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The New Windham


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: The famous Sweetwater, Texas water cooler is in the foreground; in the back are waves upon waves of Texan farmland, occasionally broken up by new wind turbines. Underneath the watertower is a tall, lanky doe-eyed kid around the age of 21. He has on a black 10-gallon hat, a black country western bar junkie shirt, a big belt-buckle with a longhorn logo on it, blue jeans and brown workboots. He takes a plastic cup and spits out a ton of tobacco juice into it.)

BUDDY JACK WINDHAM: (He breaths in the air.) Ah have been waiting mah WHO entrie LAHF for this one moment. For the first tahm I can come out here and tell the who entire world what it is I ahm... and that's... that's a professional wrestler.

(Buddy now spits out a huge wad of chewing tobacco onto the ground.)

BUDDY JACK: Let me excuse mahself for a minute; ah was gettin' ahead there a little bit. Mah name is Buddy Jack Windham. Mah last name might ring a bell to ya'll at home. In fact, HEH, ahm sure it does. Mah Uncle Mark... he was the All-American man who made this sport what it was today, along with the help of his best friend, Hornet. And mah other Uncle Troy... he's a legendary world champion of his own who jet-sets all around the globe datin' models and starring in those MTV videos.

(Buddy looks up at the water cooler.)

BUDDY JACK: Now, ah know ahve got some BIG shoes to fill. But ah ain't worried about none of that. Y'see, ah have my OWN credentials to hang my hat (he tips his cap) on. Ah just finished up mah last semester at Texas Tech, where I won my second straight NCAA title for my weight class. Before that, I lettered in football, wrestling and baseball all four years when ah was at Sweetwater High School. The Abilene Reporter-News named me All-Area in all three sports all four years ah was in High School. Ah was named All-Texas in all three sports by the Austin Chronicle my final two years in high school. Mah senior year, I was named as Texas State Athlete of the Year bah every major newspaper in this state.

Ah had all kinds of opportunities. Ah was offered scholarships to play football bah every Big 12 university. Ah got drafted bah the Houston Astros in the 14th round of the Major League Baseball draft. But rasslin'... that's what mah family does. And that's what AH always wanted to do. So off I went out to Lubbock, where I won four straight Big 12 championships and two national championships, and it would've been three if ah didn't have pneumonia the weekend of nationals.

So, here ah am today. As talked with Uncle Mark about how to get into this industry, and he told me to keep mah eyes and ears peeled for a good opportunity. So, Next Level Rasslin' sends out word to all kands of folk that they're opening their doors. And this is one door ah plan on knockin' down.

Ah know I've got the last name that puts a target on mah back square away. But ah *WANT* that. Because ahm out to prove to ya'll that the next generation of the Windham name... BUDDY JACK WINDHAM... is one ya'll are gonna remember.

(Buddy Jack takes a big pinch of dip and walks off. FTB)


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
Copyright infringement. I own all the rights to the Windham name -- ask Barry, I bought them from him in 2000. He was down on his luck. ;)

Edit: I've changed my mind, and I'm giving the CSWA to Terence.
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