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the Truth


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
{Fade into the MWL locker room. Adam Benjamin is seen packing his gear up.}


"Why Adam? The headlines of tonight will read "Why Adam"? First off Karl Brown let me say that I respect everything you have done here in NWL. Pound for Pound you have proven to be the best man wrestling thus far. Now my actions tonight were not actions against you, more a gain for me. You see Karl I truly did attempt to hit Mal, I really did.."

(Adam looks upset, as he clutches a British flag.)


"However as Mal moved I could not stop, I really could not. However When I hit you I did not feel remorse, I felt the balance of power shift. I mean look at it from a business standpoint Karl, now at the PPV it will be Yours Truly winning the NWL world title, defeating Mal. I did not want this to go down like this, but at last Karl fait works in wild ways. Its funny that I have seemingly in one way or another played a role in your entire career as far as titles are concerned. Karl you will bounce back, and I will tell you now that when I beat Mal, I want you in the middle of the ring, to finally try and defeat me, and thus become champ.."

(Adam smiles)


"NWL is all about the Benjamins and Mal your time is slowly coming. Have fun now champ, have fun..."

(fade to black)

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