!! This could be it for Melton!!!

DR: The ref is checking with Melton to see if he wants to give up. Will Melton tap in his debut match in UCW?

RB: Come on Melton!! Fight it!!!

DR: Melton is going to tap. Melton is going to tap.

RC: Wait what is that nut Marx up to? He has let go of the hold. What the hell? Melton didn‘t tap did he?

RB: No. Marx is looking up in the air talking to himself. What the hell is wrong with him? The Gentleman Jonathon Marx is talking to that voice he keeps hearing. He has walked over to the ropes and is leaning over and acting like he talking to a corner man.

RC: I don’t think that Marx is acting at all. In his mind he is actually talking to a real person. What a freak!

DR: Melton has snuck up behind Marx. Melton with a school boy roll up for a cover...



Melton has the tights!!


RB: I knew it!! I knew Joey Melton would win his match. I knew it!!

DR: He cheated. The man grabbed on to the tights and got a cheap room. He can’t be proud of that win.

RB: A win is a win Ross, and this is the first of many in UCW for Joey Melton.

In the ring Marx is arguing with his unseen agitator.

DR: I for one have to wonder if Marx needs mental help. Folks we’ll be right back. The excitement never stops here in UCW!

-----Commercial Break-----


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
Irishred is seen on his way to the ring before his match. On the way there, he suddenly bumps into Jonathan Marx.

IR: Hey there loser, Oswald…

Red makes his way past Marx as Marx just glares at the champ as he walks away. Marx turns to his empty air beside him.

JM: What the hell was that supposed to mean? You believe that guy?


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
RC: “And now folks, we’re finally set for the main event of the evening, the re-match between the current UCW World Champion, IrishRed, and the man he defeated for that title, The First.”

RB: “Man we just need this punk murdered…Red needs to do this company…No, this sport, a favor and retire this freak for good.”

RC: “You really do need to get over your fixation with The First there Bitterman.”

RB: “No…No I don’t, and even if I did I wouldn’t…”

DR: “Well no matter your bias…We have a title match and it’s about to start.”

(CUEUP: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day as the crowd pops HUGE. THE FIRST, wearing a black T-Shirt with a portrait of Che Guevara on it. His right hand is taped up, and he wears his standard black Karate pants. THE FIRST gets on the apron and throws his hair back and raises his arms, getting another big pop from the crowd!)

BELL: “This Contest is set for ONE FALL…And it is for the U! C! W! WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!! In the ring first…From Salem, Massachusetts, he weights in at 215 pounds…Here is the CHALLENGER…THE!!! FIRRRRRSSSTTTT!!!”

(The crowd pops…THE FIRST runs back and forth off the ropes, warming himself up.)

(CUEUP: “Bad Company” By Bad Company. The crowd is a LOUD mix of boos and cheers…One might call it CENA-HEAT. As IRISHRED, wearing cut off blue jeans power walks to the ring, the UCW World Title belt strapped around his waist…He enters the ring and gives a yell at ref TIM HATHCOCK to keep THE FIRST away from him, as he stands on the second rope and takes off his belt, holding it high over his head…Cameras flash as RED hopes off the ropes and then glares at THE FIRST. RED does this while holding up the belt and continuing to bad mouth him.)

BELL: “And his opponent…He hails from YANKTON, SOUTH DAKOTA and weights in at 245 pounds…HE IS THE U! C! W! WORLD! HEAVYWEIGHT! CHAMPION!…IIIIIRRIIISH!!!! REDDDD!!!!”

(The crowd continues to buzz…HATHCOCK holds the UCW World Title belt over his head showing it to the crowd. The two men circle and the bell rings.)

RC: “And the two men lock up…Red drives First into the corner and now hammers him with a series of shoulder blocks to the stomach…Red whips The First into the corner…He charges…NOBODY HOME! Red now being peppered by right hands by The First who DECKS him with a BIG RIGHT and Red rolls to the floor to collect himself!”

RB: “Relax champ! It’s early still, take your time and pick this idiot apart!”

RC: “Red now re-enters the ring and the two men lock up again…The Fist with a hiptoss, and another! Red gets to his feet and a DROPKICK by The First sends him to the mat…Red rolls back outside again!”

RB: “DAMMIT! C’mon…This is a joke…This idiot kid gets all the breaks…It’s unreal!”

DR: “So far all I’ve seen is The First take the fight to IrishRed, there’s been no luck involved.”

RB: “You miserable bias scumbags…All of you…”

RC: “Red back in the ring again…And he charges right in on The First and the two men are trading right hands…Red rocks The First back into the ropes…Red whips him to he other side…The First reverses it…Red off the ropes…Ducks a clothesline…Red comes back from the other side…HUGE CLOTHESLINE BY RED! The First nearly got beheaded!”

RB: “YES! Finally we’re getting this show on the road!”

RC: “Red now grabs The First and throws him over the top rope to the floor! The First crashes hard to the mat as Red now yelling at the ref to count The First out. The ref is beginning his count…WAIT! While the ref’s back is turned Red’s now untying that turnbuckle! This is totally uncalled for!”

RB: “No, it’s NEEDED, if that goofball does decide he stupidly wants to keep fighting then he should expect a beating of the highest order!”

RC: “Oh brother…The First re-enters the ring, beating the count…Now Red stomping away on him and driving knees into the back of The First’s head…Red picks him up and whips him to the ropes…SPINEBUSTER! Red covers!



RC: “NO! The First kicks out! Red now drops an elbow and another…He now puts The First in the corner opposite the one with the exposed turnbuckle…He whips The First into the corner…NO! First reverses…NO! Red reverses, but whips The First into the same corner he was in before!”

RB: “Well that’s no good…Make him eat the Steel dammit!”

RC: “Now Red grabs The First by his hair and runs him over into that exposed turnbuckle…NO! The First blocks it…The First with a series of elbows to the gut of Red…And he drives RED’S skull into that exposed turnbuckle…AND AGAIN! Red’s staggered, he looks like he’s on dream street…And The First grabs him and BULLDOGS HIM INTO THE MAT! Red’s out of it and The First is going up top!”

RB: “DQ! He used that exposed turnbuckle, he cheated!”

RC: “Oh you are just a joke…The First going to Cut The Thread here…NO! WAIT!! CAMERON CRUISE JUST RAN OUT HERE AND CHAIRED THE FIRST OFF THE TOP ROPE…THE FIRST WENT CRASHING TO THE MAT…Cruise now in the ring…And he just BLASTED Red with that Steel chair!”

RB: “Thank Goodness for Cameron Cruise!”

RC: “Why did he do this?! Why did he ruin this match?! I hope he explains himself…He’s got a mic now!”

CRUISE: “You may all be asking yourselves why I just ruined this match…Well it’s simple…I’ve got a contract for a title shot whenever I want it…And I don’t care to wait…So I’m taking it now!”

RC: “What?! This is unreal!”

CRUISE: “You heard me ref…Ring the bell!”

RC: “Wait a second…Joey Melton is out here now!”

MELTON: “Cammy…Cammy…Poor silly Cammy…Nobody’s ever cared about you expect for when I’ve carried your career…And you haven’t done anything to deserve a title shot…Hell, just by agreeing to join this company, I’ve given it more credibility, more honor, more respect then it deserves…You…(Shakes head) whining for a title shot…That’s rich…”

RC: “Wow, now Jonathan Marx is coming out here…This is just a traffic jam!”

MARX: “Hey…Look folks…This is a joke…Cruise…Melton, you’ve both done nothing in this company…I got screwed into fighting some barbaric match…And if anyone deserves a title shot, it’s ME…I deserve it…”

CRUISE: “You?! You’ve already lost to Red…”


RC: “Dan Ryan is out here now!”
RYAN: “Look, I’ve carried this bag of sh*t over my shoulder for over 2 months in an effort to shame our gutless champion into a match, but that miserable little scumbag doesn’t have the nerve to do it…If ANYONE in this company is getting a title shot…It’s ME!”

RC: “Well maybe this will be all straightened out now…Cause here’s the commish!”

CLOVERLEAF: “Settle down! All of you…Listen up…If everyone wants a title shot, well I’m in a giving mood…You ALL get a title shot…At the next Pay-Per-View…It will be an Elimination Chamber match for the UCW World Title…It will be Irishred defending his title against The First, against Joey Melton, against Cameron Cruise, against Dan Ryan, and against Jonathan Marx…Last man standing is the UCW World Champion! And that’s THAT!”

RC: “Oh My! What an announcement! The UCW World Title is on the line in an elimination chamber match!”

DR: “The title is truly at risk here, all 6 men have a good shot of leaving champion, who knows what the hell is going to happen!”

RC: “Everyone in the ring now standing around after this news…Wait…Cruise just shoved Ryan…Ryan with a right hand…IT’S BREAKING LOOSE! EVERYONE’S ATTACKING EVERYONE…WE GOT A WAR IN THE RING…WE NEED SECURITY OUT HERE!”

RB: “Let them fight! Let them kill each other!”

RC: “This is insane! The Chamber awaits…Who’ll be champion?! Who will Survive?!”

(FADEOUT as all 6 men continue to brawl.)

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