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The Sergeant


League Member
Jun 9, 2004

Real Name: Josh Ray
Email Address: joshberg65@hotmail.com
Messenger ID (optional): joshberg65@hotmail.com (MSN IM)


Name: The Sergeant

Height: 5’10

Weight: 201 lbs

Hometown: Springfield, Missouri USA

Face/Heel: Face

Appearance: The Sergeant is a clean-cut, white, military man with no facial hair, tattoos, or piercings. He has black hair and has a muscular build… but not that kind of “I’m obviously on steroids” build that is prevalent in today’s wrestling world. His build is similar to vintage Ricky Steamboat. He wears desert camo cargo pants and a pair of tan desert boots. When he’s out of the ring or not gearing up for a fight, he likes to wear a plain black t-****, but goes shirtless otherwise.

History: In July of 2005, The Sergeant finally ended his military career. The time he spent in Iraq solidified his decision to move on to other things. Unable to deal with being responsible for young troops as well as himself, he aimed to take a break before finding something more individual to do with his time.
After two months of vacation time, The Sergeant was getting anxious. He needed to find something to do other than sit around by himself. That is when Empire Pro Wrestling came calling.
A wrestling fan since he was a child, The Sergeant had given up a childhood dream to wrestle in order to serve in the U.S. Army. Dan Ryan, owner of EPW had sent a call out for new talent and a friend who followed wrestling gave The Sergeant a call. Without much deliberation, he sent in an application and was called to tryout. Immediately following the tryout, Dan Ryan personally issued an invitation to compete with Empire Pro.
After a brief feud with Tariq Ismail and “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott, The Sergeant is ready to move on to bigger and better things in wrestling. A match in the TEAM Invitational Tournament and a recent contract signed with A1E will soon have the Combat Tested, Mother Approved man in the spotlight as a rookie.

Titles Held: NONE

Awards: 4th Place-Match of the Year as RP’d(versus James Irish)Tom Holzerman’s Year-End Awards)

Style: The Sergeant is a mat technician with the ability to mix it up if he needs to brawl. He’s not much for high risk maneuvers… more like a Dean Malenko with a little bit of Chris Benoit’s tenacity in the ring.

Move Set: 1. Arm Drag
2. Arm Lock
3. Fisherman’s Suplex
4. DDT
5. Standing Sidekick
6. Full Nelson
7. Arm Bar
8. Cross Face
9. Finger Stomp
10. Power Bomb
11. Reverse DDT
12. Single Leg Take Down
13. Double Leg Take Down
14. Spear
15. Ankle Lock

Description of Finisher: (SUBMISSION) A reverse DDT that is modified into a submission by wrapping his legs around the opponent’s waist, like a reverse guillotine.

Finisher Name: Corrective Training (SUBMISSION)

Entrance: “We Right Here” by DMX blares over the loudspeakers as The Sergeant exits through the curtains. He plays to the crowd a little on his way to the ring. Upon entering the ring he begins stretching, immediately getting ready for his match and trying to tune out the crowd.

Description of Manager: NONE

Quotes: Combat Tested – Mother Approved.

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