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The Stupid Wiseman


Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
fade- in:

[small]Sean Stevens, black backdrop, lights off.[/small]

"I'm tired of you, Poe. I'm tired of you hyping yourself like you're somebody special. I'm tired of you confusing me, and the general public, with your twisted facts, and points attempted, but never made.

"You say my will isn't strong? ...why? What makes ya say that, Gabe? What facts do you have stored in that oversized blue haired head of yours that proves your point? By your own admission I've been one half of several high quality matches. And, have won more than I lost... but, I don't have any 'will'? Please, Poe. I'm convinced more now than ever that you're simply grasping at straws. Looking for things to throw me off, so I won't be as focused as I should be. But, guess what? I don't need to be.

"You're slow, Poe. Your moveset is weak. And, you aren't intelligent enough to devise a gameplan capable of slowing me down. So what I didn't win at Fish Fund... I wrestled in a brutal thirty- five minute match against one very talented Shane Southern... Hornet - who if you haven't heard is a legend in this sport... and, Dan Ryan. And, guess what... I didn't get pinned, Poe. How does Hornet hanging on to my leg, preventing me from breaking up Shane Southern's abuse of Dan Ryan prove anything in the category of how tough I am?

"And, as if you can talk... YOU. Fish Fund had you playing the role of reserve in a tag match not too many people cared about. I'm not trying to draw you into a 'war of words', Poe. I wouldn't want your head to explode... but, I'm also not gonna sit back, and let you make claims that aren't true, and make no sense. I know you're not affiliated with the GXW... but, maybe you SHOULD be. Your style fits there style perfectly. A match made in heaven.

"But, you're right... time is drawing near. And, in Gainsville, your time... will be up. Because, I'm sick of seeing you. I'm tired of hearing you. And, I really... really... have a LOT of frustrations with Dan Ryan, Hornet, and a 'friend' that I need to work through. I got some things I need to get off my chest, Poe... So, right now, I don't even look at you as my opponent. Simply put, you're...

"...just another victim..."

fade- to- black

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