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The Midnight Rider


League Member
Oct 31, 2005
Wrestler Name: B.G. Bruce (Big Gay Bruce)

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 420

Hometown: South Padre Island, TX

Face/Heel: Face

Appearance: The Midnight Rider is a mysterious Super-Heavyweight. He wears white leather Biker Gear with chaps. Long dark hair is pulled back in a pony tail and just peaks out from under his white mask. He also wears a white cowboy hat.

Style: Super Heavyweight Power Brawler

Finishing Move: The Texas Avalanche (A Running, Jumping Powerslam start in one corner and ending in the opposite one)

Move Set (Note any set-up moves at the beginning of the list): Choke Slam, Tombstone Piledriver, Big Texas Splash, Big Texas Boot, Butt Drop from 2nd Turnbuckle, Bear Hug (submission finisher), Bear Hug Slam, Body Slam, Back Drop Suplex, Leg Drop, Knee Drop, Fist Drop, Heart Punch, Punch, Open Palm punch, Head Lock, Full Nelson

Entrance Music: "Midnight Rider" by the Allman Brothers

Entrance Description: Pyro erupts and Midnight Rider rides down the ramp on his Hog.

Titles Held: Unknown

History: Very little is known about the history of this mysterious masked man before his arrival in UCW although some have speculated that he might be a distant cousin or other relative of BG Bruce's valet Estaban as he seems to have an interest in keep the little guy out of trouble during Bruce's recent suspension.

Quote: "Just try to catch me"

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