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[UB7] Samuel Roundtree vs Mike C


League Member
Sep 18, 2004
(Friday afternoon in Manhattan, New York. The rush hour traffic in the heart of New York is a sight to see. Our cameras pan around to see the remnants of where the ex-twin towers used to be. Even the number of people on the sidewalks are astounding. Everyone from lawyers and doctors to mothers with their kids are jostling for position trying to get home to be with their loved ones. Our cameras finally focus in on Madison Square Garden, and in front of gate 1 we see EUWC United States Champion Samuel Roundtree.)

SR: Mike, do you hear it?

Listen closely, do you hear it?

It's the wonderful sounds of silence. Not a single soul in that arena now. From where I stand, there is a few hundred feet separating us from our destiny.

As you can see I am not currently in possession of my EUWC US title. After Main Frame, I handed the belt over to one of the road agents who is ensuring that the belt is secured high over the ring waiting for you or me to make the first move.

At Ultra Brawl Mike, 70,000 people will be sitting on the edge of their seats in Ralph Wilson Stadium watching the Hell in a Cell Gauntlet match, STEALTH and Lockhart against Fire and Ice, Tyrone and Rocko, and every other superstar the EUWC is sending out that night. Everyone but us.

You and me will make history. In the first EUWC Empty Arena match, you and I will be in the most historic building in all of sports-entertainment fighting for the US title in front of absolutely no one. There will be no pyro, no grand entrances, the thousands of people waiting to see who gets the all important win.

Idiots like Nero talk about how big a waste of money a match like this is to put on, and how no one will really care about who wins and who loses...

I don't know about you, but that doesn't matter to me.

Because you can't share the title with 70,000 people can you?
70,000 people can't climb that ladder with you...
70,000 people can't share the paycheck...
70,000 names can't go in the record book beating me can you?

Don't worry Mike, you don't need to answer now...

We'll always have Sunday...

(Fade to Black)

Classy Mike C

League Member
Sep 4, 2004
Manchester, England
[An opening shot of Madison Square Garden's exterior sets the scene, and after that we cut into the main arena. In the centre sits a wrestling ring, around it the usual layout of chairs, announce tables, protective barriers etc. However, there is nobody training in the ring for the big night, nobody testing the lighting or the PA system, nobody showing VIP guests around. The arena sits dormant as the camera pans around. High up in the stands however, a figure can be made out. As the camera zooms closer in, the figure becomes clearer. The camera eventually stops zooming, and we cut to a closer camera. Classy Mike C, dressed in full wrestling gear, turns and looks at the camera, before looking back out at the arena floor.]

Classy: Y'know Samuel, I've always enjoyed the concept of making history. I mean, I come from the most historically rich country in the world, and there is such history in this arena. You come to Madison Square Garden and you think of Hulk Hogan and Mr. T, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka", The Knicks, The Rangers, all the great musicians like U2, Oasis, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones who've played here. Anyone whose anyone has appeared at Madison Square Garden. The first ever EUWC pay-per-view, Summer Sizzler 1996, took place here and last year I won the 52 Wild title from Evol here. There is no more famous an arena in the world. And yet, somewhere across the city, at the Ralph Wilson stadium, is where all the focus will be. Everyone is building up to the biggest pay-per-view of the year, The New Regime vs. Team Danger, and all that. But for me, this place is where it all matters. You see, while there will be 78,000 fans, plus the ring crew, announcers, officials, medical team, security and of course wrestlers in the Ralph Wilson stadium that night, there will only be 4 people in this arena. One cameraman, one referee, Classy Mike C and Samuel Roundtree.

[Down in the arena, a group of security staff walk around making a check that everything meets the correct specifications.]

Classy: Now I'm sure you all remember last month at Summer Sizzler, when myself and Samuel fought in the Houdini's Cage structure, a so-called "inescapable" structure, no one could get in and it was damn hard if you wanted to get out. But Samuel, you managed to get bailed out by your allies, who you claim to have no affiliation with now. You've made a big mistake Samuel, you've thrown yourself into the same scenario as Summer Sizzler. I had you beaten, unconscious in the centre of the ring, but now you don't have something to fall back on.

And what is your major selling point in this situation that gives you the advantage? The fact that I'd have no glory from the victory, nobody to celebrate with? Samuel, you and I both know that I only care about one person, and that is myself. I couldn't care less if the fans want to celebrate my victory, because this won't be for them. I am a US citizen, I've been fighting over here for years, my home is here and my life is here, but when I climb the ladder in the centre of the ring and grab the US title, I won't be taking on the responsibility of representing this country. This belt could be called the United Kingdon Title, or the United Arab Emirates Title, or the United Colours of Benneton Title for all I care. This glory is for me. Not only the glory of being champion, but the glory of knowing that I can put the demons to bed, that I can finally stop thinking about how you screwed me over.

So no Samuel, 70,000 people won't share the title, or climb the ladder, share the paycheque or go on record saying that they were there. But then I wouldn't want them to would I? This is going to be my victory, and it's going to show how hard I've worked. See you on Sunday.

[The scene fades to black]

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