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'The Messiah' Dallas Winston vs. Troy Douglas


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Jan 1, 2000
[-Picture this... the brightest of stars, the best damn thing to happen to GXW in it’s short history, and quite frankly the man... no, scratch that. He is no mere man, this guy is ‘The Messiah’... You ready for him? Well then picture him sitting there and getting ready to spit it... You ready? I don’t think you ready for this ... You are? Ok then... here he is...-]

“You know I searched far and wide for a challenger. I mean this is where the self proclaimed, ‘big boys’ played. So ‘The Messiah’ said to himself, ‘why not give it a shot?’... It couldn’t hurt right? Then I came into this hunk of junk and ripped it for everything it was worth and not a damn soul would step up to the plate to defend it. I don’t know if it was, ‘wonder’... Is this guy any good? Is he as good as he claims? I don’t know if it was, ‘fear’... No way I’m risking it. No chance in me stepping up against such an SCW power house. I really could sit here and list excuse all day long for GXW... But I’m not gonna, why would I?”


“But then after GXW took a few ‘onslaughts’ of verbal abuse. One man said, ‘enough!’... That man, Troy Douglas... He would not stand for it anymore and stepped up to the challenge that I issued to everyone in GXW. Not Danny Boy, that lush Powers, not ‘mr. nobody’ Robby Sampson, or the blunted one... None of those boys would step up... just Troy Douglas.”

[-Shaking his head...-]

“Hey I’m not upset about the whole situation. Troy Douglas looks like a fine competitor. He seems like he knows his way around the ring, I’m sure he will put up a great battle... because he is a G--X--DUBYA... Wrestler, and they are all suppose to be ‘god’s gift’ to the squared circle, right?”


“Oh for those of you with the weaken mind... That was sarcasm. Because you see ‘The Messiah’ doesn’t dish out credit to others that easily. They have to be hard working, in-ring generals, and give it all they have... Hell, I only know of one man that is like that.”

[-Gives a small laugh as he looks down at himself...-]

“Enough about me though. Let’s just get into what I really came out here to talk about...”


“X-Perience, my first match on the show. Let me judge some things. First Showtime appearance, a win. First Revolution appearance, a win. See a pattern there? Oh yea I forgot it’s history right? Well, if one knows anything, you should know that history has a weird way of repeating itself over and over and over again. Because I heard this other little saying before.”

“If you don’t embrace your past, you have no future.”

[-Stops to think about that...-]

“See... You look no further then what I’ve done in the past and you realize that my future is so damn bright I gotta buy curtains or something.”


“Anyways, just prepare. That’s all I want you to do. As I move onto X-Perience and get me another win. Then I’ll be on my way to impressing more and more just like I have in the past. Then and only then will the GXW boys... Know why the money was shelled out to spark... interest, skill, charisma, and just whatever. The all around package is what you get. Soon, very soon GXW will find that out.”


“Now get the damn camera out of my face...”

[-The Scene Fades To Black...-]


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Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
Life, The Universe, and Everything

The days grow longer as we once again reach the beginning, the Genesis. All roads now lead to Munich, where for the fourth time in history, the greats of the wrestling industry will be there. Troy Douglas wants to be there, to take the next step in the New Revolution of his career, the wrestling business, and the world. But for now, there's a stop off in Spain, with a new X-perience waiting for him in Barcelona. It's now time for a renegade to take on a false idol, a "Messiah" named Dallas Winston. In Spain, the New Revolution continues.


Barcelona, Spain, 11:33 PM...

Troy Douglas sits in an empty corner of an otherwise noisy bar in the center of Barcelona. He has an imported Belgian beer in his right hand, a half eaten plate of tapas sits on a small table to his left. An old, American style jukebox is to his right, playing Bruce Springsteen's "Into the Fire". Ironic, isn't it, because the man sitting next to the jukebox is about to step right into the fire for one of the defining moments of his career. Troy sits, staring into space like a man focused on one goal, to turn his career around. He acknowledges the camera, puts his now half-full glass on the table, and begins to speak his mind.

TD: "Dallas. I've seen your little 'Public Service Announcements' recently and I must say, I'm impressed. It looks to me like you believe that GXW's best can't stand up to the SCW pedigree of 'The Messiah'. You've singled out a select few: Rob Sampson, Dan Ryan, Boogie Smallz, Kevin Powers, the list goes on and on. You seem to think that just because you've eeked out a couple of W's here in the big leagues that you have the right to come out on international television and deface the greatest wrestling organization on the face of this planet."

Troy finishes his beer, walks over to a spot in the bar with less noise pollution. He does this deliberately, as if to ensure that Dallas Winston will clearly hear his next point.

TD: "Let me tell you a little something about Global Xtreme Wrestling, Mr. Winston. Let me tell you a story about the greatest company around and about the people who work for it. You wanted Dan Ryan, Kevin Powers, and Rob Sampson, I've gotta say Dallas, you're way out of your league. You're looking at a man whose taken those three to their breaking points. Dan Ryan barely escaped Madison Square Garden with the World Title when he faced me. Kevin Powers needed a chair shot from his lady friend AND the Kiss the Canvas to put me down. Rob Sampson, I nearly killed him with a steel chair when we faced off. Dallas Winston, you're small potatoes compared to those three legends.

"Dallas, when you issued your challenge, you asked for someone who best represents what GXW stands for, so you could show how good your delusional self is. You wanted me, you got me. You wanted GXW at it's very best, you have in front of you the very definition of what GXW is. I've had four knee surgeries and three concussions, and you know what, I'm still F***ing standing! My father and the love of my life were both just murdered, and you know what, I'm still f***ing standing! I've been beaten on, bruised, and battered by just about every man in this company, and you know what, I'm still f***ing standing! Face it Winston, no matter what arsenal you may throw at me this coming X-perience, no matter how hard you try and take down the New Revolution, you know what, I'll still be f***ing standing! I live by one mantra, never go down, never give up, always stay on top. I've made too many promises to too many lost people to give up now. I won't be derailed by any two-bit, never earned a cent by his own merits, psychologically deranged 'Messiah'. No, this time I'm heading straight for the top, and I won't leave anyone else standing. It's my turn this time, my time to shine. There won't be any more 'almost' or 'nearly' for me anymore. It starts with you Dallas. Let's see if you're still standing after X-perience. I know I will."



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Life, The Universe, Everything, and The Messiah

[[The Scene Opens to ‘The Messiah’ Dallas Winston wearing a white shirt with black lettering that reads, ‘Free Yayo!’ He sits down with that ever so cockish grin on his face as he has just finished watching Troy Douglas latest promo...]]

“Troy wanted to come out and say that he is ‘impressed’ by me. He finds it impressive that I come out and rip on the ‘big boys’ of GXW. Well, you know what... I don’t really care what you find impressive about me. Because you see Troy there is a little thing called history. So sit back and listen, because ‘The Messiah’ is about to give you one helluva history lesson...”


“You say that ‘The Messiah’ is wwwwwaaaay out of his league in challenging such great names as, Kevin Powers, Dan Ryan, and Rob Sampson. Let me get this straighten out... You think ‘The Messiah’ is out of his league?”


“Hell you even tell why you think that. Because Kevin Powers is a man that you took to the limit, right? A chair shot saved him, is that your story? Well, ask ole Kev what happened to him about a month ago in the ring when he faced Dallas Winston. Last I checked he walked in with a title and I took that title home with me. Meaning that I won. No excuses. You lost and had excuses. Yet I’m out of his league?”

[-Laughs then stops...-]

“Then we go to Danny Boy... This is a guy that you had an all out war with in Madison Square Garden, is that so? Once again you... lost, right? That’s what I thought. Now go back a few months when ‘The Messiah’ met Dan Ryan in the ring for the first time... Ask him what happened. Oh that’s right, I won.”

“Now you can go ahead and come out and say, ‘that is in the past, different place, blah, blah, blah’... See the simple facts remain we were in a squared circle. Only difference was the logo’s all around the arena and your ‘heroes’ fell to me. So then you wonder why ‘The Messiah’ comes in here and ‘defaces the greatest wrestling organization on the face of the planet’... Well you don’t have to wonder anymore, Troy. Because you see the ‘pedigree’ known as ‘The Messiah’ has arrived into GXW to show that there is talent all over the world that disgraces the likes of your so-called, ‘legends’ and it’s arriving.”

[-Pausing momentarily...-]

“Let’s now move onto your next part of the promo in which you ‘pour your guts out’ to whomever is going to listen and it just so happens I have to this week.”

[-Shaking his head...-]

“This guy comes out and talks about having knee surgeries, his family members being murdered, and then talks about being beaten and battered by every man on the roster... and that is suppose to make you worth a dime?”


“I mean through all this harsh stuff you’re still standing as you so proudly yell. You know what? Every wrestler goes through ##### and the ones that tough it out are still standing. So really by your little speech, what are you trying to prove?”

[-Looking confused...-]

“Because you can beat a punching bag to death and it’ll still be hanging there. So you prove nothing to me. I’ve battled for years in that ring, you don’t see me crying like a little girl out here about how you have been through it all. ##### you don’t know what it’s like to have gone through anything in that ring. Talking all that noise about rising to the top through all of that harsh curveballs of reality. But I’m going to cut you a break, Troy... I’m going to allow you to do something. Now listen because it’s crucial.”


“I’m going to allow you to prove your statement. Back all that nonsense up at X-Perience against GXW’s next best thing. And IF...IF by some chance the devil is sledding down snowing hills because hell has frozen over and you actually put up some kind of fight... Then, maybe... Then I will...”

[Interrupting himself...-]

“Nah I’ll never respect a bum like you...”


“D@MN I’M GOOD!!!”

[-The Scene Fades To Black...-]

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