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The Motor City Maniacs

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Team Name: The Motor City Maniacs

Members: Ripper Robertson and “Madman” Max Mayhem

Tag Team Finisher: Motor City Death Drop (Ripper picks up opponent in a power bomb at the height of the power bomb Max Mayhem comes off the top rope with a flying elbow. Driving it into his opponent as Ripper finishes the powerbomb)

Motor City Maniacs Info: Max Mayhem met Ripper Robertson while both were serving time in Wayne County Jail. Ripper and Max became quick friends and had each others backs the entire time in jail. Won’t see them wrestle much in singles matches. They pride themselves on being a team. If they compete in singles matches, the other will be at ringside to support the other. Have competed with the greatest the tag team world has to offer.

Previous Titles

GXW World Tag Team Champions
NthWA World Tag Team Champions
EWI World Tag Team Champions

Many other in smaller promotions.

Alignment: The Maniacs are equal opportunity ass kickers, So I’d say Neutral with a Heel style (Meaning they’ll do whatever it takes to win)

Ripper Robertson

6 ft 10 inches

289 lbs

Ripper usually wears his long hair pulled in ponytail. Wears a black Trench coat to the ring, Wears black wrestling style pants and black boots when he wrestlers. Usually wears a black T-shirt with some sort of printing on it. (Either a Promotion he’s been in or Motor City Maniacs).

Ripper grew up on the streets, It’s what he knows best. Has picked up some wrestling holds over the years, but still reverts back to his brawling style, but does use his power and size to his advantage. Tough as nails and won’t back down from a fight from anyone. Was arrested at 19 and sent to Wayne County Jail, where he met up with Max Mayhem

Wrestling Holds Used
Almost any power move
Pile Driver
Kick to stomach
Pummel in corner

Madman Max Mayhem

6 ft 6 inches

266 lbs

Max was a amateur wrestling champion in the state of Michigan and had a wrestling scholarship to U of M. The summer before college, his parents where killed in a car accident and Max just snapped. He started hanging out with the wrong crowd and was soon arrested for Grand Theft Auto, where he spent time in Wayne County Jail where he met Ripper Robertson. Max doesn’t say much and only really carries on conversations with Ripper. Max can wrestle with the best in the world, but takes a daredevil approach and has scars across his upper body from the daredevil moves he’s taken. Seems to love pain and will use his body in anyway to gain the victory. Has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia


Anything through a table
Suicide Plancha
Belly to Belly Suplex
Head and Arm Suplex
Release German Suplex
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