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The Gospel


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: A sprawling Texas farm. Tractors are in the background, mowing away. In the foreground, clearing brush, is Bobby Jack Windham, wearing a sleeveless Texas Tech University t-shirt.)

BOBBY JACK: Now, I ain't gonna lie. I've got a last name that's famous in this sport. My uncle Mark is a bonafide CSWA superstar. He came into the sport always trying to do right by everyone and act as a role model for everyone who looked up to him. He made time to sign autographs and to kiss babies. Now... he lost his way when our family troubles got in his head... but until that happened, he was this sport's biggest and truest hero.

Now, my other uncle... Troy... there ain't no mistaken it. He became more than just a wrestler. Why, I can't tell you how weird it is to here my younger sister call me to the TV room to tell me another one of Troy's Lifetime Original movies is showin' again. And he's had a bunch of titles and trophies and main event matches. He's done it all in this sport.

But Uncle Troy... he's always been a bad boy. He was a hellraiser as a kid and he's a hellraiser today. Growin' up, people always asked me if I was more like my Uncle Mark or more like my Uncle Troy. Well, I think this right here is proof positive of what I think.

(Bobby Jack shows off a big golden cross tattoo on the side of his arm, with HEBREWS 12 1-2 underneath it.)

You see, I am a man of Christ first and foremost. I have dedicated myself to serving the Lord and all he has done ever since I was baptized. And that's the number one reason why I decided to become a pro wrestler.

It ain't because I want to be like my uncles.

It ain't because of the fame and money.

It's because I have a chance to spread the word of Christ to the world. I have a pulpit, and I intend on using it to spread the good message, just like my good friend Tim Tebow does with his eye black.

Jesus Christ has given me the strength I need to be the best wrestler I can be... the best PERSON I can be... and by my testimony, I'm going to tell the world of all He has given me.

By the body and grace of god, so goes myself. Glory to God.

(Bobby Jack makes the sign of the cross and points to the sky. FTB.)

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