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UCW's August 6th Revolution!!!


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Jun 9, 2004
The show opens, and we see Commissioner Cloverleaf standing in front of what would appear to be every single New York State Trooper on the force. He walks in front of them as he peruses the line that divides the parking area of the Carrier Dome and the outside world.

KC: Gentlemen, what we have on our hands is a problem…

A problem that, nor justice will stand for.

The problem, gentlemen, is the fact that some ass-grabbing, rod-stroking man in white that continues to stick his nose in my business.

And my business is not something that anyone wants to be a part of, except for this man-loving bastard.

For those of you unfamiliar with this business, I am a former World Champion. Messing with Ken Cloverleaf is something that many in this industry will tell you that they wish not to do.

However, because of my other obligations to running this federation, I cannot keep my eyes on my foes all the time.

And this gay bastard has ruined my plans more than I would like to admit.

(Cloverleaf stops pacing and stands with his hands behind his back as he continues to address the troopers.)

KC: Your job tonight, gentlemen, is to make sure that this does not happen again. I have a very important steel cage match that this “Midnight Rider” thinks he’s going to ruin by replacing one of my combatants.

Unfortunately for him and his plans, I have devised others for him and his motorcycle.

You will all align this perimeter and be sure that no one on any type of motorcycle or dressed in any kind of white enters this building without my clearance.

I have a show to run here, and I refuse to have it ruined again because I can’t control who comes into my building.

So, man your posts men. Any activity is to be directed sharply at me. Again, NO ONE without my clearance. Good evening, men.

(Cloverleaf steps between the men as they scatter across the screen.)

RC: Well, it appears that Estaban WILL be in action here tonight. And the Midnight Rider won’t be a part of it! Folks, Revolution is NEXT!


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Jun 9, 2004
The UCW-tron comes to life, as does the crowd while the UCW logo illuminates the Ultra-tron. Marilyn Manson’s “Fight Song” hits and the roars of the crowd become deafening. The camera zips around the arena, catching fans of all shapes and sizes going absolutely nuts as the UCW is bringing them more great action again this week. Rich Cruise, Rob Bitterman, and “The Doctor” Doug Ross welcome the fans in the arena and around the world to the venue.

RC: Hello again everyone! And welcome to UCW Revolution! We’re coming to you LIVE from the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York! What a night we have in store you here on Revolution!

DR: Absolutely correct, Rich! I’m Doug Ross, alongside Rich Cruise and Rob Bitterman, and we’re here to bring you one HELL of a night in Revolution history!

RB: We’re just around the corner from Scars and Stripes, and I must say that things are really shaping up as we get nearer.

RC: Indeed they are, Rob. That would include our main even here tonight, as the World Champion, Irishred teams up with Cameron Cruise as they take on the team of The First and Dan Ryan… all four men will be opponents at Scars and Stripes!

DR: Extremely explosive situation here, but don’t forget about the other two men in the Elimination Chamber match next week! Joey Melton and Jonathan Marx, neither of whom is fond of the other, will be teaming together as they take on “Team UCW”, The Sergeant and Kin Hiroshi!

RC: Not to mention, the match that is about to get underway! But word has it that this is an MCW-sanctioned match!

("Pressure Point" by The Zutons hits over the PA and the crowd fills with boos as Bryan Storms emerges from behind the curtain with his MCW World Title over his shoulder.)

RC: And these UCW fans sure as hell do not enjoy the presence of Bryan Storms from MCW here.

RB: As they shouldn’t. This man is leading a revolution, if you will, to take out one of the best companies in the world. I hope he gets the hell beaten out of him by Adam Benjamin.

("Final Countdown" by Europe begins to play as "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin makes his way to the ring. With a slow confident walk to the ring, Benjamin adjusts his US Title as he enters the ring to a mixed reaction from the fans.)

RC: Well Rob, I’m not too sure if I want to see Adam Benjamin do that great in this match. It would seem he is very unhappy with the fact that Bryan Storms is the MCW World Champion, a title that Benjamin very valiantly proclaims should still be his because he never lost it. I’m not sure what team Adam Benjamin is on here.

DR: And it would seem these fans agree with you here, Rich. I would expect a lot of cheers for someone facing an MCW competitor, regardless of previous relationships, but that is not the case, because we don’t know where Adam Benjamin stands.

RC: Well, both men are ready to go in the ring, and the ref is calling for the bell!

The two lock up with FORCE as they end up going around the ring without giving each other the advantage. The ref has to literally get between them to separate them. Benjamin wrenches Storms arm and takes him down.

DR: But Bryan escapes by kicking the UCW US Champion away.

RC: Adam grabs the arm as he backs into the corner to regroup.

(A "Let's go Bryan" chant starts up followed by a "Let's go Adam" chant. Both sides of the packed arena are roaring trying to get behind and rally their wrestler.)

RC: Listen to these fans!

DR: Storms puts on an arm bar and transitions into a waist lock before Adam reverses into an arm bar of his own. Storms struggles but eventually hooks on a front face lock, but Adam is able to escape that as well.

RC: The crowd is absolutely rabid for this match! The MCW fans in attendance may rival the die hard UCW fans!

DR: Adam nails Storms with a knee to the midsection, but the MCW wrestler WAILS on Adam with a back elbow followed up by repeated vicious chops to the chest.

(With every chop the crowd lets out a loud and rambunctious "WHOO!" )

RC: Adam leapfrogs a charging Storms and connects with a BEAUTIFUL dropkick. He follows it up with a snap neck breaker for a cover.



Storms kicks out with authority! The crowd again goes wild with a mix of cheers and boos!

DR: Adam goes to toss Bryan out of the ring, but instead Benjamin gets nailed with a beautiful reverse springboard elbow off the top rope!

RC: How in the world did Storms manage to land on the top rope and balance himself before launching himself back into the ring? Unbelievable talent there!!

DR: Storms connects with a hard European uppercut and then the MUTA ELBOW OF DOOM!

RC: The US champ is stunned here men. We could see a new champion here if the young MCW wrestler can capitalize.

DR: Bryan chops the HELL out of Benjamin in the corner. And then nails Benjamin with a side saddle power bomb out of the corner using the ropes to slingshot the move and make it even more deadly!

RC: Benjamin rolls to the corner to get some distance. Storms charges in and Adam dropkicks the hell out of Bryan's knee to set up his finisher The Final Countdown.

DR: Benjamin tries to lock up Storms but the young man picks the legs and drops the UCW star to the mat. Storms is trying to lock in a Sharpshooter but Benjamin is scrambling for the ropes.

RC: Benjamin is in the ropes and the ref is calling for the break. Storms lets Benjamin up and immediately connects with a leg sweep bringing both men to the mat.

DR: Storms kips up and hits a massive side kick to the back of Adam's head! Adam is in BIG trouble here!

RC: Storms goes for a rana, but Benjamin catches him and sets him up for the The Final Countdown. Storms ends up rolling Benjamin up though, but it's Benjamin with another roll through setting him up for the move again!

DR: Storms grabs on as he is lifted and brings Benjamin down with a massive brain buster. Storms runs to the corner and quickly climbs the ropes. Benjamin rises slowly and falls into the ropes knocking the MCW star to the outside.

RC: By complete luck the tide of this match has turned!

RB: I'd rather be lucky then good.

RC: Benjamin runs the ropes and launches himself up and over and crashes and burns into Storms on the outside. Both men are a twisted mess right here in front of the announce booth!! We have to take a commercial break. Don't you dare go anywhere. We'll be right back.

(A commercial airs for The best of MCW followed by a commercial for Ex-Lax. )

RC: Welcome back everyone. The ref has managed to get both men back in the ring and it's been Benjamin in control the whole time. His high risk plancha paid off.

DR: Adam with a belly to belly suplex that brings both men to the ring with a resounding crash. Benjamin gets up plays to the crowd not knowing that Storms has risen behind him.

RC: Storms with a huge jumping enziguiri kick to the back of the US Champions head! Kip up rana by Storms sends Benjamin to the outside!

DR: Adam quickly gets on the apron and goes for an Asai Moonsault, but Bryan stops him. Benjamin kicks him back and completes the move, hooking his head down for the reverse DDT combo back into the ring. Adam follows with a cover.



Storms kicks out again!!!

RC: Benjamin seems frustrated and is taking it out on the ref complaining of a slow count.

DR: Storms gets a crucifix for a cover!


Adam kicks out!

RC: Both men are up and Benjamin connects with a kick allowing him to get a cocky two count on the challenger before Storms rakes the eyes to break the hold.

DR: Benjamin nails Storms with a few right hands and applies a butterfly suplex.

(Another "Let's go Bryan" chant starts up as the UCW US Champion goes for a vertical suplex/neck breaker move.but Bryan reverses it into a Dragon Sleeper!)

RC: Storms pulls Benjamin into the corner and places him on the top rope, where he rams him down over the top rope, crushing his throat! Storms with a cover…



NO! The Champion kicks out!

DR: Storms puts on a reverse chin lock for a moment and then gets into a bit of an argument with the ref who is calling for him to break the hold; saying it is a choke.

RC: Adam spins Storms around and kicks him in the face rocking the MCW wrestler. Adam sets Bryan up into the corner and brings the chops.

DR: Adam is very confident that he's got Storms in his grasp, but wait!!! Bryan trips the ref into Benjamin and uses the distraction to hit a springboard kick to Benjamin's face!

RC: Storms gets up and hits Benjamin with a forearm and a running clothesline. Butterfly suplex with an AWESOME bridge by Storms into a cover…



Benjamin kicks out!! How did he do that?!?!

DR: Wait one minute. What is the Sarge doing out here? Who is he rooting for? What does he have up his sleeve?

RC: Storms goes for Red Tide Rising and gets his running start, but Adam gets out of it and spikes him with a DDT!

DR: Both men get up in their respective corners, and Storms charges at Benjamin for a Cartwheel kick! Adam ducks and CONNECTS big time with a discus clothesline on Storms!




RC: Adam gets up and just starts swinging wildly at Storms and winds up for a big time clothesline…

DR: But Bryan ends up hooking an Octopus from it! With help from the Sarge, the US Champ escapes and hits a Rolling German into a face buster for a cover.




RC: Benjamin goes for the Final Countdown again, but Storms kicks him off! Cartwheel kick by Storms! Bryan goes to the outside, but Sarge gets involved by grabbing the MCW wrestler.

DR: But Storms knocks him on his ass with a huge short clothesline! He starts pounding on him, putting him on the announce table before heading to the top!

RC: The fans are DYING for it, but the Referee is in his way, not allowing him to dive onto The Sarge! The fans are booing openly as Storms goes to concentrate on Benjamin now, who hits him in the head with the US Title. Adam with the cover…




TB: The winner of this match and still UCW US Champion "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin!!

RC: Storms is broken open in the middle of the ring as Benjamin slides out clutching his title and makes his way up the ramp. The Sarge jumps in the ring and starts to put the boots to Storms.

DR: Look out! Here comes Dakota Smith and Chris McMillan.

RC: Sarge bails from the ring and escapes through the crowd as the MCW wrestlers check on their fallen comrade.

DR: Sarge got a bit of revenge for the attack on him last week here men; but I have to wonder how far this war will escalate before it is over.

RC: We'll be right back, don't go anywhere!

-----Commercial Break-----


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Jun 9, 2004
As the camera pans inside the ring, Ken Cloverleaf is standing there with a clipboard and a pen. Cloverleaf walks toward the ring ropes and receives a microphone from one of the cameramen. Cloverleaf walks back toward the table that has been set up inside the ring for the contract signing that is supposed to happen tonight.

Ken: “Alright! Listen up! UCW has scored many major talents over the past few months to help form what we have now as the most incredible roster in wrestling history. Well, with who we have walking out here tonight, I didn’t know UCW was starting up a minor league division. From the looks of it to me, this isn’t a standard UCW contract... it’s from MCW!

(Most of the crowd boos at the sound of the call letters. While a small contingent chants MCW! MCW!)

Ken: “Tonight, the person that looks to be joining MCW is a virtual no name in this business. He has held only one title, and then received his first taste of fame as Dan Ryan’s rag doll. He then had a nervous breakdown and now thinks he can run with the big bulls here in UCW. Without further adieu, Ladies and Gentlemen… “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott !!”

(Parts of the crowd cheer with excitement as red thunderbolts streak down from the arena ceiling and connect to the bottom of the floor near the entrance. “Phenomenon” by Thousand Foot Krutch blares from the sound system as Frankie Scott walks through the entrance and down the ramp. Fans hold out their hands in efforts to touch the wrestler. Frankie returns the favor by high fiving many of the fans as he gets closer to ringside. Once there, he walks up the steps and climbs into the ring. Scott waves to the fans and then stands face to face with Cloverleaf. After a few seconds, Frankie walks away from Ken and climbs the two corner turnbuckles that face the cameras. The crowd cheers more with each acknowledgement. Frankie steps down and walks back toward Ken.)

Ken: “As I was saying, I didn’t know that the board of UCW was starting up a minor league division. You must be a major coup for them.”

Frankie: “Say all you want, Ken. I’m just here to sign the contract and to get a few things off my chest. So, step away and just give me the pen and the contract and I will go about my business.”

[Cloverleaf reluctantly hands over the pen and clipboard. Frankie thumbs through the pages until he finds the correct page to sign. After signing, Scott grabs the first few pages off the top and throws them into the air. He hands the clipboard back to a slightly confused Cloverleaf. A few seconds later, Cloverleaf smiles and shakes Scott’s hand]

“As I said before, Ladies and Gentlemen… Let me introduce UCW’s new major talent! “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott!!”

[A stunned crowd cheers as Frankie takes the microphone]

“It’s all true! MCW has been courting for me for months, calling me from one end of the earth to another. I thought it was all good and I was ready to sign on the dotted line until I found out that Jalen Latham was going to use me as a pawn. If anything went wrong with this so called invasion of UCW, I would be left out in the cold to defend myself while he pulled his men back from any harm. So, I played the game all the way to the end. Yes, I did. Latham, I know you hear me, you crook. This is what payback feels like. You sent up that MCW contract for tonight. But, an actual UCW contract was slid underneath and I just signed it! From this second on… I will do my best to rid the scourge of the earth that you call your MCW boys from UCW!! It doesn’t matter about the fortune or the fame. As of right now… I AM UCW!! “

(Crowd cheers UCW! UCW!)

“Latham… it only gets better. You see not only did I sign with UCW. I made sure that I was going to trash MCW from the get go. And the get go starts right now! I will team with The Sergeant and Kin Hiroshi in a six man match to face your egotistical blowhards at Scars and Stripes! UCW now has the upper hand. While you can sit there in your big leather chair wondering how all of this went wrong. Pull back the troops now or I promise you that you will have nothing left when we are finished!”

[Scott drops the microphone on the table and climbs each turnbuckle to acknowledge the fans who are cheering him. Soon after, Scott climbs out of the ring and walks around the ringside area personally shaking every fans hand that greets him until he reaches the entranceway. Fans are still chanting UCW! as he is out of sight.]

RC: Frankie Scott is UCW!

DR: Big signing for Ultimate Championship Wrestling here. This guy is a young talent that is sure to bring UCW some great success, especially this coming week at Scars and Stripes as we have just found out there will be a six-man tag team match!

RC: Folks, we’re going to take a commercial break…don’t go anywhere!


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Jun 9, 2004
RC: We’re back and ready to give you a very intriguing tag team match up. It’ll be the two veteran competitors Joey Melton and Jonathan Marx taking on Kin Hiroshi and the rookie, The Sergeant.

RB: As much as I want to say something negative about Sarge, I was pleased with him and Hiroshi taking care of business with MCW last week. I’ll just let these four do all of their talking in the ring... no help from me tonight.

RC: There’s a first time for everything! Let’s not forget about the big announcement that Ken Cloverleaf still has to make before the night is over with. There is a ton of speculation as to what that announcement will be.

RB: Maybe it’ll be his plan to deal with the new MCW threat.

RC: Let’s take it down to the ring for the introductions.

(“The Touch” by Stan Bush plays over the stereo system as Jonathan Marx makes his way to the ring. Plenty of boos from the crowd, by Marx seems oblivious to it all. He enters the ring.)

RC: Not a lot of love for “The Gentleman” in this crowd, is there?

RB: They’ll get over it once they see what this guy can do in the ring.

(“I Need A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler blares over the stereo system signaling the arrival of Joey Melton. Melton walks out, briefcase in hand. A mixed but positive reaction from the crowd as he makes his way to ringside, joining his partner Jonathan Marx.)

RC: While the fans don’t seem to be approving his partner, they at least have a certain amount of respect for Joey Melton.

RB: Joey Melton was brought in and basically hand picked to be the UCW World Champion. He’s a cut above the rest of our roster.

RC: Even better than our World Heavyweight Champion, Irishred?

RB: The Sergeant has a win over Irishred... how good can he be compared to Melton?

RC: After tonight, Sarge might have a win over Melton, too.

DR: Well, it would appear as though Joey Melton wasn’t happy with Commissioner Cloverleaf’s decision to not make this a ladder match. However, he did still bring that briefcase to the ring. I can only assume that he has money in there for Sarge and Hiroshi, should they win here tonight.

RC: A very bold move, never underestimate a hungry rookie and a proven veteran, Doug.

(As if right on cue, DMX’s “We Right Here” blares and The Sergeant enters through the curtains. He plays to the crowd a little on his way to the ring, garnering a positive response. Upon entering the ring he immediately begins his stretching routine, getting ready for his match and trying to tune out the crowd.)

RC: Here comes Sarge’s partner against the MCW invasion for the past two weeks, Kin Hiroshi!

(“Wings of a Butterfly” by H.I.M hits the arena. Kin Hiroshi wastes no time going to the ring... the crowd reaction is deafening.)

RC: Well, all four participants are in the ring. It looks like The Sergeant and Jonathan Marx will be starting this one out.

(Sarge and Marx lock up with a collar-and-elbow tie up, and the larger Marx gets the upper hand. He backs Sarge into a corner. The ref counts, but Marx gives the clean break.)

RC: Listen to this crowd showing their lack of approval for Jonathan Marx!

RB: Why are they booing a guy who just followed the rules to the letter? I mean, they don’t call him “The Gentleman” for nothing is all I’m saying.

RC: Sarge steps out of the corner but catches a stiff European uppercut for his efforts.

(Sarge stumbles back into the neutral corner, pushes out of the corner, and is caught with a tremendously stiff clothesline.)

RC: Marx isn’t playing. He tags Melton and there’s a reaction from the crowd showing that they are looking forward to this match up. Melton is giving Sarge no time to get to his feet.

(Melton drives a few lefts and rights home before executing a snap mare and applying a chin lock. The crowd gets behind Sarge, who tries to work his way out of the hold.)

RC: The Sergeant has excellent positioning, if only he can turn slightly, he will be out of this chin lock... NO!

RB: That’s a Joey Melton special. Straight chop into the throat... that’s what I’m talking about right there.

RC: Sarge is right back into that chin lock. Melton reaches over and makes the tag, and we’ve got Jonathan Marx back into the ring.

(Melton sets Sarge up in a sort of abdominal stretch, only to have Marx level a tremendous double axe handle into the side of the rookie.)

RB: Gotta love the teamwork between these two. People were talking like it would be Hiroshi and Sarge who had the teamwork, but it looks to be the other way around.

(The Sergeant rolls on the mat, and Marx takes the boots to him. On the opposite side of the ring, Hiroshi is stretching his hands out looking for a tag.)

RC: I’ve got to admit that Melotn and Marx are doing an excellent job of cutting the ring in half. The Sergeant hasn’t been able to mount any offense at all.

(Jonathan Marx sets Sarge up for a piledriver... lifts him up... but Sarge kicks his feet and rolls out of it.)

RC: That could have been a devastating move... Sarge with the rollup...




Kickout by Jonathan Marx.

RB: The Sergeant tried to make a play for Hiroshi, but Marx has cut him off.

(Marx has The Sergeant by the feet and drags him back so that he can tag in Melton.)

RC: Once again, Joey Melton is in. He lowers a nice elbow drop on the back of Sarge’s head.

RB: There is nothing nice about an elbow drop to the back of the head if you are the one receiving it.

RC: Can’t argue with you there.

(Marx exits the ring and Melton raises Sarge to his feet. Before Melton can execute a DDT on Sarge, he escapes and turns it into an armdrag that sends Melton into the the far corner. Rather than making the tag, Melton runs at Sarge, who ducks and pulls Melton’s trunks. This throws Melton into Sarge and Hiroshi’s corner.)

RC: The crowd is on their feet as it looks like Sarge is going to be able to make the tag. Marx is in the ring in full pursuit... THE TAG!!!!!

(Sarge manages to tag Kin Hiroshi, but not before being blasted in the back of the head by a roundhouse kick from Marx. Sarge goes down on the outside and Hiroshi jumps over the top rope and into the ring.)

RC: Did you see that?

RB: See what?

RC: That devastating round house... Sarge is on the outside of the ring and out cold!

RB: Hiroshi doesn’t seem to mind...

(Hiroshi has the fist of fury, repeatedly knocking down both Melton and Marx. Finally, Marx is sent out of the ring and the only two people left in are the legal men, Hiroshi and Melton.)

RC: Hiroshi sends Melton into the ropes with an Irish whip. Crossbody block! He goes for the cover...




RB: Looks like Hiroshi is getting ready to go for broke...

(Hiroshi looks to be set to hit a Canadian Destroyer, but Jonathan Marx has the referee’s attention...)

RC: This is just typical work for “The Gentleman”.

RB: He’s just doing what he must to get a win, which shouldn’t be much because with The Sergeant still on the outside it’s basically 2-on-1.

RC: Wait! Who is this jumping into the ring?

(A female figure slides into the ring just as Hiroshi plans to execute the Canadian Destroyer. He catches her moving in the corner of his eye and releases Melton, only to be hit by a POUNCE from the mysterious female figure.)

RC: That was Nakita Dahaka from MCW! She’s trying to make a break for it, but Sarge has headed her off at the pass.

RB: Pay attention to the ring! Melton just nailed Hiroshi with that briefcase and covered him for the pin!




TB: Winners of the match by pinfall... Joey Melton and “The Gentleman” Jonathan Marx!!!!!

RC: Things aren’t over with though, as Melton and Marx leave the ringside area satisfied with their win. The Sergeant is brawling with Dahaka. He’s got her staggering back and toward the ring.

RB: I don’t know what she could hope to accomplish by herself. I mean, there were four UCW wrestlers around, and just one of her.

RC: She seemed mainly concerned with getting revenge on Hiroshi and Sarge, but it looks like Sarge is the one exacting some revenge right now.

RB: Go Sarge!

RC: What did you just say?

RB: Umm... I said “Slow Barge”... I was thinking of a boat I saw on the Mississippi River a few days back.

RC: Sarge has rolled Nakita into the ring now and Hiroshi has recovered enough to start helping out with the UCW-style beatdown that she’s getting.

(Two figures emerge from the crowd and enter the ring.)

RC: It’s Chris McMillan and Dakota Smith! They’re coming to the aide of a fellow MCW-ite, and it looks like the numbers game is going to be just too much for The Sergeant and Kin Hiroshi.

RB: Too much, indeed. The Sergeant is backed into one corner with McMillan stomping on him and Hiroshi has been backed into another corner double-teamed by Dahaka and Dakota Smith.

(The crowd suddenly gets a burst of energy and cheers loudly.)

RC: Look who it is! “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott has jumped into the fray!

RB: He doesn’t seem to be discriminating where his fists land, but the only people that are able to run at him anyway are from MCW so I guess that’s A-O-K!

(Frankie unloads on all three wrestlers, sending them scattering out of the ring and back into the crowd. The audience is on their feet as Frankie stands in the center of the ring with Hiroshi and The Sergeant staring him down from opposite sides.)

RC: No handshakes. No acknowledgement. A ton of questions. Will these three be able to coexist at Scars and Stripes? The good of UCW depends on it!

(Frankie finds a spot in the ropes to exit through, walking backwards up the ramp from the ring before pausing to stare at the Kin Hiroshi and The Sergeant.)

RB: And what is Cloverleaf going to announce later in the night?

RC: Stay tuned, people. More is on the way after this commercial break.

(Scene fades from the three-way stare down in the ring to a commercial...)

-----Commercial Break-----


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Jun 9, 2004
(The Ultra-tron comes to life and we see Commissioner Cloverleaf sitting at his desk with a smile on his face.)

(MASSIVE heat.)

KC: Hello everyone, and welcome to Revolution one more time here.

You know, it brings me great joy to say such things. I mean, you look around the wrestling world, and very few other companies say that as often as UCW.

It’s a show of consistency and longevity, something that many companies fail to attain, especially early in their existence.

As is the reason for my announcement here today…

With the help of our co-owners, Dallas Michaels and Shane Stevens, I, Ken Cloverleaf, have managed to purchase one of our rival wrestling promotions.

It is truly a great honor for me to claim such a feat. I’m very proud that we have purchased this company’s royalties and contracts. I’m sure they will turn out to be great assets for Ultimate Championship Wrestling.

Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me great pride to announce that Ultimate Championship Wrestling has purchased Las Vegas Wrestling!

(HUGE pop.)

KC: That’s right. Look forward to some great additions to the UCW roster, as we continue to expand and try to make UCW the best damn fed around.

I am also very pleased to inform you that none other than LVW Champion, "Cowboy" James Donovan has agreed to sign on with UCW.

Thank you, and have a good night.

(As quickly as it came to life, the Ultra-tron dies back down as we prepare for the next match.)


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Jun 9, 2004
(The slow, methodic music that always accompanies a cage lowering in the wrestling business sounds throughout the arena.)

RC: Folks, this next one could get real ugly real quick.

DR: I could not agree more, Rich. Commissioner Cloverleaf has really put forth an assault here against this poor “life partner” of BG Bruce, and he’s really pushing the envelope here tonight.

RB: This is what you want to do when you wish to exterminate a rodent. You put him up against all odds, and eventually, time runs out on the luckiest of rats.

RC: But we’re talking about a human being here, Rob. Estaban cannot help the actions of BG Bruce over the past few months. But still, Commissioner Cloverleaf is making him feel the pain for something that he can’t even control.

RB: It’s a game of cat and mouse that BG Bruce keeps trying to outrun. We haven’t seen the coward on UCW television for weeks, because he refused to fight the matches that Commissioner Cloverleaf set forth for him. If he continues to hide, the Commish needs to get his money out of that contract somehow.

RC: Well, I think it’s absolutely wrong what’s going on here with Estaban, and one can only wonder how much this poor, untrained hair dresser can take.

("All The Young Dudes" by Mott the Hoople hits over the PA and the crowd gives a light pop as Estaban makes his way out from behind the curtain.)

DR: Well, this poor Estaban looks terrified as he makes his way to that steel enclosure.

RB: He’s not so cocky now, is he? He ain’t smiling because his Big Gay Buddy isn’t behind him, ready to beat off whoever comes near him.

RC: Please tell me you didn’t say that.

RB: What? Big Gay Buddy?

RC: No.

RB: Then what, Cruise?... Oh…

RC: Fans, I can assure you, beatings aside, we’re in for some gruesome stuff here in just a few moments. This poor guy isn’t even a wrestler.

("Hypocritical" By Methods of Mayhem hits over the PA. The fans give a mixed reaction, as they would normally cheer Doe, but tonight, he is playing Devil’s Advocate.

The big screen flashes between a blurred face and film of a wrestler. Blue pyro fires off at the entrance ramp as the words John Doe flash and shake on the big screen. From behind the curtain, a wrestler walks out on the ramp and John Doe makes his way to the ring.)

DR: Well, I’m not sure about John Doe’s stance on this match itself. We heard his comments, and he doesn’t seem to appreciate Estaban’s personal preferences, but surely this guy has some compassion about him.

RC: I cannot echo those words any better, Doc. I just hope that he realizes he’s in there with another human and that this doesn’t have to be a blood bath.

RB: Would you two sissies stop your whining? This is a wrestling match, and I want to see somehow come out there, wondering why he signed up for this profession in the first place.

DR: That’s the thing; Estaban didn’t sign up for this profession. He’s a stylist!

RB: Then why’s he in the ring?

DR: Because Commissioner Cloverleaf is making him!

RB: He should find better friends then.

RC: Guys, the ref is calling for this match to commence. Let’s hope this doesn’t get too bad.


RC: And Estaban makes a beeline for the side of the cage! He’s trying to get out of here right away!

DR: Smart move, but John Doe isn’t that slow. He rips Estaban down and to the mat.

RC: Doe pulls Estaban up and whips him into the opposite ropes. Doe charges at his opponent…

DR: Big running clothesline there! He almost took Estaban’s head off with that one!

RC: Doe not slowing up though. He pulls Estaban back up to his feet again. There’s a front facelock…

DR: Snap suplex! Doe floats over for the pin…




TB: Ladies and gentlemen…here is your winner…

V/O: WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! John Doe, I didn’t sign you up for this match so you could get an easy win…

(The camera cuts to the stage, where Commissioner Cloverleaf has made his way out with a microphone already in hand.)

KC: Doe, I put you in this match to cause chaos and destruction. I put you inside of that steel cage to make an example out of that little pole smoker in the ring. I didn’t want you to go in and hit two moves and walk out the victor.

That’s not the message I want to send. I want to send a message to the Midnight Rider, to BG Bruce, to whoever has been swapping spit with that sinner in there that they have been messing with God’s plan.

And God’s plan is to make UCW the most formidable wrestling organization around. I haven’t pulled myself from competition to have my executive plans ruined.

RC: Is Cloverleaf calling himself God?

DR: It wouldn’t surprise me.

(Cloverleaf begins to make his way down the ramp as he continues to speak.)

KC: So this is what I want you to, Doe. I want you to pull yourself back to your feet and do the same with that homo until he begs and pleads for the referee to stop the match.

Only thing is…

I hear the referee could be a bit hard of hearing!

(Cloverleaf unbuttons his sport coat and pulls it off to reveal a referee shirt, complete with the official UCW logo on the sleeve and all.)

RC: You’ve got to be kidding me!

DR: This is a joke, right?

RB: Commissioner Cloverleaf is not a joker. You heard him. This match is all about setting an example. And he wants to be sure that example is set here tonight.

(Cloverleaf orders the referee at the door to unlock it and let him in. He enters the ring and then kicks referee Tim Hathcock out of the ring and back to the locker room. Cloverleaf then calls for the bell again.)


RC: I don’t believe this. Folks, we’ve got another look at this match here.

RB: But this time, it’s going to send a message, Cruise.

RC: Well, I’m not sure what the message is going to be, but I’m sure it won’t be pretty as Doe pulls Estaban back up and rams his head into the side of the cage.

DR: And look at Cloverleaf smiling! He’s got cops outside the arena, waiting for the Midnight Rider to show up, just so they can kick him back out! Estaban is in there with two monsters and no help at all!

RC: And now Doe is grating Estaban’s face up against that steel like he’s a piece of cheese! Estaban is bleeding all over the place here!

RB: That’s not going to help him with the fellas.


RB: It’s not.

RC: Doe pulls Estaban back into the ring and whips him across the ring…

DR: Bulldog by Doe! He just sent Estaban’s already bloody face into the ring canvas! There’s a pin…

RC: Oh come on! Cloverleaf isn’t even attempting a count! Doe can’t believe it! And now he’s in Cloverleaf’s face.

RB: Not a good idea to cross the boss.

DR: Doe doesn’t know what to do. Is he going to be able to win this match?

RC: Well, looks like he’s going to try the other way. He hits the side and begins to ascend…


DR: Oh my! Ken Cloverleaf just grabbed hold of John Doe and slammed him back to the mat! Doe’s head hit right off the canvas!

(Cloverleaf leans into Doe’s face and the camera picks up the sound.)

KC: Finish this bastard off, or find a new contract somewhere else!

RC: What the hell is he doing? Estaban is already laying spread eagle in the middle of the ring! What more can Doe do here?

DR: Well, Cloverleaf has pulled Doe back up to his feet and dusted him off here. Doe doesn’t look happy at all, as he stares down Cloverleaf.

RB: But he’s a smart man and continues to do his job.

RC: Indeed he does, as he pulls Estaban back up here. He pulls him into a standing headscissors…

DR: And he powerbombs him to hell! Estaban just folded like an accordion!

RC: Doe looks over to the commissioner…

DR: And he’s shaking his head no! That’s plenty enough! There’s nothing left in Estaban!

RB: Apparently the boss doesn’t agree, gentlemen. Respect your superior’s opinion.

RC: I will not! This is ridiculous!

DR: And I must agree! This match was over before it began, but Ken Cloverleaf is demanding it go on!

RC: Well, Doe picks Estaban back up again and nails him with a stiff right before backing him into the ropes. There’s an Irish whip…

DR: Amnesia Attack! Doe just nailed Estaban with that running STO! That has to be the match there! There’s the pin…



RC: What the hell? Cloverleaf isn’t going to count the three!

KC: Make him squeal.

DR: What? Did he just tell Doe to “make him squeal”?

RC: He did, Doc. What the hell does he mean by that?

RB: It’s an example, Cruise. Estaban is going to show Bruce and the Rider what happens when you cross the boss.

RC: Oh no!

DR: The Muzzle! Doe has locked Estaban in that crossface/body scissors combo! Estaban is screaming for his life here!

RC: And look at Cloverleaf! He’s leaning in like he can’t hear the screams! This man is sick!

DR: And look at the smirk on his face! Call for the bell, damnit!

RB: How’s the ref supposed to call for the bell when he can’t hear the man submitting?

RC: How can he not hear it?

RB: Rumor has it he’s hard of hearing. Weren’t you paying attention earlier?

RC: That’s crap! He can hear perfectly well!


DR: Finally!

TB: Ladies and gentlemen… here is your winner… John Doe!

RC: I don’t believe what I’ve just witnessed! That was absolutely sick! How can we work for a man like that?

RB: Because he signs your paycheck, Cruise. The power of money will make anyone do anything. Ask John Doe.

RC: I can’t help but think about how sick that was! Estaban is bloodied and battered in that ring, and our commissioner is smiling about it!

RB: Well guys, the example has been made. That’s all you can really say about it.

DR: Oh great. The commissioner has a mic again.

(Cloverleaf stands over the fallen Estaban as John Doe stands in the corner.)

KC: You see what happens, Estaban?


RC: You get the numbers stacked against you until you can’t even move to help yourself?

KC: You know things were really unfortunate for you this week, Estaban. I wish things would have looked up a little bit more.

I mean, it’s just a real shame that none of your boyfriends could be here to see this. Just before the match though, I got the update that New York State’s finest turned away some limp-wrist guy on a motorcycle. They said he was all dressed in white too.

He must’ve been getting ready to be somebody’s bride.

(MASSIVE heat.)

KC: But because he couldn’t be here to see this match, I’m going to make sure he gets to see you next week. I’m extending two front row tickets to BG Bruce and the Midnight Rider to come to the Fleet Center for Scars and Stripes…

Because at Scars and Stripes, their boyfriend will be taking on yours truly in a match. And several of the stars in the UCW locker room will be ringside to be sure that no one but the two combatants comes in or out of the match.

(Suddenly, the heat turns to a HUGE pop.)

RC: What the hell?

DR: It’s the Midnight Rider! He just came out from under the ring! Commissioner Cloverleaf doesn’t see him!

RC: And he blindsides the commissioner! Doe comes out of the corner…

DR: And a headbutt by MR! The Rider charges after Cloverleaf, but the commissioner ducks out of the way!

RC: The Rider is leaning over the ropes, giving Cloverleaf a piece of his mind! He is not happy with what happened, and he sure as hell wasn’t happy with the decision to ban him from ringside!

RB: Which is exactly why he shouldn’t be out there! Where are New York State’s finest now?

RC: Look out! John Doe just came out of nowhere and caught Bruce…err, the Rider with a chop block to the knee! The big man buckled over right there!

DR: And now Doe is putting the boots to the Rider!

RC: But look at the Rider! He’s fighting right back to his feet! Almost as if Doe’s kicks are doing nothing! This man is possessed here tonight!

DR: Chokeslam! The Midnight Rider just chokeslammed John Doe right to the mat! And now he turns to Cloverleaf, who’s backing up the ramp.

KC: WHOA! Hold it right there, big man…

You come one step closer and I’ll have those same state troopers that were SUPPOSED to keep you out of here be sure you don’t make it to any UCW events for a long time.


Since it would appear that you’re so eager to have action here in UCW, I’m going to delay my match with Estaban. I figure, what the hell? I’m a nice guy.

I can see when someone wants something. And what you want is to simply step between those ropes and apparently get your hands on me.


KC: So I’m going to give in a little bit.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Midnight Rider will be having his first in-ring match at Scars and Stripes!

(Another pop.)

KC: It will be the Midnight Rider going one-on-one with…

John Doe!

RC: What?!?! That’s a chickensh-

RB: Whoa Cruise!

RC: Well, Cloverleaf made all that talk about him and the Rider and then he backs out like that! I don’t believe this! Folks, we’ve got to take a commercial break. Don’t go anywhere!

-----Commercial Break-----


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
We see the UCW United States Champion, Adam Benjamin making his way down the hallway, belt over his shoulder. He adjusts it before turning the corner and grabbing hold of the door knob in front of him. He opens the door that reads “Yours Truly” on the front and enters the room.

We see inside that it is the champ’s locker room. His clothes and duffel bag are lying around the room. Adam makes his way to the middle of the room and picks up a tape recorder that is lying on the table. He brings it to his face and presses the play button. A very familiar voice takes over the scene.

Tape: MCW?

Most Cowardly Wrestling?

Sounds like the perfect place for a man like you, Adam.

MCW deserves you, little man.

You and your championship belong in Most Cowardly Wrestling.

Neither you, nor that belt has seen any type of reason to have respect in this company.

Ultimate Championship Wrestling is exactly what the name says, the “ultimate”.

However, Mr. Benjamin, you are making a worse name for that belt each and every week you step between those ropes.

Fighting nobodies like Bryan Storms make me more nauseous than anything when I watch Revolution.

What you have done is tarnish everything that the other warriors in the back have fought to make a name for. It is because of this that I will make you see the error of your ways, Adam.

Continue your charade of champion. Continue to try and trick everyone into thinking that they should actually have the least bit of respect for you.

But I, Adam, am going to make sure that the world understands just who you are and what a counterfeit you actually are.

I am not the best of friends with our lovely commissioner, but he cannot help but agree with me about the audacity of you defending the United States Title in a match that he did not sanction.

Because of this, he has signed you to a rematch at Scars and Stripes. You versus Bryan Storms for the US Title, one more time.


This time, the referee…

Well, let’s just say that the match is going to prove to be…


(The tape stops. Adam looks up at the lockers, where a giant American flag unfolds right before his eyes! The rage can be seen inside Benjamin, who draws back and fires the tape recorder across the room, crushing it into tiny pieces as he screams into the air before leaving the room in a huff.)

RC: I don’t believe what I just heard! Adam Benjamin versus Bryan Storms at Scars and Stripes…with Mr. Incredible as the special guest referee!


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
(FADEIN: The back, where DAN RYAN is walking with his giant bag of horses*** over his shoulder. He keeps walking till finally we see THE FIRST in the picture.)

RYAN: "C'mon freakboy...Time to fight."

THE FIRST: "So it is"

(IRISHRED appears walks into the shot, wearing the UCW World Heavyweight Title Belt.)

IRISHRED: "You think you're so f***ing funny running around with that bag of s*** don't you."

RYAN: "Hey, it's worth more then your belt..."

(Security quickly walk over and try to keep the two men apart.)

IRISHRED: "Oh we're gonna settle this in the ring."

(IRISHRED starts to walk towards the ring.)

RYAN: "You'll NEVER be in my league b****!"

(IRISHRED turns and plows through the security and gets into a brawl with RYAN.)

RC: "There's a fight breaking out in the back now...Ryan's lost his grip on that bag of manure...Red and Ryan trading blows, security are being thrown around like rag dolls...The First now trying to get into this...But he gets blindsided by Cameron Cruise!"

RB: "Get him Cammy!"

RC: "Red now grabs The First and whips him into the wall!" Ryan now kicks Cruise with a BIG BOOT to the head...Red and Ryan continue brawling as The First and Cruise are getting to their feet...The First charges at Cruise...AND SPEARS HIM THROUGH THE CURTAIN ONTO THE RAMPWAY!" (Crowd pops!)

RB: "AHH!! Dammit, come on Cruise, you're better then this!"

RC: "Red and Ryan now on the rampway as all four men are brawling towards the ring."

DR: "The ref needs to get control of this match and try to get some order restored!"

(Bell rings)

RC: "Well at least we've got all four men at the ringside now and the ref has ordered the bell rung...The First and Cruise are in the ring so I guess that by default they will be starting this match for their respective teams. Cruise hammering away on The First with a series of right hands and he gets him against the ropes and now whips him to the other side...BACKDROP BY CRUISE! NO! THE FIRST LANDS ON HIS FEET! The First off the ropes...FLYING FOREARM! Cruise is rocked and he scrambles to his corner and tags in Red!"

RB: "The punk is now out of his league here! THE CHAMP is in the ring!"

RC: "Red giving The First a lot of lip and now the two men lock and Red just SHOVES The First to the mat...Red smirks at him and they lock up again...Red whips The First into the ropes A clothesline misses...FLYING HEADSCISSORS BY THE FIRST! RED HITS THE MAT HARD!"

RB: "Just dumb luck! Ugh...So shameful!"

RC: "Wait a second, Ryan just blind tagged The First...He's all over Red now! Ryan just hammering away with big time rights and lefts...He whips Red into the corner...AND NEARLY BEHEADS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE!"

DR: "Dan Ryan has clearly shown up here tonight to fight and he's sending a big message to all his opponents in the elimination chamber!"

RC: "Ryan now grabs Red and lifts him...PRESS SLAM BY THE EGO BUSTER! Ryan just sent Red hard to the mat...And now he's waiting on him...Wait! Blind Tag by The First and now he's back in the ring and stomping on Red!"

RB: "Cheap shot artist! Has to wait for Ryan to do the damage before he can jump in and pick the bones."

RC: "Ryan did that to him first...Well anyhow now The First whips Red to the ropes...Reversal by Red...The First off the ropes...And he NAILS a dropkick on RED! The First now tags in Ryan willingly and Ryan continues the beating on Red!"

RB: "This is no fair; Cruise has to be in on a plot to maim the champion heading into the Chamber, this isn't right!"

RC: "Ryan rocks Red with a right hand and now Ryan off the ropes...LOW BRIDGE BY CRUISE...RYAN SPILLS TO THE FLOOR!"

RB: "YES! Finally a break for the champ, way to finally show up for work Cruise!"

RC: "Ryan spilled to the floor and now Cruise grabs him and shoves him HARD into he STEEL ringpost! Ryan staggered as he's thrown back into the ring by Cruise...Red grabs Ryan and hooks him...BACKBREAKER! Red with a cover!"




RC: "Ryan kicks out at 2!"

RB: "Bah! Come on Champ, take it to him!"

RC: "Red tags out to Cruise who puts the boots to Ryan and scoops him up...SWINGING NECKBREAKER BY CRUISE! The cover!"




RC: "Ryan kicks out again as Cruise gives the ref a quick look before returning to Ryan...Cruise whips Ryan to the ropes...DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! BOTH MEN DOWN!"

DR: "Ryan seemed to have more on his clothesline, but the damage he's taken up to this point has him in the same prone state as Cruise!"

RC: "Both men staggering to their corners and Cruise makes the tag to Red...RYAN TAGS THE FIRST!"


RC: "The First all over Red, drops him with a series of right hands...And now a BACKDROP for the charging Cruise! Red back up...SPINNING HEEL KICK BY THE FIRST! Red's rocked and he stumbles into the corner...The First whips him to the other corner...HANDSPRING ELBOW CONNECTS!"

RB: "Somebody stop this jumping flipping dolt!"

RC: "Red is in a daze and The First is now waiting on him, I think he's getting ready for the Inescapable Torment...Red is slowly getting up...WAIT! RYAN JUST TAGGED THE FIRST! What is he doing?!"

DR: "Ryan clearly wants to get the win himself!"

RC: "Ryan now grabs Red and has him set for the Humility Bomb. The First is yelling at Ryan over his blind tag...The ref is trying to get The First out of the ring...LOW BLOW BY RED! While the ref was tied up with The First Ryan just got nailed with a low blow! Red with an inside cradle!"




RC: "Red got him! IrishRed and Cameron Cruise have won it!"

(Bell rings)



RB: "Normally I'm a Melton Fan, but not now! Somebody stop him!"

RC: "MELTON BLASTS RED WITH THE BRIEFCASE! He swings at Cruise, but Cruise ducks...Cruise rips that briefcase away from Melton and the two men are exchanging blows..."

DR: "We got more company on the way!"

RC: "Jonathan Marx is out here now, he just blindsided The First and drove him hard to the mat, Dan Ryan up and he and Marx going at it...We got a crazy brawl going on in the ring folks...This is what it will be like in the Chamber, only there will be 2 tons of steel, bulletproof glass, and the UCW World Title on the line!"

RB: "Get out of there Red, save yourself for the chamber!"

RC: "This is madness; we're out of time, oh what a shot by Cruise on Melton!"

(The camera fades out as all 6 men continue to fight in the ring.)

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