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Simply Tactilizing
Jan 1, 2000
Fade in: to an outside shot of a Joliet, Illinois Fairfield Inn. After a few seconds, the shot cuts to the scene inside the Inn, where we see several people around to get their breakfast. Among them is Larry Tact, who has on baggy, stonewashed blue jeans, black boots and a blue t-shirt. Tact has just sat down to start in on his food, consisting of a few bagels and cereal. He looks up at the camera as it comes around.

Tact: Ah, you decided to show up.

CM: We got here as quick as we could, Mr. Tact.

Tact: Yeah, whatever...I'll let it slide cuz I'm in a good mood.

Tact picks up a dull knife and starts buttering a bagel from a small cup.

Tact: I noticed the talking has already commenced in the GLCW Title match, which is nothing unusual. But while I watched and listened, I see Jarod Poe show himself. Talked about how he's finally getting a shot at the Great Lakes belt...even though he got a shot previously. A three-way elimination match, I believe, with Golem and Manson. I think it was Manson's second title defense, in fact. But with all your current frustrations and suffering, Jarod....I guess it might have slipped your mind. Or maybe it just doesn't count, cuz Golem pinned you instead of Manson?

Tact grins slightly and takes a bite from the bagel and eating it, swallowing it before speaking again.

Tact: But Jarod, don't go worrying about my intentions at Riptide. I've already stated multiple times that, after Wired in Joliet, my need for retribution against you will be over. In fact, I gained my retribution in Wisconsin Dells. Of course, I'll still make sure you suffer in Joliet. Maybe I'll be able to put you in the mindset Rabesque has taken on since his latest loss. (chuckles) But if not, that's okay, because there will be others to continue beating you. So once we head to Champaign, you won't have to worry about me. I'll be attending to higher priority affairs by then, none of which concern you. So don't go trying to cover your impending loss in the Great Lakes Title match to me...cuz I'm assuring you that I won't be showing up at ringside for that match. You should be one to talk about clusters, though....since you contributed to causing a Television Title match to be thrown out, quite recently. I personally didn't mean to intrude directly on the match...(smirks)...I was just out there to stop you, Jarod. But unfortunately, my focus was taken up on beating you, and it happened. Disappointing, really...it was a very well wrestled match.

Tact takes another bite of his bagel and brings up his cup of orange juice, sipping some of it. When he finishes with this, Tact sets the cup down.

Tact: As this match should be. Even if I don't think much of Manson, he's always able to keep up with the top tier. He's always around, and whether Maelstrom and Poe want to admit it, his methods keep him in the top tier. Even if I don't find it likable, it's just the fact. So why bother wasting breath contesting that? And for that matter, why bother getting into all the times he's come and attacked you, Mael? We all know Manson's gonna do it...if someone here isn't aware of it, they should be thrown out for poor scouting. I'm actually surprised, given Manson's attitude, that he doesn't bring up when you provided that...distraction, during that title defense with Poe involved. How you left Tempest tied up in the back....came out to the ring....tried to gag Manson as he was being rolled up....then attacked him afterwards. And yeah, I know you got attacked to, 'strom. But you did instigate it that time, no? I thought you wouldn't bother, since you don't hold Manson in such high regard as others...you haven't done it recently, at least. But nevertheless, that's just something I noticed. I haven't heard from Cameron Cruise yet, so it's given me some more time to look at the rest of the card. And this match is, in particular...of interest. Take it for what you will, but three guys set to face the Champion....doesn't happen too often, and right near the time you'll be facing Anarky. Tough odds....are they trying to soften you up? (shrugs) Ah well...nothing you can't handle, right 'strom? (snorts) GLCW is gonna find out.

Tact comps down the rest of the bagel and takes a cup in hand, pouring milk over his cereal. Fade out.

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