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Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
The Silk Road
Live stream recap from the Salon Létale basement studio beneath Les Deux Magots in Paris
Thursdays, 23:00-24:00, The Death Collective YouTube Channel and ESEN On Demand

Host: Wink Mason
Interviewer: Manon Sauvage
Ring Announcer: J.P. Bizet

Show Format: The Death Collective’s flagship Parisian talk show, “The Underground Stream w/WINK MASON” streams every Thursday the hour before midnight, from Salon Létale, the basement studio cafe Castor Strife built in the basement of Les Deux Magots in the Left Bank of Paris, a beatnik hangout for Anglophile Parisian intelligentsia. Picture a makeshift American talk show set awkwardly moved into a Parisian basement, manned by an acid-tripped white trash David Letterman, and a crowd that worships Hemingway and lets their tits hang out like it’s no big deal. The Underground Stream is the NBD titty show of the wrestling world, and purposeless is its purpose (besides the whole, recap The Silk Road thing).

Wink recaps highlights from THE SILK ROAD European tour, anywhere from 5-8 matches, often cutting to red carpet style post-match backstage interviews with Manon Sauvage (who is also live in the studio with Wink for crowd interviews and whatnot), and has the eventual studio guest.

Wink also does a segment called “Around the World of Wrestling” where he gives quick recaps of events happening in other feds.

Sometimes he plugs his rumor hotline 1-800-LES-WINK where he exposes other feds’ angles and long-term plans so you never have to watch. Wink does his best to report accurately, but his sources remain ANONYMOUS and cannot be confirmed all the time.

Singles matches that occur on The Silk Road are conducted under modified Admiral-Lord Mountevans rules, which are vastly different than standard match types on Black Market TV. Matches are 5 rounds, best 2 of 3 falls, with each pin, submission, or TKO fall netting the winner €5,000 Euro. Each week, the Euro leaderboard is updated, and at the end of the tour in late Fall, money leaders can buy a berth in the Open Weight Grand Prix, a one-night tournament during our annual New Year’s supershow where the winner receives €500,000 Euro and the ABSOLUTE trophy.

Modified Admiral-Lord Mountevans Rules:

Best two-of-three falls over 5 five-minute rounds. A fall can be awarded by the following means:

  • Pinfall
  • Submission - Verbal or by hand/foot tap.
  • TKO/Knockout - failing to answer the referee's 10 count when thrown or knocked to the canvas or outside the ring, or if the opponent is ruled unfit to continue by the referee (i.e. choked unconscious or has bone broken after refusing to submit).
  • Disqualification - generally applicable upon a wrestler receiving the third of three "Public Warnings" (Yellow Cards) given by the referee for serious or persistent offences. DQs result not only in the loss of a fall, but a €5,000 Euro fine. So in the event of a DQ fall loss, your opponent is essentially taking your money.

Standard rules apply for all matches within the context above, with one notable exception: you cannot attack a grounded opponent with strikes, nor apply a hold to a grounded opponent unless it’s off a takedown. Open palm strikes (pankration style) are allowed from standing, as well as kicks to the head and body. Matches are open weight category - no limits.

Aside from singles matches, there will be mixed tag matches on the Silk Road tour conducted under standard tag rules, with no prize money involved. Since the Black Market HW title cannot be defended on the Silk Road, there will be a Mixed Tag Team Championship created for this circuit (and it can’t be defended on Black Market TV).

TITLE: Silk Road Mixed Tag Team Champions

Handler Rules

There are no RP threads for the Silk Road, and matches are not announced ahead of time. Think of the Silk Road sub-forum as a general roleplay thread. Any roleplays that do not involve BLACK MARKET TV, go into the Silk Road. When you post an RP in Silk Road, you will start appearing in match recaps. Success in these matches is based on how active you are. If you post one roleplay but are inactive after that, you will be taken off the tour after a few shows.

The Black Market does not impact the Silk Road. Winning on the Silk Road will be a reflection of your activity in the subforum, including quantity, quality, character development, and participation of Silk Road storylines. Yes, you can angle the Silk Road with other handlers - I encourage that. With the Euro leaderboard system and weird ruleset, there is lots of room for creativity in terms of storyline, and those storylines can blend with what’s happening on Black Market TV and vice versa. When I say that Black Market does not effect Silk Road, I mean that the Euro Leaderboard is not impacted by Black Market matches, due to different rulesets.

The main difference between the two shows, Black Market and Silk Road, is that one is a soap-opera style show, and the other revolves around a Win/Loss/Money/Leaders/Tour Journey story thread that culminates at the year end OWGP. These are NOT separate rosters. For the most part, it’s the same talent competing on both shows, though inevitably we will have characters that preferably stick to one or the other, and maybe appear sparingly on the other show. Think of the Black Market as the UK show, and the Silk Road as the continental European show.

Once again, you can angle with other handlers and submit segments in the form of appearances on the recap show or a post-match interview (no standalone segments or vignettes - that’s for Black Market TV). But if you choose to only drop roleplays and don’t wish to participate in creating angles/booking, then I will book your character into storylines as I see fit. As mentioned in the Black Market sticky post, your level of participation is up to you. You can angle everything with other handlers or just roleplay and let me book you. Whatever you’re comfortable with.
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