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The Wrestling Chronicle's WNW Report- 10/18/06

Yori Yakamo jr

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Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
The Wrestling Chronicle WNW Report for 10/17/06
Live from the New Alhambra Arena in Philadelphia, PA
Report by Matt Burke

Matt Burke here live in the city of Brotherly Love, made the trip down for the show, and well, the Arena is still the Arena certainly. The cheese steaks are still nonpareil though. Total Phily Wrestling Crowd, as while we were waiting for the show to start there were spontaneous “Giants Suck” “Cowboys Suck” and “**** T.O.” chants. Ah, it’s good to be back. Set-up is a little different because of the arena’s tiny size. No elevated ramp (boo!) but they have added WNW ring curtains, which are pretty swank.

This is an important show coming off a very solid PPV effort. Nothing on Awakenings made you scream match of the year or anything, but it was good action and angles from top to bottom. We won’t have an early buyrate estimate for a couple weeks, but the break even point for them was around 50,000, and people backstage seemed cautiously optimistic that they would beat the number.

Paid attendance is announced at a tic over 2200, that looks about right. We start at 2 after. A wrestling show in Phily starting on time? It’s a miracle!


We go right down to ringside for the first match, and here’s Jimmy Donovan. He gets a nice ovation, for if it’s one thing the Phily crowd can relate to, it’s a guy who loves his whores. Okay, I promise that will be my last crack on Phily…this quarter hour. He looks like he is raring to go. Terrible/Donovan was a shockingly great match for a thrown together style clash. Just when you think MBE is all hookers and dildos and sex robots, they will throw out a good ol’ wrestling match.

And here is the Lot, out in force, no surprise, Juen Lee not bothering to change out of his hooker costume. I know this is hardly the town to say this in, but Juen Lee is a pretty good-looking female. The Phily crowd is way too into the Lot, but maybe they get confused between American Football and European Football. Juen seems a little skittish about going into the ring, but gets a helpful shove from his comrades. Jimmy attacks right away and tries to rip off Juen’s wig, but it’s not budging. Umm, yeah, that’s an actual human female. Donovan apologizes profusely, and yells some profanity at Mac and Nate. Well, I feel a bit more comfortable in my heterosexuality at least. But here’s the real Juen Lee, as he emerges from under the ring with the bag o’ dirt. Is it required that every participant in MBE have a twin sibling or something, cause that is freaking uncanny how much the two look alike. The Real Juen Lee pearl harbors Jimmy with the bag o’ dirt and a three way beatdown starts as the ref calls for the bell.


They tie Jimmy in the ropes and start working him over with a pair of soccer cleats, but heeeeeeere’s the Thrillbillies. It’s breaking down in Philadelphia as security heads down to ringside to try and break this mess up. They do this fairly efficiently as MBE has copped to using actual indy wrestlers who want to impress Yamada as security. Donovan demands that they restart the match, which the ref grudgingly obliges.

Donovan takes control early, beating the poor little Korean from pillar to post. He takes off his belt and starts whipping Juen as the Lot jumps on the apron to protest. Donovan goes after them too, allowing Juen to catch him with a handful of dirt as he turns around. Juen goes on offense with a spinning heel kick and a rana roll-up for a close near fall. The Phily crowd seems unimpressed by this actual display of wrestling and starts a “show your tits” chant. Donovan counters a second rana with a powerbomb, and leans into a pinfall. Unfortunately, the ref is trying to break up the donnybrook between The Billies and The Lot that broke out (much to the fans delight) While Donovan tries to get the ref;s attention, Juen’s sister/cousin/female doppelganger slips him the dreaded soccer cleat. Juen goes to work, but Donovan catches sight of him and ducks, he wrests the cleat from Juen and conks him good. The pinfall is academic.

WINNER: JIMMY DONOVAN (again, 4:38- soccer cleat to the head)

Donovan dives out of the ring into the fracas as security returns to ringside. Till, obviously frustrated, tosses it backstage to Biff Bentley. Somehow I doubt we have seen the last of these two teams beating the hell out of each other, which is okay by me.

Biff is with Jogi Fresh and company. Fresh promises vengeance against Promo, a sentiment Jock McCrunk echoes quite forcefully. Fresh says business comes before pleasure though, and he intends to step over Irishred on his way to the MBE World Title. He respects Red, but that’s not gonna stop him from kicking his ass. Jock concurs. Red may have five belts, but he will never have the only one that matters, and that is the MBE World Title. He wishes Promo good luck, because there is nothing he would like to see more than the Underground Icon standing across from him in the championship match at Total Elimination. Revenge is a dish best served cold, after all, and there’s no bigger piece of ice in the business than the Big Gold Belt.

Strong spot from Jogi here. He is definitely coming into his own. The title tourney will give us a good indication if he is ready to carry the ball as champ, though.



We are back in Yamada’s office along with the Billies, the Lot, and a wall of security standing between them. The head honcho is not too pleased with these constant disruptions in-ring and backstage by the two teams. He says that if they want each other so bad, they can face off at Total Elimination in a six man tag match, and the MBE Tag Titles will be on the line! The Lot seems overjoyed and the Billies just nod their heads. However, if either team lays a hand on the other between now and then outside of an MBE sanctioned wrestling match, the Lot will lose their title shot, or the Billies will be stripped of their belts. They like that a little bit less, and of course, immediately start blaming each other. Yamada says he has had enough of their yelling, he has a headache tonight, and does not want to be bothered anymore. He shoos them out of the office with security close behind. Yamada opens the bottom drawer of his desk and looks over the certified letter from PbPro. That can’t be good news. Yamada seems to think so, as he downs a handful of antacids.

Back to the ring for our first title tourney match, and it’s the first lady of MBE on her way to ringside. The fans are positively restrained, a few frat boys on the aisle get a tad course, but one withering look from Duchess shuts them up. It’s a homecoming for her opponent, Promo, but he doesn’t seem to be well liked here either. Just in case there was any doubt he has some scathing comments about Philadelphia, something about the audience being a bunch of fat grease balls and their meth head ugly pig girlfriends, and that as MBE champion he can afford fillet mignon and doesn’t have to eat ****ty cheese steaks. Oooh, they didn’t like that one bit. He turns right into a dropkick form Duchess, never above taking some liberties herself, and we are off.

Duchess presses her advantage, throwing the kitchen sink at Promo. Obviously the Tae-bo classes are paying off, as she drops Promo with a series of middle kicks followed by a jump spinning back kick. That gets a “Holy ****” chant from the lemmings. Promo takes a powder to reconsider his career choice and make fun of a fat kid in the front row, before rolling into the ring at 9 and a half. Duchess is on the attack and Promo quickly rolls back out of the ring, and insists that the official back Duchess off. He complies and Promo casually walks up the ring steps and into the ring. Smart strategy even by Promo, even if it didn’t endear him to the MBE faithful (like that was gonna happen anyway). Promo overpowers Duchess in a collar and elbow and takes some liberties in the corner. Duchess is pissed and walks right into a turning power slam. Promo is in control now and he is strutting his stuff as he lays the boots into Duchess. A cocky elbow drop only gets one, though. Till is disgusted by Promo’s antics. Dr. P thinks he is just bored with a wrestler the caliber of Duchess. Duchess counters a suplex into a victory roll for a very, very close near fall. Promo is incensed and viciously pokes Duchess in the eye, before driving her into the corner and laying in the body shots.

Promo starts working Duchess over with various submissions targeting her lower back, including a nearly vertical half crab. He steps on Duchess’s head periodically just to really stretch it out, but Duchess makes the ropes, forcing a break. Duchess is hurting bad, and the size difference seems like it will be just too much, as her first comeback is brushed off by Promo, who shrugs off her chops and catches her rana attempt before dropping her face first in a modified Styles Clash. Duchess kicks out, though. She is certainly a tough little broad, as the denizens of South Phily would say. They are behind her big time, chanting, “Promo sucks something that is not suitable for print on this website.”

Promo tosses Duchess face first into the turnbuckle and signals for the Fadeout, he locks it on good and Duchess is in a world of trouble, the ref asks her if she wants to tap, she declines, but grabs onto the ref’s shirt and shakes him for dear life, oh wait, nope, there comes the low blow. The crowd explodes and Promo drops to his knees, where he is the perfect height for a Duchess superkick. No! Only a two count, the crowd was ready to explode there. That would have been a huge upset. Duchess heads up to the top rope, but it is Promo’s turn for shenanigans as he shoves the ref into the top rope to crotch Duchess on the top rope. He heads up after her and turns her around for the Promoplex. He’s got Duchess up, but Duchess reverses it with a bulldog off the top. A HYYOOGE move from the First Lady of MBE. She crawls over for the cover. No! Promo is up again. He is a tough bastard. Emphasis on bastard. Duchess fires off the kicks again as Promo rises, he blocks an enzuigiri though, and levels Duchess with a lariat. He hoists her for the Fadeout again, but Duchess slips out and grabs a schoolboy roll-up. Perhaps a handful of tights is added for good measure, but I can’t get it confirmed by two other sources. The crowd goes BONKERS as Promo is held down for the three count.

WINNER: DUCHESS (Tights-assisted Schoolboy roll-up- 11:47)


Promo is irate and tries to get his hands on Duchess, she slips out under the bottom rope though and blows him a kiss. The crowd gives Duch a standing ovation on the way back while Promo takes out his frustration on the ref.

Not a technically great match, but Duchess was an excellent underdog babyface, and Promo is easy to hate. Huge upset, though hardly undeserved. Obviously this tournament won’t be breaking along conventional lines.


We return from commercial and inside the Inner Sextum. Yori is giving Justin a peptalk about how this is the biggest match of his life. Justin points out that he has fought in Tag Team Title matches and Unified title matches and North American title matches before. Yori is confused, and just thought Justin was a hobo they picked up off the street. Justin says he was late with one rent check and his landlady was a real *****. That doesn’t make him homeless. Yori says sure, he sells dildos for a living and has been arrested for public indecency twenty-five times, but he’s not a pervert. You have to accept who you are. Justin reiterates that he is not a hobo, he’s wrestled in MBE longer than Yori. Yori says he’s a pervert, Smitty is a tranny. The YORobot is a robot (the robot seems very confused at this) and Riki is a damn dirty one-eyed pirate dancer. It’s okay if Justin is a hobo. Justin gets frustrated and says he’ll show Yori that he is the best wrestler in MBE. Yori says if he finds any pizza in the dumpster outside to bring it back, because Yori is starving. Smitty says that was a great motivational technique. Now Yori is confused. He says Justin better be a hobo because he is using him to get money from the government as part of a welfare-to-work program. Egnius. The YORobot begins to cry. ROBOYORI HUMAN. ROBOYORI DANCE LIKE A HUMAN. ROBOYORI CRY LIKE A HU MAN. ROBOYORI MAKE SEX LIKE A HUMAN. Smitty scolds Yori for making the robot cry. Yori just can’t win. I guess unless he is defrauding the federal government, or something.

We head down to the ring as Jogi Fresh makes his way down to ringside, flanked by the entourage. Red’s entrance is, well, something to behold. He is led out by about a dozen redneck looking women in daisy dukes and tied off flannel shirts, instead of fanning him with the giant Japanese fans, they fan him with South Dakota State Flag bandannas. Red emerges from the back in the mawashi again (ugh) in an obvious parody of Ezeki’s entrance. The five belts are hooked to him every which way Talk about pushing your luck. He stops at ringside for some salt, but only to rim a shot glass which he pours some tequila into and downs before entering the ring. That gets the crowd going.

Red even does the sumo pose in the ring, but Jogi is not impressed. Red hands the belts to the timekeeper for safekeeping and we are underway. To their credit they make at least a token attempt at chain wrestling before it devolves into a street fight. Jogi peppers Red with shots, but Red’s unorthodox style keeps Jogi from getting a real advantage (the heavy bag really doesn’t prepare you for being bit by another man) It spills out onto the floor where Red tosses Jogi into the barricades and starts with the blatant choking. The entourage doesn’t take too kindly to that, though, and herds the two of them back into the ring.

Red has the tables turned on him pretty quickly back inside as he goes up for the Cold Shot, but ends up getting tossed to the mat. A little early for that perhaps. Fresh lays on the ground and pound, but Red makes it to the ropes. Red lays in the good ol’ thumb to the eye and follows it up with a jumping double knee. A second one is blocked, though, and Red gets laid out with spinebuster. That only gets two. Jogi signals for the Freshness, but Red has enough in him to escape. He spears Fresh down but gets caught in a guillotine. Red barely makes the ropes. He is in a bad way. Maybe he should have spent as much time scouting Fresh as he did preparing his entrance. Fresh peppers Red with punches, throwing in some knees from a Muay Thai clutch too, Red has no answer this time, and is quickly laid out with the Freshness. Wow! That’s three. A dominating win for Jogi.

WINNER: JOGI FRESH (5:37- The Freshness)

Red is beaten and pissed off at himself. Well, he still has those five belts to console him, I guess. That loser’s bracket next week is looking gnarly though. Match was a showcase for Jogi and he looked like an absolute beast.


Red barely is back to his feet before Yamada’s music hits and the Big Boss is on his way to ringside. Red and he have a little confrontation in the aisle, but Yamada tells Red not to go anywhere, because this announcement concerns him. Hmmm, that smile on Yamada’s face can only mean bad things for Red. Yamada hops up on the apron to mostly boos. He calls for a mic and tells Red that he has been nothing but a pain in the ass since Yamada reopened MBE. He doesn’t like to play by the rules, and that is fine most of the time. But eventually he has to understand that this isn’t the wild west. He doesn’t get to call the shots, and somebody is signing his checks every week. And that money comes from PbPro who he has routinely gone out of his way to embarrass over the last month. There are consequences to that action, one is Red getting beat this week, because he was to busy trying to find another way to rub his win in Ezeki’s face to actually prepare for his match. Another is that PbPro has authorized a 10,000 dollar bounty to anyone who eliminates Red from the MBE Title Tournament. Ooh, the crowd does not like that one bit. Yamada thinks there are plenty of people who would like to collect on that bounty. And he barely has that out of his mouth before the Sheffield Wednesday Lot comes barreling out of the back in various stages of dress. Red hops the apron and hits the high road. Not the worst idea in the world. Yamada wishes him luck, because he won’t be safe until he is out of the tournament. He doesn’t appreciate his shows being turned into a madhouse, but he is glad maybe someone will finally teach Red a lesson about following the rules. Red’s double bird to Yamada in parting seems to indicate he hasn’t learned yet.

Yamada goes onto say he has good news, too. He has in his hands the first inductee into the MBE Hall of Fame, to be christened at MBE Total Elimination. There are four inductees in all, and he will announce one per week leading up to the PPV. The first should come as no surprise to anyone, as it is the most decorated champion in MBE history. The Spoiler! The crowd goes bonkers and starts chanting his name as a very nicely done video package airs saluting the Spoiler. Looks like they got the footage rights back from the early days. Spoiler doing the Shooting Spoiler Press is still one of the more amazing things I’ve seen in my time covering the sport. This was risky, as Spoils isn’t in the building, but the crowd seems to like the bit of nostalgia without expecting The Force of Nature to show up. And really, him not going in first would have been a joke. I can only imagine how much they will have to pay him to actually show up for the ceremony, though..


Biff is backstage with Doc Silver. Biff asks the veteran for his thoughts on his controversial victory over Justin Evitable. Doc poo-poos the notion of any controversy, he pinned Justin Evitable fair and square in the middle of the ring, and didn’t even have to use a handful of tights, the bottom rope, or a steel chair. Not that he would ever do such a thing anyway. Biff points out that if Yori’s dildo hadn’t malfunctioned, it would have been Doc staring up at the lights. Doc says that those are the breaks when you align yourself with a dildo maker of poor craftsmanship. Of course, at that exact moment The Greem Machine comes in and announces that he has figured out how to rewire Yori’s dildo to unleash even more volts of electricity. He quickly realizes he is on camera and corrects himself, saying he meant sexiness, more volts of sexiness. Doc declares the interview over and smacks Greenie upside the head.

Speaking of Justin Evitable, he is on his way to ringside for his title tournament match against AJ Cirrus. Seeing as it is Philly, he brings out his trusty Singapore cane for old times sake. He even shares a beer with a guy in the front row, though said fan doesn’t seem to happy to have his beer wrested from him by Justin. True Face, indeed.


AJ comes out from the back, and holy crap does he look to be in a bad way. His match with Andy was one of the most uncomfortably brutal matches I’ve ever seen in MBE, just torrents of violence between two guys who obviously hate each other’s guts. Obviously he is still feeling the effects, as his head, shoulder and neck are all various degrees of taped up. It’s good that AJ isn’t just coming out here like nothing happened, like some other promotions I could name.

Justin takes command early, working over AJ, neck and back. AJ seems to have trouble even sustaining offense, looking like he is in a perpetual daze. An Exploder suplex nearly gets a pin inside of a minute, but AJ still has some fight left in him. Till notes that AJ and Andy’s desire to kill each other may cost both of them a shot at the big gold belt, as matches like that can take a few weeks to recover from, and they don’t have that time. AJ shows a bit of fire, flipping out of a German Suplex, and catching Justin with a sweet leg lariat. He follows up with a DDT, but even now he seems to be desperate to finish the match, he goes for the Thunder Clap, but Justin Backdrops out of it. He drops AJ on his head with a release Dragon Suplex and follows it with the After Party, AJ looks concussed, again. The three count secures a winner’s bracket birth for Justin Evitable. Perhaps there is hope for Aussie B yet, if he wants to give up that lucrative bus-driving job.

WINNER: JUSTIN EVITABLE (5:59- The After Party)

Justin celebrates to the back but bumps into the Entourage at the top of the rampway. Jogi drops the surprised Justin with a right hook and Jock leaves behind his ace of spades calling card. Jogi says you should always watch your back when there is gold on the line, and that he’ll see this unlucky son of a ***** in the ring next week. He may not be AJ, but he’s gonna treat him like such.


Yamada is in his office on the phone, and looking fairly beleaguered, he assures the person on the other line that everything is taken care of, Red won’t last in the tournament and then they can book a rematch for the PbPro title, in Japan, and far away from Yori. He then turns a very pale shade of white and asks if that’s ‘really necessary.’ He sheepishly says he will make every preparation for A’s visit at Total Elimination, and he will be treated like the legend that he is. Not A, anyone but A!


We head outside the Alhambra arena, and under the interstate where Yori is sharing a drink and a cheese steak with the Yugo. A bunch of bums come up to Yori and ask if they can sleep in his car. Yori says this car is the throne of the almighty, no bums can sleep in it. The hoboes back off, and mumble that ‘he’s a crazy one.’ Meanwhile, the original Hobo, let’s call him Louie, pops the trunk and apologizes for sleeping in the car. Yori proclaims him the “SON OF THE YUGO,” and thanks God for getting to witness this miracle birth. He promises Louie riches beyond his wildest dreams, but what Louie really wants is the other half of the cheese steak sandwich. Yori gives it up without hesitation. Oh, I want to see where THIS is going.

Down to ringside as Till and Dr. P go over the brackets, and argue over who could have predicted this outcome. Fresh and Justin is set for the winners bracket, and Red and AJ for the loser’s bracket. Till is betting on Andy advancing, but Dr. P has already declared Doc Silver the man to beat, and a true scholar sticks by his predictions. They hype up Total Elimination, live November 12th on PPV from The Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Chicago has always been a good town for MBE, so that’s a good move running their next PPV there.

Next on the docket is El Terrible II v. Jock McCrunk. Jock’s unorthodox but undefeated, while Terrible has breakout star written all over him, if he can get some consistency going.

Some nice chain wrestling to start as Terrible certainly has some flair on the mat, frustrating Jock. Jock counters with some MMA stylings of his own though, and almost locks on an Americana, forcing Terrible to the ropes. Terrible regains control though as Sancho pulls down the top rope, sending Jock out to ringside where Terrible soon follows with a very graceful tope con hilo. That gets a ‘holy ****’ chant from the lemmings. Jock manages to beat the count back in, but Terrible quickly follows up with a nice spinning backbreaker for a near fall. Terrible is very crisp in the ring.

Jock finally gains some control, as Terrible sets to early on a back body drop and eats a snap pile driver. Gnarly looking, too. Jock works over the neck with a twisty looking neck vise and then a stretch plum variation. Terrible reaches the ropes, though, with a little help from Sancho. Jock goes for the Pimp Smack but finds it countered into a jackknife hold, ooh, Terrible almost stole one there, Terrible looks for The Spanish Inquisition, but shockingly, Jock is expecting it, and counters with a reverse backbreaker. The Pimp Smack follows and thank you, drive thru.

WINNER: JOCK MCCRUNK (5:25- Pimp Smack)

Jock continues his winning streak and his in-ring skills are quickly catching up to his massive, if bizarre, charisma. Terrible just can’t seem to get anything going right now, momentum-wise, would hate to see him slip through the cracks.

Jock promises a Jogi title victory to the camera as he struts to the back.


Duchess is in her dressing room, all changed into her evening attire and ready for a night on the town. There is a knock at the door. Duchess answers it but finds no one. A bouquet of flowers sits on the ground with a card. Duchess reads it out loud “Congratulations on your big win, and good luck in the next round. From, your secret admirer. Duchess comments that roses are a bit cliché, but every girl likes a bit of appreciation now and then. She is about to close her door when Biff peaks in and asks if he can get a comment on her opponent next week. It’s going to be either Doc Silver or Andy, does she have a preference? Duchess says that it doesn’t really matter to her, she’s been in MBE from the beginning, and she has learned to expect anything. All that she needs is a pair of comfortable shoes and the wrestling mind that God gave her and she’ll be fine. Duchess asks Biff if he can find some water to put these flowers in. Biff asks who they’re from, and Duchess says that he’s the reporter, he should do some investigating if he wants that answer. After all, a true lady never kisses and tells.

DOC SILVER IS WALKING! Doc and Andy are up next!


Back to live action and Andy is on his way to ringside. He’s not looking quite as bad as AJ, but he’s taped up, and seems to have a bit of a limp. Doc gets cheered (?!) by the Philly crowd. A match made in heaven no doubt. Dority comes out with him, but apparently Greenie has been demoted for his earlier malfeasance. Doc gets into it at ringside with indy wrestling stalwart Green Lantern Fan. Smack him once for me, Doc. Where’s hat guy anyway?

Match starts out slow, with Andy working an arm bar and Doc unable to figure a way out. Doc works Andy into the corner to finally get a break. Doc controls a hammerlock for a bit and rides Andy to the mat where he grinds away. You know he is just itching to get at that injured leg. He tries to switch from a headlock to a knee bar, but Andy quickly kicks him off. Back to a collar and elbow and Doc gets a leg trip and goes for the knee again, but again Andy stalemates him. Doc decides to switch tactics and drops a double stomp right to Andy’s chest. Nasty. A knee drop follows and Doc gets a one count.

Doc in control now, he stretches Andy good with a camel clutch, really wrenching it in. Doc is not just a petty brawler, though the crowd seems to be losing interest fast. Andy finally hits a big back suplex to counter, almost dropping Doc on his head, that seems to wake the crowd up a bit. Andy takes control with a bodyslam and a high leg drop. He gets two thirds of his rolling suplexes, but Dority hooks his leg on the last one and Doc falls on top for a near fall. Now Doc heads for the leg. He is relentless working over the knee of Andy, he cuts off Andy’s first comeback attempt, ducking an enzuigiri and immediately dropping a knee right across the back of Andy’s injured knee. Ouchie. He locks on the knee bar finally and Andy is in a world of hurt. He manages to make the ropes despite Dority’s best effort to pull the ringrope away. The ref chastises Dority, which gives Doc a chance to engage in some textbook choking.


Andy counters a shinbreaker into a DDT and Doc is dazed. Andy pulls himself up on his good leg and hobbles over to Doc to give him the business. Seriously stiff elbows from the Gilkinatory and Doc’s nose starts to bleed a bit. Doc fights back with a kick to the knee though, and hits The Ace’s Full Stunner out of nowhere. Only gets two, though. Doc immediately slaps on the figure four and Andy is in agony. Doc works a couple two counts off the hold, but Andy is not staying down. Andy tries to turn the hold over, but Doc grabs the ropes to keep the hold on. Dority helps out with some leverage behind the ref’s back too. What a cheating bastard. The ref finally catches Doc in the act and forces a break.

Irish whip into the corner is reversed, but Andy hobbles into a European uppercut, Doc shoots the double leg and stacks Andy in the corner for a pin, using the ropes again. Senior Referee Lance Thunder is onto his shenanigans now, though. Well, you can’t say Doc isn’t persistent.

Doc just found another Ace’s Full countered into the Gilkination DDT. Only two, though. Doc goes back to the knee but Andy avoids the shoot and drops a senton right on the back of Doc. Silver is squashed. Andy is on offense now and hobbles his way through his rolling Germans. He can’t hold the bridge on the last one, though and Doc escapes at two. Andy signals for the Gilkimission but now Dority is up on the apron, Andy knocks him down, but walks right into a small package. NO! He’s out at two. Doc is up, GILKIMISSION! Doc is in trouble. He makes the ropes….no, he pushes off and he has Andy’s shoulder’s down. Andy is out, barely. Another Gilkimission. No! Doc counters with a bridging back suplex, that only gets two. We have quite a little match on our hands here. Looking for the River, but Andy wriggles out. Doc turns around. Kick to the gut. Andybom….no, Andy’s knee gives out and Doc lands on top. Doc quickly lands another double stomp to the chest before hoisting Andy for The River. DOC ADVANCES!

WINNER: DOC SILVER (The River- 15:19)

Doc barely has time to celebrate his win before Justin Evitable is down at ringside and laying in a beating. Obviously didn’t take too kindly to Doc rigging the dildo. They brawl for a bit, before Greenie comes running out with a dildo of his own. He tosses it to Doc, who turns it on and tosses it to Justin, but Justin spinkicks it back to Doc who gets the shock of his life and is knocked to the canvas. And here’s Jooooooogi. Justin walks right into the Freshness. Jogi gets in his face, but soon finds himself the only standing target of a very pissed off Andy Gilkison. GILKIMISSIONPLEX and Jogi is out, and here comes the Entourage! Security! Refs! This has been WNW!


A little light on the wrestling this week, but they probably don’t want to overshadow the later rounds too much. The angle stuff was all interesting, good continuation of old stuff, and introduction of new stuff, and I like where they are going with every man out for himself. A lot of guys in the loser’s bracket you wouldn’t expect, should make for some fun elimination matches next week. I wonder if Doc is ready to carry the mantle of top heel if that is where they are going with him. He’s still somewhat unfamiliar to the audience, but you can’t argue with his work, as his match with Andy was clearly the best match of the night. Oh, and can’t wait to see the continuing adventures of the Yugo and the Sexbot. Can’t forget that.

MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Doc Silver v. Andy Gilkison
SPOT OF THE NIGHT: Duchess’ top rope bulldog reversal
LINE OF THE NIGHT: “Thank you God for letting me see the emergence of your only son from the trunk of this holy Yugo”- Yori

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