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"The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
Name: 'The Ego Buster' Dan Ryan

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 335 lbs

Image: A well built caucasian man, built along the lines of Brock Lesnar
with the added height. Blonde hair combed back. Usually wearing dark
sunglasses. Comes to the ring with a black elbow pad on each elbow, black
trunks and black kneepads. Black (see a trend?) boots with "DR" on the side.
Out of the ring generally wears either warmup pants or jeans and a t-shirt.

Hails From: Houston, Texas

Entrance Music: "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins

Entrance description(ex. lights, pyro, lasers. etc.): (Cue up: "Zero" by
Smashing Pumpkins.)

(Thunderous crowd pop)

(CUT TO: 'Ego Buster' flashes across the screen in rapid contrasting black
and white. CUT TO: Dan Ryan gorrilla presses Kevin Powers from inside the
ring to the floor below. CUT TO: The word "YOU" flashes on the screen. CUT
TO: Dan Ryan throws 'Living Legend' Mark Windham from the second level of
Key Arena down to the first level. CUT TO: the word "ARE". CUT TO: Dan Ryan
clotheslines 'Cocky' Craig Miles, nearly taking his head off. CUT TO: the
word "BUSTED" CUT TO: rapid shots of Dan Ryan pulverizing opponents with the
Humility Bomb, a last ride power bomb landing high angle on the neck.)

(Ryan walks down to ringside as pyro erupts along the ramp beside him. He
rolls under the bottom rope and climbs a corner turnbuckle and simply glares
through the sunglasses into the crowd.)

Finisher: Humility Bomb (A layout powerbomb ala Last Ride, driven down high
angle on the neck)

Set-Ups/alternate finishers: release german suplex, release dragon suplex,
burning hammer

Style: Think Brock Lesnar meets Scott Steiner circa 1992 meets Gary Albright

Other moves: belly to belly suplex, split legged moonsault (ONLY on special
occasions), STF, dragon suplex, clothesline, springboard legdrop,
chokeslam, spinebuster, figure four leglock, powerslam, double underhook
piledriver, full nelson slam, release belly to belly suplex, belly to belly
superplex, snap powerbomb, jumping DDT, DDT, snap suplex, superkick

Wrestles As: Ryan is all about himself. His friends are few and far between
and he likes it that way. However, the friends he does have he is fiercely
loyal to and protective of. Still, nothing is allowed to come between him
and his goals. Always leaning toward the heel side, Ryan has been
alternately face and heel throughout his career. It just depends on what his
immediate goal is at the time. Ryan accepts the occasional loss in that he
looks at situations long-term, but his confidence is overwhelming. Will take
a loss knowing a win will come the next time. Has never lost to the same
person twice. EVER.

Quotes: "Tell you what, I've got one for YOU. How about you spend some time
updating your list of cliches and stop opening your mouth and letting
everyone know what a complete retard you are? Hmm? How about that? How about
we all just form a little circle with Hellfighter and lead a little prayer
for you? 'Dear God, bless us this day...and do put your hand upon poor
little Johnny Miller. See, Johnny is upset because he can't get laid by
anyone outside his family and well...you see, he just wants to be able to
speak in public without sounding like Jim Nabors on crack. Thank you Lord,
amen.' How's that? I haven't done much praying lately...what with my family
dying and all...but we'll see how that turns out. Bottom line Miller, I
don't care who you think you are. I don't care if you're the most popular
man in the world with 20,000 people watching your back, I don't care if
you're a Steel City Icon, I don't care if you're Little Bo Peep, the unknown
comic or the little dog from the Taco Bell commercials. I know who I am. I
am the two time, kick your fu**ing teeth in, f*** your mother from behind
while watching Sportcenter GXW Unified Heavyweight champion of the world. So
bring your punk ass on down and I'll show YOU that odds don't mean a damn

Titles held:

- NBW TV title (x 2)
- NBW US Title
- NBW World Six Man Title
- NBW World Title (2x)
- NthWA World Title (2x)
- EWI Federation Title
- GXW Continental title
- GXW World title (2x)
- SCW World Tag Team Champion (w/Rob Sampson)
- NAWA World Title
- CSWA World Heavyweight Title

History: Dan Ryan was born on May 1st, 1974. Ryan grew up in a normal middle
class home. His father was a semi-well-to-do Environmental Engineer, his
mother was a school teacher. Graduated in the upper third of his class in
high school and excelled as an amateur wrestler. Ryan was offered several
scholarship oppurtunities to major universities to compete in their
wrestling programs. However, his family was transferred to Japan as part of
his father's job and he chose to go with them. While there, he took up with
training in various martial arts and became most interested in various
submissions and joint-locks. Eventually he took up with a wrestling company
who agreed to train him based on his size and physical acumen for the sport.
It was also during this time that Ryan fathered a child by a girlfriend he
had met in Japan. The girl's family would not condone the pregnancy or the
relationship and when the child was born, insisted that Ryan and his family
raise the child. After a little more than a year in training and a few small
successes in the Orient, he moved back to the states with an offer from New
Breed Wrestling. Began his North American wrestling career in 1997 simply as
"The Ego Buster", winning the NBW Television title twice that year. Became
known for his interview skills and propensity for aerial maneuvers despite
his large frame. Won the U.S. title, the World Six Man Titles and two NBW
World titles in 1998 as a member of a stable known as the Hardcore Mafia.
NBW closed temporarily and was reborn as NthWA. It was during this time that
Ryan developed a rivalry with Gabriel Poe that lasts to this day. It was
during this time that Ryan also made an appearance in the EMWA (OOC: angle
based fed) and proceeded to gain a reputation for being ruthless and
calculating. Ryan formed Team Phenom there along with "Phenomenal" Frankie
Scott and then brought the stable to the NthWA, where he won the World title
on two occasions. Ryan joined EWI at the invitation of owner Erik Zeiba
during this time also and for the first time came into conflict with Eddy
Love. Ryan was a part of a memorable angle that year that culminated in the
kidnapping of Love and Ryan winning the EWI Federation Championship. NthWA
closed for a short time during Ryan's first World title reign and when it
reopened, Owner Chad Dupree declared the title vacant. Ryan was furious and
turned on Dupree, refusing to follow through on bookings and declaring that
he would no longer perform to put money in Dupree's pockets. "The Ego
Buster" thus died and was replaced by "Dan Ryan"....as Ryan used his real
name in the ring for the first time. Ryan managed to win the title for the
second time and held it until the fed decided to merge with EWI to form GXW.
The feud carried over to GXW where Team Phenom vs. Dupree raged for the
better part of a year. Ryan helped Kevin Powers win the inaugural GXW
Unified World Title and formed the new Team Phenom. "The Hero" Marcus
Johnson defeated Powers, and Ryan subsequently chased Johnson for the final
six months of 2001. Ryan finally defeated Johnson for the GXW Unified World
Title on January 13th, 2002. However, that date would be remembered for
another reason as it was later revealed that a phone call on that night, in
which fans saw Ryan turn a ghostly white before stumbling wildly out of the
arena was the call in which Ryan was informed that his daughter and parents
were killed in a car wreck. Dupree, unaware of the nature of the
call....forced Ryan to defend his title, continuing their feud. Ryan managed
to hold the belt through several defenses but eventually dropped the title
three weeks later to "Executive" Eric Edwards. That same night, Dupree was
given a video tape of the news report from the night of the accident, which
Ryan had never spoken about publically. Thus, the reason behind his weaker
performance was revealed. Ryan was befriended, though reluctantly on his
part....by Nate "Zero" Logan. Logan convinced him to channel his anger and
feelings of loss into his career. Ryan violently attacked "Hellfighter"
Michael Schutt and soon thereafter regained the GXW Unified World title from
Edwards. Ryan went on a rampage, dumping co-Team Phenom founder Frankie
Scott and savagely attacking him, tossing him out of an arena into the rain.
Ryan held the title for ten months, finally relinquishing it to Nate "Zero"
Logan in a match in which a returning Frankie Scott cost him the title.
Earlier that summer, Ryan came into the knowledge that former EWI World
Champion and GXW wrestler Evan Aho, who had left the company of bad terms
was planning a one night surprise stint on a GXW show. Ryan, taking it
personally interrupted the match....attacked Aho and made a famous shoot on
the CSWA World Champion and CSWA in general that infuriated CSWA owner Chad
Merritt. Ryan showed up on an edition of CSWA Television the next week to
interrupt an Evan Aho title defense, but was intercepted by Hornet. Thus
began the GXW invasion. Over a period of six months Ryan fought "for GXW",
but it was soon revealed that he was after Evan Aho only. Once he defeated
Aho, Ryan turned on his GXW cohorts and at CSWA's Battle of the Belts earned
a shot at the CSWA World Title by first winning a "GXW" elimination match,
then a battle royal by tossing out Shane Southern. On an edition of Showtime
in Seattle, WA Ryan got his shot at Mark Windham and won the match and the
title in controversial fashion as the lights in the arena went out on the
referee's count of three. Despite past conflict with Craig Miles, Ryan was
invited to battle for the Ultratitle in the new NFW. Ryan turned down the
request initially due to an over-abundance of wrestling commitments, but
soon thereafter thought better of it and put his name in the hat. While
there, Ryan took on Lindsay Troy as manager and has remained at or near the
top of the standings. Recently, Ryan went into the business of federation
ownership by starting up Empire Pro Wrestling. In that venture he has
developed some tension between himself and A1E star Beast. Once Lindsay
Troy's sister Alaina was attacked on A1E PPV, and becoming quite protective
of Lindsay, Ryan made his way to the A1E roster. After a summer-long stint
in the fed, Ryan left to return to the FW.com circuit and tread once again
in new territory as part of The Inner Circle with Maelstrom, Lindsay Troy
and Christian Sands in WFW.

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