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Tom Elijah


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Feb 4, 2005
Name: Tom Elijah (real name: Christopher Thomas Elijah)
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 341 lbs.
Hails From: Red Desert, Wyoming
Music: “Slave” by The Evolutionaries

Physical Appearance: Tom Elijah is a big, menacing, burly brute of a man. He constantly sports an unkempt mane of red-brown hair that shrouds his eyes the majority of the time and a thick beard that to this date, is rumored to be at least four years old, maybe more. While he’s tall and muscular, he has the beginnings of a paunch.
Ring Attire: His ring attire consists of thick black boots, white-taped fists and either blue or black faded blue jeans that probably haven’t seen a wash in forever. He competes bare-chested, usually sporting an old-school Shawn Michaels/Razor Ramon thick, hairy chest.

In-Ring Style: Animalistic Brawler. Think a modernized Bruiser Brody. Occasionally, he’ll do the odd wrestling move but aside from that, he’s gonna try and beat you retarded.

-Clubbing Forearms
-Pushes and throws
-Shoulder Tackles
-Tossing opponents into/through objects (chairs, announce tables, barricades, steps, etc.)
-Various chokes
-Lots of ramming skulls into turnbuckles
-Big Boot
-Sidewalk Slam
-Snap Spinebuster (delivered a la Ron Simmons)
-Back Suplex (sloppily done)

Finisher: Red Right Hand (Big Show-esque knockout punch)

-Showing up to arenas drunk/somewhat intoxicated.
-General idiot tossing.
-In extreme cases where the Red Right Hand doesn’t do the trick, he’ll actually utilize a hold to restrain opponents, then proceed to elbow them right into la-la-land or until enough armed guards pull him off the poor soul.

Personality:-Brooding, sarcastic and downright mean. Almost arrogant, knowing that he’s a monster who can physically throw the majority of his opponents around with ease.

-Infamous in just about any fed he’s ever been in for being something of a lush. Is almost never seen skulking around backstage without a silver flask at his side, its contents unknown.
-Despite having a very ugly, Neanderthal-like appearance, Tom is not a stupid man by any means. A man who treats himself like he has nothing to lose and doesn’t care so much about winning matches so much as being the last man standing.
-He's taken something more of an anti-Sports Entertainment stance, believing there to be no real place for it... well, ever.

Tom Elijah was born to parents Lorelai and Christian Thomas Elijah Sr. in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Born to successful long-tenured doctors, it seemed that Tom Jr.’s fate was all but predestined when he was set to go to school. His childhood was far from uneventful, going to the best private schools money could buy. High school was kind to him as he became a two-sport athlete, enrolling in both wrestling and basketball as a successful power forward. About the time Tom Elijah went to college, his athletic aspirations only continued when he went on to play football for the Texas A&M Aggies at Texas A&M University.

Somewhere along the way, life got a hold of Tom Elijah. Nobody can pinpoint the exact moment Tom Elijah threw his entire career away, but a life of partying, drunken debauchery, and blowing off his college career inevitably led to his school tenure’s demise as he was booted out of school merely four months before graduating.

For several years, the man known to the world as Tom Elijah disappeared without a trace. Family, friends, loved ones... no one knew a thing. But years later, a man of immense proportions and a mangy visage would make appearances across several independent wrestling promotions. But the man had a violent temper along with a love for alcohol and fighting to boot. He was unruly and his stays in various feds were short, but what did occur while he was there was memorable, raising hell in various brawls and getting crowds riled up. He's managed to wrangle up success anywhere he's competed, even becoming a multiple-time champion in both the Squared Circle and more recently, Ringside Wrestling winning its Commonwealth Title before ceasing operations.

Now, here's Tom Elijah here in NLW. A little older, a little wiser, but ultimately, the same crazed big man that has destroyed everywhere else.

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