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The Start of something new.... (Family Business pt.2)

Danny Collins

League Member
Sep 4, 2004
(The scene opens in the Team Collins limo, where Danny and Donny Collins sit along with Cheryl Cassidy. Donny is watching out the windows, excited about something.)

Danny Collins: Don, calm down.

Donny Collins: I hate suprises man, seriously, I can't stand them.

Danny Collins: Well, this one is worth it, trust me.

Donny Collins: James, how long?

(The camera turns around to point toward the front of the car, as James lowers the driver block and turns around.)

James: About five minutes Donny.

Donny Collins: Thanks man.

(James turns his attentions back to the road instantly.)

Cheryl Cassidy: So what is it we are exactly doing today?

Danny Collins: Like I said, its a suprise, but it will be definitely worth it. Don, I know you will love it, this could change the both of us!

Donny Collins: I wish we was bloody there now!

James: Your wish is my command.

Donny Collins: Huh?

(The camera turns back to James once again, who stops the car and turns.)

James: We are here, this is it.

Donny Collins: Cool, thanks James.

James: No problem man.

(Danny opens the door and lets out the camera man, who watches as Donny, then Danny, and finally Cheryl all step out of the long red limo.)

Donny Collins: Um, ok, this is a high street Dan.

Danny Collins: Yep, but if you direct you attentions to the large white sheet hanging on this building here....

Cheryl Cassidy: Ok Dan, I'm starting to get irritated, what the hell are we doing here?

Donny Collins: Yeah!

Danny Collins: Ok, you think I have spoke too much, fine, I'll shut up. Actions always speak louder the words anyway.

(Danny walks over to the build and pulls a rope, causing the sheet to fall, revealing a sign that says: "Collins Snooker Hall." Donny looks shocked while Cheryl smiles.)

Cheryl Cassidy: You did it Dan, you got your place!

Donny Collins: What?

Cheryl Cassidy: Danny has always wanted to run a snooker hall since he was little, its been his dream. He got it from that movie about the Kray twins.

Donny Collins: Really? You always wanted a place like this?

Danny Collins: Not just like this, THIS IS the place. I used to play Snooker here all the time when I was younger, it was my home away from home.

Donny Collins: Well, congratulations man, I'm happy for ya.

Danny Collins: Don't just be happy for me bruv, be happy for yourself, this here, is a family business! Anyone in our family can come here, and chill out in the back, or at the bar, or even just at the tables! But the best thing about this business, is on paper, its a partner ship.

Donny Collins: Who's your partner?

Danny Collins: You.

(Danny throws a set of keys to Donny who looks shocked but happy.)

Danny Collins: This is step one Don, you and I are going to be immortalised, I told you about the Krays right?

Donny Collins: Of course, the twins who practically run London at one time.

Danny Collins: Yep, well, when you and I are dead and gone, and our children carry on the legacy we have left behind, the Kray twins will be a myth, and the Collins twins, will be the legends....

Donny Collins: Holy **** man, you've thought this through a hell of allot.

Danny Collins: Of course. But its a sweet deal, we need to renovate the place, which will take about two to three weeks, but I have sorted that already. Anyway guys, why don't we go inside? I've got some papers that need your john hancock by the way Don, just to finalise everything.

Donny Collins: Sounds cool to me.

Danny Collins: Well then, how's about we check it out then? Donny, do you care to do the honours?

Donny Collins: Gladly.

(Donny takes his new key and places it in the lock, turning it, before opening the door, Cheryl steps in first, then Donny grabs Danny and ruffles his hair before kissing him on the cheek and walking in the building, followed shortly by his brother as the scene slowly fades.)

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