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"The Last Titan" Ivan Dalkichev


Jan 1, 2000
Wrestler Name: "The Last Titan" Ivan Dalkichev
Nicknames: The Crimson Colossus, the Raging Russian
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 402 lbs.
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Birthdate: 8/25/1983
Manager: Nathan Fear

Physical appearance: Stocky Russian-born giant. Big and broad-shouldered, and surprisingly proportional for his size. A living wall of pink, sweaty flesh with fists like concrete bricks. Also has the well-toned physique of a man put through intense daily training exercises. He rocks a shoulder-length skullet and a full Amish-cut beard with dirty blonde hair, complimented by cold blue eyes like the snows on Siberia. His arms and back also serve as a tapestry of elaborate tattoos portraying Hindu gods of wrath going to battle with mythic beasts, and other images of epic and mythic proportions. Also of note is the tattoo of a hammer on his right forearm.
Ring gear: Red-double strap singlet with black trim and line-work. Elbow and knee pads and boots are all black. Usually comes to the ring with a black towel draped over his neck or head, and his manager usually holds it throughout the match.
Manager description: Nathan Fear is Caucasian with a medium build. He has shoulder-length black hair with graying power streaks which he usually ties back into a Travolta-tail, with gray eyes and crisp goatee to compliment a wolf-like face. He almost always wears a black suit with a red undershirt and black tie.
Theme music: "XL-TT" by Hiroyuki Sawano
Ring entrance: Entrance begins with atonal choral chanting coming through the PA as Nathan Fear steps through the curtain... lights may come down if the scale of the event's production allows it. An arrogant grin is worn on his face as the booing crowd greets him, and he steps aside to make way for Dalkichev's entrance upon the music's opening fanfare. He stares coldly into the crowd for a moment before slowly extending both arms upward, palms facing up, simulating a "burden of Atlas" pose. With Fear at his shoulder, he advances down the aisle to the ring, staring holes into his opponent with a controlled sense of rage like a bloodthirsty giant spotting a meal. He ascends the ring steps and steps over the full-set of ropes to enter the ring, going to the center and dropping to a knee to perform the same Atlas gesture. In the remaining moments before the bell rings, he sticks to his corner, where Fear stands on the apron intently giving him last-minute instructions and strategic advice.

Face or heel?: Heel
Gimmick: Super-heavyweight superman and cold, quiet enforcer
Ring style: Power Sambo... lots of big-man slams, suplexes, and strikes, but complimented with grapple-based martial arts
Manager gimmick: Rich, power-hungry politician and puppetmaster
Manager tactics: Seldom directly interferes, but does a fair share of distracting the referee, usually to argue about his officiating, allowing Ivan to get away with something dirty, like an eye gouge or blatant choke, but maybe not something overtly cheap, like a low blow.
Brief biography: Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, developed a significant size and pursued training in athletics, notably Sambo. Emigrated to Japan to continue his training where he paid bills as a professional wrestler... eventually crossing paths with fellow wrestler Erik Black and manager Nathan Fear. Fear, a wealthy entrepreneur with political savvy, repackaged the duo as "The Crimson Calling" and brought them stateside. They became significant for being the first team to win the EPW Tag Team Championship in 2004. After a decade of sporadic appearances, Dalkichev and Fear have reunited and begun a new campaign through America's indy circuits. After a year of an intensive training program back in their base of operations in Seattle, Ivan has re-emerged in professional wrestling now as "The Last Titan", looking leaner and meaner than he has ever appeared in years past, all with the help of Fear's direction and financial backing. They have set their sights on Chicago and Red Line Wrestling to serve as the first step of many more to follow.

Three strengths:
- Bigger often means better, and in this case, Ivan Dalkichev almost always has a size and strength advantage in every contest.
- Complimenting an advantage in size comes a strict Sambo discipline, making him not so much a big man in tights but a big wrestler who can compete on a technical level.
- Cold and calculating, and intensely focused on following his manager's instruction... which usually involves him dishing out extra displays of strength and punishment or repeating devastating moves to further emphasize a point.

Three weaknesses:
- Size can be his disadvantage against speed. Though capable of surprisingly quick bursts, he can't sustain fast levels of movement for more than a few moments, leaving lighter competitors able to run circles around him.
- Both he and Nathan Fear display a degree of arrogance over the rest of the federation, believing themselves to be "better" than indy-league wrestling... and as such, both can easily underestimate the underdog spirit and the power of will.
- He is perhaps a bit too trusting in Fear's directions, and the manager can get a bit overzealous in his demands. Sometimes, his order to repeat a move or do something against the wrestler's better logic can give the opponent the opportunity to counter.

10 signature maneuvers:
- Battering Ram
- Yakuza Kick
- Side Russian Legsweep
- Sambo Suplex
- Belly-to-Belly Suplex
- Multiple Backbreakers
- Lifting Legtrap Chokeslam
- Karelin Lift
- The Hammer (Left-handed Polish Hammer)
- The Atlas Clutch (Canadian Backbreaker Rack)

Finishing maneuver: Titan Bomb (Sit-out Thunderfire Powerbomb, sometimes right out of the Atlas Clutch)

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