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The deal with NLW...


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Don't panic, we're not open yet. Sort of. I encourage everybody who's interested in joining to take the next month to read over this note, look at the bio template, think about who you might wanna bring here, and decide if NLW's right for you. If you haven't already done so, head over to my blog and check out my idea behind the creation of NLW to get a better idea of the league's "culture." You can find that blog post here: http://fwmoneyshot.blogspot.com/2009/11/next-level-wrestling-coming-straight-up.html

So here's what you need to know...

Who's In Charge Here?

I am. You'll never have to deal with anyone else at the top; I'm the final say. (CUEUP: "No Chance In Hell) No, actually, don't cue that up. As most of you already know, I'm really, really easy to deal with. I'm always open to hearing your ideas, giving feedback, and all that other happy sh*t. You can e-mail me at prettyhatemachine999@yahoo.com or IM me on AIM at D0wnSpiral (0 is a zero). Will I be writing the cards myself? HELL no! Mike Stanton, of LVW/EPW/Zanegate fame, will be assisting me. A couple other people might help here and there, but for now the cardwriters are Mike and myself.

What's the League Schedule Like?

Schedule is a fitting word, because we'll be running on one that hopefully provides people incentive to join. NLW will be broken down into quarters, four per year.

Q1: Jan 1-last card in March
Q2: April 1-last card in June
Q3: July 1-last card in September
Q4: Oct 1- last card in December

Cards are bi-weekly, meaning two cards per month, including one quarterly PPV event. This translates to five Friday Night Vulgar shows (FNV) and a PPV to cap off the quarter. Before the start of each quarter, I'll post the quarterly calendar, which gives you all the relevant dates (i.e. card lineup dates, RP deadlines, card deadlines, etc).

FNV will be formatted as such: it's a one hour program, commercial free! Shows are taped, and matches might not have occurred all in the same night. Breaks are marked by character promos and pre-taped segments. We're looking to do 4-5 matches per show, including promo/seg content submitted by the members. PPV's, obviously, will be much longer.

Will I Have Time for NLW?

Barring any crazy demands on your time, the average busy person should definitely have time for NLW. I know what you're thinking: "But the schedule keeps a quick pace; you've gotta be a machine to RP there!" That's not the case. Let's break things down:

Thus far, I've had around 20 people show interest in joining. If all those people were to join, and I were to book them on every card, we'd be writing 10 match cards every other week. That's just not happening. Think back to the old school one-hour wrestling TV shows. Did ECW showcase their entire roster every week? Did WWF or WCW? Hell no. And neither will we. There's no rule that says everyone must be booked, and if we're operating over capacity it would be unrealistic to do so.

Don't look at NLW in terms of weeks, look at it in quarters. Each quarter affords the roster 5 FNV shows and a PPV to end the cycle. Your goal should be to head into the PPV with a viable match; hopefully a feud with some background behind it. You have three months to do it; again, that's 5 FNVs and a PPV. However you accomplish this is up to you. For some, they might need a heavier schedule which includes 4 FNV bookings and 3 segments. For others, they might only need to be booked for 2 shows, and 2 or 3 segments. In NLW, you choose your own path to the PPV. I am also cool with people coming in just to do a feud or two, and then leaving for a while. Remember, NLW is supposed to be an east coast regional promotion, and this sort of thing is common in such companies.

So What are the Titles and How Do I Win Them?

Aside from bribing me with painkillers and sexual favors? Simply put, NLW's a hybrid league. RP is NOT always the deciding factor, and booking plays a very big role. If you ask me, I'm of the opinion that every league operates like this, whether they admit it or not.

A combination of quality roleplay, character development, segs/promos, and work ethic are what decide your fate here. No-showing and flaking out will get you pushed to the undercard, and possibly out of the booking entirely. My philosophy is simple: don't volunteer for sh*t you can't do. If you're too busy to RP, that's totally understandable. We'll have lineups going up every other week, you'll have plenty of time to jump into the action. Just don't give us the raw deal.

The only belt I can announce right now is the big one: the NLW World Open Weight Championship Title. The Open Weight title will be decided in a series of one night tournaments, culminating in either a finals or a final four at NLW's first PPV, Eye for an Eye, which will happen in March. More details will come later.

After the first quarter, I'll be thinking about a Television strap and when/how to decide it. I can tell you right now, OW and TV will be the only two singles belts in the league, and depending on how many tag teams we get, there will be a Tag Team title. The TV Champion will main event most FNV cards, as the role of "TV Champion" will actually mean something. This ain't WCW, where the TV champion opens the card. No, the title is a big deal here, the way it was in ECW and the way the IC belt was once important in the WWF. The OW title will be defended on PPVs, and occasionally, on FNV shows. The reason I opted for the name "Open Weight" is to make clear that we welcome lighter characters, and our champion is the champion of ALL weight classes- the ABSOLUTE champion.

General Points

Remember, we're looking for brand new characters and/or old, washed up ones in need of a reboot. There will be one or two recognizable guys coming in to give the league a boost, but storyline will explain it.

It's easy to get frustrated in this hobby, and if something I do or write really pisses you off, PLEASE PM, e-mail, or IM me. B*tching about stuff never really bothered me, as I have no gripes giving you my opinion right back, and my reasoning for doing what I did. If at that point you can't handle it, then you're free to leave. However, I do ask that you keep the BS off the forums. Not a bad trade-off, eh?

The first lineup won't be posted until January 1, so everybody still has time to post their bios and do some general RP before that date hits. NLW's gonna do some real damage, guys, just give me the effort and I'll return it two-fold. Promise.

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