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The SCW seeking new talent to Expand.

chris styles

League Member
Aug 20, 2006
Fed Name: Sin City Wrestling (www.sincitywrestling.com)

Year Opened:
(as Elite World Wrestling) became Sin City Wrestling in 2008

Real or Original wrestlers:
Strickly Originals

Why you should join us:
We have an insanely dedicated staff and a proven track record of solid shows and epic PPVs. But the icing on the cake is, our roster is still small enough (13guys, 6 girls) that you won't getlost i the shuffle or have to wait months upon months for your shot.


October 29th, 2006 marked the first ever EWW event. No championships were decided that night but rather it was the beginning of more than two and a half years of some of the best e-fedding in the world.

Elite World Wrestling started off very strong under the helm of owner at the time Cameron Blake. EWW had a huge roster, talented rpers, and dedicated staff such as Mr. Chaos and Cotton Dixon. Within no time at all, EWW had two shows each week, Meltdown & Fusion. And there are guys like J.T. Cash & Wolf who have been superstars with the company since the very beginning.

The first world champion of EWW was Ronnie McNeil. He along with guys like Wolf & John Williams and Able were headliners in the early history of the company before a new breed of superstars came in 2007. The roster was depleting and EWW switched to one full show. Guys like AC Thunder, Ryan Ruckus, Miguel Soto, & especially Doug E. Fresh stepped things up a notch!

Many say that Doug E. Fresh & Wolf carried EWW throughout 2007 with their feud of the year. Doug held the world/Global championship almost half of the year while fending off challenges from guys who had come and gone like jason d'angelo & tyrell masters to name a couple. Many EWW originals had also come and gone numerous times like 8Ball and RobAndo but there were rocky roads ahead.

In the fall of 2007, Cameron tried to make EWW two shows once again and it was a short lived failure. Cam was making terrible decisions and he was at ends with GM Cotton Dixon. Their feud became more bitter when Cameron handed EWW over to superstar Extream upon his departure. Over the next couple months, EWW remained in turmoil with Cotton & Extream fighting, as well as the Something Wicked debacle where Ryan Ruckus reigned supreme.

But then things changed. From the middle of 2007 through early 2008, many superstars would arrive that would change the landscape of EWW. Stu Who lead the way with his innovative style and led in the likes of Bella, Insomnia, and David Cyclone. Other famous superstars like M.D.K. & Malice took notice and also joined. And with both Extream and Cotton seemingly out of EWW, a new power took over.

Ryan Ruckus had innovative ideas for the company. With all the drama surrounding EWW, Ryan relocated the entire organization to Las Vegas in March of 2008 and Elite World Wrestling was renamed Sin City Wrestling. Innovative concepts emerged, superstars skyrocketed their careers, and while some names from past and present would come and go, we would see a stable roster settle in within SCW.

In June 2008 however, Ryan had to go on hiatus. He turned over ownership to friend Doug E. Fresh and since that time, Doug has brought stability to the staff end of the company. Though truly an evil dictator with his power, the five time SCW Global Champion has still delivered an outstanding show each and every week along with 8 yearly pay per view spectaculars.

Furthermore, in the fall of 2008, under the creative talents of Chris Styles, SCW started an evergrowing Women's Division that at one time has had up to seven divas.

SCW continues to innovate, dominate, and illustrate what e-wrestling is truly all about: dedication, competition, and having fun!

We have legendary strength in M.D.K, Stu Who, AC Thunder
We have veteran leadership in Doug E. Fresh, Ryan Ruckus, J.T. Cash, Wolf, Mr. Chaos, Jack Sharp
We have the future in Andrew Clash, Kram, Miguel Soto
We have the women's division and all of their talent.
We have Chris Styles and the SCW Website Team.

And we look to continue to grow and be the best e-federation we possibly can be in the years to come!

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