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Throbbin Wood

League Member
Dec 5, 2009

The IL Tsunawoharu Championship is the only singles title in the promotion, and will always be the only singles title (NOTE – can't really promise this). Tsunawoharu translates to “sun warrior,” and is open to anybody who is brave and strong enough, regardless of weight class. Many of the world's greatest have held the Tsunawoharu, and it's legacy shall progress on an even bigger stage.

Should there be a big tag team division, an IL Tag Team Championship will be introduced. That will only come if there is an established tag team division.


The IL presents... Lessons In Bloodshed is a bi-weekly 10 PM flagship program of The IL. Hideki Koga is the presenter, opening the show from Studio 13 at The IL Headquarters in Tokyo. Sitting behind a Sports Center-style desk with city buildings outside the window behind him, he will run down the matches before throwing it to the scene of the action – the Pitch Black nightclub in downtown Tokyo. It's standing room only as Japan's finest compete in front of a rowdy club crowd. The insightful Kyo Miyagi and vulgar Nate Narwin are at ringside.

In the future, The IL might tour other countries for a short amount of time before returning to Japan. During those times, Lessons In Bloodshed will be held in proper arenas. But that won't be for awhile now...


Not everybody can get booked on Lessons In Bloodshed due to the time constraints we have in our every day lives. In the weeks where there isn't an edition of Lessons In Bloodshed, there will be a quick house show report to give everyone who didn't get on TV something to promo about. If you didn't get on TV, chances are you'll get on the next time and the roster will rotate as such. The house shows just make sure everyone is still doing something.

While Lessons In Bloodshed pander to the bloodthirsty, the house shows tour Japan and present the product to the more traditional puroresu fan.


The IL's National Threat will make it's home at the Tokyo Dome. It will take place only in the months of March, June, September, and December. It will replace the second airing of Lessons In Bloodshed during those months.


Joey Clerk noticed that the illustrious RSW Headquarters had been abandoned once the promotion had been closed. It was such a beautiful building amongst the Tokyo urban area, with a fine walk and breathtaking green garden path between the office building and training facility.

He wanted this place back for himself, to bring him one step closer to living the spirit of RSW. However, the building was still on the books of the SWA. After disputes in trying to get them to give the building up, he urged Yamashi to pull out his checkbook and bully them off with money. Since the SWA has been closing leagues like it's going out of business, that wasn't hard to do.

The headquarters building is host to Studio 13, where Hideki Koga will present the Lessons In Bloodshed program.

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