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The Rundown


League Member
Nov 22, 2003
Lafayette, Tennessee
Welcome to what many are calling a return of sorts, of the JWO. Well, that's not entirely true as the JWO was never actually a league, but more or less a running angle that crossed over to quite a few different feds. For more on that, you could probably talk to Mike Stanton.

This JWO will be an actual league that runs on a bi-weekly schedule with a PPV show every 2 months. In order to be successful here, it will take consistant partiicipation. If you're joining to think that you will win every match, then this might not be for you. I'm telling everyone up front, that in order to tell compelling stories, then you should be prepared for your character to lose a match at some point, even if you think you should've won. Hopefully, we will develop enough of a communication with our members that they will be knowledgeable of our plans for their characters and what we're looking for.

This efed will be a wrestling company. We will not be interested in what your character is doing outside of how it directly relates to the JWO. With that said, we will be requiring that all characters used in the JWO be used in only two leagues (JWO + one) , in order to keep characters from building on stories for other leagues.

Joining the JWO will be very simple. We have a Profile thread in this forum and all you have to do is fill it out. We will review it and respond to it with a not on whether or not it is approved. If we don't think we can use your character effectively, then we'll tell you why. Once your approved, then you will be able to request to be "IN" on the next show when we post our IN/OUT thread for the next event. The IN/OUT process will only begin once we have a large enough roster to support the league. Until that time, all characters should be expected to be booked unless the handler requests to be off.

Now, to explain our booking thoughts. The JWO will be booked on a PPV to PPV basis. We'll have our thoughts on what's going to happen at the next PPV and be working to tell that story. This includes everyone from the Main Event all the way down. Plans can change from time to time based on what we see effort wise from the handlers. For example, if Wrestler A wins a tournament for a shot at the belt at the next PPV, then he'll get that shot, guaranteed. But if Wrestler A is slacking off in that PPV Cycle, then we might insert Wrestler B into the title match also, because we notice that he's busting his ass with his character. This does not mean that titles will not be up for grabs during the regular shows, or that titles will not change hands on regular shows. It just means that a challenger will really have to work to get a title win on a regular show. In the same context, if we feel the need to do a title change on a regular show in order to tell a good story, then we retain that right. We are here to write entertaining stories using your characters.

So, if you think you're a good fit with the JWO, then sign up and get in on the action. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

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