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The Colossal Connection


Jan 1, 2000
The Colossal Connection

Members: “The Sonic Titan” Ivan Dalkichev and “The Butt-Dominator” Olvir Arsvinnar

Combined Weight: 755 lbs.

Disposition: Face

Theme Music: “Beer Drugs and Bitches” by Viking Skull
Ring Entrance: Video package plays at the opening guitar riff cuts over the PA. The giants step out in unison, looking pumped, playing up to the crowd, and posing at the top of the stage for a quick fireworks display. As the vocals come in, they trek down the ramp to the ring, slapping hands with the fans on either side. Reaching the ring, Ivan finishes off his vodka while Olvir finishes off his mead as they toss their drinks aside, rise to the apron, deliver a few pelvic thrusts in unison, and simultaneously step over the top rope to take to the ring.

Tactics/Style: They’re a typical team of twin towers, with face appeal. Not very fast-paced high-flying action, they instead tend to play to the crowd with shows of strength and tandem maneuvers that highlight their excessive size. Ivan boasts more wrestling talent, while Olvir’s strength lies in his fury and relentless rage. Though physically opposing competitors, they’re usually more fun-loving than determined to win.

They can get quite creative with their double-teaming abilities, thanks to the strength advantage they have over most wrestlers. In typical spots, one will pick up an opponent and throw him to his partner to finish off a move. Though damaging techniques and big crowd-pleasers, they’re also slow-paced and subject to intermittent reversals.

Tandem Moves:
- Double Chokeslam
- Double Skyscraper Suplex
- Top Rope Rocket Launcher to Military Press
- Military Press to Military Press
- Corner to Corner Assisted Stinger Splashes
- Wheelbarrow Facebuster to Guillotine Legdrop

Signature Tandem Moves:
- Duperplex (Double Superplex)
- Northern Exposure (Fall-away slam performed by Ivan, caught and transitioned into a powerslam by Olvir)
- The Hammer of the Titans (Stereo Polish Hammers)

Tag Team Finisher:
- The Colossal Cataclysm (Electric Chair Lift done to Ivan by Olvir, dropped forward onto a prone opponent – basically, an assisted elevated 400+ pound press splash)\

Matchwriting Guide:
For the most part, Ivan serves as the team’s physical workhorse, while Olvir is the opportunistic powerhouse. Matches will usually start off with the duo easily getting the early upper hand with frequent tandem moves, pumping up the crowd with numerous feats of strength against either opponent from the opposite team. Clearly, this is more for show than it is meant to wear the other opponents down, but still serves its purpose.

Since Ivan is the better wrestler, he’s consequently the better worker. In most situations, he’ll be the on to fall into the role of face in distress for the team, as rival teams will isolate him from the corner and work him over. Though he’s a big guy, Ivan’s no stranger to putting his body through some significant punishment, and is capable of taking some fairly impressive bumps for a man his size. Eventually, he’ll managed to counter something with a huge power move and make the hot tag to Olvir, who bursts into the ring in a Viking frenzy punching anything with eyes – which is usually what Olvir’s best at doing.

The two may not be very flashy in their technique, but have a lot of charisma to make up for it, constantly playing to the crowd and pulling off unique tandem moves to highlight their strength. They also like making constant innuendo references in their matches. In Olvir’s post-match tradition, both men will carry off hot chicks out of the front row following a match.


“The Sonic Titan” Ivan Dalkichev

Gimmick: Russian Wrestling Powerhouse

Legal Name: Ivan Dalkichev
Nicknames: The Sonic Titan, The Raging Russian, The Sasquatch out of St. Petersburg, The Siberian Sambo-Machine

Height: 6’11½”
Weight: 438 lbs.
Handedness: Left

Billed From: The Psychedelic Wastes of Siberia
Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia
Currently Resides: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Disposition: Face

Looks: Stocky Russian-born giant. A living wall of pink, sweaty flesh with fists like concrete bricks. He’s leaned up in recent years, but is by no means any less of a visually intimidating presence. He rocks a shoulder-length skullet and a full Amish-cut beard with dirty blonde hair, complimented by cold blue eyes like the snows on Siberia. His arms and back also serve as a tapestry of elaborate tattoos portraying Hindu gods of wrath going to battle with mythic beasts – epic **** like that. Also of note is the tattoo of a hammer on his right forearm, matching the sickle on Erik Black’s left.

Ring Attire: Red (or black) two-strapped singlet with black (or red) trim, sporting a stylized CC logo on the hips. He always wears this with black boots and black knee and elbow pads. Coming to the ring, he’ll be adorned in an Oriental robe with a furry Russian ushanka covering his head. He usually has the robe and cap combo in his out-of-ring appearances as well.

Theme Music: “Bong of Satan” by Kamni
Ring Entrance: Music hits. Lights go to red and fog fills the entrance. Big Ivan drifts out with some “gazing into the endless horizon” poses and cruising to the ring with some rather Scott Hall-like mannerisms, taking the occasional swig of vodka as he slowly grooves to the ring. Upon arriving at his destination, he climbs to apron, steps over the complete set of ropes, flashes the crowd his standard “Titan” pose, and gets ready for action.

Tactics/Style: The Russian art of Sambo, strength-based wrestling, and powerful strikes make up the building blocks of Ivan’s ring ability. He’s got a well-disciplined amateur wrestling background, but also the strength and size advantage to make him a nigh-unstoppable grapper when fought from toe-to-toe. Typically, he’ll try to keep his opponents on the ground and immobile, wearing them down with a variety of suplexes and chained rest holds as the match progresses until the time is right to whip out the big, powerful slams.

He obviously draws inspiration from guys like Ivan Koloff, Oleg Taktarov, and Vladimir Kozlov – although I’d just like to go on the record and say that Ivan Dalkichev has been around for a good five years before that last guy. Since he’s cut back on weight and improved his speed and conditioning, he’s also got a lot of the tenacity you see in larger, more powerful wrestlers like Dan Severn and Brock Lesnar. And sure, if you want to go there, then make the standard Paul Wight comparison too. The point is, he’s more of a giant-sized wrestler than a wrestling giant.

Strengths: 1.) Size 2.) Power 3.) Extensively trained in wrestling and mixed martial arts

Weaknesses: 1.) Slower than average 2.) Can’t dive or perform aerial maneuvers 3.) Extremely gullible

Basic Moves:
- Battering Ram
- Yakuza Kick
- Avalanche Corner Splash
- Side Russian Legsweep
- Side Leglock
- Bearhug
- Sambo Suplex
- Belly-to-Back Suplex
- Belly-to-Belly Suplex
- Sidewalk Slam
- Gutwrench Powerbomb
- Fall-Away Slam

Signature Moves:
- The Sonic Boom (Lifting leg-trap chokeslam)
- Dalkichev Lift (Elevated Karelin Lift)
- The Russian Hammer (Left-Handed Polish Hammer)

- The Sonic Boom (Lifting leg-trap chokeslam)
- The Titan Driver (Sit-out Thunder Fire Powerbomb)

Submission Finisher:
- The Iron Curtain (Elevated Hangman Choke)

Humiliation Finisher:
- TEABAGG~!! (Face-mounted Pin)

Matchwriting Guide:
For years, Ivan served as the yin to his longtime partner Erik Black’s yang, matching “The Escape Artist’s” talents in speed and mobility with his unyielding size and strength. Since returning to the ring in remarkably better shape than he’s ever been in years, Dalkichev has drifted away from being a typical power-wrestler and now implements more amateur wrestling ability and his mastery of the art of sambo.

In a match, he’ll mix up striking with wrestling slams, typically suplexes of any variety and numerous judo throws and tackles. He performs only very basic submission holds, such as head vices and simple leg locks, but his superior size usually makes them more difficult to escape from, and are thus more physically draining than they are painful and agonizing. He has a very simplified strategy: power the opponent to the mat, keep him from getting up, let him tired himself out, then go for the kill. Near the end of the match, he’ll bust out the big guns in damaging slams, presses, and other power moves.

He’s not without his charismatic bits, usually playing up his size by occasionally no-selling a blow to the body and assuming the standard big-man LOOM of DOOM. With Olvir as a tag partner, the two typically interrupt matches to engage in posing competitions. As his former partner Black often carries a bong to the ring, Ivan brings with him a vodka bottle, from which he frequently drinks.

Character Biography:
Ivan Dalkichev was born to a rather large, well-off family in St. Petersburg, Russia, and like most young men of his age, witnessed first-hand the fall of the Soviet Union. As a child, he was greatly inspired by his childhood hero and closest national icon, Alexander Karelin, and he subsequently trained for many years in Greco-Roman amateur wrestling and the Russian martial art of sambo, going so far as to earn the rank of Master of Sports, although he never qualified for the Russian Olympic team. To put his talents to use, he traveled to Japan to compete in various professional wrestling federations. There, he eventually met and befriended American wrestler Erik Black. The two formed a common bond as they lived out their weeks in Japan, strangers in a strange land living paycheck by paycheck, one cup of ramen at a time. The dynamic duo were eventually discovered by retired wrestler turned indie-league co-owner, Nathan Fear, who brought them stateside and became their manager.

After working briefly as security enforcers in Fear's own league, IWF, and a brief crash-course through the short-lived MCW, the newly dubbed "Crimson Calling" came to Empire Pro in the federation's infancy. The duo of "The Sickle" Erik Black and "The Hammer" Ivan Dalkichev made EPW history when they became the first ever crowned EPW Tag Team Champions. Their reign was short-lived, as contract disputes between Fear and the new owner, Dan Ryan, escalated into backstage tension, resulting in Fear walking from the company and taking his team with him. Black and Dalkichev were subsequently stripped of the tag titles. The Crimson Calling would not be seen for a few years, as Ryan subsequently blacklisted Fear from numerous other federations, preventing them from ever gaining mainstream exposure. Overwhelmed by the stress of the situation, Fear eventually suffered a nervous breakdown and was committed to a mental institution, giving Black and Dalkichev absolute freedom to control the direction of their team.

Without much direction in their professional careers, Black and Dalkichev squandered the majority of their earnings on substance abuse -- notably alcohol and marijuana, but also psychedelics. During this time, while Black tried to pay the bills working as a field reporter for Las Vegas Wrestling, Ivan made a short-lived attempt at becoming a pornstar, but couldn’t shine out from beneath the shadow in the wave of Viking porn films led by the famed Olvir Arsvinnar.

After a year of copious pot-smoking and expanding their mental perspectives, the two decided to make a comeback, joining an invitational tag team tournament hosted by A1E to find contenders to the A1E Tag Team Titles. Though the general assumption was that the two were past their prime and in no shape to compete against younger, hungrier, and more sober talent, the newly rechristened CHRONIC COLLIZION!! surprisingly tore almost effortlessly through the other teams. They further defied expectations when they defeated the seemingly unstoppable duo of Big Dog and their former boss, Dan Ryan, to claim the A1E Tag Team Titles.

Not long after, the CHRONIC COLLIZION!! returned to Empire Pro, in an effort to win back the very belts that they left behind years ago. Their aspirations fell short when the team was rebuffed by then champions, the First and Felix Red, known as the Forsaken. Matters were further complicated when Nathan Fear also returned to Empire Pro, with the intent to regain control of his tag team and bring them back to their former glory, controlling the duo with their legally binding IWF contracts.

Fear's efforts to clean up the team’s image proved to be disastrous, as his over-controlling methods sent the team spiraling into a long and seemingly endless losing streak. This came to an end when Black and Dalkichev spiked their manager's beverage during one show with LSD. When Fear came to the ring on live TV, incoherently ranting and attempt to strip nude, he was apprehended by security and shipped off back to the mental institution for further therapy.

The team decided to go on hiatus shortly afterwards, when Dalkichev elected to retire upon taking a vow of pacifism. While Black continued his singles career, much of Dalkichev’s life over the following couple years in shrouded in mystery. Under the new name of “The Sonic Titan”, Ivan allegedly traveled the globe, a la David Carradine, peacefully preaching his philosophy while also embarking on surreal hallucinogenic journeys.

In late 2010, following the DEA apprehension of his former partner, an angered Dalkichev has abandoned his oath of peace and returned to the ring with the intent of returning Empire Pro’s tag scene back to its former glory. With the CHRONIC COLLIZION!! on hiatus, he’s turned to longtime friend “The Butt-Dominator” Olvir Arsvinnar as a new tag partner, with the duo referring to themselves as the Colossal Connection.

Title History:
- MCW Tag Team Championship (w/ Erik Black) - 2003
- EPW World Tag Team Championship (w/ Erik Black) - 2004
- A1E World Tag Team Championship (w/ Erik Black) - 2007


“The Butt-Dominator” Olvir Arsvinnar

Gimmick: Berzerking Viking Pornstar

Legal Name: Olvir Arsvinnar
Nicknames: The Butt-Dominator, The Viking Violator, The Naughty Norseman, The Father of a Thousand Bastards, The Great Olvir, Olvir the Mighty, Olvir the Lengthy, Olvir the Endowed, Olvir the Deflowerer

Height: 6’7”
Weight: 317 lbs.
Handedness: Right

Billed From: The Great White North
Currently Resides: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Disposition: Face

Looks: Immaculate Norse god. Tanned, infallible skin with a nearly perfect bodybuilder’s physique. His hair is a light blond and long, complimented by a thick, long beard and Arctic blue eyes. His appearance can come off as intimidating to opponents, but also desired by female fans. He’s got two primary expressions: a crazed grin, and a blood-thirsty snarl.

Ring Attire: Red (or black) full-length tights with red (or black) trim, and the stylized CC logo displayed proudly on the rear. He wears this with metallic gauntlets and gray furry boots. Outside the ring and during entrances, he’ll come wearing a red and black pornstar’s robe, along with the signature Viking helmet, and an enormous battle-axe as a prop.

Theme Music: “I Am a Viking” by Yngwie Malmsteen
Ring Entrance: Gong hits and the fans POP! Music rips in, and Olvir valiantly parades out onto the stage, taking a huge gulp from a mead horn and wildly swinging his battle axe. He plays up to the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with younger fans and letting hot chicks touch his abs. He milks the crowd for heat as he makes an extended trip to the ring, finally jumping to the apron, stepping over the ropes, and doing some fist-pumps on the second rope.

Tactics/Style: Olvir offense consists almost completely of charging the opponent relentlessly and pummeling with a series of power moves. There’s no science or strategy to it; he’s a Viking, he wants to win, and he’ll blindly destroy anything in front of him to get that. His defense usually just includes no-selling opponent attacks as a means to show how impervious to pain he is. While not lauded for his talent, though, Olvir does a good job of pumping up the crowd and getting them on his side with his comical antics and constant shows of strength.

In the ring, Olvir is a throwback to 80’s wrestlers with a lot of fame and a great look, but no talent. Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior are the major real-life inspirations, taking the gimmicks from John Nord’s Berzerker, and Ravishing Rick Rude’s sex appeal. He’s good for getting good reactions out of the crowd, but otherwise, he needs to be in the ring with a legitimately talent opponent to make him look in any way good at what he does.

Strengths: 1.) Superhuman strength 2.) Relentless ferocity 3.) Raging charisma

Weaknesses: 1.) One-tracked mind 2.) Limited wrestling knowledge 3.) Always gets distracted by cleavage

Basic Moves:
- Atomic Drop
- Skyscraper Suplex
- Stinger Splash
- Military Press
- Scoop Slam
- Bearhug
- Running Lariat
- Big Boot
- Two-Handed Lifting Chokeslam
- Spinebuster
- Powerslam
- Elevated Powerbomb

Signature Moves:
- Nordic Legdrop (Atomic Legdrop)
- Berzerker Splash (Warrior Splash following flurry of running lariats)
- The Butt Dominator (Full-Nelson Bomb)

- The Berzerker Bomb (Pumphandle Michinoku Driver)
- The Ragnarok Buster (Delayed Standing Muscle Buster)

Striking Finisher:
- The Mjolnir-Blow (Polish Hammer)

Humiliation Finisher
- The Victory Pose (One Foot Pin)

Matchwriting Guide:
As stated above, Olvir operates on a completely one-tracked mindset. In the ring, he comes charging out of the gate, fists swinging and roaring like it was the apocalypse of professional wrestling, destroying anything that might be so unlucky as to be in front of him. He’s remarkably fast at running people down, and has a strength level that few can rival. Usually, he’ll need to wear them down with a variety of rushing strikes before he can reel a dazed and defenseless opponent in for the bigger moves.

Though his actual talent and index of moves may be limited, Olvir’s major strength is in his ability to brawl and overpower unsuspected opponents. Because he’s somewhat of a superhuman character, he occasionally no-sells moves and has overly exaggerated “Hulk Out” moments. Charisma is also a key factor – he loves showboating, to the point where he can’t help but get distracted from a match. This is perhaps his greatest weakness, as he sometimes gets so carried away with pumping up the crowd with constant flex poses that a crafty foe will just blindside him and turn the tide of the battle. In adherence to “the Viking Way,” he almost never cheats during matches, and never goes for flash pins or submissions – his definition of victory is the complete domination and destruction of the other man standing across from him in the ring.

Not forgetting that this is a Viking PORNSTAR, anytime a somewhat attractive woman is in the ringside set of seats, he’ll almost always try to mack on her before or during the match. After the bell rings, he makes it a post-match tradition to lift a hot chick out of the audience and carry her off on his shoulder as he makes his way back to the locker room – regardless as to whether he won or lost the actual match. If the opponent(s) come to the ring with any form of female escort or manager, he devotes his lecherous attention to them almost exclusively.

Character Biography:
The Legend of the Great Olvir Arsvinnar, the Butt-Dominator, stretches back to a thousand years ago, to a time and place we now know as the Viking Era of Scandinavia. It was there, in that lawless and primitive age, that his legacy took roots. Olvir Arsvinnar was a much feared Viking who raped and pillaged many villages and towns across Scandinavia. He was dreaded for his brutality and unstoppable power, as no man could match him in combat. In this time, Olvir also “carried off” many towns’ womenfolk, though it was rumored that his love-making abilities were the greatest in all the world. Many towns were burned to the ground by his wrathful hand, and many bastards were born from his mighty loins. Some say he could have overtaken the entire world, until the Viking was inexplicably trapped in a block of ice, dormant for over a millenia.

In 2002, a crew of Canadian oil diggers uncovered the remains of the Viking warlord, discovering to their amazement that he was still alive and carefully preserved in the ice. They promptly thawed him from his icy tomb and came to meet the man that called himself Olvir the Butt-Dominator. Olvir was thus introduced to a new modern world where his kind was all but nonexistent. He soon realized that there would be NOTHING that could match his savage and cunning disposition.

Olvir came to be introduced to the pornography business by known directors who learned of the Viking and heard of the rumors of his uncanny love-making, and subsequently made him an offer to star in a series of films. Presented with an enticing offer to make love to as many women as he could through any means necessary, and get PAID for it, the noble Viking quickly accepted the deal. Thus, his career skyrocketed as the rumors turned out to be very true. Viking Porn swept the DVD market, and Olvir became world famous for his work.

But in time, the Viking grew restless. Though women threw themselves at him everywhere he went, he yearned for the thrill of sport and competition. It had been over a thousand years since he fought valiantly upon the battle field, and Olvir realized that it was his destiny to prove himself the greatest warrior in the entire world yet again. Around this time, he was contacted by the executives of Las Vegas Wrestling, who were looking for new, unheard of talent to expand their roster and deliver a unique, entertaining product. Olvir accepted this proposal, and migrated from his new home in Canada to the desert oasis of Las Vegas, a city rich in debauchery and sin. The Viking fit right in.

Olvir’s time in LVW was short-lived, but powerful. In just a few short matches, he developed a cult following, and the fans loved him for his comedic value and over-masculine behavior. Indeed, while many would argue that Olvir Arsvinnar never put himself at the top spot of the federation, he certainly made his presence known in the wrestling world. Shortly after LVW closed its doors, Olvir took a lengthy vacation in Japan, where many towns were sacked, and many Japanese women were carried off. This would be the beginning of the new trend in pornography: Viking Bukkake.

Following his ventures in Las Vegas, Olvir expanded out to Empire Pro Wrestling and TEAM. In the latter, he had some memorable appearances in the 2008 TEAM Invitational Tournament and the Tournament of Champions that same year, capping off his TEAM career by acquiring one half of the Lethal Lottery Tag Titles by defeating “The Phenom” Shawn Hart. In Empire Pro, however, he could not capture the same success.

Following a long hiatus from the ring, professional wrestling’s “Viking Violator” has returned to Empire Pro and joined forces with the towering Ivan Dalkichev to form one of the heaviest and strongest tag teams in professional wrestling history – The Colossal Connection.

Title History:
- TEAM Lethal Lottery Championship (w/ Larry Tact) - 2009


Handler: STRAWSMA, de Grote en Machtinge
Email Address: rrstrawsma@gmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: Rocko the Otter

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