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Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
Q: What is Message Board Entertainment?

A: Message Board Entertainment (MBE) is one of those e-feds you may have heard about on the internet. It was formed on 1wrestling back in the late 20th century (1999 to be specific) after a 500+ post thread about a particularly bad Nitro. Known to its participants and MBE progenitors simply as The Streak, it featured MBE legend The Spoiler getting fed up and Spoilerbombing everyone in the thread. This eventually segwayed into the first match under the MBE banner (so named by wrestling forum agitator and Ohio State University fanboy DocAwesome) featuring Morals and Marketing (Duchess, BobbyR and DocAwesome) versus The Streakers (Paco The Wetback, The Spoiler and Dumi). After Duchess turned on Bobby for the first of what would end up being about fifty times, everyone involved decided this was too much fun to stop, and recently arrived 1wrestling poster SupTool became head booker. Eventually MBE got its own folder, a full-time booking team, and the rest is history.

Q: How do I join MBE?

A: MBE has always been an egalitarian e-fed. For each card, a sign in thread goes up. If you wish to participate in that week’s card, simply sign your character in, and post a character profile in the profile thread. No applications, no lines, no waiting, all sales are final.

Q: What is the format?

A: MBE is a traditional rp fed. That is to say, match threads are posted, you promo against your opponents for the week, and a Booking Committee determines who won the match and writes up the card. Beyond that, we do not discriminate against style, tone, or structure. If you are better, you win.

Q: What is this mysterious Booking Committee you speak of?

A: For now, this is a booking committee of one. I am of course always willing to receive input or angle ideas or help with writing. As far as booking direction and show structure, that goes through me. For those of you who are not familiar with me, my name is Jeffrey Paternostro and over the years have handled the Yakamo Family Circus of Hida Yakamo and Yori Yakamo, jr. I've been in MBE since late 1999 and served several terms on its BC and took over its operations officially in September 2006. I like minor league baseball games and dildo jokes, obviously.

Q: What would a typical card schedule look like?

A: MBE was originally a weekly fed, and in its most recent incarnation on A1Wrestling.com went back to that format. That's a lot of work for me, and wasn't developing the storylines through the promos that I would have liked. Thus, for the restart we will be going to an event booking format. Basically, this will be a roughly biweekly schedule, not unlike what ROH uses for a real world type example. There will be no PPVs as such to start allowing for more organic program development. Also, this means ever feud will have a shot at main event status as there will not be a set structure for programs.

Q: What is the write-up format?

A: Basically, it's an dirtsheet style recap, but it is probably just easiest to link to an example.


There will also be occasional studio style cards a la the old WCW Worldwide with squash matches and play by play commentary.

Q: How many titles does MBE have?

A: Right now, there is a World Title (affectionately known as the Big Gold Belt) and a World Tag Team Title. The tag titles may or may not carry over depending on early turnout (sorry JA) but the current champs are as follows.

World Champion: Doc Silver
Tag Team Champion: The Thrillbillies

There was also an angle type belt, the PbPro Quintuple Crown Title held by Justin Evitable, but as there is an official in storyline split from PbPro that will be explained forthwith, that belt has been dropped.

Q: I have an angle idea for my character?

A: Great, send it to me. If it works, I'll will work it into the card. If not, I will let you know why and try to work something out with you. A good back and forth between the booker and handlers will be vital to the success of our fed. I want everyone to have something going on, and that is made much easier with input and creativity from our participants. I am only one man, and have some semblance of a real life.

Q: Are there any no-nos for promoing?

A: Well, not showing up will get you squashed. If you can’t make a card, don’t sign in. I can find other ways to get you on the show, too. If something comes up, let me know and I'll work something out.

Oh, and keep the shoot stuff off the boards, or be prepared to be tea bagged in character by Yori's goat. If you have a problem, take it to e-mail, PMs, or directly to us.


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
It's your payback for not including who set the MBE forums up on 1wrestlingtalk to begin with. :)

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