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The Intergalactic Championship in 2013


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Aug 26, 2008
So, for the IGC I've got some plans and ideas and I thought I'd voice them to see what the general public have to think about, considering this is an OPEN Championship and effectively meaning that you, the people, should get some sort of a say in what goes on.

Challenging the Champion

So essentially, the challenging the Champion thing will remain as a qualifier. I do have plans for the future to perhaps increase the qualifying limit to two W's before you can face off, just to build more to the matches and perhaps build some heat and storylines. Currently, it's pretty much bang-bang and the only hype that can occur is during promos.

I am yet to decide if this will be the case but am strongly leaning towards it. Feel free to voice your opinion.


Unlucky for Some 2013 Tour

So one of my other ideas that I would like to venture forth with is a tour. A seven show tour across the South where you sign up and be a part of the touring roster. Tour participants would STILL be able to challenge for the title however they would definitely need to secure two victories to qualify for an IGC title shot.

Other perks of being on the tour?

- Tour MVP would secure a banked IGC title shot to be used at their choosing
- You get to be a part of the fun and awesomeness

The shows would probably be similar to what I've done with WREX (if you've read that show) with segments and short-formed matches though I think I will be leaning more toward the NFW Brawl style coz that's so awesome and I love stealing other people's ideas. Or perhaps more of a WWE Superstars style of cutting to the match at a crucial point and seeing how it ends.

I will post a poll to gauge interest because I'm not going to bother with the effort if you're don't wanna play.


Intergalactic Team Champions of the Universe

So, akin to what's being done with the Intergalactic Championship, I was thinking of expanding on this and offering a team championship title. What does that mean?

It means that a team of individuals, with the full team submitted to the IGC, can participate to become the champions. Teams can be however many number of participants you choose however those competing are limited to the finite number of participants either as the champion or the challenger. Huh? So if you've got three guys in your team and the challengers only have two then it's a tag team match. If you've got three, and they've got three, it's a trios match.

Minimum number of members per team? Two.



So, in the interest of democracy, I'll be posting a couple of polls on these forums to gauge interest into all of these ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts here or in those threads specifically.
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