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The Masked Violators

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It doesn't come off. That's Rule #1
Aug 19, 2008
Handler Information

Name(s): Paul Brisbin / Jamar Short
Email Address(es): paulbrisbin@gmail.com / jamar.l.short@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You(se):

  • Paul: e-mail / twitter (@itsPaulBriz) / Skype works: same as email, just put it on my MacBook for this purpose!
  • Jamar: email / twitter (@jamarshort) / FaceTime: would be my email address.
eWrestling Experience:

  • Paul: NFW, CSWA, SCW, HEW, EPW, CWL, I’m forgetting/offending someone(s).
  • Jamar: NFW, CSWA, SCW, SCFW, HEW, EPW, CWL, fWo & a bunch of inter-promotional tournaments.
How did you find DEFIANCE? All of our favorite favorites are here! That and Paul has a Google alert set for “#hardcorecity4life” and Pete set it off. Again.
Are you willing to write matches? It’s been a while, but absolutely.

Writing Sample

^this one is silly, but shows they ain’t no joke whilst simultaneously being a joke.

^this sums them up.

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: The Masked Violators (Masked Violator #1 and Masked Violator #2: super creative, right?)
Also Wrestled As: Los Violadores Enmascarados (Mexico)
Height: #1 = 6’3, #2 = 5'6
Weight: #1 = 233lbs, #2 = 285lbs

Hailing From: Parts Undisclosed

Alignment: #1 is face, #2 is heel. We are SO COMPLICATED.

Gimmick: [This pair can best be described as “the masked odd couple”.]

Not much is known of this team of mystery. First appearing in small, east coast venues on the independent circuit in late 2004, it wasn't until a run in Mexico through 2008 that a team with this name caught the attention of the wrestling power brokers. Working several dark matches for [PROMOTION REDACTED] at their television tapings in early 2009, nothing seemed to come of it and as things can be in this business, the team had almost disappeared. It wasn't until the December 2010 that the duo resurfaced in the United States, sporting what seemed to be renewed focus and remarkable determination to succeed, reportedly soliciting most major promotions for a contract.

Humorous stories and anecdotes have circulated amongst the internet, stating that the current Masked Violators don't always get along so well. One is always pranking, or getting under the skin of the other. One witness asserts the two are "constantly at each-other’s throats".

It is generally understood that the men who wear the masks today are NOT the same men who started with them; it is believed that over a half dozen different wrestlers have worked the roles of Masked Violator #1 and #2 in the tandems 12 year history. In years past, it wasn't uncommon, some say, to see Violators switch masks and roles depending on the night of the week. The identities of the current Violators can not be confirmed at this time; further inquiry is needed. It is believed that the current Violators have been paired together under the masks since at least late 2010.

This particular (and peculiar?) pairing of Violators has had a handful of opportunities to break into the mainstream but were never able to capitalize; most recently in Empire Pro Wrestling in 2011. It is said their "fragile" relationship reportedly got in the way. After an unscheduled, very impromptu, very legitimate pull-apart brawl at a New Orleans house show, the pair were quietly released from EPW as quickly and quietly as they were signed.

According to all indications, the two have been completely off the mainstream radar ever since. Now, they find themselves all up in your business with designs to change the way people perceive nameless, masked grapplers.

Oh… The masks don’t come off.

Wrestling Style:
Current REAL NAME: Unknown

Confirmed Former MV#1's: Ray Thatcher, Ed McKay, "Wild" Jim Traver

Works a very clean, technical style between bells. Never afraid to take to the air. Honest, tried and true to a fault, MV#1 is NOT a cheater -- on the contrary, he is a gentleman. He is your typical, clean cut, athletic hero. Surprisingly as quick witted as he is on his feet, MV#1 respects the business and treats his body as his temple. Shockingly technically sound for his apparent youth and slightly eccentric personality. When the bell rings he is serious and driven.

Current Real Name: Unknown

Confirmed Former MV#2's: Adam "The Mauler" Stephens, "Wild" Jim Traver, and Black Jack Anderson

Style: MV#2 is the exact opposite of his high flying, technical wrestling counterpart. MV#2 is a low to the ground, powerful brawler. Whereas MV#1 is all about doing things by the book, MV#2 doesn't mind, in fact, he prefers to go the other route and shortcut his way to a victory.

MV#2's wrestling style consists of several variations of the suplex, be it German, belly-to-back, or belly-to-belly. He's also a fan of the pile driver, and using closed fists, elbows, eye rakes, and thumbs to the eye to get his point across. Not really a high flyer, he will occasionally take it to the top rope to prove a point, but it almost always ends in a disaster.

Professional Wrestling is about one thing and one thing only to MV#2 ... Money.

Three Weaknesses:

  • So self-assured in his god-given talent is he that, at times, he displays too much confidence in his plan.
  • Very trusting, to a fault at times. feels everyone should abide by the code of life he subscribes to.
  • Has unnatural aversion to bacon. And Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.


  • Gets incredibly winded if he's in the ring for more than ten minutes at a time.
  • Stubborn. Very stubborn. To his own detriment, which has at times cost him(see: whenever he tries a high flying maneuver from the top rope).
  • He likes to cheat. But he's not good at it. And gets caught. A lot. And, alcohol.

Three Strengths:

  • Eats clean, lives clean. In the best shape of his life. Conditioning for days.
  • Gets a tidy 7.25 hours a sleep every night and immediately makes his bed when he gets up. Disciplined for days.
  • Passionate, focused, and unwavering. 4 Days.


  • He has been described as being as strong as an ox. If he hits you, you feel it, and you bruise. He's very, very stiff in everything that he does.
  • Willingness to do WHATEVER to get ahead.
  • He's passionate in his beliefs. And, like MV#1 ... unwavering. And therein lies the problem.


Ten regular moveset moves:


  1. Chops, lawd, chops! Of the knife-edge variety, primarily.
  2. Knee-bar and variants
  3. Missile Dropkick
  4. Springboard Legdrop
  5. Spinning Atomic Drop
#1’s Singles Finisher/Signature Move:
Figure Number One Legleck ... it's actually a pretty solid figure four leg lock, but... ya know. He holds up one finger when he locks it on, hence the name.


  1. Belly-to-back, German, belly-to-belly suplex.
  2. Piledriver. Spiked. Tombstone. All the piledrivers.
  3. Spear.
  4. Fist drop from the second rope.
  5. Lou Thesz Press.
#2’s Singles Finisher/Signature Move:
The Mother of all Bear Hugs. As noted earlier, MV#2 is very strong. He'll usually wait until his opponent is damaged enough to allow him to lock his fingers around their waist and squeeze, all while slinging them left and right like a rag doll. If the pain doesn't get them, General dizziness will.

2-5 trademark moves:
In this case, these are double team moves… Many of these get botched. They are working on it, we swear.

  1. Russian Legsweep + Clothesline
  2. Double Top-rope Dropkick
  3. Double Running Bulldog
  4. Double Senton

1 Finishing Move:
Moving Violation --> both men crisscross the ring, and simultaneously SPEAR their opponent from opposite sides. They have been known to miss their target opponent and collide into each other. Some observers suggest it is not always unintentional.

TO THE ELECTORATE: We get that these guys are seemingly “just a comedy team”. That is an accurate and valid observation, on the surface. We are more than prepared to learn and adapt to how DEFIANCE presents itself and their wrestlers. They aren't "joke" wrestlers. They are capable on their own - but they are oddly codependent and largely suck as a team at this point. We (Paul and Jamar) have been working together, off and on, for over 15 years (I can’t believe that a.)I just wrote that and b.) how true it is). The two of us have been trying to put this team together, to our shared satisfaction, for just over 6 years with a handful of false starts. We just want to finish.

We have a fairly clear story we want to tell and are, at the same time, excited to see how the story we want to tell can weave into others’ stories. Hopefully, DEFIANCE is a place where this sometimes silly, sometimes serious story can be told. We realize the tag division here is a little thin and hope we can play a small part in making it more interesting, minimally!

We are the Masked Violators. And we are running for Presidents. A vote for us is a vote for liberty. Or something.

edited for format tweaks. holla.)
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I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Can't wait to see the Moving Violation. Definite yes.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Love that the super generically numbered masked persona's have had many other people under the same hood(s.)

And tag is thin as noted above. Never seen anything or heard anything bad about either handlers.

So it is a yes for me.


Jan 1, 2000
I dunno, man. A Seahawks fan and a 49ers fan want to run a tag team together and that's not even my main concern. My main concern is WHERE THE HELL IS ICE TRE, BRISBIN?! WHERE?!!?!??!?!

No, I'm kidding. Sorta. :cool:

You and I talked about the state of the tag division in DEF. I know you both can write (duh). If there's a story that you started and you feel like you gotta finish it, I think we can try to accommodate you. So it's a yes from me. (Bring back Tre).

User Poets

The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile
This is all of the yeses.

Yes, yes, yes.

I'm going to tell you now, if you vote 'no' I will ban you from FW Central. Even if you're Brunk, or Merritt, or Mom.

Yes, even Mom.

And I know Mom already voted, but this is how serious I am.


We eat, sleep and F[BEEP]K in our masks
Aug 19, 2008
You didn't hear? Ice Tre got GOT. Drive by shooting, outside of his Hollywood Hills recording studio.


It doesn't come off. That's Rule #1
Aug 19, 2008
(Thank you to those who offered kind words and/or enthusiasm. And threats of banning. And demands for Tre's return. Etc. I think I speak for Jamar when I say that it warms our cold, old hearts.)
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