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Triple Threat Match: Rob Franklin vs Joseph Justice vs Nakita Dahaka


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
From the MCW Arena just outside of Los Angeles.

One fall. Career momentum could change instantly!

RP Deadline is Tuesday - July 11, 2006 by midnight Central Time.



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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
"Two for the price of one."

::Fade In...

[The scene opens inside some sort of underground lair in some indisclosed location almost like it is converted from some large cave. The floor is re-done out of carved marble sanded down, smooth, and polished enough to where you can see your reflexion on the floor. Large midevil looking torches are used to give this large room its proper illumination and set the mood. As we move into a large clearing, we come to a stoned three step platform with a large black marbel with brass lining desk sitting on the top of it. Sitting on the desk is pro wrestling veteran and new MCW superstar, Nakita Dahaka sitting in a large leather chair. She is dressed in non wrestling casual street attire.]

[In front of "The Dark Phenom", laying down on her back sensually and sexy is her manager the sultry and diabolical, Delilah Demonik. Although she appears sexy, she has this rather "bored" expression on her face. Delilah is wearing a very sexy red dress that sensually reveals each and every one of her curves on her lovely body. Both Nakita and Delilah watch the latest showing of MCW Chairman, Jalem Latham make his annual weekly address and run down the upcoming Center Stage card on a large plasma television screen clear across the room in HDTV 5.1 Dolby Surrond Sound Stereo.]

Rob Franklin vs. Joseph Justice vs. Nakita Dahaka in a one fall Triple Threat match

One fall. Career momentum could change instantly!

[The graphic text and animated graphic of the three competitors move as the MCW hypes the upcoming match. It reverberates in Nakita and Delilah's ears. Nakita especially appears like she just sits there silently contemplating whatever female veteran wrestlers like her contemplate back in her chair, but if you look into Nakita's eyes, she looks like she is memorizing each and every peice of Franklin and Justin in the short amount of time that she has. Finally Latham's address ends. Delilah reaches from behind her and grabs the remote control turning off the television. While still laying down the sultry vixon turns her attention over to her pupil.]

Delilah Demonik: "Ah...poo...it appears that the MCW didn't oblidge and give you Chistopher McMillan. You in a sense did issue out a challenge to him, but it appears that lil ol Wolfie didn't bite down."

Nakita Dahaka: "Technically my dear Delilah, I didn't challenge him. I basically in a sense reminded him that I do remember and sooner or later I will come after him for what he did to me in the NFW. But I did not formally challenge him. However, I have a feeling that he will come my way soon enough. Everyone comes my way in the end. Fate is funny like that."

[Nakita stands up from her leather chair. She slides the remote control from Delilah's hand and walks over to the television. With the remote she replays Latham's address, using the TiVo to rewind and then pause on the spot where he advertises Dahaka Vs Franklin Vs Justice on the screen.]

Nakita Dahaka: "Their beautiful don't you think Delilah?"

[Delilah sets up from the desk but still remains on top of it as she watches with lustful eyes emoting a flirtatious gleaming smile on her face.]

Delilah: "Yes."

Nakita: "You know what the best part about fighting these two in my televised MCW debut on Center Stage is?"

Delilah: "I'm seeing where you are going with this Nakita."

Nakita: "Two for the price of one. Three fates all intertwined and destined to meet inside the ring. Two will be made examples for the entire world to see. That means each and every member of the MCW locker room...including Chris McMillan will bare witness to the utter destruction of Rob Franklin and Joseph Justice courtesy of the Harbenger of Fate Nakita Dahaka."

Delilah: "And to think I thought that you were the Dark Phenom."

Nakita: "Dark Phenom, Harbenger of Fate. It all means the same Delilah. I have fully embraced my calling and destiny. I know exactly who I am and what I can and will do to these unfortunate souls who have crossed my path."

Delilah: "But what I want to point out is that they are just as hated as you are. I guess nobody gets cheered for in this match."

Nakita: "Who cares about being cheered or even booed for that matter. These people may not even know me coming into this match but by the end they will all know the name of the whirlwind that has entered the MCW, and her name is Nakita Dahaka, Demon of death and mendacity."

Delilah: "Oh Nakita, you use big words. Professional wrestlers are not supposed to be intelligent. You should speak in a language where they should understand like pre-school talk. After all they are just mere human simpletons."

Nakita: "As if matters Delilah."

Delilah: "Well put my pupil."

[Delilah sensually slides off of the desk and walks over to Nakita and the television. She takes a closer look at Nakita's intended prey caressing the outlined curves of both Franklin and Justice individually.]

Delilah: "Can I keep them?"

Nakita: "Why would you? They won't be recognizable after I am done with them."

Delilah: "I like their eyes, they're pretty. Or maybe I could collect their head as a sovienoir. Besides I tend to lonely sometimes."

Nakita: "But they'll be baren and lifeless with no soul, what would you want with a head or a corpse for?"

Delilah: "I have a very...very...VERY good imagination."

Nakita: "Okay...kind of creepy. Please tell me that your just messing with me."

Delilah: "That last part I am messing with you, but I would really like to have their heads for my own ittle collection."

Nakita: "Consider it done Delilah."

Delilah: "Thank you."

Nakita: "Now that is settled. Why don't we physically, mentally, pschologically, and emotionally prepare for our impending war for it is about to begin?"

Delilah: "Indeed."

[Nakita and Delilah walk out as the scene slowly fades out.]


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May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
(Fade in to a dark, grassy area that looks similar to a backyard of sorts. Nothing can be seen through the dark until the camera is switched to Night-vision. We start to see the outline of a man, as our eyes adjust we realize that the man is in fact Rob Franklin.)

Rob- You know, there is really some kind of conspiracy against me or something. Two triple-threat bouts in a row? The odds are stacked against ME. Not to mention I can't pronounce one of my opponents' names. I should be CHAMPION! North American Champ, MCW Champ- anything! But I am not. Why? Because the inbreeding, redneck fans that watch this show don't like me. Because I was born into a wealthy family. Because I am better than them. I am not used to not getting what I want, so I am going to make myself a Champion.

(He lifts up his Polo shirt to reveal a new Title belt.)

Rob- This is the FTO belt.

(A close-up reaveals that indeed, that is what it is)

Rob- ****. This. Organization.

(A man in a tuxedo walks into the shot and pulls out a microphone)


Rob- As a matter of fact, I think I'll put this belt on the line at Center Stage. So Judge Judy and Nicorette, there is some extra motivation for you. I ain't Ta-

(A hamburger suddenly drops onto the groud from out of view)

Pieske- ****.

Pieske comes in to view, picks up the burger, brushes it off, and eats it.)

Rob- Pieske, what the hell is wrong with you?

Pieske- Sorry man.

Rob- Like I was saying, I ain't Taz and this ain"t the FTW belt. I am Rob and this-

(Rob points to the belt)

Rob- Well, this is FTO!

Pieske- And I am Pieske, too.

Rob- Shut up. SO TO MY OPPONENTS, DON'T WORRY ABOUT YOUR CARRERS! WORRY ABOUT THIS! Because you will never be as good as me anyhow.



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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Delilah Speaks personally to Rob Franklin

::Fade In...

[The scene opens inside of the underground chamber area of Nakita Dahaka and her manager Delilah Demonik. We see the sultry and devilishly beautiful Delilah Demonik laying down on a life size bear skinned rub underneath and in front of the large plasma screened television flipping through channels. Her wrestling pupil, "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka doesn't appear to be anywhere around or nearby at the moment. As she uses the remote to surf through shows and channels to watch. She comes across something that catches her beautiful blue eyes as she stumbles upon the latest promo response of Nakita's opponant, Rob Franklin. She stops her surfing and sits up watching Rob comment on his two oponants for Center Stage.]

Delilah Demonik: "I didn't take long." Nakita!"

[Nakita isn't seen, but you can hear her from another room.]

Nakita Dahaka: "What is it Delilah?"

Delilah: "One of your oponants just responded."

Nakita: "Which one?"

Delilah: "Franklin."

Nakita: "I've said everything that I'm gonna say for right now. You're my manager, you take care it. I've gotta go do my exercises and work out. I must remain in top physical condition for my match against them on Center Stage."

Delilah: "With pleasure. Have fun Nakita."

[Delilah turns her attention back onto Rob Franklin and his fat, out of shape manager/valet Pieske. She hugs the head of the bearskin with her perky breast pressed up against the head revealing a nice deep shot of her cleavage directed at the camera. Her blue eyes mentally undresses Rob Franklin.]

Delilah: "He is a little young, but who cares if I'm robbing the cradle so to speak. Momma like'em when their young and he's fresh. I can smell him him. He reaks of virgin juices. I know that he's never known a woman like me. I will take him to all the way to heaven via a cloud of intense and agonizing ectasy. Maybe after Nakita's done playing with him and Justice that she might let me keep Robby for my personal use."

[She looks as she sees Pieske drop a hamburger off of the floor only to pick it up and eat it. Delilah's seductive demeanor immediately changes into utter disgust as she responds by turning off the television.]

Delilah: "Ah gross. Oh well I've seen everything that I need to see.]

[Delilah motions to the camera and the operator as she gestures for him to come closer to her. She rolls onto her back and then propositions the camera to stand directly over her where it is looking down and she is looking up at the camera.]

Delilah: "Robby, you've been through so much abuse and just think you're still young. You're only 19 years old. You have not even begun to experience life and all that it has to offer. My pupil Nakita Dahaka, the Dark Phenom may be hell bent on your's and Justice's destruction, but I'm not. In fact I am just the opposite. I take part and indulge myself on more of life's greater things, but I do focus on Nakita's well being when the situation calls for it, but that is just me playing the part. I know my role and what I must do. I help Nakita to win by any means neccessary. Although she doesn't need my help but I know when die of fate must be cast and the devine must intervene, but only at the opportune time. The rest of the time Robert. I am one that like to treat herself to a little snack her and to something sweet over yonder the rest of the time. I enjoy what this life gives me."

[Delilah motions and moves her hand slowly down from her lips down passed her cleavage, and further down where the camera can not see it.]

"If you ever get lonely Robby and if you can pick yourself off the canvas after your match with Nakita on Center Stage. If there is even just a little bit of breath in your hot young body, just take yourself back to the back and come see him in my locker room. You won't see me, but you will find a hotel room key. Go there and I will lick those delicious virgin juices and turn you into the man that you are destined to be, but the choice is your's Robby."

[Delilah sits up and orders the camera to moves in front of her.]

"But there is one tiny problem Robby. You have got to get rid of that fat ass slob that you call a manager. I mean what use is he besides grossing me out and removing me from my mood? You gotta lose Pieske. Kill him if you must, but remove the disgusting blob from my sight and I am all your's to have all night long, and if you like...all week long. We'll play it by ear."

"Now even though you are hot and I want you deep inside me. I have to admit that you aren't the most brightest man I've ever known. I mean you are so stupid, you can't even get our names right. But then again I'm not wanting you for your brains now am I? We know what I want and what I need. You pumping those virgin juices inside me."

"I also sense your hurt and anger and how you think that you were screwed at Zero Hour. That's too bad as I can make all that go away. All you have to do is come to me after the triple threat match on Center Stage. The choice is your's. What do you gotta lose except for your virginity? Win or lose, you can have me if you want me. Oh and by the way, leave your whining and complaining about losing the MCW North American Title outside my hotel room because those are not the sounds that I want to hear in my bed. I want to hear...



And even lots of screaming...

But absolutely no complaining or other assorted pillow talk. Besides there won't be a need for it. Think about it."

"In closing I say these final words to you Rob Franklin. Here them well and do take them to heart. 'The Dark Phenom' Nakita Dahaka will take all the way straight to hell, but it will be me that will rocket and usher you into the pearly gates of heaven. Don't worry about about what you THINK you will do to Nakita and Justice. Take heart in what I will do for you Robby. See you soon Robert."

[Delilah falls backwards on the bearskin rug letting out a loud sigh underneath the camera. She only responds with a seductive and sultry smile directed at Rob Franklin. The camera slowly fades out.]

::Fade Out


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May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
(We fade in on Rob sitting in a comfy looking chair in a bathrobe in front of a TV monitor)

Rob- You know, I seem to have made the wrong move by alienating myself from my peers. Although they are stupid, overpaid bastards, they do have some other...assets... that may be of some use to me.

(A picture of Delilah Demonik appears on the monitor)

Rob- COUGHwhoreCOUGH! Now, as we know, my match will always be the most competitive by far of any other on any card. But at the next Center Stage, it will be the only match for a title-be it official or not.

(The FTO title appears on the monitor)

Rob- Let's just say... a certain manager has decided to go "Undercover" if you will.

(Demonik appears again)

Rob- Now baby, I really want to take that offer. To take you to places you have never been before. To make you cry out my name so loud the neighbors call the cops- and trust me, I can but, We must wait. So I made you a special video to hold you over...

(The video starts with Rob shirtless, staring into the camera. Club music starts to play and Rob slowly takes his pants off showing nothing but his boxers he starts to take those off-Suddenly Pieske. Pieske on a bike, Pieske shirtless, eating a sandwhich while jumping on a trampoline, Pieske doing jumping jacks, and finally... Pieske in a thong shaking his ass.

(Cut back to Rob, now sitting next to Pieske both men cracking up and giving high-fives.)

Rob- HAHA! Pieske, You just made me sick! Good job!

Pieske- HAHAcallmeDelilahHAHA!

Rob- What? You said "call me Delilah"

Pieske- Pssst no.

Rob- You fat perv. Are you that desperate?

Pieske- Yes.

Rob- She's a $2 hooker!

Pieske- I got $2.

Rob- You really think she wants THAT?

(Rob gestures to Pieske's man-boobs)

Rob- ...Anyway, Nicorette, and Judge Judy. You are lucky to get to go for this belt!

(He gestures to the FTO belt)

Rob- And whore, Pieske's got $2 for you...



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Jan 1, 2000
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"Mood Killers and fateful encounters."

::Fade In...

[Its the next day. Inside the underground chamber of quarters of Nakita Dahaka and Delilah Demonik. A door opens from down the hall as Delilah comes out. She is wearing a red Victoria's Secret nightgown esemble equiped with matching silk robe. Her hair is done and she has cleaned herself up as she starts her morning. She walks over to the wetbar where a pot of coffee has been brewing. A tray of continental breakfast items has been prepared for Delilah and Nakita. Delilah pours herself a cup of coffee, but then takes a bottle of Vodka and pours a small amount inside stirring it into the coffee along with a spoonful of sugar. She picks up a bagel from the cart then walks over to the desk and sits down at the table in front of a laptop computer.]

[Delilah turns it on and boots it up from its safe mode. Something catches Delilah's eyes as she hears a all-to-familer voice sound byte go through the speakers.]

You Have Mail.

[Delilah clicks on the message where it takes her to her imbox. Inside there is a email w/ attachment waiting for her in her inbox.]

From: MCW
Subject: Rob Franklin's response to proposal.

[Delilah perks up with delightful interest as she clicks on the message. Inside she sees the attachment. She clicks to open it. After some time to download the neccessary file, it finally boots up and run Rob Franklin's latest promo. Delilah takes another sip of her Vodka filled coffee while she watches the video feed. She responds accordingly while it is recording.]

Delilah: "So soon Robby. I'm impressed, I believe that I must of got your attention. Good for...ME."

"Whore? Is that what you honestly call me. I just sincerely hope that I haven't barked up the wrong tree Robby. The only reason why a man would turn someone like myself down is if they swung 'the gay' way. I hope that's not the reason for why you are still a 19 year old virgin. Although I have been know to free those type of people from their affliction still its the concept of that matter, that you managed to say no to me."

"I sincerely hope that Pieske isn't the reason why you're turning me...

[Interupting Delilah in mid sentence, she gets to the part where Rob Franklin leads into his manager Pieske's video montage of him half-naked and either doing exercises or trying to dance around in nothing but a thong with only a thong on. Delilah's mood and facial expressions immediately change from delight for Franklin into utter disgust and distain for Pieske as she appears paralyzed and unable to move like a dear caught in the headlights as a result of the morbidly obesed manager's disfigured and distorted body.]

"Absolutely disgusting. I am paralyzed with fear. Its like a train wreck. I know I should look away, but I can't even move to stop it. I just lost my breakfast and threw up in my mouth. I'm not hungry anymore. That is definately a true mood killer."

[Nakita Dahaka comes into the room and walks over to Delilah at the desk watching the video on the laptop.]

Nakita: "What's a mood kill...R...Oh my GAWD...

[Nakita instantly becomes mortified looking at the gross sight of Pieske dancing on the screen. She immediately shuts her eyes and turns her back to it as she addresses Delilah.]

Nakita: "I don't know where you got it or what perverted sites you've been to over the passed week, and frankly I don't want to know."

Delilah: "Its not what you think Nakita. Its Rob Franklin's latest response, and that is his manager Pieske."

Nakita: "I don't care. I'm going out to jog and hopefully forget all about what has just burned holes into my brain. I think I'm going to make a quick stop at the Optomitrist to make certain that my retna is still intact. The last thing that I need to do is give Franklin and Justice any sort of an advantage in our match this week on Center Stage."

Delilah: "So shall I make an appointment for you?"

Nakita: "Yes...Please."

Delilah: "It will be done."

Nakita: "Thank you, now do that thing that you do as my manager and deal with...this."

Delilah: "Yes Nakita."

[Nakita turns on her heels, giving one final shudder at the video feed before jogging out of the door. Delilah immediately presses DELETE to permanently erase the email and attachment. As soon as she does, endless amounts of popup windows and other assorted internet goodies appear all over the screen.]

Delilah: "Damnit. Damn spyware. Franklin, you stupid ass, you're manager's disgusting video totally infected my laptop with spyware. Do you know how long its going to take me to get this crap off of it?"

[Delilah turns off the laptop and closes it. She then looks up at the camera.]

Delilah: "Sad to say that my offer to you was rejected. For whatever reason why I don't want to get into, but nonetheless you rejected me. Nobody rejects me. This was a one time offer, and you mock me by responding with that fat ass waste of a human life manager of your's to dance and waste five minutes of my life. It is for that one reason that I will make certain that Nakita will not spare you. I liked you. I really REALLY did Franklin. I was going to have The Dark Phenom spare you, but now I am going to pull back the offer of mercy and you will know the full force of Dahaka's wrath for it is most unforgiving. Make no mistake about it Robby, you just made the single dumbest mistake of your life and now you will reap the whirlwind for your insolence and ignorance. You have no idea what is coming your way. This is more than just a wrestling match. It is beginning of the end for you. After Center Stage, you and your manager will be nothing more than just a grease spot on that ring canvas after she is done with you."

"Then while Nakita is mangling your bodies inside that ring, you will look over at me on the side when I hope out my thumb and like Julius Ceasur motioning to Nakita to finish you off once in for all with the utmost suffering. Hell hath no fury like our scorn and you will die like the 19 year old virgin loud mouth that you are. But don't worry, after she is done with you Franklin, she will bury Pieske and your pitiful useless FTO belt with you so you won't feel left out in the after life. In that ring, you will know all about true suffering...

...And to think, you can thank your fat tub of gay ass manager Pieske for making it all possible. Just think Pieske brings new life to that old term 'C*ck blocking' He just forever blocks you from me."

"Now if you would excuse me, I must repeatedly bang my head against the wall until I forcibly remove these images from my brain or until I render myself unconcious whichever comes first., but don't worry I should be alright in time for the triple threat match on Center Stage when Nakita charges in like a freight train and tears you, Pieske, and Justice all by herself so bad you will regret turning me down and wonder was it all really worth it."

[Delilah stands up and walks toward the bedroom. The camera slowly fades out.]
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"I’ve been slacking, I know."

[A slight pause.]

"That doesn’t matter to me right now. I'm not worried, because I know I can do better than I have so far. I’ll just start over from the bottom, and I'll just work my way up until I find my place in the MCW Pecking Order."

[Yet another, brief pause.]

"What? I can't believe you would say something like that to me. I've been busting my chops trying to make it to a credible organization where I can make a real name for myself against legitimate talent, and you're telling me to be careful? You've heard about certain people not playing by the rules? Like somehow this is a threat now, but has never been a threat anywhere else I've wrestled?"

[This pause is slightly longer than the first two.]

"This may be my only chance to get the recognition I once had, and I don't plan on ****ing it up."



[We fade in to the premises. In our direct line of sight, we immediately take in the several, individual pieces of furniture, fixtures, and the structure itself to allow our minds to put it together, and make something of it all. Well, we are in a living room. Starting to the left, there is a wonderful, plush, maroon sofa. Its rounded attributes make it quite attractive to our eyes. And our mind knows that it would be quite pleasing to our bodies. However, this is a sofa, not a woman. Let's not get carried away.]

[This sofa is part of a set. This set includes the usual loveseat and couch that seats one person. There is some term for this shrine of comfort, I'm sure. But at this moment, there are more important objects to observe... and more important notions to discuss.]

[The walls in their traditional off-white color are not without decor. For example, the wooden beauty of a classic 19th century clock brings life to the room, with a pinch of personality. A marvelously replicated painting of Giovanni Arnolfini and Wife is placed strategically, and ironically, above the loveseat in the room. There is also a mantle with several plaques, as well as pictures. These sort of objects we notice. We notice that they are there, but pay no attention to their detail. Unless of course, we are in search of something. At this point, we are in search of nothing. We just "are".]

[The word "focus" is traditionally associated with "the center". The focus, then, of this room is a small coffee table. Scattered upon it are several sources of reading material. Car magazines, architectural design magazines, TIME, and other assorted mainstream publications. There is also a tall candle, burning slowly. "Slowly", is the best way to describe it. To speak metaphorically about a burning candle is so cliche.]

[At this point, the pleasant harmony of the room is slightly disrupted. A man enters from the far entrance. He is roughly six foot, six inches. He has an athletic build. Nothing special, physically speaking, that would single him out from a group of thirty year olds grunting at the gym. His black hair is nicely maintained in a crew cut. His sideburns are not extra long. That seems to be the trend nowadays. He is more traditional in the design of his hair. And you will learn that it isn't the only traditional facet of this man physically, or in any other sense.]

[His eyes are blue. Baby blue would be an accurate way to describe them. But "baby blue" just isn't intimidating enough. We'll stick with "blue". He has a nice tan contrasted with the neatly trimmed goatee that surrounds the perimeter of his mouth and jaw. He is trendy in some ways, you know.]

[His attire would suggest to us that he is at home. He is dressed in black jogging pants and a white tank top. His jogging pants hug him at the hips, and fall down his legs stopping at his ankles. His feet are covered in white socks that contrast, yet coincide nicely with the thick, black, carpet beneath his feet.]

[He pays us no attention, and takes a sip of the coffee, which emanates steam from the mug in his right hand. He takes a seat on that yet-to-be-named couch that seats one person. He holds the mug in place on the arm rest and looks at the ceiling. The strong rays of light permeate the setting fluidly and consistently throughout. They emerge from the golden chandelier which hangs beautifully above the center of the room.]

[For those that have not recognized the man, his name is Joseph Justice. Some just call him ‘The Judge’. A few months ago he signed a contract with MCW, and though he has been scheduled in quite a few matches… he has hardly had the chance to make himself stand out amongst his peers. He’s hoping to change all of that.]

"They say that the more one is exposed to something, the more tolerant he becomes to it. I've been living here all my life."

[He speaks with a calmness that is so powerful, that it calms anyone who is listening.]

"Not even a mile away from the strip. Never needed to book a flight when I had extra money to spend. For some reason, I found myself in that situation quite often."

"But I digress."

"Casinos at my disposal. What others consider the finest dining, I consider the norm. What others consider a night on the town, I consider just another day on the job. The rush that Las Vegas gives to all the tourists has about as much impact on me as a glass of Mike's Hard Lemonade has on an alcoholic. After a while, it gets quite boring, really."

[The finer things in life are often associated with Las Vegas. Women, fine dining, and all the makings for a rendezvous. It's all these "finer things", that The Judge is referring to.]

"So what happens, usually, when one gets bored? Well, I can only speak for myself. But what I usually do is try and capture that rush. I try and recapture "it". That thing that keeps people coming back… The essence of Sin City. And, the longer I'm here, the more challenging this task becomes."

[He has a point, I assure you.]

"And this process is not unique to Las Vegas, or any other tourist attraction for that matter. It actually applies to most things in life. You try and reach that peak of your ability. And when you get there, the challenge is to go higher. It's a constant fight. And being a wrestler, through observation, I anticipate that progressing through the ranks in MCW is going to be much harder than anything I've ever done. I've competed against wrestlers better than me before, and no doubt that I will face wrestlers better than me again. I didn't dominate every region that I have ever competed in. I made my mark, large or small, took what I learned, and left for greener pastures. And now I have come here. This is a place that has no problem giving underappreciated talent an opportunity to succeed. I've come here to do just that, and I plan on making myself comfortable in the process."

[He lifts his feet, props them up on the coffee table, and takes a sip of his caffeinated beverage.]

"So just like any other wrestler that hasn’t proven much, prior experience or not, I started at the bottom. Fortunately for me, the bottom at that particular junction put me in contention for the number one contention to the North American Title. Not a bad place to start. Of course, my high expectations in myself caused me to lose sight of getting my feet firmly planted, and it made me blind to the truth... That I wasn’t in the same condition I was in before. I had become sloppy, and had become complacent with my style. These last few weeks have given me that time I needed to step back and reassess my strategy."

[A modest man, this Judge.]

"Returning to my original point, though, I'm not content with just being a wrestler. I've wrestled for years now, and I can do it in my sleep. And just like I have to search for the rush in Las Vegas, I have to fight for the next rung on the proverbial ladder. I don't mind."

[He shakes his head and gives us a look as if to say, "That's life."]

"As a matter of fact, it's these fights that I live for… although the paycheck is nice too."

"But that's beside the point. I've lived a life before wrestling. I've lived a life before MCW. But it’s time to get back into the game."

[He sits up, sets his coffee on the table, and turns his attention to us for the first time.]

"Which brings me to my opponents, Nikita and Rob. The practical joker and the dark phenom… Yeah, like we’ve never seen that before. Anyway, while I’d like to just jump right in on the trash talk being spewed around, it seems as if Nikita’s manager would rather just spend her time with her legs up in the air. A woman who knows what she wants, but when that person has no real business opening her mouth… maybe she just needs to keep it shut."

[He smiles briefly.]

“Nikita may not have the time to address her opponents, and considering how hard she’s training for this match, I don’t blame her. I’m sure she needs it. The thing is, don’t talk like a slut, then get upset that you were called one, Delilah. It’s stupid and childish, and quite frankly… Much like Rob Franklin’s FTO title.”




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May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
Rob is sitting in a computer chair, staring at a monitor. You can hear-but not see Joseph Justice's latest pile of wothless crap in the backround)


Rob- Jesus Christ what a *****. You just HAD to wait until me and Nakita were on downtime before you talked THIS ****? No one cares. You mean nothing to anyone here and you will soon be so embarassed in the ring by me that you'll leave with your tail between you legs just like you did in the other promotions.

(Rob holds up the FTO championship)

Rob- This means nothing? This means more than any other belt in this god foresaken place., because of the simple fact that it is around MY waist. Sorry to throw a monkey wrench in your plan, but you're not gonna win. Hell you won't even come close. So I get to face TWO *****s in one match? Cool easy week then.

(Rob shifts his FTO belt to his other shoulder)

Rob- Now for Ms. Nakita and her prostitute of a manager. Delilah, do you really think that I would dare put my billion dollar manhood in that- nevermind. Nobody in this organization is worth my time. No body in this organization is close to my level.

Rob- Justice, You say that I am a practical joker? I don't joke. Check out my Zero Hour match for proof-or you can wait until Center Stage because your fate will resemble that of the fate of those at Zero Hour.

Rob- FTO for putting my in this meaningless match. FTO for making me fight a woman. FTO for making me fight a washed up loser.

Rob- FTO



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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
"Angel On Her Shoulder"

::Fade In...

[The scene opens inside the underground cave like lair residence of "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka and her manager Delilah Demonik. Its late sometime in the middle of the night. Almost all of the lights are turned off throughout the lair. With only small remnants of of lighting around to provide some sort of light throughout the total darkness. We see sitting at the desk a female figure sitting in front of the laptop quietly. The darkness hides her face, but we can see just enough to identify only slight peices of her identify, but not a full read out. Another figure moves through the hall into the large clearing as she approaches the wetbar. She pours herself a glass of liquir of some kind within the darkness. Suddenly the lights comes up 100% maximum lighting as we see Delilah standing at the bar. She is temporarily blinded for a moment as her pupils undialate into focus she sees her wrestling pupil Nakita sitting at the desk.]

Delilah: "Nakita? You startled me, why are you up at this time of the night. Shouldn't you be in bed sleeping. You have a big day tomarrow as you face off against Franklin and Justice in a triple threat match this weekend on Center Stage. Its your in-ring televised return to wrestling. You must make sure that you are all rested up for your match."

Nakita: "I know, but I need to address a couple of matters that have come to my intention...namely YOU."

Delilah: "You told me to handle it and as your manager I took the liberty of doing so."

Nakita: "I know."

Delilah: "I was doing my part as you prepared for this huge potential show stealing match mentally, emotionally, and physically...I felt that it was neccessary to help you carry the load by giving you more of a psychological edge during your match by getting inside the head of Rob Franklin."

Nakita: "And how do pray tell did you planned on giving me my psychological advantage?"

Delilah: "Simple by...


[Interupting Delilah in mid sentence, the sound of a loud sound echos throughout the chamber as Nakita slams her fist into the marble desk. Nakita jumps up to her feet and slowly walks down toward Delilah who only response is that she watches with wide eyes and her mouth drops. The dark haired seductive vixon watches as the Dark Phenom approaches her like a deer caught in the headlights. The look in Nakita's dark green eyes tell the strory that she is most enraged at her manager. Through the reflection of Delilah's own beautiful blue eyes, you can see Nakita walk closer and closer to her.]

Nakita: "How? By parading around and offering yourself like some sort of MCW harlot? Spreading your legs and hoping that Franklin would just dive right inside. How in the hell is that supposed to give me a psychological advantage Delilah?"

Delilah: "I...I...I...

[Cutting Delilah off in mid sentence, Nakita reaches out and grabs her manager by the throat with one hand and begins squeezing the breath out of her manager. Nakita leans in closely and speaks face to face softly but feircely with Delilah.]

Nakita: "Make no mistake about it. I don't need your help. I only let you come along with me because I felt that you might be of use to me. But make no mistake about I don't need your psychological advantages. You want to be by my side during my matches. Fine only because I let...YOU....

[Nakita pushes Delilah almost clear across the room with her hand. Delilah trying desparately to catch her breath, but as she does she stares back at Nakita with the utmost rage inside her eyes.]

Delilah: "How dare you treat me this way you insolent ungreatful little ingrate...you little *****. Make no mistake about it that if it wasn't for me there would be no Nakita Dahaka. You would still be wrestling in high school gymnasiums for peanuts in the evenings and wiping ass in some nursing home during the day. You owe everything to me. I brought you back from exile. Nobody wanted to work with you, even that little manager of your's...what was his name?"

[Delilah stands up again and slowly walks over to Nakita. She gets up close while she makes Nakita listen to her speaking deeply into the Dark Phenom's ears.]

Delilah: "Oh yes...Kevin...Kevin Edward LeBrock. I know that you loved him. Because he loved you. But he couldn't stand to be around you...no it wasn't you he couldn't stand, it was your ego. The same ego ran you out of the NFW and TNA. Its the same ego that thinks that the world is your oyster and should bow down at your feet. Before me they laughed in your face. Now that you have me by your side they fear you. And to the fools like Justice and Franklin that don't respect or fear you. After this week in your match on Center Stage. Them and every other soul on the MCW roster will fear you, but it isn't because of anything that you do it is because of me."

"Now you, Franklin, and now Justice call me a slut and a whore, but what all three of you fail to realize is that I am in full control of this situation. I may of let my emotions get the best of me, but then again everything that I do happens because of one thing...

[Delilah walks up to Nakita until she is right in front of her looking deep in her green eyes face to face.]

"I let it happen. I am in control. I will be the wildcard in this match. You say that you don't need my help when you beat Justice and Franklin within an inch of their lives? You're right, but think of me as the solidification of your impending victory. I will make it official. Think of me Nakita as your personal angel on your shoulder. I know what I am doing. Let Franklin and Justice continue to call me whore and slut. Let them. While their focus is on me, they won't see you coming until it is too late when your arm is raised after pinning them for the final 1-2-3."

[Nakita only stands silently seething in anger, but she stands quietly with her fist clinched and breathing through her nose, but continues to listen to what her manager has to say as Delilah's words reverberate in Nakita's ears and sinks into her brain.]

Delilah: "They both think that you are just another girl. They think that you're gonna get hurt. They think that you're not worth it. They may even think that you are a wash up in this business. Let them come up with all of their so-called preconceived notions and rediculous assumptions. Their fooliness will be their undoing. You will be their downfall. You will be...THEIR FATE! You must rise above your own fear and doubt."

Nakita: "I fear no man."

Delilah: "No, you fear own humanity and you doubt yourself and your true calling. You fear your destiny. You are my harbenger. You will bring the end of all things, but you must strip away the humanity and the the doubt. You must embrace your destiny."

Nakita: "Are you saying that I will lose against Franklin and Justice?"

Delilah: "No I am not . I am just reminding you of what needs to be done in order for your success to grow into havest; however, I know that when the time comes, when you set foot inside of that ring you will know what must be done Nakita. Your humanity and doubt will all melt right off of you when that bell rings. When you hear the sound the box will be unlocked and the demon inside of you will be unleashed. Remember, I am the gatekeeper. I am the keymaster. I will open the box and hell will be unleashed. That hell has a name and her name is Nakita Dahaka. I have named you well my dear. I know that you will not fail me. You will be the final end of Rob Franklin and his FTO championship, and Joseph Justice. They will be as a shining example to each and every member of the MCW roster."

[Delilah moves up very close to the side of Nakita again. Delilah leans in and gives her pupil a kiss on the cheek speaking softly into her ear.]

Delilah: "My dearest Nakita. You say that you don't need me or anybody else's help, but what you fail to realize is that we need each other. We depend on one another. When we are united as one nobody can stop us. When we are as one unit we are unstoppable, but when we are devided we are in chaos and lost. We must embrace one another and stand united as one. Now I forgive you for your insolence, as you were just returning to old habits and they do die hard, but they must never be your downfall. Rise above them my dear and take note deep within your heart that I am in full control of both Franklin and Justice."

[At the sound of her words, Nakita appears to have calmed down and has entered a time of peace and resolution.]

Nakita: "Yes I see now. Thank you Delilah."

Delilah: "Your welcome Nakita. Now you need to return to bed. You need your rest my dear. The last thing that a demon incarnate like yourself needs is to give them any advantages."

Nakita: "Yes Delilah."

[Delilah watches as Nakita walks off down the hall toward her bedroom. Delilah watches as her mood changes to satisfaction. A creepy sadistic smile crosses her face as she walks back toward the desk and sits down inside the large leather rolling chair. Delilah leans back into the camera caressing the black marble desk.]

Delilah: "I bet that both you all thought that was funny. Especially you Rob Franklin and now you Joseph Justice. You must think that Nakita and I are already unraveling. I have news for the both of you. We're not. Not a single thing that happened in this room wasn't warrented without my say so. I am in full control of this situation and this match. Nakita may be the one fighting you and will defeat you, but I will be the one that will be the wild card. Everything has been within my control."

"Franklin, you call me a slut and a whore. I call you nothing more than a 19 year old whiney ass b**** who can't see beyond his own ego. In a lot of ways you are just like Nakita, but then Nakita grew up and has embraced her true calling and destiny while you on the other is still consumed by your ego, and your paranoia. You feed on the notion that everybody hates you and has a conspiracy against you. That is why you beat us over the head with your so-called FTO belt hoping that we'll pay attention."

"You know what the worst thing that someone can do to an actor Franklin? Walk out in the middle of their performanance."

[Delilah mocks a sad little child.]

"They don't love me, they don't like me. What did I do?"

"[Normal voice]

"Your afraid Robby that we won't care about you. That we won't listen to you. You kneel by your bed late at night and pray that we won't stop paying attention to your senseless babbles and incessant ramblings. You come out with your fake belts hoping that it might make you feel important but I know just as much as you do that you are full of crap. News flash, nobody cares about your conspiracies. All they care about is shutting you up once and for all...if they're lucking they can stuff that flabby tub of s(beep)t manager of your's in your mouth enough that you're choke on your own vomit."

[Delilah changes gears as she switches to address her other oponant, Joseph Justice.]

"Ah Joseph Justice. Call I call you Joey?...

[Delilah does a mock Joey Tribioni impression from Friends]

"How you doin? I'm late, and I suck."

[Normal voice again]

"How nice of you to join us Joey. You are indeed a little late, but better late than never. You all of a sudden come into the picture thinking that you hear all of this dissention and trash talking and think that you will just walk into this match and steal a win. You won't. You think that you have Nakita and I all figured out, but what you fail to realize is that whether I am seducing my pupil's yournger foolish oponant or like a perverbial puppet pulling the strings, I am in control. You call me worthless. We'll see who is worthless when I personally orchastrate your destruction on Center Stage as The Dark Phenom runs you through like a two-edged sword."

"I know that you don't believe me right now, just wait as Center Stage inches closer and closer. Time keeps on ticking, and it is there when all of your doubts and preconceived notions about Nakita and even myself will disappear. You will know the truth...her truth. In that triple threat match, the trash talking will end and like my pupil Nakita has been saying since she first set foot in the MCW...


...And on that note I conclude my speech with finer and truer words spoken best by the Dark Phenom herself as if she were here...

So it is said...

Let it be heard...

So it is written...

Let it be known...

So it all ALL come to pass...

And all becomes HER gospel...

[Delilah stands up and walks and starts to walk back down the hall toward her bedroom.]

"Now if you excuse me, I need my beauty sleep. Its a big day in the morning, and I must make sure that we're both ready for to usher in your fates."

[The camera slowly fades out.]


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May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
The Bottom Line...

(Rob is seemingly in a graveyard as the camera fades in to a dark area in front of two tombstones.)

Rob- Now I know what you're thinking, another bland graveyard, Undertaker rip-off. But the fact is, I am not going to rip-off anything. I am the only person in the buisness that can make another one of these work.

(Fade in to the tombstones, one says NAKITA DAHAKA'S CAREER

Rob- Think about it. Mr. Boss Man says that this particular bout can change our career momentum instantly-at least that was his excuse for putting me in this worthless filler match. I am the only TRUE MCW champion and I should be main eventing right now. The bottom line is I can beat ANYONE ANYPLACE ANYTIME! Nobody holds a candle to me.

Rob- The Who re and the Bitc h are fighting? Sorry to hear that. I was wondering if Delilah was going to hit on Justice there for a second...

Rob- I will not fight a woman. I will beat the living HELL out of a woman, and I will damn sure kill a judge. Pieske has done his job as a hooker repelant, so he will be rewarded with his first win at Center Stage, I wish I could say the same for you Na koo koo.

Rob- Enough speculation that the FTO championship means nothing. It sure the hell means more than both of my opponents careers. The FTO belt is the one thing that keeps me from walking out of this white trash corperation and shoving Mr. Boss Man's billion dollar paycheck straight up his stupid ass. I am only here until my acting career takes off anyway...

Rob- Nakita should be cooking dinner, not talking about boy things that she knows nothing of. Having your slutty friend spread her legs won't help you against me. I am sick of talking about this whole load of BS. Nobody cared about your debut so you had to try to sleep your way to the top by getting in bed with the top dog in MCW. I am not the issue here, Justice is not the issue here, your massive feminist brain is the issue, these redneck, Jerry Springer loving, inbreeds don't want a woman messing up their gay little fantasies. Is this MY path to greatness? Or is it the set-up for another Triple-Threat bout next week?

Rob- All I know is FTO for making me listen to a moaning hooker on my days off before Center Stage. FTO for giving me a guy who can't show up on time. And FTO for booking me as a curtain jerker.



[When you’re in a profession which demands doing a lot of traveling as an inherent part of business, you quickly come to love the certain things in your life that can be described as “certainties” or as close to them as you can come. You know, those things that you come to believe you can count on, without question. In a job where being in peak physical condition is a premium consideration, one of those “certainties” is the time you know you’ll be spending in the gym, preparing for whatever part of the job at hand requires you to spend time in the gym.]

[One problem with this is that, for the most part, gyms are distinctly local entities. Even most of what could be considered “chains” work on a fundamentally local level. And when you travel, playing luck of the draw is not something you want to do if you can avoid it. Thankfully, there are exceptions to the rule and one name, in particular, has acquired the status of legend.]

[That name, of course, being Gold’s.]

[The Gold’s location we find ourselves in today is one of the ones located on the West Coast. There are no real clues as to the exact location we’re at but it’s safe to say that we’re somewhere on the West Coast. And, like you’ll find on the floor of most large gyms, the floor is cluttered. And really, really crowded with equipment. There is weight-training equipment of all shapes and sizes arranged around the floor, including some devices which look like they double as instruments of torture. On one of these pieces of equipment is the man we’ve come here to see. He is, somewhat surprisingly, one of a rather few number of people who are visible working out. There’s staff around, certainly, but people actually working out… not so much.]

[Now, when it comes to the category that the man we’ve come to see falls under, there are two distinct subdivisions: the freakish and the scary. Some folks use these definitions interchangeably but there’s a distinct degree of difference. The “freakish” are certainly big, all right, but it’s typically out of proportion. Something about them will simply stick out too much, make the overall package look wrong. Maybe they tend to train one body part a bit too much, maybe they’re concerned with the wrong things, maybe they have image issues, maybe they just got the wrong end of the old genetic lottery.]

[The “scary”, however, are different. They have a sense of proportion about them, of balance. They’re big guys, certainly. Muscular, most definitely. But there’s never the feeling of a skewed sense of priorities. The sheer size of these guys is noticeable but in a way that seems, for lack of a better term, natural, as though this is simply how these men fundamentally are.]

[And that last definition most assuredly describes the man we’re here to see.]

[As Joseph Justice finishes up his current activity, we can see a figure headed towards him. Tall, tanned and almost insanely fit, she is a figure who draws attention almost as instinctively as breathing. She’s dressed in a black sport top and a pair of black workout pants, her chestnut brown hair snaking down her back in a tightly cinched ponytail. She has a towel in her right hand, which she hands to her husband. Joseph quickly rubs the towel over his face, handing it back to her.]

[MCW, Meet Aeryn Justice.]

AJ: You ok, babe?

JJ: I’m fine.

AJ: I dunno. Yer being a little intense today, even for you.

[Joseph chuckles at this. It’s an easy, unforced laugh.]

AJ: There we go! First laugh since we moved back… hell, first laugh in a while.

JJ: I’m sorry about that.

AJ: Forget about it. Moving is always a ***** and a half, even when you’ve done it as often as we…

JJ: No, not that. I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through lately. From New York on.

[The briefest of pauses.]

[Aeryn sighs.]

AJ: Stop it baby, ok? We’ve been through this already and there’s a point where even the most devout Catholic starts to feel that the whole self-flagellation thing gets a bit old, y’know?

[The last line was delivered in one quick run. Aeryn exhales.]

AJ: I’m fine. And I’m glad you’re fine again, too.

JJ: Dunno about fine. Maybe.

AJ: No maybes, baby. You are back to the man I married. The man I loved. Watch out, MCW, the real Joseph Justice is back.

JJ: Speaking of which…

AJ: Still thinking about “Mr. FTO”?

[Joseph pauses for a second. He’s not quite sure how to phrase his answer.]

JJ: Please, I wish someone would explain to the poor kid that making your own title does nothing more than get you laughed at from real wrestlers.

AJ: Let the little boy play with his toys, it's not like it means anything.

JJ: Yeah... I know, but it's kind of annoying to listen to the kid talk like this is a race to see who can talk the most.

AJ: What do you mean?

JJ: He keeps talking about me being late to the game, when the match is still quite a few days away. What could I have possibly been late for... the cheap childish 'whore' jokes he and Delilah were tossing around. If that's the case, I didn't miss much.

[Aeryn shakes her head, agreeing that there was hardly anything even worth mentioning from the mediocre promos that were released.]

JJ: He's under the impression that the more he repeats that he is the FTO Champion -- and is better than the rest of us without actually proving it -- is somehow going to win him this match. Reality will be a rude awakening for the boy when he realizes that how many times you repeat yourself has nothing to do with the outcome of the match.

AJ: Think he’s scared?

JJ: Please. No, he’s preoccupied… and that’s worse. That’s something I find deeply insulting. If I had someone intent on beating the living crap out of me in front of thousands of people, I’d be concentrating on keeping him from doing that. I’d be concentrating on getting some of my own back. What I would not do is turn around and go “You're late, so you're going to lose.”

[Aeryn laughs at this. Somewhat despite himself, Joseph smiles.]

JJ: It pisses me off.

[The smile does not leave Joseph’s face as he says this. The effect is a little surreal.]

JJ: I mean, what have we heard from Rob lately.

AJ: Since his last garbage fest? Recycled insults and clichéd promotional settings.

JJ: Exactly. He’s letting his own ego overwhelm what’s right in front of him, the immediate concerns. Hell, I nearly threw everything down the toilet when I did that…

AJ: Stop that.

JJ: Sorry. But you know what I mean.

AJ: Yeah, I do. So, you gonna beat the living crap out of Rob Franklin, Mister Scary Man?

JJ: You know it, woman.

AJ: What about the girl?

[Both smile at the other.]

JJ: She has no idea what the hell is going on around her. Somehow, she has things twisted up in her mind that I'm ignoring her and calling her a slut. Which is kind of stupid, because I have yet to call anyone any names. Not only that, but when I did mention the word slut, it was referring to the fact that Delilah was upset she had been called one.

[He shakes his head, seriously confused as to why Nakita would make herself out to be a victim when she is supposedly so menacing.]

JJ: And while I believe that she has as much chance to win this match as the rest of us, she's going to have to do a lot more than have her manager recycling old arguments because she has nothing better to do. Not to mention the fact that as dominant as she tries to make herself out to be, it is clearly obvious that she is in control of nothing in her life. She is nothing more than a submissive, doing as she is told.

Something she needs to be rid of if she plans on making any type of impression on the big wigs that run MCW.

AJ: Do you honestly believe that either one of these two can beat you?

[Joseph stands up, once again taking the towel from Aeryn and wrapping it around his neck. The towel goes past his neck and a ways down his bare torso. As he stands up, the fabric of his workout shorts bunches slightly.]

[Joseph and Aeryn gather close together and begin walking down the hall together towards the locker room area. As they walk away from us, we can hear them talk to each other.]

AJ: You hungry, babe?

JJ: Starving. You got somewhere in mind?

AJ: Reggie told me about this great little sandwich place he ate at last time he was in town…

[But he never answers the question. His opponents have been answering it for him since the first day they opened their mouths, because that is when the bull**** started to fly.]​


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
"I am NOT a Puppet"

::Fade In...

[The scene opens somewhere within the confides deep within the bowels of a boiler room. Numerous rats and other assorted critters scatter about on the flooring. The large metal stove is fired up in full force making this room right now hotter than hell to be in. Off in the distance we hear the clanging of metal loudly echoing throughout the boiler room. We follow the noice toward its source as we round the corner we see a large muscular shadowy figure slamming her fists into a large thick metal sheet suspended in the air being held up by a chain. As we get closer and closer we to the figure as none other than MCW superstar Nakita Dahaka, better known as "The Dark Phenom". The sweat pours from her body, her long fiery red hair saturated from the persperation. She stands in the front of the stove absorbing the full force of the heat. We gaze upon her hands to notice that although her hands are wrapped up in cloth, we see that blood is beginning to soak through it because of the open areas and wounds along her knuckles. Mixtures of sweat and blood stain on the metal sheet, but still she continues to spare on the it. Nakita perserves through the fatigue and pain with intensity. As she boxes, she appears to be in deep thought. The sweat falls from her brow into her eyes as she has to squint to see what she is hitting but still she remains vigilant.]

V/O of Nakita Dahaka (While she is still boxing):

"I know that she is a slut, but I owe her everything. She brought me out of the exile. She took me out of competing for peanuts while wrestling in high school gymnasiums and brought me back into the promised land. I really do hate her guts and some day I will free myself of her reign. I will no longer be in her debt...

[With all of her might, she slams her fist into the metal as hard as she can. Because of the force of her impact, the sheet flies off of its chain and slams into the hot steel furnace. Nakita gazes down at the lifeless peice of metal. The blood and sweat from the rags around her knuckles drip on the floor. Its so hot in the boiler room that it actually sizzles on the concrete floor before it evaporates into nothingness. Nakita breaths heavy through her nose. Her long red hair hovering over her face her green eyes peer through the strands.]

Nakita: "I am not a puppet. I am my own person. There will come a time that I won't need Delilah Demonik in my corner, but for now I will humor her and give her what she thinks that she has, and that is control of me. She thinks that I am just a puppet to do her bidding. I am nothing more than a golem. She is wrong. She is not my master. I am more than just her pupil."

[Nakita pushes her hair out of her face then dries the sweat from her eyes. She lets out a loud sigh from her mouth.]

Nakita: "So if I don't need Delilah, then why is she my manager? Why do I need her at ringside? I guess its because maybe I need someone to paint the picture and tell the story of the Dark Phenom. I need her to be my witness of what I can and will do to Rob Franklin and Joesph Justice this week on Center Stage. I must make certain that she can tell my story without blemish or doubt when the laypeople hear my story. When they hear just how bad I beat Justice and Franklin and mangled their bodies beyond identification. There must be not even a shadow or hint of doubt within their feable little minds. They must know that I am for real and my wrath is pure and true."

"This week, I take that so-called FTO belt of Rob Franklin's and I shove it so far up his ass, it will return to which the in secure little brain in which it was conceived."

"Then when it is all said and done, I remove the heads of Joseph Justice, his beloved wife Aeryn, and Rob Franklin. I will collect their pretty little heads, stick them on pulls and hang them up as my own personal trophies for the entire world to see. Then they will all bare witness to whom I am. I am fate incarnate, and I come like a whirlwind."

[Nakita pauses for a moment as she is striken with sudden ephiphany. She laughs outloud to herself before regaining her composure and continuing on.]

"I love ephiphanies. Just think, soon I can add that little B**** Delilah Demonik to my ever-soon-to-be-growing collection of trophies. In the meantime I'll humor her and make her feel like she has a hold of my leash. I'll feel like she is my personal gate keeper and key master. I'll let feel like she can open up my pandora's box at her every whim. But in the end, time will be up for all them. Their fate will come...

So it is said...

Let it be known...

So it will come to pass...

And become MY Gospell...

[The scene slowly fades out.]


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May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan

(We join Rob and Pieske on a stage, both dressed in suits with a giant television screen in the backdrop.)

Rob- Welcome Ladies, and gentlemen, to the first ever "Primetime Promo" with Rob Franklin. I am your host, with my trusted, respected assistant Pieske at my side.

Pieske- Tonight we take a look at the history of the prestigious FTO championship.

Rob- It all started when MCW decided to bring in the biggest rookie in the history of the buisness: Rob Franklin. But soon, after only one lop-sided match, Rob had already grown bigger than the whole MCW roster combined. He decided that MCW would clearly recognize this and put him in the main event-but he remained a curtain jerker. His second match was to be against a Judge who was late to his own hearing, and a confused woman who beats up sheet metal.

(As they are mentioned, both wrestlers appear on the screen)

Rob- This rookie, decided that, if he wouldn't be champion on MCW's standards that he would be champion on his own.

Pieske- The rookie is you right?

Rob- Yes Pieske he is.

Pieske- Just checking.

Rob- The rookie then created the FTO, or **** this organization championship.

Pieske- That belt was to become the biggest splash in MCW's history.

Rob- It certainly sent a shockwave throughout the industry.

Pieske- The whole wrestling world was forced to recognize the rookie for the champion that he was.

Rob- The company bowed at his feet.

Pieske- Offers poured in from all over the place.

Rob- But the rookie had something to prove now.

Pieske- So at Center Stage, the Rookie extended his record to 2-0.

Ron- And told the world to FTO.


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