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[UB7] Greer vs AOD vs Collins vs Smash


League Member
Nov 20, 2003
It's interesting how the will of one man can change the destiny of four others. After what was supposed to be the beginning of a group of three men taking on the best names the EUWC had to offer, those men instead face each other in a quest to dethrone the World Heavyweight Champion. What can this mean for the newly formed "New Regime?" Will the allure of championship gold shred the ties that bind them together?

(The scene opens in the trophy room at Angel of Death's Victorian-style mansion north of Toronto. Focused on the screen is the EUWC World Heavyweight Title. Or, at least, the replica that champions are allowed to take home as a keepsake. Reflected in the glass casing is the face of Angel of Death.)

AOD: One more shot at the big prize. Pickstock has seen fit to toss us up against Stephen Greer, almost like a sacrifice. Maybe it's his little twisted way to get back at us for the swerve we pulled on everyone last month. Maybe he figures that between the three of us, someone's going to dethrone the EUWC's own "Green Ranger." Whatever his plan is, I know that I almost feel dirty being a part of it.

(He turns, and the camera fades to him, standing in front of his titles. Shelves of video tapes and DVDs surround him, obviously showcasing his very long and storied career.)

AOD: Pickstock, your little game is about to come to an end. I honestly think that somewhere, somehow in your warped little mind you think that with either of the three of us as Champion, you'll miraculously regain control of your own promotion. Think again. You may be reeling from the destruction that Team Danger reigned down on us, but because their appearance is your fault, I hold you personally responsible for everything that has happened. So go ahead, think that you've orchestrated a masterful plan to take power away from Team Danger, but you're only trading evil for evil. You will never be able to control me, you should know that. Frankly, I don't believe that you will be able to control Jay or Danny either. Nice try, though. You almost had a plan that would work.

(He walks to a small table and chair that sits in front of a large plasma TV and entertainment unit. On the table sits a bottle of faint green liquid, a glass, some sugar cubes, and a strange looking slotted spoon. He pauses, looking down at the table, then looks back at the camera.)

AOD: To my esteemed opponents, I wish each of you the best of luck. Well, I wish luck to Jay and Danny. To Steve, I wish nothing but the purest form of hellfire and damnation. I always have. Frankly, I wish that Steve and Tyrone never stepped foot in an EUWC ring. But since I can't have that wish, let me have this one. Steve, when you and I face each other in that ring at Ultra Brawl, you won't know which was is up. Scratch that. You'll know which way is up, because up is where you'll be looking when you're staring at the lights. I will be the one to dethrone you, and bring about the true end of Team Danger. STEALTH and Lockhart got the ball rolling, but it will be me who rolls the ball over you and the rest of your crew of miscreants. Team Danger have met their match in the EUWC. The end of your reign begins at Ultra Brawl. Hail to the new king of the EUWC.

(He steps around the table, and sits in the chair. He puts the spoon over the glass, and places a sugar cube in the spoon before beginning to pour the liquid over the spoon. Zoom in on the smoky liquid pouring into the glass before fading to black.)


League Member
Jul 1, 2005
Long Island, NY
What happened? He was unstoppable before. Something is keeping him weak. He isn’t better. He couldn’t possibly be better, otherwise, he would be running undefeated once again.... His absence for the last year and a half has not made him a force to be reckoned with. He is just another guy in the wrestling ring... Winning matches... Losing mathces... How does a man go from an undefeated streak one year ago, and now have two more losses on his record? He has lost the reason from being in the ring. His first win in the EUWC, he defeated Samuel Roundtree... His last match before fighting for the World Title at Ultra Brawl, he lost... To Samuel Roundtree. Now returning to a place he knows very well... He tries to find himself once again...

Jay Smash: Where are you? Come back to me. You are getting weak... You need help... If you’re there, then listen to me... You have ruined yourself! You’re nothing anymore! You have become the joke! What happened to you? You were perfect before... Nobody could stop you.... What are you now? Just another loser like the rest! Well, I’m not going to let that happen. You can’t do this to yourself. You need to show them that you don’t lose. You like the pain... But you don’t lose! You don’t lose! You don’t lose! YOU DON’T LOSE! ENOUGH!!!

An echo sounds through the abandoned subway tunnel. The dim lights begin to flicker, and a strong rattle can be heard as if something is shaking the ceiling. Drops of water fall from above, onto the tracks like tears, while his eyes watch every tear fall to the track. His right hand raises into a fist, and before he can stop himself... He punches himself in the face. He stops for a second, looking confused as he looks at his fist... Then punches himself again... A smile grows on his face for a moment as he continues to punch himself, until his knuckles are covered with blood. He stops and falls against the concrete wall, scratching his black steel chair against the wall, grinding into the cement. His left had drops the chair to the ground, and as he leans back against the wall, his head falls back... Blood begins to drip from the pores below his eyes, catching th drops that fall from his face, into his hands.

Jay Smash: Look at that... Do you see that? That is yours... That is mine... You like that? You like to bleed? Yes... You like be beaten? Oh yes.... You enjoy the pain others give you. But if you are going to win this time, you cannot find yourself loving the pain... Why not? Because, they will all be looking to do the same thing that one man managed to do one year ago... He found how far the pain goes... And he beat you. Ultra Brawl.... You lost your World Title to Holocaust. Or have you forgotten? I haven’t forgotten... THEN LISTEN! It’s your chance to win that title back. You have a chance to prove you are still unbeatable. You lost... Shut up... You’re a loser... Shut up... You were taken down by a weak... Shut up... Painless.... Shut up! Victory by Samuel Roundtree. AHHH!

The torture on himself continues, as he picks up the steel chair, swings it against the wall, then cracks it against his head five times before dropping the chair and falling on the tracks. He looks up at the ceiling, while the water drops onto his face. Slowly, another drops, beginning to clean his face from the blood.

Jay Smash: You have forgotten that winning doesn’t matter.... You came for the pain since the beginning... But you wanted it for the fun of it... Now... You ask for pain because you lost something... Your wife and your child... They were wonderful... She was hot... The kid couldn’t even walk yet. But they are gone now... And you look for more pain on the outside, because the pain inside is too strong... WAKE UP! This isn’t going to win your title back! Stop giving up! You said it yourself! Failures should not be champion! You are failing Smash! You are failing..... You wanted the answers... You want to know what has happened... You want to be who you once were.... Then forget your dead family! Forget the injury! Forget the last year and a half! Forget it all! FORGET! I can’t.... FORGET! I won’t... FORGET!!! NO!!!

His eyes shut tight, and his body loses all strength, as his arms fall to the ground, and head rolls to the side. As the water continues to drop from the ceiling, his face becomes clear from blood once again. His head faces back up once again, and his body sits up from the tracks. Slowly he opens his eyes... And when he does, his head begins to twitch.... His breathing begins to sound like an on going whisper to himself. His hair falls into his face, wet from the water dripping from above. When he stands up, he leans over to grab his coat. He throws his coat on, and grabs his steel chair. When he is in place, standing on the tracks, he stares down through the tunnel, but can only see black.

Jay Smash: If you won’t forget... Then I’ll have to fight for you.... I’ll make the pain fun.... You may have partners in that ring at Ultra Brawl... But I don’t.... You didn’t need friends before... I don’t need friends now. You’re pals, Angel of Death.... Danny Collins..... They will feel the disease.... And Stephen Greer.... Will find out whose time it is.... His time is up.... It’s my time, it’s smashing time....

Jay Smash walks through the tunnel, until the dark surrounds him, with nothing left to see but black.

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