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Triple Threat


Jan 1, 1970

I think the Maelstrom posers look good...but being in graphic design, I've learned that trying different styles will also help improve anyone's skills.

Have you tried creating other characters? I think the more you try to do, the more you'll learn about the program and its possibilities.

I know nothing about Poser, btw.


My cpu freezes every time I use it. I guess I need 256 RAM.


Basically I'm still experimenting with different aspects of Poser, like creating the hair (which is a real b!tch), creating realistic muscles and lighting, making those damn clothes fit properly (which seems impossible), not to mention I still haven't cracked the secret of properly importing the textures to Bryce. Once I start making a bit more headway in those areas, I'll definitely be branching out in a more creative way with different models.....

However, you do have a valid point Mike, besides, working with the same models has gotten kinda monotonous, so send me some Mike Randalls info and I'll practice with him instead..... :)

P.S., I currently use 512 mb/ram and at times find that a little slow, I'll soon be moving up to 1 gig of ram whch should be more than enough to suit my needs.

Thanks for the advice/critique Mike.... ;)

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