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The Monsta Boyz


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
Your Name: Jeff Bolichowski
Your Email Address: wubbzy@hotmail.com
Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: AIM - Drake Dai | Yahoo - jabolich

Wrestler's Name: Buff Bellows
Wrestler's Age: 28
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 345lbs

Physical Description: Buff Bellows is a beast. Standing at 6'9", Buff is absolutely RIPPED, with a physique reminiscent of Scott Steiner's. His skin is rather fair, and his hair is sandy and cropped up into a flat-top. Buff's face is rather rough-hewn, with heavy brows and a strong chin, and he bears a moustache and goatee. He seems to lack a neck; it is almost as if his head connects directly to his traps, and his shoulders are quite broad. In-ring, Buff wears a teal-patterned Hawaiian shirt and dark green jean shorts over a black wrestling top, cut similar to the one currently worn by the Undertaker. He wears large black boots with the word "BUFF" stamped vertically down the outer calf in teal block letters.

Hometown: Monsta Country

Entrance Music: "Superbeast" - Rob Zombie

Alignment (Face/Heel): Babyface

Wrestling Style: Out-and-out power wrestling. Lots of huge slams and
suplexes, focusing on the back.

Manager/Valet?: n/a

10 Basic Moves:
- military press slam (with weightlifting repetitions)
- overhead belly-to-belly suplex
- delayed vertical suplex
- powerslam
- Batista-style spinebuster
- short-arm clothesline
- big boot
- Canadian backbreaker
- gutbuster
- pendulum backbreaker

3 Setup Moves:
- "Buffercut" (hard uppercut)
- kick to the gut
- double underhook DDT

Finisher Name and Description:
- The Bellow Bomb (Elevated "Last Ride" powerbomb)

Short Character Bio:
Though his behaviour is technically heelish, Buff Bellows nonetheless
remains over as a babyface. Upon returning to GXW he allowed his 'dark side' to run wild, insulting opponents relentlessly and attempting to piss them off; remarkably, however, he was cheered all the more for it. Thus, Buff continues to smart off at others, entertaining the fans despite initially giving up on them. Brash, bold, confident, vulgar, and party-hungry, Buff Bellows remains someone the fans just can't help but love. History: See tag-team information down at the bottom.


Wrestler's Name: Fat Farrell
Wrestler's Age: 28
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 465lbs

Physical Description: Fat Farrell is quite fat. (As if you hadn't guessed.) The shorter Monsta Boy more than makes up his height deficit with sheer girth; he's wide and heavy enough that lifting or whipping him is nearly impossible. A Polynesian, Farrell possesses a darker brown skintone; his dark hair has been spiked at random, with the tip of each spiked bleached blond. His face is round, and he seems to be constantly grinning. In-ring, Farrell wears a teal-patterned Hawaiian shirt and blue denim shorts over a plain black tank top. He wears black boots that reach to mid-calf, and his elbows are protected by black pads.

Hometown: Monsta Country

Entrance Music: "Superbeast" - Rob Zombie

Alignment (Face/Heel): Babyface

Wrestling Style: Hard-hitting power brawling. Lots of punches and kicks and drops. It's nearly impossible to Irish-whip him or lift him.

Manager/Valet?: n/a

10 Basic Moves:
- 180-degree-pivot spinebuster
- flapjack
- running butt-first splash into the corner
- Overhead belly-to-belly suplex
- senton splash from the top (rare)
- running butt bump
- butt drop pin (sits on the guy's chest)
- pumphandle slam
- spear
- 10 punches in the corner

3 Setup Moves:
- press slam near the corner
- powerslam near the corner
- Mojo Buster (Pedigree)

Finisher Name and Description:
- The Mojo Drop (Banzai drop)

Short Character Bio:
Fat Farrell is a prick. He's that guy who's content to sit there and rip apart his opponent with one-liners and cheap insults. Yet despite his obnoxious demeanor, he's nonetheless loved by the fans. As is the case with his partner, it's almost impossible for crowds to hate him, as they've accepted both Boyz as babyfaces and aren't used to booing them as heels. Thus, the portly Farrell once again entertains the fans while keeping in tune with the Boyz' new, riskier edge.

History: See tag-team information down at the bottom.


Tag-team information
Team name: The Monsta Boyz
Team music: "Superbeast" - Rob Zombie
Combined weight: 810lbs

Double-team moves:
- double suplex
- Buff whips the opponent into Farrell, who hits the running butt splash
- double flapjack
- spike powerbomb

Double-team finisher: The Monsta Mash (Buff locks the opponent in a Dragon sleeper, then maneuvers him to the friendly corner, where Farrell goes up to the top rope and comes down across the victim's bridged torso with the Banzai drop, crushing him down to the mat. A very dangerous move.)

Titles won: GXW/GWE World Tag-Team Champions (twice), SCW World Tag-Team Champions, MCW World Tag-Team Champions

History: Broke into the professional circuit in April 2002 after touring the indies for years. Got off to a rocky start in GXW during a brief feud with Horror Business, but took off from there, tearing through the GXW tag ranks and securing wins over True Living Colours and the Motor City Maniacs. Captured the GXW Tag Titles in January 2003 at Battleground Britain before entering into a heated feud with their arch-rivals, the Assassins, who they dropped the GXW Tag Titles to at Genesis. Also known for a brief stint in SCW where they defeated Rob Sampson and Dan Ryan for the Superior Tag Titles, only to retire them when the promotion closed a month or so later, and for becoming the first Tag-Team Title holders in the short-lived MCW. Recently returned to GXW/GWE to chase the tag titles again, finally winning them a second time with a victory over the Dark Carnival before retiring the belts when GWE closed its doors. Recognized as one of the circuit's most
dominant teams.


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