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The Reckoning Is Coming


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: An overgrown forest of Texan shrubbery. A fire cracks in the background. The camera gets closer revealing it to become a swirling tower of flame. Standing in the fire, with his arms out as if on a crucifix, is the man at one time recognizable as BOBBY JACK WINDHAM. However, he has evolved, as made clear by his wildman beard and wide eyes and the homemade tattoo of a wooden crucifix with the word RAPTURE in blood red written over it. He is flanked on both sides by two men who, despite kneeling, are chest high with RAPTURE. They both have shaved heads and scraggly, completely unkempt beards, with the same tattoo.)

RAPTURE: "Ask yourself how many times YOU have walked past a man sitting on the sidewalk, his hand out with his eyes closed. How many times have you assumed him to be a junkie? An addict? How many times have you heard a man ask you for one morsel, one crumb, or the mere change in your pocket so he could have some food? HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU JUDGED THESE MEN? HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU CAST THEM AS JUNKIES? AS ADDICTS? AS PEOPLE THROWN OUT BY A DOG EAT DOG SOCIETY BECAUSE THEY DESERVED TO BE DISCARDED LIKE THE TRASH YOU SAY THEY ARE?"

(Both men look upwards.)

RAPTURE: "My father is your father. The creator of numbers. The grower of trees. And HE... HE IS NOT HAPPY. And he... he is vengeful! That is why HE SPEAKS TO ME IN TONGUES YOU CANNOT COMPREHEND! For he has told me what awaits. The wars you watch on TV will SOON BE IN YOUR BACKYARD. For he has made me THEIR LIBERATOR. The sick. The hungry. The peons and trash you judge and look down upon will amass at my command. If YOU choose to kneel at my feet and wish to join our cause, than you shall not know the pain of 1,000 fires. But if you DEFY MY WORDS or dare stand in the path of our righteous sword or stab at our righteous shield... than you shall be marked. YOU SHALL BE MARKED AS A BEAST! YOU SHALL BE MARKED AS SOMEONE WHO SHALL REMAIN HERE ON THIS PLANET when my father... when OUR father... chooses to exhale the air that sparks the flame THAT MAKES THIS WORLD BURN. Those that are marked will suffer the pain of infinite fires. But those that surrender to HIS WILL and TO MY WORDS will kneel at OUR SIDES as you will spend eternity in the warm glow of the virgin womb from which we were sprung!"

(Rapture again makes the crucifix pose.)

RAPTURE: "I am the one who turns water into wine. For those of you who have been stepped over. For those of you who lay in a bed not of roses BUT OF THORNS OF MISERY. I invite you to SIP FROM MY CUP. I invite you to join us in these fields, as OUR FATHER HAS INTENDED. Run free in these fields, run with innocence, run with freedom. RUN AWAY FROM THEIR ORDERS! Run away from the signs that tell you to stop. Run away from the bosses that make you wake up at a certain hour to spend your life chained and enslaved. Run away from the authority of the words and images that come across your TV screens, those that seek to divide us TO CONQUER US. You... You have a HOME here with us in these fields... Follow me here, my children, and when the DAY OF RECKONING COMES, we shall join in hands and parade in circles with swirling colors. But overhead, we shall see the smoke rise and smell THE FIRES."

(Rapture stares downwards and places his hands on his minions.)

RAPTURE: "ARISE PESTILENCE! ARISE FAMINE!" (The behemoths both stand.) "I am the one who turns water into wine. BUT I ALSO TURN WINE INTO BLOOD! Defy my request to sip from my chalice, and when OUR FATHER blinks his eyes AND SEES WHAT YOU HAVE BECOME... THEN YOU SHALL TURN INTO ASHES THAT TURN INTO DUST. Choose wisely, my children. Because the Apocalypse is not coming. THE APOCALYPSE IS NOW!"


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