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The Mighty Impala


Jan 1, 2000
GIMMICK: The Mighty Impala is a prince of a sect of the Mossi tribe. Although he hails from Cote D'Ivoire in West Africa, he was educated in the finest boarding schools of Europe. He is a traditional, snobby heel who feels that those who are not royal are beneath him. He shuns America's inclusionary view of all people, classes and races. As an invited guest of President Alex Wylde, The Mighty Impala has been granted "diplomatic immunity" status which grants him leeway with traditional wrestling rules.

HT: 6'4" WT: 205 lbs.
DESCRIPTION: Very dark-skinned African. He has blonde hair (like "Iceman" King Parsons or Koko B. Ware) that allegedly shows his tribal heritage. He wears flamboyantly colored headpieces and robes at all public appearances, in the ring he wears African-themed trunks.
STYLE: A mat-based technical wrestler who uses his education from the world's finest boarding schools to his advantage. Very flashy. He goes after the left shoulder. Think an updated Tully Blanchard.
MUSIC: The Cote D'Ivoire National Anthem

Gutwrench Suplex
Dragon Suplex
Michinikou Driver
High-angle Boston Crab
Shoulder breaker
Dropkick to the Shoulder
Hammerlock Suplex

SETUP: Double-Arm DDT
FIN: Diplomacy In Action-- Cross-Faced Chicken Wing.

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