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Those long, awkward silences.


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(Jane Smithfield paced up and down her hotel room impatiently, Simply Stunning should have been here twenty minutes ago. She was dressed to go out, with both of them in fact, but she hadn’t thought how to break it to them that both men had a crush for her. In the end she had decided to just invite them to her room and sort it out there and then, it had been a hard decision and one she had just made, now she was all made up and had no where to go. For the umpteenth time she crossed to the window and looked down on the darkened streets outside before glancing in the mirror and smoothing creases from her clothes, smiled at the thought of how much she had spent on the outfit and how it probably wasn’t going to be used. In her old job, the red top would have been a fortnight’s wages while the black pants would have cost nearly a month’s. With a sigh of nervous frustration she looked at her watch and sat on her bed before lying back. She heard a knock on the door and sat up, she searched with her feet for where she’d dropped her sandals before slipping them on and answering the door. Michael Hardy stood there, a beaming smile on his face, just as he was about to speak he noticed Simon Wilcox walking up the corridor, looking as smart of himself.)

MH: What the……

JS: ….Come in, both of you, we have to talk.

(The confused tag team followed Jane into her room where she motioned for them to sit, each took a chair as Jane sat cross legged on the middle of the bed.)

SW: Jane, what’s going on.

JS: Okay, let’s get this over with, on three, tell me what you’re plans for tonight are. One, two, three…..

MH: ….Going out with you for a meal.

SW: ….Having dinner with you.

(The pair stopped, scrunched up their faces in confusion and then looked at each other.)

JS: I didn’t know how to bring this up, but we’re big boys and girls now, so I figured this was the easiest.

MH: But, you agreed.

SW: Uh-huh, same here.

JS: Come on boys, surely you must have noticed how you’ve been acting around me.

(Again the pair sat in a shocked and confused silence.)

JS: Jeez, its been so obvious I’m surprised it hasn’t come up until now. You both act differently round me, I thought you would have realised.

MH: Damnit, I thought this sort of thing was a thing of the past.

SW: Same here, but I guess not.

MH: Well, we can’t both date her.

SW: So what are you saying?

MH: I’m saying that we either get one of us to cancel tonight, or whoever asked first gets to go on this date.

SW: That’s hardly fair.

JS: Boys, boys, men. Don’t you get it? I didn’t bring you here to decide who goes where with whoever, I brought you here to say that in the best interests of our professional relationship that I can’t date either of you.

SW: Why not?

JS: Oh please Simon, say I went out with Michael, how’d you take it?

SW: Umm, point taken.

MH: Great, what a screw up.

JS: The only thing that matters here is that you have a tag match coming up, and you two being at war over who’s going to take me out is exactly what you don’t need.

SW: I’m sure we could settle this like adults.

JS: You reckon?!?!

MH: Surely you must have a preference Jane.

JS: No, my first priority is to be your public relations officer, I can’t allow myself to think about who I prefer out of you two.

SW: Bah, looks like you’ve ruined another potential relationship for me Mikey, thanks a lot!

MH: What are you whinging at? Like normal it would have been me that Jane would have preferred, but as usual you get jealous and ruin it for me.

SW: B******s!


(Both look at her.)

JS: This is exactly what I was trying to guard against, look at you, you’re virtually at each other’s throats.

SW: So what do you expect us to do, just forget we had feelings for you?!?!

JS: I’m not saying that, I just don’t want to be the cause of any rift in the team, our primary goal here is to win back the tag belts. You’ll never manage it if you’re constantly at war with each other.

MH: Its not as easy as that Jane….

JS: …I know its not. But for the time being at least we’ll have to at least try and get along as if nothing has happened.

SW: What? Sweep it under the carpet like it never happened?

JS: Well….sort of…….no….I mean….yes…..oh…..I don’t know.

MH: This is crazy.

SW: Tell me about it.

JS: Look, just promise me you’ll try and forget it till after your match. Try and get a win, once that’s under our belts we’ll see how we can sort this mess out. Agreed?

(The pair look unsatisfied.)

JS: Agreed?

MH: I guess so.

SW: Yup, agreed, I suppose.

JS: Thanks, you know it makes sense.

SW: Does it?

MH: I need some air, I’ll see you two later.

(Michael got up to go.)

SW: I need food, if anyone wants me I’ll be at the restaurant downstairs.

(The pair left leaving a relieved but still unhappy Jane Smithfield to try and work out their next move.)

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