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The Dream becomes a Reality.

Danny Collins

League Member
Sep 4, 2004
(The scene opens in the Collins mansion, in the upstairs living room. As the camera pans around, a large amount of confetti and balloons surround the area, along with many empty bottles and glasses. As the camera pans further along, we see the fireplace burning, and a figure sitting on the couch adjacent to it, that figure being none other then the NEW World Heavyweight Champion of EUWC, "The Definitive" Danny Collins.)

Danny Collins: Welcome to the after party, well, after the after party....

(Danny Looks up as the camera pans around to the front of him, a tired smile crosses Danny's face, while his hands stroke the World title that lays on his lap.)

Danny Collins: I guess its pretty evident that we had a little knees up in honour of my victory last night. And tired as I am, I cannot go to sleep now, how can I dream a sweeter dream then reality right now? I have done what I set out to do, I have defeated Holocaust, and I have obtained the World Championship, my life could not be better. But, if there was one dream, just one dream, that I could imagine to be as great as this, it would be defending this championship.

(Danny rises from his chair, and walks toward a two glass doors, before sliding one open and coming out on the balcony, The camera follows as Danny leans on the wall, the World Championship firmly in his grasp.)

Danny Collins: And now, I get my chance to do it. To do the thing I waited to do since I sat in my house as a kid and watched legends after legends do battle to claim the ultimate prizes, and now its my turn. You see, I have worked hard and long to get where I am today, a part of it at EUWC, and the rest, elsewhere, not to mention the few years before that in training, this is my life, and I will continue to live this dream.

(Danny grabs the title with both hands, and looks at the shiny gold on the front, a smile crosses his face as he kisses the belt.)

Danny Collins: So Sean Taylor, enjoy your trip, because playing golf is very different to wrestling Danny Collins. And what's this all about me being a great champion, because I get to lose it to you? What the hell? Sean Taylor do you know that everyone hates you? I am not trying to be mean or anything, its just, you like to say that you are loved by all these fans, what was it you said a couple of weeks ago? Oh yes, "Heres a Sean Taylor shirt for Danny Collins, he can wear it in our match, and then my fans will cheer him!" I know they were not your exact words, but hell, its close enough, don't you think?
Anyway Taylor, my point is, your an annoying little s**te bag who actually has talent, there's no denying you are a great wrestler and opponent, I mean hell, who can set a great record like you did, and then go on to smash it? No one, and yes, it makes you the "Greatest Undisputed International Champion of all Time" (as hard as it is to say.) But Taylor, it does not make you the greatest.
Want to know what does?

(Danny Holds up the World Title.)

Danny Collins: THIS DOES!
Right now Taylor, and I know you hate it, but you have to admit I am right, I hold this title because I am the greatest in the EUWC today, and until anyone takes it from me, I will continue to be, and trust me Taylor, that person, its not you!

(Danny slings the belt over his shoulder, and continues to speak.)

Danny Collins: So forget about Danny Collins ever being a champion like DDS or AOD, or any lacklustre champion, they dropped the ball, they didn't have the passion, I do, and I plan on proving it each and every one of the people on the roster, if you doubt me then I will make you a believer, I am the greatest and I will continue to be, so watch out EUWC, the Collins era, has begun......
And you know this, man.

(Danny pulls a cocky smile and pats the title that is draped over his shoulder, before passing by the camera and entering the house, as the scene slowly fades.)

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