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"The Lost Cause" Victor Vacio


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Wrestler Name: Victor Vacio
Nicknames: The Lost Cause/Causa Perdida, Máscara Negro

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 226
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown

Physical appearance:

Ring gear: Victor's build is average for professional wrestling post pharmaceutical enhancement. He is muscular although not extremely cut and defined. Clearly, not of mexican or spanish decent. Almost shoulder length hair breaks free and shows from underneath the back of his mask as a longer match drags on. Tattoo’s peak out from his arm sleeves but remain indiscernible.

Mask: Black base pullover with black leather trim. Ala Marvel's Black Panther sans ears.
Arms: Black arm sleeves. Taped wrist and hands.
Tights: Black pants style tights with black leather "Vacio" down left leg. “Victor”, right.
Boots: Black with white trim motocross style boots.

Variant Color Scheme: Black on Charcoal Gray.

Theme music: Green River - Swallow My Pride

Ring entrance:

(“Swallow My Pride” by Green River comes across the PA system. Victor Vacio steps out from the entrance way; sullen.)

BELL: The following contest is (insert specifics.) Introducing (first/his opponent/etc) from Seattle, Washington weighing in at 226 pounds, "The Lost Cause” Victor Vacio!

(With a black hand towel in hand, Victor stalks his way to the ring. Ignoring his surroundings and fan distain. Reaching the ring, he turns his back to the apron and leaps backwards to landing on the apron. Assuring his footing, post landing, he grasps the ropes with each hand and flips backwards into the ring.)

Face or heel?: Heel

Gimmick: Mysterious masked wrestler who has been quickly making a name for himself on the independent circuit.

Ring style: Technical (with Lucha Influence.)

Brief biography:

In 2014, Vincent made the jump from Mexico City to the United States independent pro wrestling scene. He quickly made a splash and garnered the attention of the internet and new age smarks worldwide. The modern day equivalent of tape traders took to the web and torrented amaetur video of his early presence in the States inspiring promoters across the nation to seek out his talents. Like most, Luchadores his true identity is unknown and remains a mystery.

Three strengths:
Skilled and well traveled in this independent circuits.
Agililty. Lucha Influence.
Wisdom. Victor displays the wisdom of a much older and weathered preformer.

Three weaknesses:
A broken man.
A man on the edge.

5-10 signature maneuvers:
Arm Drag
Drop Toe Hold
Russian Leg Sweep
Belly to Belly 90 Degree Overhead Suplex
Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex
Released Northern Lights Suplex
Cobra Clutch Bulldog
Shooting Star Press
Standing Moonsalt
Splitlegged Moonsalt
Asai Araibian Press

Signature set up: Vacio Sin Corte/VSC (Fisherman’s Suplex Brainbuster)
Finishing maneuver: Double V-Sault (Double Rotation Moonsault)


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
With the secret about this character I'm super excited to get Vacio up and running. Approved.

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