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The Gent Gets An Answer


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
(As Hornet climbs out of his rental car by the stage door of an arena, he's surrounded by a gaggle of reporters.)

I don't really have time for this guys. I'm already late for the 'meet-and-greet' part of the on-sale inside.

Reporter 1: They've delayed the start until 11:00. Some problem with Ticketmaster they're trying to fix.

How convenient for you guys? So what do you wanna know today?

Reporter 1: Are you going to accept Stanley's challenge?
Reporter 2: What do you think about Windham and Flair going at it?
Reporter 3: Have you heard the rumors about Merritt and the WWR?

Just full of question, as usual, I see. As far as Stanley goes... first, let's be practical. I'm not dumb enough to sign a match where I don't even know the stipulations. But more important that that... I don't even have a reason to.

First of all, there was never a 'sordid' triangle. Teri and I had our fling and ended it before she decided to try and latch on to Lawrence Stanley. It became an issue when Teri decided to fake a pregnancy and try to force me into a relationship.

I'm sorry if Stanley feels he was humiliated by having his head forced into a bowl of dog food. I'm sorry if he feels he was humiliated because I didn't want him to attack a woman I thought was pregnant. But that doesn't mean that I ruined his 'relationship' with Teri... or that there ever really was one.

Get it through your thick skull, 'Gent.' *I* didn't do this to you. Teri did it to both of us... with an assist from Chad Merritt. You're a good wrestler, Stanley... but when it comes to the realm of logic and laying blame, maybe you need to have Alfred give you some tips.

Reporter 2: So what about Windham?
Reporter 3: Who are you going after next?

Exactly...what ABOUT Windham? If Mark wants to run play "Who's Crazier?" with Eli, more power to him. Maybe Windham can actually remember how to wrestle, rather than droning on and on about lost prostitutes and how he was 'held down' by 'watching' me all those years. Please. Maybe they need to up his medication.

Anyway, I've got to get in there... I don't have time to trip the light fantastic into the good old days at the moment. If you'll excuse me...

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