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The End is the Beginning is the End


Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to an almost entirely empty locker room, long after the crowd has gone home. Slumped up against a wall is Anarky, who hasn't changed. The remnants of the mist can be seen on his face. He is, oddly, smiling.)

ANARKY: "In my first match in Empire Pro Wrestling... I lost a match to a man named First who was trying to cut his teeth in the singles circuit after dominating the tag team division for quite some time. He took a beating and beat me, fair and square, in the center of that ring.

"But failure changes a man. That man... so long ago.. he was filled with hope. Possibility. Potential.

"Tonight... when the mask came off... we saw the Real First. The man who would do anything to claim his Precious. He'd use his own wife in an elaborate scheme... he'd wear a mask... he'd pretend to be something he's not.

"And then he'd tell you it was just cause he didn't think I was a good Champion."

(He starts laughing... and then laughing... and laughing. For a little too long. Finally, he seems to calm and stop.)

ANARKY: "But I see the real you, First. I see who you really are.

"You need your Precious. It is everything to you.

"I smell your desperation in the air. Is there anything you wouldn't do to keep it? To be validated? To wear the shiny belt which says you matter?

"You're still making excuses for not measuring up to Stevens. All this time later you're still crying about refs after the stunt you pulled. Your hypocrisy would be staggering if it wasn't so... expected.

"You are the champion Empire Pro deserves, First. You can keep your title. I don't want a rematch. Don't waste my f*cking time. I want to fight a man. Not a child who makes excuses for his behavior.

"You're a coward who ran at the first sign of adversity and spent the next few months scheming for a way to steal what you couldn't earn.

"And you think I was unworthy?

"But don't worry, First. I might not want your Precious... but I do want you.

"And you... you will get what you have earned...

"... me."



Staff member
Jun 26, 2009
[You know the drill, RICH MAHOGANY has a huge cock.]

Listen here, you, congratulations on finally picking up on the little "hints" that thirty or forty people have been dropping about you for the last several months about being neither a worthy nor deserving World Champion, but don't you think that that gives you the right to [finger-quotes] "drop down" and take a shot at my World Television Title based on some kind of weird seniority.

As far as the Rich-Man is concerned, losers get to the back of the line!

You want a shot at this?

[He pats the title belt strapped around his chiseled abs.]

You go see if you can beat the likes of Adrian Willard and Cameron Cruise and whatever other schlubs is out there tryin' to make a name for themselves! You want a shot at this title right here, you gotta put in a little work, pay some dues, and then get down on your knees and pray to whatever bullsh*t you believe in that the almighty CRAWLIN' KING SNAKE of The Empire blesses you with a second look.


[He scrunches his nose.]
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