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"The Phenom" Shawn Hart

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Name: "The Phenom" Shawn Hart

Height: 5'11"

Weight 226 lbs.

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Face/Heel: Heel

Appearance: Lebron has a poser going that sums it up nicely, but just in case you can't make it out that way, Savoy's got long, dirty blonde hair... for the style, think Legolas from LOTR. He's got an athletic, but not quite muscle-bound build. Although he appears to be clean cut and smooth, once he removes his shirt... it's the Scott Hall/Shawn Michaels syndrome.

History: While wrestling for the last 7 years on the FW and P* circuits as "The Phenom" Shawn Hart, Savoy was featured in big-time programs and main events in the IWF, WWL, CWWF, WFW, NWL and a whole host of others with names like Jean Rabesque, Michael Manson, and Doc Silver. However, after becoming stuck in a muck of bad gimmicks and worse matches to begin the year, 'The Phenom' opted to take some time off for the remainder of 2004 to, as he puts it, "Drink Coronas and watch Will & Grace." Having rediscovered his zest for the business (and also having spent all his money), he returns to the wrestling world under his given name, more focused than ever on rising back to the top, and doing so on his own terms.

Titles Held: WFW Heavyweight Title, BAD Heavyweight Title, eWu Heavyweight Title, CWWF Heavyweight Title, CWWF U.S. Title, IWF Entertainment Title, IWF Eastern Title, IWF Tag Team Titles, WWL Television Title

Style: A technician. In his days as "The Phenom" he worked fast-paced, fitness style matches. Now, however, he opts for a slower, more methodical approach.

Move Set: (Pick 10-25 moves your wrestler performs in the ring.)

Inverted Atomic Drop, Tombstone Piledriver, Implant DDT, Discus Punch, Discus Clothesline, Superkick, German Suplex, Vertical Suplex, Fujiwara Arm Bar, Figure Four Leglock, Rear Chin Lock, Catapult to Ringpost/Turnbuckle, Rollup, Back Rake, Eye Jab, Low Blow

Description of Finisher: Diamond Cutter

Finisher Name: Hart Attack

Entrance: His entrance theme is "Watching the Wheels" by John Lennon. He moves slowly down toward the ring, doing the royal wave, pointing and/or laughing at people, scratching his backside and things of the like. Occasionally drives (badly) to the ring in a golf cart.
Not open for further replies.

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