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The Highland Park Social Club

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Members: Adam Benjamin & Richard Farnswirth

Team Name: The Highland Park Social Club

Name: "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin (bio to come)

Name: Richard Farnswirth

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 275

Image: Very clean cut, not a hair out of place. Outside the ring, always
wears expensive suits. Hair is jet black, slicked back. Everything about him
screams money. Ring attire is standard trunks of varying colors. Wears a
full length robe like Ric Flair, very elegant.

Hails From: Highland Park

Entrance Music: "Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner

Entrance description: The lights of the arena go down as several green
lasers flitter about. As Farnswirth emerges from the back, the lasers merge
on the entrance ramp to draw a large dollar sign. Richard stands at the top
of the ramp and looks over the crowd in disgust before heading for the ring.

Finisher #1: The Market Crash (an Angle Slam)

Finisher #2: The Million Dollar Dream

Style: Very technical, classically trained. Similar to Regal's in-ring
style. Nothing flashy, just very efficient. Basically a mix of Ted Dibiase
and Ric Flair.

Other Moves: Standard wrestling exchanges, some suplexes, almost never
leaves his feet for any high-flying stuff. Lots of armbars, chinlocks, etc.
Loves to tie his opponents up and frustrate them to show them they are

Wrestles As: Farnswirth is the typical egotistical heel. He is better than
you, and he likes nothing better than proving it. Not only is he more
technically sound, he's also smarter. Most opponents are beaten before they
ever step through the ropes.

Quotes: None. Richard is highly educated and doesn't rely on catchphrases.

Titles held: Richard is the reigning World Heavyweight Champion. Prior to
that, he was the first ever Triple Star Champion.

Stable: Richard Farnswirth is co-founder of the Highland Park Social Club
along with Chip Friendly. Together with Slambo the Clown, Duchess, and (a
somewhat reluctant) Andrew Gilkison, they have banded together to show the
rest of A1E what true excellence is.

Aligned with: Mr. Fikes is Farnswirth's limo driver/bodyguard. He is very
much in the image of a Mr. Hughes or really early Big Bubba Rogers. He is a
mountain of a man. He always wears a dark suit and sunglasses, even inside.
He never leaves Richard's side, and would gladly give his life for Richard.

History: Richard Farnswirth bought his way into A1E back in June 2001 and
quickly made a long list of enemies as he tried to pay men off to job to
him. Proving unsuccessful, Farnswirth then attempted to have his bodyguard,
Mr. Fikes, wrestle his matches for him, but Houston would have none of it.

Realizing he was going to actually have to fight for himself, Farnswirth
began putting his brain to use, devising a seemingly endless string of
schemes to come out on top in his matches. Houston could no longer deny
Farnswirth's success, so he signed him to take part in the inaugural 6 man
boiler room brawl for the newly formed Triple Star title at Mercury Rising

Through a series of shady dealings with the other participants and quite a
bit of cheating, Farnswirth emerged from that match as the first ever A1E
Triple Star champion. For nearly a year, Farnswirth faced countless
challengers for his belt, and managed to turn them back in one way or the

In the late days of 2001, Richard Farnswirth and Chip Friendly collaborated
to form the Highland Park Social Club. Soon after, they recruited Ken
Cloverleaf and Slambo the Clown to join with them.

After relinquishing the Triple Star title, Farnswirth entered the tag team
ranks along with his bodyguard, Mr. Fikes. Following an unsuccessful run for
the tag team titles, Farnswirth disappeared from A1E along with his HPSC
co-founder, Chip Friendly.

For two long years, Farnswirth was gone from the rings of A1E. No one knew
where, no one knew why. Then, on that fateful evening in the summer of 2004
at Mercury Rising, the men you loved to hate returned. The Highland Park
Social Club was reborn!

From there, it's been a wild ride. Andrew Gilkison had since left the Club
and was starting to make a name for himself, even going so far as capturing
the Cyber Title. But he soon found out that no one leaves the Club. Richard
pointed out a minor clause in his contract that Andrew had overlooked, and
now Andrew once again fights under the Highland Park banner.

On top of that, Richard and Chip continued to prove their mental superiority
over the rest of A1E when they fooled everyone by recruiting Duchess as
their most recent member. No one saw it coming until it was much too late.
The fair lady is already making strides in her performances, and it's only a
matter of time before she once again holds A1E gold.

But none of that can compare to the greatest coup of all. At Cyber Brutality
2005, Richard Farnswirth defeated Housefly to become the A1E World
Heavyweight Champion, returning that prestigious title to the confines of
Highland Park.

Now the world will see what true excellence is all about.
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