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'the Nightmare' Nic Allen


League Member
Dec 29, 2014
Wrestler Name: Nic Allen
Nicknames (if applicable): 'the Nightmare'
Height: 6'0
Weight: 260
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Birthdate: 7/18/84

Physical appearance: Thick and stout, Nic is a pretty big boy. He isn't muscular or tanned, but his modest body hides incredible strength. He has short black hair and almost always has a 5 o'clock shadow/beard grown in.
Ring gear: Coal black wrestling boots, kickpads & kneepads, coal black singlet trimmed in silver, black sleeveless t-shirt (w/ band-comic-wrestler logo), white wrist/hand/finger tape. [From time to time he'll wear black gym shorts in the ring.]
Theme music: "The Destroyer of All Things" - Blue Stahli
Ring entrance: I write one for every show.

Face or heel?: Heel (leaning towards tweener)
Gimmick: Intense and apathetic, Nic revels in the violence of wrestling. He enjoys hurting people and his intelligence leads to him being quite eloquent when expressing that. A profound thinker with a mile-wide mean streak and even bigger wrestling repertoire.
Ring style: Innovative technical brawler
Brief biography: Nic was born into a wealthy wrestling family and has been in and around wrestling rings since before he could walk. It's been the only life he has ever known and wouldn't have it any other way. His family's wealth has put in him a position to be able to wrestle and live life comfortably, but he's not one for flaunting his wealth.

A misanthrope, in general. He has a bleak outlook on life and lives in the moment, not worrying about tomorrow or yesterday. This attitude, depending on the situation, can be either extremely helpful or extremely harmful, but he honestly doesn't care.

He wrestles because he loves it and has a passion for it, looking down on those who try to use his profession as a stepping stone for something greater.

Three strengths:
1) Third generation wrestler. Coming from a family of wrestlers, Nic has been in and around a ring since he could walk. His intense bond with the sport has helped him become the wrestler he is today.
2) Great conditioning. Nic is a big guy, but he's always understood that good cardio is a key factor in success. He can go.
3) Intelligence. He understands ring psychology and how it can work in his favor.

Three weaknesses:
1) Terrible temper. He often overdoes it when he gets pissed off, and he gets pissed off a lot.
2) Over confident. He honestly believes he can take on the world and this can lead to him often biting more than he can chew.
3) Apathy. Sometimes he gets in moods where he couldn't care less about anything, which can really result in all around poor performance.

5-10 signature maneuvers: 'Nightmare Driver I' - Delayed vertical suplex transitioned into a death valley driver.
'Nightmare Driver II' - Delayed vertical suplex, dropped into a double knee backbreaker.
'Nightmare Driver III' - Delayed vertical suplex transitioned into a sit-out powerbomb.
'Nightmare Driver IV' - Delayed vertical suplex, dropped into an ace cutter.
'Cure for Insomnia' - Super Dragon style curb stomp.
Unnamed - Tree of woe, delayed dropkick, pulls down right kneepad, running knee smash.

Finishing maneuver: 'the Widowmaker' - Powerbomb set up, at the apex of the move Nic adjusts his hands and transitions into a package piledriver.


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
RLW's version of Kevin Steen - I can dig it, that's a role we don't really have right now. Looking forward to seeing how you can make this guy "your own".


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